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Security concerns are the biggest barrier to cloud adoption

Cloud take up is showing no signs of slowing down, with 97 percent of IT leaders in a new survey saying that their strategy includes the expansion of cloud deployments, however, 63 percent say that cyberthreats are the main obstacle to their cloud plans.

The study, from cloud security company Confluera, looks at how IT leaders detect, evaluate, and act against cybersecurity threats in today's cloud environment.

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Investors get excited about 5G technology

5g smartphone

We all know that 5G is set to shake up the technology world by offering faster, more reliable mobile data connections. But what aspects of the 5G world are proving attractive to investors?

New research commissioned by World Wide Technology (WWT) looks at the categories of 5G tech that are attracting venture capitalists and investors across the US and UK. Cloud computing comes out ahead, identified as the top category for investment by 72 percent of respondents.

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From digital revolution to evolution: How IT leaders can implement small-scale change for long-term benefits

The popularity of cloud is self-evident. A recent IDC report showed that spending on shared cloud infrastructure reached $13B in Q3 2021, an increase of 3.6 percent from Q3 2020. Additionally, according to IDC projections, cloud spending in 2021 is expected to have increase by 8.3 percent in 2021 compared to 2020. Cloud adoption of is no longer a competitive differentiator, particularly in the wake of the pandemic rush to digitization. 

Business success is in the details. Large transformation initiatives such as cloud may be appealing, but in today’s climate of digital parity, these projects may not deliver the return on cost and time invested which leaders desire. To stand out amongst competitors, business leaders need to shift their focus from complete digital transformation to smaller, more incremental evolution.

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IBM helps enterprises move mainframe apps to the cloud

IBM logo

Many large enterprises have legacy systems running on IBM Z-series mainframe platforms. In order to help digital transformation efforts and modernize apps across hybrid environments, Big Blue is announcing a series of new capabilities.

Plans include delivering IBM Z as-a-service on IBM Cloud for development and test, as well as introducing additional tools for developing hybrid applications.

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Controlling the costs of cloud deployment [Q&A]

cloud cost

Enterprises often turn to the cloud as a way of reducing their IT costs. But using the cloud by itself doesn't necessarily lead to savings, especially if there are no adequate controls in place.

We talked to Lenley Hensarling, chief strategy officer at real-time data platform Aerospike, to discover how the right management strategies can help rein in costs for public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments.

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SMEs avoid cloud payroll solutions over security concerns

Cloud dollars

Small and medium businesses are avoiding using payroll and HR management solutions in the cloud due to security concerns, according to a new report.

The study from Breathe finds 22 percent of teams are not utilizing payroll solutions, instead opting for time consuming and error-prone manual spreadsheets, a surprising outcome.

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Legacy apps hold back enterprises from seeing digital transformation benefits

digital transformation

A new study from cloud services company 2nd Watch finds 80 percent of enterprises continue to run at least one-quarter of their business workloads and applications on-premises.

This is holding them back from reaping digital transformation benefits such as lowered cost of ownership, better agility and fewer risks. 33 percent of respondents say their biggest challenge in modernizing legacy applications is a lack of skills or expertise, while 26 percent struggle most with lack of budget and investment, and 25 percent with outdated processes and tools.

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Google launches free Workspace Essentials Starter Edition to appease disgruntled G Suite users

Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition

It is only a couple of weeks since it came to light that Google was killing off 'G Suite legacy free edition', meaning that users would have to pay for Google Workspace instead. But now the company has announced that there is now a free tier of Workspace Essentials available.

With Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition, Google is hoping to placate those who were annoyed by recent changes. The free option will also help to attract new users look to conduct collaborative work without charge.

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Over half of time spent on security issues is wasted

Dissolving clock

It was department store tycoon John Wanamaker who came up with the famous line, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." A new report from Lacework suggests that IT teams may feel the same way about time spent on security.

A study 700 executives and practitioners, carried out by ClearPath Research to learn more about cloud adoption and the changing security landscape, finds that 55 percent of security and compliance teams globally believe at least half their time spent on security issues is 'not meaningful'

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Almost a third of developers turn to alternative cloud providers

Developers are increasingly relying on multiple cloud providers for their infrastructure needs. According to a new study though, 27 percent now use an alternative cloud provider like Linode, DigitalOcean, or OVHcloud.

The research, carried out by SlashData as part of its 21st Developer Nation survey, also shows that usage of alternative cloud providers has nearly doubled over the past four years, while usage of the three largest hyperscalers, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), has only grown by 18 percent.

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More than a third of firms hit by unexpected cloud costs

cloud cost

A survey of 1,000 developers at businesses of all sizes finds that 37 percent have been stung by unexpected cloud costs in the last 12 months.

The study by cloud-native service provider Civo finds that half of those affected say it was a mistake or configuration change that led to the unexpected cost as opaque and complicated cloud billing hinders proper cost planning.

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Why enterprises need to take control of their cloud costs [Q&A]

Cloud dollars

Modern businesses are more than ever reliant on using the cloud, but it's easy to develop an 'out of sight out of mind' mentality to costs when systems are not hosted on site.

We spoke to Archera CEO Aran Khanna to find out about the challenges businesses face with cloud costs and how they can keep them under control.

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Infrastructure teams spend almost half their time on routine manual tasks

Multicloud strategies have led to a surge in complexity, with enterprise infrastructure teams dealing with big volumes of data as they try to monitor and manage their constantly changing environments.

A new study from software intelligence company Dynatrace shows that as a result, teams are spending 42 percent of their time on manual, routine tasks, limiting their ability to accelerate innovation and highlighting the need for increased use of AI and automation.

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Why identity management needs to be brought up to date for the cloud [Q&A]

Cloud data security

Historically identity and access management has been built around an on-premises model. But with more systems now residing in the cloud the old way of doing things isn't working.

To find out more about why the cloud needs a new approach to IAM we spoke to Britive CEO, Art Poghosyan, about the challenges it raises and how to address them.

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Attackers use Adobe Cloud to host phishing documents

Adobe Creative Cloud hosts popular apps including Photoshop and Acrobat, it also aids collaboration by allowing users to share documents.

Cybersecurity researchers at Avanan have discovered that hackers are now exploiting these file-sharing services as a phishing attack vector by sending legitimate emails through a trusted sender, bypassing ATP protection via Adobe’s SaaS offering.

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