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The earphone's connected to the head bone - DIGICare bone conduction headphone [Review]

Digicare headphones

Bluetooth headphones are pretty common place but these from DIGICare are a bit different because they use bone conduction technology -- as does Google Glass and some hearing aids.

That means instead of sitting in or over your ears they rest on the sides of head and feed the sound into your inner ear via your skull.

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The top four places your data is at risk

at risk

We all worry about protecting our information, but how do we know which activities or locations are most likely to put it in jeopardy?

Digital rights management company Seclore has produced an infographic showing the four places where your data is most at risk. Unsurprisingly perhaps some of these are areas where you have the least control.

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Creating advocates for SaaS and B2B products


One of the best ways of getting people to buy your product is to get your existing customers to recommend it. That’s equally true in the business world as it is for consumer products.

A new infographic from SaaS customer management specialist Bluenose looks at how companies can create more powerful advocates for their B2B and SaaS products.

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Emailage fights fraud with email address scoring


Email is the most common form of digital ID, used to login to websites, complete transactions and more besides. This means that over time each email address develops its own unique reputation and digital life based on its past behavior and actions online.

Phoenix-based startup company Emailage has used this to develop a risk scoring system for email addresses which will help companies to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. Emailage has successfully flagged over 2 million transactions as risky in the past year alone, amounting to $150 million it's saved customers. The company has now received $3.8 million in venture capital funding to further develop its product.

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Cloud-hosted script library simplifies web development

cloud storage

Developers often find themselves repeatedly going over the same ground when it comes to adding functionality like forms or product pages.

California-based Cloudward is aiming to make life easier for web app developers with the launch of Cloud Snippets. These are cloud-hosted scripts, powered by Google Cloud Services, that allow anyone to instantly add forms, surveys, landing pages, ecommerce product listings, and more using the simplicity of Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive.

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New tool simplifies translating apps into different languages


Developers put a lot of time and resources into the technical aspects of their apps. But when it comes to selling them in other markets there's often little left for localization.

Now OHT-Mobile, part of One Hour Translation, has a solution with the launch of Lingui, a low-cost way to localize apps quickly without the need for extra manpower, complicated processes or even the requirement to send updates to the App Store or Google Play.

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Using the power of big data to understand customers

Big data

Companies are increasingly tuning into the importance of understanding their customers in order to make their marketing more effective and big data has a key role to play in providing them with the information to do so.

A new infographic produced by big data analytics platform Datameer looks at how companies are using big data to build their brands and boost revenue.

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Enterprises fail to get the best from mobile messaging initiatives


A new report from IDC and enterprise mobile specialist Amdoc's OpenMarket reveals that taking an ad hoc approach to mobile messaging is harming return on investment.

The findings reveal that 62 percent of businesses have more than one messaging platform deployed and 78.5 percent have more than one instance of the same platform active across different departments.

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New solution makes online payments simpler for small businesses

mobile payments NFC

Being able to do business online is almost essential these days, but for smaller companies the mechanisms needed to accept payments can prove complex and expensive.

Specialist in web client engagement software for small businesses vCita is making things simpler with the launch of its new, seamless online payment solution for service-based small businesses.

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Smart glasses, coming soon to an enterprise near you


Up to now smart glasses have been a bit of a gimmick, but they could soon be making a major impact in the enterprise market, allowing workers to communicate as they carry out tasks.

Eyewear technology company Vuzix has announced a partnership to use its Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses for the EyeSight platform from wearable software specialist Pristine. Customers taking advantage of the combined Pristine and Vuzix platform will benefit from impressive video quality, strong integrations into safety goggles and a vertically adjustable camera, useful for surgery and hands-on repair tasks.

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Data classification is the key to protecting information

files folders magnifying glass security scanning antivirus

Although organizations are increasingly concerned about data protection many of them don’t have the appropriate tools in place to secure their information.

According to a new report from data loss prevention specialists Boldon James compiled by Bloor Research, although over half of organizations see data security as a major concern 47 percent say they don't have a data classification tool.

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Ekko integrates communications across popular online services

Ekko iPad QuickReply

It's rare these days to rely on just one service -- you find yourself using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more which means information and messages are coming at you from many different angles.

This can lead to information overload as well as security worries. With its new secure platform San Francisco-based Ekko is launching a way to streamline all of your communications and protect your privacy.

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New cloud framework addresses data privacy concerns

cloud security

Data privacy is a growing concern and a number of countries including Germany, France and Russia have recently adopted new data protection regulations to protect their citizens' information.

Add in regulations like HIPAA and FINRA in the US and it's clear that businesses need to have an infrastructure to meet the various requirements or face possible legal consequences.

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Machine learning speeds up web application load times

Java code

The increase in web application use means that we're loading more code than ever into our browsers. According to httparchive, the amount of JavaScript used by the top 100 websites has almost tripled in the last three years whilst HTML has almost doubled. This has performance implications because larger page-sizes mean end users have to wait significantly longer for web pages to load.

California-based cloud delivery service Instart Logic is hoping to improve things with the launch of SmartSequence, a new technology that employs machine learning to optimize how HTML and JavaScript code is loaded in browsers.

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UK businesses don't all have their heads in the cloud


Although as we reported last week more businesses are turning to the cloud it seems that some UK companies are lagging behind the trend.

According to a new Service Provider and Performance Satisfaction survey by audit and accounting specialist KPMG 71 percent of UK organizations are spending 10 percent, or less, of their IT budget on cloud services.

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