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Roku introduces five new set-top boxes, features 4K and more


Today is a big day for Roku. The company has never before introduced this many new players to its lineup or carried some of the features now available. The new lineup should contain something for just about everyone, including those on a budget.

In fact, a budget is where the lineup begins. The new Roku Express features 1080p support for only $29.99. Perfect for those looking for a second box in another room. If you're still living with an older TV then you can pay $39.99 for the Express+, which comes with a composite jack and a/v hookup -- those old red, white and yellow cables.

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iHeartRadio introduces All Access

iHR+ Banner

Being able to collect music as you listen to the radio isn't entirely new. Different streaming apps provide various methods of accomplishing this.

Now one popular app that had not previously offered this option is getting in on the game. iHeartRadio is introducing its version, called All Access. The service claims it's the first to allow this option for listening to terrestrial radio.

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The Dark Web isn't really as safe as criminals think

cyber criminal

You aren't really safe on the Dark Web. That runs counter-intuitive to the reason for its existence. Then again, it isn't really the kind of place you want to go anyway. It's a series of sites that exist on darknets, an overlay network designed to keep things hidden and with good reason -- it's usually used for criminal activity.

But if you know how to get there then you can make some money -- selling drugs, weapons, malware and anything else that can cause harm.

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Google brings more of its search features to Drive


Say what you want about Google, but most people love the company for its plethora of free services, like Search, Gmail, Chrome and much more. Today, the search giant brings better integration to one of its popular services -- Drive.

First up is what Google calls "search the way you talk". This means that you can simply type how you would say something and Drive will bring up the best matching result for you.

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Microsoft releases full-length trailer for Gears of War 4


Are you into gaming and can't wait to get your hands on the latest titles? You've got a big one on the way and now you don't have to wait quite as long to at least get a look at what you're missing.

Today, Microsoft is releasing the first full-length trailer for Gears of War 4. It is narrated by John DiMaggio who you may recognize as the voice of Marcus Fenix from the game.

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More sports come to Sling TV


If you're getting your TV service over the internet then Sling is likely on your radar as it offers live TV with a good choice of channels. Want CNN? You got it. Want sports? You have ESPN and ESPN 2 to choose from, and currently an SEC free trial.

But sports is more than just those big name channels. What about the lesser watched ones? Well, now Sling is bringing two more of those to its service.

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NFL Network comes to Sling TV, and the game schedule is out

football woman

If you no longer subscribe to cable or satellite then Sling TV becomes a viable alternative. It operates in the same way, with live TV coverage on multiple channels, and we've recently seen Sling add several new ones, including BBC America. There's also occasional previews. Back in May we had DIY and currently there are college sports networks on the air.

Now NFL Network is on the list and it carries a number of games during the season, in addition to full-time news coverage.

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It's college football season time and you can catch the games on TuneIn


While we anxiously await the start of the NFL season, we have college football getting underway. Games have begun and fans are hanging on every moment waiting to see who the next national champion will be. While there are the obvious favorites that we won't name because if you follow the sport then you know.

Now TuneIn, who last season brought us radio broadcasts of NFL games, is doing the same for the collegiate level of the game. The company has partnered with a number of media outlets to carry the play-by-play call.

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Plex adds DVR support worldwide, including HD


If you have never used Plex then you may be missing out on a great source of entertainment. The media server can be used on multiple devices. You'll need to install the server on a computer that's always on (and holds your media), but the required software is free. You can then access your content on a set-top box like Roku or Fire TV, or even an HTPC. You'll just need to install the relevant Plex app on your devices.

A new update is promising global DVR support worldwide and you'll be able to use it from mobile devices anywhere you have a connection.

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Now you can tell Alexa to find your phone

Amazon Echo

Lost your phone? We probably all have at one time or another and it borders between annoying and scary depending where you've been. If you didn't leave home then it's there somewhere. If you did then it can be a full panic.

Now Amazon would like help via its Echo device. You're likely familiar with that by now, thanks to a TV ad campaign a while back, but it continues to do different things thanks to constant updates.

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NBC comes to Sling TV, sort of


Sling TV has received a lot of publicity lately. Getting your television fix over the internet is no longer a new thing thanks to services like YouTube and Hulu, but Sling takes things to another level, delivering live TV that mimics cable and satellite and features channels like CNN and ESPN to name just two.

Now NBC is finally arriving, even though you could already get MSNBC and NBC Sports. However, there's a bit of catch with this addition.

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Grab your popcorn, AMC lands on Roku


AMC doesn't always show the latest films, but it does land some big names from Hollywood, and of course it's responsible for producing some excellent original content. It's become a go-to channel for surfers looking for something to watch. Now the entertainment network is coming to that tiny set-top box in your living room.

The channel debuts just in time for the mid-season launch of Fear the Walking Dead. If you're into zombie apocalypses then that's certainly for you.

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I've switched from Amazon Fire TV to Roku 3 and I like it... for now


Its been two and half years since I parted ways with DirecTV. It wasn't them, I honestly loved the service, but I was paying for countless channels I never watched. I replaced it with Hulu Plus and Sling TV and now pay much less for fewer channels I don't watch. I have the same few I flick between, but without al-a-carte this is the best I can do.

Recently a system problem eliminated one of my options -- not the TV channels, but how I view them. I'd been predominantly using an Amazon Fire TV along with a Harmony remote. The remote stopped connecting to its hub and no fix I could think of worked. The batteries in my Fire TV remote were dead and I had no spare AAA ones lying around. Similarly, the Roku 3 batteries were also history, but I did have the required AA ones.

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Eddie Bauer point of sale systems hit by malware, customers notified

Cybercriminal steal Bebe Stores customers' credit and debit card details

If you aren't thinking twice every time you swipe your card at a retail location, be it a store or restaurant, then you haven't been paying attention lately. It should give you reason for pause, but sadly you still have to do it. Just cross your fingers on the other hand.

Previous examples have included Target and Home Depot to name just two. The latest is retailer Eddie Bauer. The company is warning customers it’s point of sale system was hit by malware.

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Google restores backspace functionality to Chrome, but there is a catch


It may seem logical that, when browsing, the backspace key would work to take you back to a previous web page. However, that isn't the case with Google Chrome. Although this was an option in the browser previously, Google chose to remove it.

The company has seen the light now however, and is bringing the feature back, no pun intended, although it isn't changing the browser's default behavior.

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