Microsoft rushes to calm fears about Copilot running automatically in Windows 11

Copilot opening when Windows 11 starts

Love it or hate it -- and it is something that has proved incredibly polarizing -- AI is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Microsoft is just one of a stream of tech firm investing heavily in the technology, and this includes the introduction of its AI-power assistant Copilot in both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Copilot has already shown itself to be controversial and divisive, but a recent announcement by Microsoft caused such ripples that the company has been forced to go on the defensive. Plans to have Copilot launch automatically in Windows 11 elicited a vocal response from some corners of the internet, compelling Microsoft to issue an additional statement.

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With the recent release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23615 to the Dev Channel, Microsoft said that it is "trying out opening Copilot automatically when Windows starts on widescreen devices with some Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel".

While this is a controllable option (specifically via Settings > Personalization > Copilot), it is a change that has upset some people who voice concerned about having AI forced upon them.

In response, Microsoft issued a statement to supplement the release note for this particular Insider build. The addition reads:

We're trying this experience out on devices that have minimum diagonal screen size of 27" and pixel width of 1920 pixels and limited to primary display screens in multi-monitor scenarios. As a reminder, we regularly try out different experiences with Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel that may not ever ship, and others could show up in future Windows releases when they're ready.

It remains to be seen whether this is enough to calm the fears that have been expressed.

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