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Only half of companies take DDoS seriously

DDoS attack

DDoS attacks can have a serious effect on businesses, yet according to a new survey by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International only 50 percent of companies regard countering DDoS attacks as an essential part of their IT security.

This is despite the fact that the average cost of a DDoS attack to small and medium businesses is put at $52,000. For larger companies the average is $444,000.

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How your data will be at risk in 2015

2015 Ahead

The world of information security is, as we know, a constant arms race between the hackers and cyber criminals and the protection industry.

Since the focus has turned to making money rather than simply causing disruption it's become big business too. 2014's string of retail and other security breaches is testament to this.

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Who's afraid of the big bad bot?


Web security specialist Incapsula has released its 2014 annual Bot Study which reveals that 56 percent of website traffic is accounted for by bots.

That's down from 61.5 percent on last year's study, however the number of 'bad' bots posing as humans has increased significantly.

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Self service platform helps cut online help desk requests

Help Desk

Ask anyone who has worked on a help desk and they'll tell you that a lot of their time is spent on solving the same problems.

In order to reduce the help desk workload for online businesses and allow users to solve straightforward issues themselves, contextual answer specialist AnswerDash has announced the integration of its technology with Zendesk.

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How the way you work is going to change in 2015 [Q&A]

Satisfied Happy Businessman Relaxing Office

Enterprise computing is more and more centered around the user, but how will this trend affect the workplace and what changes will it make to productivity and the way systems are managed and delivered?

We spoke to Torsten Volk, VP of product management, cloud at business software specialist ASG Software Solutions to find out.

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Sinch enables low-cost SMS integration for apps and websites


Businesses are increasingly turning to mobile to communicate with both customers and employees. But whilst attention tends to be focused on apps, SMS messaging still has its place.

Communications platform Sinch is announcing the launch of its SMS API, making it easier for developers to integrate SMS capability into their apps and websites.

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35 percent of all security breaches take place in higher education

Mortar boards cloud education

Higher education institutions with their rapid turnover of students' devices each year present particular problems when it comes to protecting data.

A new infographic from enterprise security and backup specialist SysCloud looks at the risks higher education bodies face and how they can improve their levels of protection.

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Avast wants beta testers for its business security software

Beta test

Avast has long been a favorite with home PC users thanks to its free antivirus offering, and protects 175 million computers worldwide. It also launched a free mobile product in 2011 and now protects around 50 million smartphones too.

In 2015 it's looking to move into the business market and is seeking beta testers to help perfect its product before launch.

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New performance testing tool brings added speed and flexibility

Software analyst testing

With increasing pressure to produce new apps to meet customer demand, testing is vital as problems can lead to the loss of customers and revenue.

Yet the test process can often prove a bottleneck as the tools involved are cumbersome and can struggle to cope with modern complex apps and sites.

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Enhanced Aerospike speeds up big data deployment

big data

Businesses are keen to harness the benefits of big data, but traditional database solutions are often confined by their design, making them hard to scale.

Aerospike which claims to be the world's fastest database has unveiled new features and enhancements to its product to improve performance, streamline deployment and breed a new generation of real-time, context-driven applications.

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CIO jobs at risk as mobile computing weakens data governance

mobile phone raincloud

The shift to mobile computing has led to some major changes for enterprises, not least in how the security and confidentiality of data is governed.

A new report, commissioned by data protection specialist Druva from Forrester Consulting, surveyed 205 IT and legal professionals in enterprises in the US and UK. It suggests that 20 percent of CIOs could lose their jobs in 2016 for failing to implement information governance.

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Knowledge-based marketing system delivers streamlined social interaction

Social media flags

Social marketing has become an increasingly popular option for companies, but delivering it often involves using a number of different tools to handle publishing, monitoring of campaigns and more.

To streamline the process brand and audience specialist Parllay has announced some new integrated, knowledge-based tools. Parllay Studio is a complete content marketing and trend Intelligence platform powered by a semantic knowledge engine.

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New partnership boosts Office 365 security

cloud security

As businesses move their systems to the cloud security becomes a major concern but often applications don't offer the flexibility and ease of access that administrators need.

To address this need for users of Office, cloud security automation company Palerra has announced a partnership with Microsoft to add an extra layer of security to the Office 365 suite.

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Email is 2014's best digital marketing tool


Technology has had a major impact on the world of marketing, making it possible to target customers more accurately than ever before.

However, when it comes to selecting the best tool to deliver a message there's still confusion, especially since the rise in importance of social networks. A new survey by email marketing brand Campaigner looks at the technologies businesses see as most effective as part of their marketing effort.

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LiveSite helps small businesses improve customer interaction on the web

Web business

According to a BIA Kelsey report for the Manta small business community, 61 percent of small businesses get the majority of their revenue from repeat clients.

This means that timely interaction and following up with customers is important. Yet many smaller businesses still manage these tasks manually and may be losing sales as a result.

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