Monoprice launches Monolith MTM 100 Watt Bluetooth aptX HD powered speakers

Nowadays, our computers often serve as our centralized media centers. We use laptops and desktops to both watch videos and listen to music. Long gone are the days of having big stereo receivers paired with independent media devices such as CD and DVD players. Streaming is superior.

Unfortunately, many consumers rely on the terrible speakers that are integrated into their laptops or the ones that came with their desktop. These people are missing out on what is truly possible from computer audio. By upgrading to higher quality speakers, a whole new world of audio can be experienced.

But aren't audiophile-grade computer speakers very expensive? Usually, yes, but a new set from Monoprice is changing that. That company's new Monolith MTM powered desktop speakers are very affordable given the specifications and features. Believe it or not, despite being audiophile-grade, they can be had for less than $500!

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While the Monolith MTM speakers can connect to your computer or device wirelessly using Bluetooth (aptX HD codec supported), they can also be connected with wires -- optical, USB-C, and RCA are available. And yes, there is a subwoofer output for those that prefer 2.1 to 2.0. You can add more bass with something like this.

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"Engineered to deliver spacious, punchy, and accurate sound, the Monolith MTM features a powerful 100 watts per speaker amplifier, a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and dual 4-inch woofers, and a 5.25-inch passive radiator to enhance bass performance. Fantastic dynamics, smooth midrange, punchy bass combined with holistic imaging usually only found in audiophile grade speakers at a much higher price," says Monoprice.

The company adds, "Set up is a breeze: Connect easily through analog RCA and 3.5mm inputs or through the optical or USB digital inputs. Pair your device wirelessly using the Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptX HD Audio for high quality, CD audio level Bluetooth performance. A headphone jack adorns the front, allowing you to easily switch between the speakers and headphones."

Monoprice shares specifications below.

Frequency Response50Hz ~ 20kHz
Woofer Drivers (each)2x 4" cone
Tweeter Driver (each)1x 1.25" silk dome
Passive Drivers (each)2x 5.25" passive radiators
Amplifier TypeClass D
Amplifier Output Power2x 50 watts
InputsStereo analog RCA, digital optical S/PDIF, USB, Bluetooth
OutputsMono analog subwoofer, stereo 3.5mm headphones
Bluetooth Version5
Bluetooth Pairing NameMP43241
Bluetooth RangeUp to 32 feet (10 meters)
Audio CodecsSBC, Qualcomm aptX HD
Input Power100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150 watts
Dimensions (each)6.3" x 14.0" x 7.9" (160 x 355 x 200 mm)

While the Monolith MTM speakers are notable for being affordable, being loaded with features, and offering incredible specifications, they are drop-dead gorgeous too. These will look wonderful on any desk, and at only $499.99, they appear to be a steal. You can purchase them here now.

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