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Did Google remove presidential candidates Donald Trump and Gary Johnson from search results?

Google logo sign building

The US has four nominees for president now. The choices narrowed a bit yesterday when Bernie Sanders officially nominated Hillary Clinton upon losing a hard fought campaign. Clinton swallowed her pride and did the same thing for Barrack Obama back in 2008.

Despite the common misconception, the US does have more than two parties, though most citizens seldom hear about others. There are also fringe parties that really aren't heard of.

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Will Wikileaks shatter the unity of the Democratic party on the eve of the convention?


We've just wrapped up one convention and I'll leave you to decide what you thought of it, but, leanings aside, it can be assumed that unity wasn't really involved. Now the Democrats are set to descend on Philadelphia next week, an event that was expected to be much more pleasant. That may not be the case.

The case in question involves a dump of some 20,000 emails by Wikileaks. Only several seem relevant to the current situation, but those involve Democratic National Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and seem to indicate a clear intent to be rid of candidate Bernie Sanders. We say "seem" because it's hard to say and we aren't here to point fingers.

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The online tools used by terrorists should come as no surprise


Terrorism has been front and center lately thanks to high profile attacks around the world and the scare tactics being used in the current US election. But how do these people communicate? What is the tool of choice for today's Jihadist – well the ones that don't fire bullets or blow up.

Communications and internet are essential to any modern group. Flashpoint Security took a look into what programs are most prevalent, and results are largely unsurprising.

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Republican National Convention breaks records for data usage


It's an eventful week with the Republican National Convention (RNC) making all sorts of news. There have been a couple of bumps in the road during the show, but mostly it has gone off fairly smoothly. It certainly has not lacked for spectacle.

However behind the scenes much more is happening. Everyone attending the event is online and that leads to some major headaches for the organizers who are making an effort to ensure that the experience is as seamless as possible.

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Roku app for Windows 10 now available in other countries


Roku has become one of the most popular streaming media platforms, leading more people to get rid of cable and satellite services. It's a mixed bag because it requires some work and a bit of paying for services, though cheaper than the alternative.

Now the manufacturer is bringing its desktop app to Windows 10 in two more countries. Both Canada and the United Kingdom will be receiving the new app for Windows 10.

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Amazon Prime Day about to begin, you can check now for deals


Amazon Prime is popular for many reasons, such as free two day shipping, streaming video and music, even a Kindle lending library. Now the company plans to once again celebrate those who cough up the $99 it costs for an annual subscription.

July 12th is Prime Day where users can take advantage of extra deals and large discounts are being offered on an array of items.

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Woman live-streams the police shooting of her boyfriend on Facebook


We've had quite a few shooting deaths lately, some of them caught on video. Just yesterday we saw the cell phone video that was captured of an incident in Baton Rouge. That incident resulted in widespread protests, though all peaceful so far.

Now, just a day later, yet another video surfaces from Minnesota depicting a man shot during a traffic stop. The gentleman died of his wounds.

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AVG announces 6 new tools to free your data from ransomware


Ransomware has gone mainstream with several high-profile attacks. It essentially locks your data away and demands money to free it – essentially mob protection money. While some tools have been released to aid frantic people in these times, most versions have gone unfixed.

Now AVG, the free antivirus company, has come out with six new tools designed to fight this affliction. Each is for a different form of this malware.

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Planning a trip to the US? The government would like your social media information


We live in a surveillance state and we all know it. We sort of knew it before the Edward Snowden revelations, but afterwards had a real sense of just how far it went. Apparently it is still, to this day, trying to reach further, and in this case it affects people who simply travel to the nation, even for simple things like vacation or business.

If US Customs and Border Control has its way, people will have to hand over their Twitter handle right in the airport. While an argument can be made for such heavy-handed tactics -- looking for Jihadist tweets, etc -- it is largely unjustified.

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Nest wants to give you a free thermostat -- if you live in Chicago


Nest is one of the big names in the world of home automation. It brings a lot to your home, linking up with other products in the domicile, but it isn't perfect at first -- it takes a bit of time to learn your habits and what you want.

The drawback is, of course, cost. The thermostat is not particularly cheap. But for the folks who have wanted one and not yet pulled the purchase trigger, there's a deal to be had. That is, providing you live in a certain location.

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Android apps headed for two more Chromebooks

Chromebook Pixel back

Ever since Google developed and released both its Android and Chrome operating systems, there has been some confusion as to why the two platforms weren't combined. So far the company has been mum on plans to merge the two, but that process seems to be starting.

Just this week Android apps were released to the Asus Flip, and now two more devices will be getting the added features soon.

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Acer store hacked and customer credit card data stolen


The internet seems to be a series of high-profile attacks stealing all sorts of data. We've seen this event carried out across websites and retail locations, Login information, passwords, credit cards, it's all fair game to those who wish to do harm.

The latest is with the Acer store, which is claiming the credit card information, user names and passwords for some 34,500 users has been stolen. The company has sent out emails to customers to notify of the breach.

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Chicago man gunned down while live streaming on Facebook


Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have all been pushing live streaming video these days, and many people take advantage of it.

Unfortunately it can sometimes end with a result that nobody wishes to see. That was the case with a Chicago man just recently.

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Nest expands views for Farsight on its thermostats


When Nest first launched its thermostat it had very clear views of what people wanted to see. You can view the current temperature in your home as well as the target temperature. Clicking it can show the outside temperature and humidity, among other things.

With the third generation, the company released Farsight. The thermostat lights up when it sees you, basically motion detection. It shows you all the relevant information then goes dark again, presumably to save a bit of power.

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Amazon killing off older Versions of Cloud Drive

Cloud access

Cloud storage has become a prominent part of everyone's life these days, with services abounding. But what happens when one either goes out of business or sets an end-of-life date for support for one of its apps?

Amazon is encountering that very situation right now, with older versions of its Cloud Drive app. The company is now sending notifications to customers explaining the situation.

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