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Roku goes to Mexico, brings streaming players for everyone


Looking for a set-top box? There's no shortage of choices with Fire TV, Apple and Roku. The latter is probably the most popular solution, though new offerings from competitors aim to change that. But the device has been a bit isolated, not being offered everywhere.

That is slowly changing as Roku is now available to our friends south of the border. Yes, the tiny device is arriving in Mexico now.

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Spotify for Chromecast is music to your ears


Music streaming services seem to be a dime a dozen these days, with plenty of choices and new ones cropping up all the time. But how do you pipe that sound through your home entertainment system? There are a number of options, but the latest is Spotify for Chromecast.

The streaming service is arriving on Google's tiny HDMI dongle, which was just recently updated. Spotify claims this was highly requested and now users can have it.

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Sling TV is on its way to Chromecast


Yesterday was the big Google event and we got to see new Nexus devices and an updated Chromecast. It was enough to satisfy the geek in most of us, but we always want more, so what's next? Well, an improved Chromecast needs better functionality, right?

Sling TV thinks so and it's bringing its service to the tiny Google HDMI dongle. The service claims that Chromecast support is its most requested feature.

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Amazon scores Universal Music for your listening pleasure

Girl listening to music

Amazon Prime added music streaming to sweeten the service, going with the free two day shipping, video streaming and more. The problem in doing this is inevitably the record labels who can be a hassle to negotiate with.

Now the online retailer is announcing one more big addition to its music streaming service. The company has managed to sign Universal Music Group to bring customers a greater variety of choice in playing their tunes.

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Want to customize your Taco Bell order? Now there's


Fast food may not be the ideal staple of a diet, but most on us indulge, at least from time to time. The sign just seems to beckon sometimes -- the Whopper, the Quarter Pounder, the fries. Now Taco Bell wants to make life even easier for those stopping by for a quick meal.

The company is announcing its new site -- Obviously the name is catchy and easy to remember, but there's more to it than just browsing the same menu you'll find in the restaurant. Instead you can customize your dish however you want utilizing options that aren't available when you walk in. You can even pay right on the site.

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Google plans to bring one billion more Indians online

modi-sundar alt twitter

While it seems odd to many people, the whole world isn't online -- though it may seem that way sometimes when you visit sites like Facebook. Not all countries have the infrastructure in place to support the deployment of broadband. Google is looking to help.

The company claims that one billion residents of India are without a connection. To remedy this the company is going to the heart of transportation in the nation, the railway stations.

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You can now grab Adobe Flash 19 beta from the Labs

Adobe Logo

Adobe Flash and other programs can be a security problem. There's a reason the company releases regular updates. It's advisable to install them, as it likely means you're vulnerable if you don't. Perhaps the biggest offender is Flash, which powers many things on the web.

Now Adobe is quietly testing a beta version of Flash 19. It is currently a Labs project, but anyone can grab a copy if they'd like to try it out.

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Bills versus Jaguars: Yahoo brings you the NFL


Next month the Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, but they do so while both being "on the road". The game will be played in London, England, and is the one of two matches set for that destination, as the Dolphins and Jets will clash there later this season as well.

Want to see the game? You can do so multiple ways. Yahoo is bringing you all of the action from every touchdown to every sack. The search and content company announces today that it will have a "Destination" for all the information and action.

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Mozilla takes on the problems with web content blocking


There's been a lot of talk lately about ad-blocking thanks to iOS 9. It's a tough call, given that some users don't want to see ads, but the sites they visit wouldn't exist without those ads -- block them and the sites go away, eventually. That makes for quite a conundrum, and Mozilla is trying sort it out. The Firefox maker refers to it more benignly as "content blocking".

Mozilla hasn't quite figured this all out and it is looking for users to help with the puzzle. The organization isn't interested in what the problem is, but is focusing more on why users choose to do this by utilizing blocking agents.

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The day the music didn't die -- Earbits is now supported by You42


In June of 2014 music streaming service Earbits closed down. It seemed a shame, but the big players in the game like Spotify and Rdio are hard to compete with. However, Earbits had a niche, allowing new artists to be heard and discovered by record labels. The shutdown lasted only three days and the company emerged again.

While we knew it had found financial backing, details were not made available. Now finally, after more than a year, we learn that it was acquired by You42.

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Pebble's new watch goes back in Time


Remember parachute pants, Members Only jackets, leg warmers, Swatch and other accouterments of the 80's? Well, you aren't the only one if you answered "yes", because apparently Pebble not only remembers, but wants to revive that bygone era.

The company's latest offering is a round version of the new Pebble Time and it comes in multiple colors. The company claims it's lighter and thinner than any other smartwatch. Like its cousin it still sports an E-Paper display that is always on. The display allows for excellent battery life, at least in my experience.

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Evernote invites Windows and Mac users to try the new beta


Taking notes and making lists is something almost everyone does, and lists can become almost compulsive. For the task you need a good tool. Preferably one that works everywhere -- yes, paper covers that, but this is the technology era.

Evernote is one of the most popular alternatives to paper, as it runs on just about any platform, be it a computer or mobile device. While it all works well together -- create a shopping list on your PC, have it appear on your phone while you're in the store -- the company wanted to clean things up and modernize a bit. It has been working on an update and it's now ready for beta testing by Windows and Mac users.

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Amazon set to slash price of Prime membership for one day only


Amazon Prime is a good deal to begin with, bringing two day free shipping, video streaming of movies and TV shows, as well as original content, music streaming and even a Kindle lending library for those books you've been meaning to read.

For all of that you pay an annual fee of $99, which is not considered high by many users, given the benefits. However, some people still are afraid of the price because it's all at once -- they can't space it out in small monthly fees as the likes of Netflix offer. It doesn't mean it's bad, it's just bad perception for some customers.

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Two months in: Living with Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

It's been two months since I acquired Amazon Echo, the voice controlled device that can do a surprising amount of things. That feature list is always growing as well, with an increasing amount of partnerships and developers writing "skills".

Has the novelty worn off? Well, somewhat, but I still use it every day. It has become a tool that works for me and there are many features that come in handy.

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Pebble site is down, app may be as well


The smartwatch is the latest technology darling these days with Pebble, Android Wear and, most recently, Apple. But technology can fail, sometimes badly. Just this morning my home automation left me sitting in the dark (again). Worse Amazon, who's Echo device controls it, was down making a reset impossible and leaving the only option as switching to manual control and using that old-fashioned switch thing on the wall.

According to the Register, Amazon wasn't the only one out of luck, as it's own AWS service took it down, as well as Netflix, IMDB and others.

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