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Wi-Fi Barbie could be putting your kids at risk

Hello Barbie

The latest Wi-Fi enabled Hello Barbie dolls could be putting your children at risk according to security researchers.

Using a combination of speech recognition technology and wireless connection Hello Barbie provides, "...an engaging and unique Barbie experience," according to manufacturer Mattel.

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Do dropped phones really always land screen side down?

Cracked phone

It always seems to be the case that if you drop your phone it lands screen side down and gets cracked.

A survey by Motorola suggests that one in three of us in the UK is using a smartphone with a cracked screen so this would seem to be true, but can it be proved scientifically?

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Fake Amazon app targets Black Friday shoppers


Hoards of shoppers hunting for the best Black Friday deals and perhaps not paying full attention to online safety makes this a time of year when cyber criminals are also keen to cash in on moneymaking opportunities.

Internet security company Zscaler has uncovered a widespread malware campaign whose authors are scamming large numbers of people by creating fake Android apps offering early access to Amazon's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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What’s the value of an API?


We've seen a big expansion in the use of APIs recently with big companies like IBM keen to stake their claim to a slice of the revenue opportunity they provide.

But what's an API really worth? Software quality company SmartBear has produced an infographic which sets out to answer that question.

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SMBs are missing out on IP communications


Using IP communications can save businesses a lot of money, but new research suggests that smaller businesses may be missing out.

Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch Networks have surveyed 1,250 SMB decision-makers at companies with fewer than 500 employees. The results show that IP communication adoption rates in the SMB sector are quite low, averaging just 25 percent across companies with fewer than 100 employees, and most service providers aren't doing much to change the story.

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Popular mobile payment apps leave consumers and businesses exposed

mobile payments NFC

It's likely that this year's holiday season will mark the first time that online purchases made on mobile devices will overtake those on desktop systems.

This makes mobile payment systems a prime source of risk and a new study by mobile app security company Bluebox Security highlights poor security across consumer mobile payment apps, including some of the most popular solutions for both Android and iOS.

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Inateck MP1305 iPad Pro/MacBook sleeve [Review]

Inateck MP1305-600

If you’re suffering a touch of deja vu looking at the photo above it's probably because my colleague Mark Wilson reviewed Inateck's similar sleeve for the Surface Pro earlier this year.

This one is designed for the iPad and MacBook fraternity and features a neat fold over design that allows it to act as a stand for the device as well as a sleeve to protect it. It has a smaller pouch in front of the main one and here are a couple of pockets on the back, one of which is big enough to take CDs. It also comes with a separate little pouch containing a cleaning cloth and which is big enough to take a mouse. It's not really suited to carrying bulky mains adaptors around though, so you’ll need to charge your device before you go out.

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Bringing machine learning to the masses [Q&A]

Machine learning

Big businesses are increasingly recognizing the potential of data science and machine learning. Until recently, however, it hasn't been readily available to smaller organizations and individuals.

But now companies like Amazon and Google are beginning to make machine learning available more widely. Is this the start of a new trend? What will it mean for businesses, and will we see the rise of a new generation of ‘citizen data scientists’?

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69 percent of users would bypass security controls to win a big deal


When faced with the chance of clinching a major deal people are willing to throw security controls out of the window.

This is according to research by contextual security company Balabit which asked over 380 European IT executives, CIOs, CISOs, auditors and other IT professionals about their thoughts on IT security and business flexibility.

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Government organizations are major target of Q3 cyber attacks

cyber attack

PandaLabs, the malware research arm of Panda Security has released its latest quarterly security report revealing a wave of cyberattacks where the security and information of various governments has been compromised.

The company has detected a growing interest between countries in compromising the security and information of different governments. With that in mind, one of the most important attacks during this period was against the Hacking Team, which controls a multitude of cyberespionage and cyberattack tools for various governments around the world.

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Convergence and security-- the main barriers to messaging app growth

Mobile apps

There are lots of messaging apps on the market, which means that you can end up needing several if you have friends and contacts on different services. It would be a major breakthrough to have a universal standard for messaging, but is that ever likely to happen?

Telecom and web convergence company tyntec has carried out a survey among smartphone owners in the US and China to uncover trends in consumer messaging app usage and to evaluate the probability of OTT (over-the-top) messaging apps one day becoming a truly universal service that connects the world's population.

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Changepoint launches updated resource planning solution

Graph plan sales

In order to keep up with today's fast-paced commercial world, planning solutions need to offer complete visibility into activities.

Business performance specialist Changepoint is launching a new version of its Daptiv PPM product that allows users to assess project and portfolio resources from a holistic viewpoint, gaining valuable insight into true resource demand.

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Almost a third of consumers feel unsafe shopping on mobile apps

Mobile fear

The use of mobile devices for shopping is increasingly becoming the norm. But, as we approach the year's peak shopping season, a new survey reveals that many consumers are worried about shopping with their mobile devices and providing credit card information to mobile apps.

The study from Blancco Technology Group of more than 1,400 consumers in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia, finds that 28 percent of consumers feel completely unsafe shopping from a mobile device, while two out of 10 are hesitant to link credit cards to mobile apps.

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The future of mobile messaging in connecting with customers [Q&A]

Happy mobile user

In the past few years mobile has become the preferred communication channel as consumers demand fast, easy access to information.

But how will mobile develop in future? Can we expect to see more apps, a switch towards mobile friendly websites, or even a move back towards SMS as the preferred tool of business-to-consumer (B2C) communication? To find out we spoke to Steve French, VP of Global Product Management and Marketing at mobile messaging provider, OpenMarket, a division of Amdocs.

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How cloud strategies differ between Microsoft and Google software sellers


Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are the two big beasts stalking the cloud software world, but there are differences in approach between independent software vendors (ISVs) for the two.

This summer the Cloud Technology Alliance surveyed 39 independent software vendors (ISVs) and channel partners about their market strategies for their cloud solutions in both Google and Microsoft environments.

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