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The state of SharePoint and Office 365 development

Office 365

SharePoint is the most widely used hub for modern businesses, while Office 365 is increasingly the first choice for cloud productivity. With these two platforms forming the bedrock of many companies' IT environments, business leaders need to understand how the platforms are changing and the needs of the employees who work with them.

SharePoint customization specialist Rencore has surveyed over 1,200 SharePoint and Office 365 developers and other professionals to get a picture of how the community is evolving.

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Half of IT professionals more concerned about internal threats than external ones

Hidden threat

Hackers and cyber criminals are often seen as the biggest threat to company IT systems, but a report from behavioral firewall company Preempt shows that insiders, including careless or naive employees, are now viewed as an equally important problem.

The survey carried out for Preempt by Dimensional Research finds that 49 percent of IT security professionals surveyed are more concerned about internal threats than external threats.

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Most enterprise attempts at email authentication fail


A new study shows that 75 percent of large businesses attempting implementation of the DMARC email authentication standard are not presently capable of using it to block unauthorized email.

This means that enterprises are putting their own security, compliance, and brand protection at risk. Automated mail authentication specialist ValiMail looked at email authentication policies for more than a million business domain names, including those of Fortune 1000, NASDAQ 100, and FTSE 100 businesses.

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70 percent of smaller IT businesses don't see Brexit as a threat


Despite the widespread predictions of Armageddon that preceded June's vote on the UK leaving the European Union, new research reveals that a majority of companies in IT and computing don't see Brexit as a threat.

The research by commercial insurer RSA shows that 70 percent of small and medium businesses in IT and computing don't see Brexit as a risk. Of those surveyed 43 percent say that leaving the EU will have no impact at all, and 27 percent say it will have a positive effect on their business.

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Symbol-to-accept strengthens multi-factor authentication


One of the more popular ways of securing logins in recent times has been the use of push-to-accept technology, sending a verification message to a user's mobile device.

However, this runs the risk of users inadvertently approving login requests that they didn't initiate. Adaptive access company SecureAuth is launching its new Symbol-to-accept technology to boost security without sacrificing convenience.

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60 percent of enterprises have fallen victim to social engineering in 2016

hand arm laptop security phishing lure scam

A new study from cyber security company Agari reveals the scale of social engineering attacks on industrial organizations across the US.

Of over 200 security leaders surveyed 60 percent say their organizations were, or may have been, victim of at least one targeted social engineering attack in the past year, and 65 percent of those who were attacked say that employees' credentials were compromised as a result. In addition, financial accounts were breached in 17 percent of attacks.

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New Android malware breaches over a million Google accounts

malware mobile

Researchers at cyber security company Check Point have uncovered a new malware variant that has breached more than a million accounts and is infecting over 13,000 Android devices a day.

Called Gooligan, the malware roots Android devices and steals email addresses and authentication tokens stored on them. With this information, attackers are able to access users' sensitive data from Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Play, and G Suite.

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Sentiment analysis helps sales teams measure customer reaction

sales business analytics

One of the problems sales teams face is knowing how their pitches, presentations and marketing materials are perceived by the customer.

Cloud-based sales and content management platform Pitcher is hoping to offer teams better insight with its newly patented Sentiment Analysis Module (SAM).

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Digital transformation is top strategic priority for half of execs


Digital transformation is at the top of the strategic agenda for enterprises, and half of executives surveyed believe the next two years will be critical for their organizations.

These are among the findings of a new report by Forbes Insights, in association with Hitachi Data Systems, which surveyed 573 senior executives worldwide as well as holding one-on-one conversations with top executives.

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Sophisticated social engineering attacks target hotel chains


In the run up to one of the hospitality industry's busiest periods, cyber criminals are targeting hotel chains with a series of targeted attacks.

Cyber security company Trustwave has investigated the attacks, which combine social engineering with sophisticated malware, against a number of its clients in the past month.

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Scality improves security for enterprise cloud

cloud key

As organizations store more of their information in the cloud increased focus is placed on keeping it secure from breaches and other threats.

Cloud storage specialist Scality is launching a new version of its RING software defined storage technology to provide extended security features and a trusted, compliant and secure storage infrastructure.

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If you're going to San Francisco be sure to travel free with ransomware


The Muni public transport system in San Francisco has been hit by a major ransomware attack over the weekend that left the network having to give passengers free travel.

It's estimated that around 2,000 systems have been affected by the attack, which began on Friday, including ticket machines, servers and Windows workstations.

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North American businesses suffer twice as many cyber attacks

Exclusive: Widespread security flaw affects hundreds of UK news sites

A new report from Kaspersky Lab finds that businesses in North America are significantly less protected against cyberattacks compared to those worldwide.

According to the study 20 percent of global enterprises suffered four or more data breaches in the past year, while 44 percent of North American businesses suffered a similar number of attacks.

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Consumers want to know more about how their data is used


The world is ever more reliant on data, but consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about where their personal details are stored and who has access to them.

Professional technology standards body IEEE has carried out a survey of 1,000 UK adults which finds that 81 percent believe the public should be better educated on how their data is being used online.

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Free tool helps consumers check online security ahead of Black Friday


On this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday, more Americans will be shopping online than ever before, but a new study reveals that the majority are concerned about the potential to have their personal and financial information hacked.

The survey from cybersecurity company UpGuard shows that almost 95 percent of consumers are concerned about the security of their information online, and more than half would break with their favorite brands if they knew their information was at risk.

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