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UK elderly and disabled are missing out on Internet use

old man

According to new figures released by the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS), in the first quarter of this year 86 percent of adults had used the Internet in the last three months, up one percent from the same period in 2014.

That means that 11 percent (5.9 million people) have never used the Internet. But this percentage is much higher for the disabled, a group where 27 percent of adults (3.3 million) had never been online. There were also 0.5 million disabled adults who had last used the internet more than three months ago, making up 48 percent of the total 1.1 million lapsed internet users.

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Top lessons from data breach investigations

Security breach lock

Data breaches are an all too common part of our landscape today, but are we learning the lessons from them to make our systems more secure?

The 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that there were nearly 80,000 security incidents -- including more than 2,100 confirmed breaches spanning 61 countries in the past year. Security solutions company Rapid7 has produced an infographic of expert takeaways from the report.

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Are our industrial and infrastructure systems safe from cyber threats? [Q&A]

Cooling towers

Industrial control systems like those used to run the electricity distribution grid are vital to the economic well being of any country. But protecting those systems needs a different approach from normal enterprise security.

In the US the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is the body charged with ensuring grid reliability. But the NERC's critical infrastructure protection (CIP) standards call for only standard firewall use. Is this putting the grid at risk from hackers or terrorists? We spoke to Andrew Ginter, vice president of industrial security at Waterfall Security Solutions to find out more.

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How we’re bringing our texting habits into the workplace


SMS messages have been a part of our personal lives pretty much since mobile phones first became available. But what impact does texting have on our working lives?

Cloud communications provider RingCentral has released the results of a survey looking at how SMS is being used in the workplace.

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Fastest in-memory database now available to all with Community Edition

Database community

The growth in use of big data is putting increased pressure on databases to aggregate and report on information in real time.

In response real-time database specialist MemSQL is launching a new release -- MemSQL 4 -- which further extends the company's mission of providing enterprises with a real-time database solution that reacts fast, improving business performance in areas such as the Internet of Things, financial services and mobile applications.

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Event management platform adds website builder

Bizzabo website builder

Earlier this year we reported on the launch of the Bizzabo platform designed to make life easier for people who manage events.

Now Bizzabo is extending its offering to include a website builder aimed specifically at event planners, giving them the ability to build a custom event website within minutes, with no prior coding or design experience required.

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Security is the major challenge to enterprise mobility goals

mobile security

More and more companies are turning to apps to improve business mobility, but 67 percent cite security as the top challenge to achieving their goals.

This is among the findings of the 2015 Enterprise Mobility Report from app management specialist Apperian. Although security is the major challenge others include determining return on investment, lack of budget and reaching BYOD or unmanaged devices.

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New enterprise file management suite takes mobile first approach

Egnyte iOS screen grab

According to research by IDC the number of enterprise applications optimized for mobile is set to quadruple by next year as businesses seek to improve workflow across the organization.

Adaptive enterprise file services specialist Egnyte is unveiling its new enterprise mobile suite that's optimized for business users. It allows them to seamlessly access, manage and share online and offline data from both cloud and on-premises storage.

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DataStax launches database platform designed for mixed workloads


Enterprises currently have a greater volume and variety of data available to them than ever before, but this leads to increased pressure to exploit that data effectively to make timely business decisions.

Apache Cassandra database specialist DataStax is today launching DataStax Enterprise 4.7 which offers integrated enterprise search, analytics, security, in-memory computing, and database management and monitoring, making it ideal for mixed workload environments.

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GV18 Aplus smartwatch -- what can you expect for $35? [Review]

GV18 Aplus smartwatch

It's always the way with technology that it starts out expensive then tumbles in price as more manufacturers enter the field. With smartwatches that fall in price has come pretty quickly as Chinese manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon.

The last budget smartwatch we looked at proved pretty impressive for the price. The GV18 Aplus is cheaper still and yet packs in even more features. So, is it cheap and cheerful or cheap and nasty? Let's find out.

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Traditional security approaches produce too many false positives

Security alert

According to 62 percent of IT professionals traditional security approaches produce too many alerts and false positives for them to handle.

This is among the findings of a new study from research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), sponsored by machine learning and automation specialist Prelert, which shows that 25 percent of organizations know they experienced a breach or significant cyber attack that incurred loss last year.

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Shoppers use mobile mainly for research rather than purchasing

Mobile shopping

Businesses are using analytic tools to gather information online, through digital and social channels, as well as call center data, to get to know and build a closer relationship with their customers. However, a survey by customer experience specialist TimeTrade reveals that mobile channels in particular are mostly used for research rather than buying.

The survey looks at consumer buying habits and how retailers need to adapt and provide a better customer experience in order to succeed. It shows that retailers are realizing that a highly personalized in-store experience leads to a lasting impression and creates brand loyalty.

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Payment card industry must meet new security standards by end of June

Chip and pin card reader

Companies that accept credit card payments and process cardholder data are facing some significant changes that they will need to comply with by June 30th.

This is a result of new Data Security Standard requirements from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, known as PCI DSS 3.0. This will see many of the things that were previously only seen as best practice become mandatory.

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Consumers are being outsmarted by their washing machines

washing machine confusion

Given all of the hype surrounding the Internet of Things and intelligent devices you might think that consumers would be keen to make use of all the latest options.

However, a new study by UK online retailer Appliances Direct suggests that for many people even mastering their washing machine is too much.

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How the cloud marketplace is shifting to target specific niches [Q&A]


Spending on Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is forecast to reach $118 billion this year, and it's clear the cloud is now big business. Companies are fighting to enter the space with new industry- and marketing-specific offerings. But what effect will this have and will it worry the big players like Amazon Web Services?

We spoke to Scott Swartz, VP, CTO Enterprise and Cloud Billing at Ericsson and founder of MetraTech, an enterprise billing specialist recently acquired by Ericsson, to find out more about the state of the IaaS space.

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