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Delivering enterprise solutions faster via the cloud

Enterprise cloud

Shifting to mobile and cloud solutions has led to expectations that software projects should be delivered faster and more efficiently.

However, according to a recent Mendix survey 71 percent of development teams are unable to keep up with demand.

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Enterprise app store streamlines BYOD adoption

apps software store shopping cart

Businesses are turning increasingly to mobile devices as means of boosting productivity, but if employees are allowed to use their own devices for work it can be difficult to ensure they use approved apps.

Licensing and compliance specialist Flexera Software has a solution in the form of its App Portal. This is a universal enterprise app store which allows self-service delivery across platforms.

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Facebook is the world’s favorite identity

Facebook joins forces with ESET to fight malware for free

With more and more websites requiring passwords to access them, people are looking for ways to manage their surfing that don't require multiple IDs.

Increasingly the answer they're turning to is social media and in particular Facebook. A new infographic from identity management specialist Gigya shows that the social network accounted for over 60 percent of logins in the fourth quarter of last year.

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How hackers can infiltrate a network and remain undiscovered


In 2014 we saw many data breaches which were often due to a direct attack on a company’s network in which human error played a part.

Big data security specialist Exabeam has produced an infographic showing how hackers can penetrate a network and remain difficult to spot.

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The social media threats to watch for in 2015

Social media threats

The increased popularity of social media, for business as well as personal use, has opened up a new avenue of attack for cyber criminals.

Risk management company ZeroFOX has produced a list of the top social media attacks to look out for this year.

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Face-to-face status meetings are bad for productivity

Meeting bored

American workers spend an average of 4.6 hours a week preparing for meetings and 4.5 hours actually in them, but most would rather be doing something else.

This is among the findings of a new survey by enterprise collaboration software specialist Clarizen. It also shows that almost half of respondents would rather "do any unpleasant activity" than sit in a status meeting, including going to the Department of Motor Vehicles or watching paint dry.

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Is it time to say goodbye to the password?

password key

Microsoft's Bill Gates predicted the death of the password as long ago as 2004, yet we're still heavily reliant on them for our day-to-day security.

Part of the reason the password has lingered so long is the lack of solutions that provide security combined with ease of use.

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Resilience becomes key as businesses rely more on data

Disk backup recovery

Increased reliance on systems and data means that downtime and loss of information is a greater problem than ever before.

Disaster recovery specialist Vision Solutions has launched the latest version of its annual State of Resilience report which highlights the trends and challenges for business and IT leaders.

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Predictive marketing cloud helps companies unlock customer data

Marketing business

In order to gain a competitive edge marketers are keen to gain insight from customer data. But the information may be spread across various systems and the cloud, making it hard to access.

In response to this problem marketing software company AgilOne is launching a product built from the ground up to unify online and offline data integration, cleansing, insights and campaigns, seamlessly bridging the worlds of digital and offline marketing.

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93 percent of US organizations are vulnerable to insider threats

Insider threat

In the past few years the adoption of new methods to access corporate data has led to traditional endpoint security being less effective. At the same time there are concerns about the number of employees who have access to data and how much of a threat they present.

Data security specialist Vormetric has released its latest Insider Threat Report which reveals that 93 percent of US organizations polled believe that they’re vulnerable to insider threats.

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Platform9 makes private clouds easier to implement

Private secure cloud

Public cloud services put a lot of resources into managing their systems in order to provide an efficient service with automated infrastructure and self-service features.

For businesses wanting to implement their own private clouds, however, achieving a similar level of service can be difficult. They often turn to solutions like OpenStack but fail to reach its full potential thanks to a lack of the resources and skills required.

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Users and IT teams are part of the security problem says Cisco

Network security

Careless user behavior and targeted malware campaigns are putting many industry sectors in danger from security breaches with the pharmaceutical and chemical industries at highest risk.

This is among the findings of the latest Annual Security report from networking specialist Cisco. It also finds that attackers are adapting their methods to make their campaigns harder to detect.

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A smartwatch for under $50 -- Rwatch R5 [Review]

Rwatch R5

Like any new technology, smartwatches when they first appeared were fiendishly expensive. Now that budget manufacturers are getting in on the act however prices are starting to tumble.

The R5 from Chinese company Rwatch costs less than $50 and will work with most Android phones, but can it compete with the pricier offerings from big name manufacturers?

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The FUZE gets an update and new features


It was over a year ago that the FUZE, a machine aimed at getting a new generation interested in programming, hit the market.

Now there's a revised T2 version of the Raspberry Pi- based machine that brings a number of useful updates and new features.

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IObit launches safe payment environment for mobile users

mobile payments NFC

Perhaps best known for its SystemCare products for Windows, software company IObit is launching a new version of its Android app, AMC Security.

AMC Security is a combined security and device optimization app. Among the new premium features included in this release is Payment Guard, which is designed to protect mobile users' financial data and the mobile payment and banking process.

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