Microsoft wants you to know how easy it is to switch to Windows 11

It’s no secret that Windows 11 is struggling to gain meaningful market share, even with end of life looming for its significantly more popular predecessor, Windows 10.

The software giant has added a lot of features and functionality to its new OS, including introducing AI in the form of its virtual assistant, Copilot. Even so, that’s still proving not enough to encourage resistant users to make the move. So now the company is taking a different approach.


In a new video, which you can watch below, Microsoft is showing how easy it is to switch to Windows 11 without losing data.

The video begins with backing up data, followed by getting online with Microsoft Edge (naturally).

The video finishes with the line “Windows 11 really does make the everyday easier”.

Does that set your mind at rest and encourage you to make the move to Windows 11? Share your thoughts on the video in the comments below.

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