Picking up Good Vibrations from Google Maps

In the years since Google Maps arrived on the scene, millions of people have come to rely on it. Yes, there have been a few less-than-successful results, nothing is without fault, but for the most part, it has guided travelers to their destinations with few problems. 

The company has also continued to keep up with the times, adding new features and updating directions based on the many constant changes to roads and conditions. It doesn't always get it right -- for instance, at the time of writing this story, the route for driving from Sarisota, Florida to Sanibel Island, Florida still shows as open. 

Now Google has announced a new feature it will soon be rolling out, titled Neighborhood Vibes, which tries to help you find the most exciting places wherever you are visiting. 

"Say you’re on a trip to Paris -- you can quickly know if a neighborhood is artsy or has an exciting food scene so you can make an informed decision on how to spend your time. To determine the vibe of a neighborhood, we combine AI with local knowledge from Google Maps users who add more than 20 million contributions to the map each day -- including reviews, photos and videos," Google claims. 

The feature will begin rolling out on both Android and iOS in the coming months.

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