This free Windows 11 clone, with Copilot AI, has been updated -- download it now!

Microsoft Windows might have its issues from time to time, but each iteration is well-designed and easy to use. That isn’t always something that can be said of rival operating systems.

For that reason, some Linux OSes borrow heavily from Windows aesthetics. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to run a non-Microsoft version of Windows 11, then the answer is Wubuntu.


Based on Ubuntu Linux, there are two flavors of this Windows-inspired OS -- Windows Ubuntu 11 Plasma, which looks and behaves like Windows 11, and Windows Ubuntu 11 Cinnamon, which is a Windows 10 clone.

Windows Ubuntu 11 Plasma not only looks like Windows 11, it runs Windows software via Wine, and has PowerToys. Microsoft Edge, and Copilot AI installed and ready to use. What it doesn’t have is a need for TPM, secure boot, or a lot of system resources. If your computer isn’t up to the task of running Windows 11, there’s a good chance it will handle Wubuntu with ease.

This is what’s new in the latest release, Wubuntu 11.4.4:

This version updates all system libraries, fixes and adds several features to the PowerToys system tool. The highlights are: New PowerToys 14.2, Wine 9, Microsoft Copilot update, Kernel update and general system resources.

You can download the latest version of Wubuntu from here.

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