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Let there be light (and sound) -- Inateck Tomons DL1101 [Review]

DL1101 speaker color

Is it a lamp? Is it a speaker? Is it a media player? Is it a radio? Actually the DL1101 is all of these things rolled into one. It can connect to a sound source via Bluetooth or play music from a Micro SD card, there's a built-in FM receiver and it lights up, all of this for around $20.

The on-board battery needs to be charged through its USB connection. It can deliver up to eight hours of life on a full charge but this obviously depends on volume levels and how bright you have the light.

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AI-powered chatbot helps combat cyber attacks

Endgame Artemis

The key to defeating cyber attacks lies in being able to make the correct response in a timely manner, but frontline security staff may lack the skills or resources to spot problems early.

Endpoint security company Endgame is launching an intelligent assistant built to automate security operations analyst actions and guide users of any skill level to detect and respond to advanced attacks.

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Data breaches up by 40 percent in 2016

Data breach wall writing man

The last year has seen fewer of the large scale breaches that made the headlines in 2014 and 2015, but that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away.

A new report from CyberScout and the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) has found a 40 percent increase in the US with a total of 1,093 data breaches in 2016, up from 780 in 2015.

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Consumers are starting to get the message on phishing

Phishing magnified

According to a new report from security awareness training company Wombat Security, people are starting to get the message on phishing.

When asked, 'What is phishing?', 65 percent of those surveyed in the US answered correctly. Ransomware remains a bit of a mystery for many, however, 52 percent were not even able to hazard a guess in response to 'what is ransomware?'

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Work and personal app usage blurs as enterprise users change their habits

Office staff

The use of the cloud and as-a-service software models is having a big impact on the way businesses operate, but just how is this shift playing out?

Identity management specialist Okta has collected anonymized data from its customers' networks around the world to create the third edition of its Businesses @ Work report looking at how organizations and the people who work for and with them get work done.

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Why advertisers need to wake up to mobile games

Happy mobile user

Mobile devices are increasingly used for many aspects of our lives and that includes playing games. But what does this mean for enterprises looking to promote their brands?

New research from mobile engagement platform Tapjoy suggests that consumers are twice as likely to say they feel relaxed when playing mobile games than they are when using social apps and that means more potential for advertisers to get their message across.

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Taxi drivers, cashiers and other jobs facing extinction by technology

Boss firing employee message card

One of the challenges facing developed economies is that increased use of technology is set to wipe out many jobs. This is leading politicians to explore schemes like national basic incomes so that people can support themselves in a world where work is less certain.

But which jobs are most at risk of disappearing? UK services marketplace Bidvine has conducted a survey to find out how the public think advances in technology are changing the job market.

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Businesses not prepared for the risk from mobile and IoT apps

Internet of things

Despite widespread concern about the security of mobile and IoT applications, organizations are ill-prepared for the risks they pose, according to new research.

The study from threat prevention company Arxan Technologies, IBM Security  and the Ponemon Institute reveals that 60 percent of respondents believe it’s either certain or likely their organization has experienced a material data breach or cyber attack over the past 12 months that was caused by an insecure mobile app.

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Many consumers don't care about the impact of piracy


Almost a third of consumers watch pirated content even though they know it's illegal to do so and that it deprives the content creators of revenue.

The study for platform security company Irdeto conducted by YouGov finds that 74 percent of US consumers know that sharing pirated content is illegal and 69 percent that downloading it is.

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New Flock plug-in targets fake news -- you'll never guess what happens next


Fake and misleading stories plague the internet and there's always a risk that if not spotted they can influence decisions within an organization.

Enterprise collaboration platform Flock is aiming to stop the spread of unreliable news, especially within business environments with the launch of a Fake News Detector plug-in.

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Businesses missing out by not engaging customers with SMS

smartphone user

Consumers want to communicate with businesses using SMS according to a new study, but companies are failing to grasp the opportunity this offers.

The research from mobile engagement specialist OpenMarket unveils a missed opportunity for financial service providers, retailers and hospitality companies that don't make use of SMS-powered chatbots to more effectively engage with customers.

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UK health trusts hit by ransomware attacks


The UK's National Health Service is being targeted by ransomware according to a new study which shows that 30 percent of NHS Trusts have suffered an attack, potentially placing patient data and lives at risk.

The findings come from a Freedom of Information Act study conducted by endpoint security company SentinelOne. It submitted FOI requests to 129 NHS Trusts, of which 94 responded.

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Even ransomware stops for Christmas

gift hacker criminal present

An 81 percent drop recorded in Locky ransomware infections in December is thought to be down to the cyber criminals behind the malware taking a Christmas break.

Threat prevention company Check Point recorded the big drop in Locky infections as part of an eight percent overall decrease in the number of recognized malware attacks on organizations in December.

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RockJaw Resonate -- clever design combined with quality audio [Review]

RockJaw Resonate 1

We've looked at earphones from RockJaw in the past and they've always offered a good compromise between reasonable price and a quality listening experience.

The company's latest Resonate model is more expensive than its other offerings but it does combine clever design touches with a tuneable listening experience.

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Marketers divided on the importance of analytics

marketing compass

Technology means that marketers are able to collect more information on customers and their purchasing habits than ever before.

But a new study shows that there's a divide on how important using that information is going to be. The survey by marketing software company Marketo reveals that while 57 percent of all respondents in the US believe predictive analytics will be the primary technology they use to engage with their customers, only 11 percent of international marketers think the same.

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