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Transforming how enterprises handle unstructured IoT data

Unstructured data

The Internet of Things is growing fast and as more and more enterprise applications collect IoT data, specifically time series data from sensors, they need fast, reliable and scalable read and write performance.

To best accomplish this, the data must be stored, queried and analyzed together. To enable this Basho Technologies is launching Riak TS, a distributed NoSQL database designed to aggregate and analyze massive amounts of sequenced, unstructured data generated from the IoT and other time series data sources.

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LookingGlass helps to close the DNS security gap


One of the biggest areas of vulnerability for corporate networks is DNS, with companies having to contend with DDoS attacks and attempts to steal data.

In an effort to help customers close the gap in DNS security, threat intelligence specialist LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has developed an intelligence-driven network security solution that identifies and stops DNS-based cyber threats.

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Threat Stack launches security monitoring for Docker containers

files folders magnifying glass security scanning antivirus

The popularity of Docker to run software in containers has increased enormously, but it does raise issues surrounding keeping those applications secure.

To help Docker users stay on top of security issues Threat Stack, a specialist in security monitoring for AWS systems, has extended its product range to provide monitoring of Docker containers for security threats.

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IT pros love hybrid cloud but struggle to track consumption


According to a new survey 79 percent of IT pros are pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy and one third will grow their cloud services by more than 50 percent in the coming year.

The figures come from cloud consumption management specilalist Cloud Cruiser which surveyed IT professionals who attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Summit held in San Francisco and New York City in April and July.

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HP announces new open source network OS

Network switch

With the volume of network traffic growing exponentially, large web-scale organizations need to scale their data centers to new levels. These organizations need scale and flexibility for their data centers to meet increasingly complex business and technology requirements.

To provide developers with the ability to accelerate innovation, avoid vendor lock in and protect their investment, HP together with a community of like-minded companies, today announced the launch of the OpenSwitch Community along with a new open source network operating system (NOS).

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FireLayers and Check Point bring security to enterprise cloud apps

laptop shield defense

As more employees use their personal devices for business, corporate data is increasingly put at risk from sophisticated malware.

To foil these attacks, real-time protection company FireLayers and security specialist Check Point Software Technologies today announced their joint Extend Perimeter Security solution, which spreads security to cloud applications and provides enterprises with protection from zero-day threats and malware distribution.

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Big data + behavioral science = better decisions

decision decide IT flowchart

Companies sometimes struggle to get value from their data. Information is often static and can’t provide insights into individual business decisions.

To help deliver better value from data, decision analytics company OnCorps is unveiling its Adaptive Decision Analytics platform that intelligently engages users and prompts them to make better decisions.

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Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 -- quality earphones at an affordable price [Review]

Rock Jaw Alfa

When you buy earphones you usually have to choose between audio quality and how much you want to spend. British company Rock Jaw Audio, however, is on a mission to provide a strong listening experience at an affordable price.

There's a definite grey theme here, supplied in an attractive grey box, the earpieces themselves are aluminium with a smart grey finish, they come with a selection of rubber ear tips so you can get a good fit. There's also a clip for the cable and a soft carrying pouch. They have an in-line microphone for making phone calls and the earpieces have 8mm dynamic drivers. The jack plug is gold-plated, it's a 90 degree design though so may be awkward connecting to some devices. They have a 1.2 metre long cord, which is fine for listening to a smartphone in your pocket but a bit limiting for other situations.

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The most effective malware removal tools


The security industry tends to focus on prevention, but even on the best protected system there's always a chance of zero day infections slipping through the net. It's therefore important that products have an effective removal capability too.

The latest report from independent testing organization AV-Comparatives focuses on 16 of the leading security tools and how good they are at removing malware from infected systems.

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IBM and Box collaboration delivers new data management tools


Cloud applications, mobile use and the changes they bring to working methods make managing data in the enterprise a more complicated process.

We reported a few months ago on IBM and Box beginning a collaboration on cloud projects and the two companies have now announced new solutions that can help enable advanced collaboration, data classification, enterprise search and enhanced analytics.

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Free software suite helps users get started with big data

Big data

Many businesses are put off making use of big data by the costs and complexity of the software and infrastructure involved.

Enterprise data management specialist Solix Technologies is aiming to break down this barrier by making the Standard Edition of its Solix Big Data Suite available free of charge.

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Social intranet allows anytime, anywhere workplace collaboration

meeting virtual social network

Teams need to communicate in order to work effectively, but in the modern work-anywhere world with a scattered workforce this isn't as easy as just popping over to someone's desk for a chat.

Social intranet provider Incentive is helping organizations and enterprise teams stay in touch, with the announcement of its new mobile apps for iOS and Android and desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Chrome.

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How the mobile security landscape is changing [Q&A]

Tablet mobile security

As our mobile phones become increasingly central to both our personal and working lives, securing them and the data they hold has become paramount. The nature of the mobile space means that threats are more dispersed and change fast, so traditional security solutions are struggling to cope.

How does this change in the security landscape affect businesses who may be faced with supporting a range of different devices and operating systems thanks to BYOD policies? We spoke to Gert-Jan Schenk, VP for EMEA at mobile security specialist Lookout, to get his view.

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New cloud platform offers up to 20x performance improvement


Modern applications and services need to deliver content to users at unprecedented speeds, without sacrificing quality or reliability. But as more systems move to the cloud that highlights the shortcomings of traditional delivery systems and WANs.

Cloud based networking company Teridion is announcing general availability of its advanced Global Cloud Network which it claims can provide up to 20x performance improvement for end-user generated, bi-directional internet content.

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Huddle speeds up enterprise collaboration

office collaboration

Heavy web traffic can dramatically impact performance and lead to a major source of frustration for users of any cloud-based service.

To combat this, enterprise collaboration specialist Huddle is announcing the addition of Dynamic Web Acceleration to speed up its cloud platform. This allows it to increase transfer rates by an average of 80 percent without compromising security, by using dedicated infrastructure in over 99 cities around the world in order to bypass internet bottlenecks.

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