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Email is still king despite the threats it poses

Email magic

Email is often cited as the technology that made the internet essential for businesses. You would have thought by now that something else would have come along to replace it in our affections, but the popularity of email shows no sign of waning.

A new infographic from email authentication company ValiMail shows that 98.5 percent of people check their email daily and spend as much as six hours doing so.

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Dashlane streamlines password management for BYOD

Password threat

Weak passwords can put business data at risk, but if employees are using their own devices, poor security practices from their home life can spill over into the workplace.

Password manager app Dashlane has a solution to this issue in the form of a new Spaces feature for its Business version, which allows employees to manage both their business and personal passwords on mobile devices.

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Fighting the threat of social hacking [Q&A]

hand arm laptop security phishing lure scam

Often the weakest link in an enterprise’s cyber security is the person behind the endpoint. Although technology solutions can offer a high degree of protection, there’s no substitute for making users aware of the potential threats.

Social engineering attacks are increasingly used to try and catch out employees. Education on cyber security is therefore something that's being taken seriously by businesses of all sizes. We spoke to Scott Youngs, CIO of infrastructure solutions and managed services company Key Information Systems to find out more about the threat and how education can help beat it.

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New solution tackles ransomware at source


Ransomware is one of the biggest cyber threats businesses and individuals face and tackling it requires a customized approach.

Israel-based illusive networks is launching a new Advanced Ransomware Guard product that uses deception techniques to spot threats across the entire network, endpoints and servers and neutralize ransomware activity at the source hosts.

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Why it's time for a new approach to Agile security [Q&A]

software code developer development

Security is often something that gets left until late in the development cycle and as Agile development takes off, security can be an inhibiting factor.

Since many security breaches now target the endpoint, there's more emphasis on building secure software which means it's something that needs to be integrated into the development process. Fixing security flaws late in the day can prove costly and time consuming.

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LogMeOnce adds features to track and wipe mobile devices


The increasing use of mobile devices and spread of BYOD means that there’s a risk of data falling into the wrong hands if a device is lost or stolen.

Mobile identity and password management company LogMeOnce is adding new features to its app making it simpler to manage, track and wipe personal and business data from devices.

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New solution delivers compliance for business Instagram users


Businesses are increasingly adopting Instagram within the enterprise as a tool for building brand awareness and connecting with prospects and customers.

But as with any form of business communication it's subject to regulatory control. Regulators may classify Instagram posts as advertisements and exchanged comments as business records. To address this, compliance specialist Actiance is adding Instagram support to its Actiance Socialite platform, which enables companies to capture social media posts in context and retain data, including the images, for instant search and retrieval.

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New identity platform delivers passwordless authentication

Mobile login

We regularly hear stories about the imminent death of the password. Add in thousands of Internet of Things devices needing to authenticate and it’s clear that the time has come for a better system.

Identity management company ForgeRock is launching the latest edition of its ForgeRock Identity Platform, with advanced new capabilities that will enable organizations to employ passwordless login.

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Euclid Connect delivers personalized in-store experiences via Wi-Fi

digital shopping

Part of the reason for the success of online retailers is the ability to gather information on customers so that they can be targeted with appropriate offers.

Retail analytics and engagement specialist Euclid Analytics is launching a new platform that aims to give brick and mortar retailers some of the same advantages.

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New platform offers enterprises complete endpoint security

Laptop protection

Endpoint security company Carbon Black already offers application control, incident response, and threat-hunting products. Today it's announced the acquisition of next generation antivirus supplier Confer allowing it to offer a complete endpoint protection platform.

The new platform, called Cb Endpoint Security, provides organizations with the flexibility they need to cope with growing and evolving security needs. Confer's cloud-based analytics engine will become part of a 'Cb Collective Defense Cloud,' adding depth to the platform.

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More than half of companies fail to protect privileged credentials

steal_password hacker

Details of privileged accounts represent a major prize for hackers because they unlock the access required to exploit virtually any part of an organization's network and data. Yet according to a new report many companies are failing to adequately protect them.

The study by privileged account management (PAM) specialist Thycotic and research firm Cybersecurity Ventures benchmarked the PAM performance of more than 550 organizations and found that 52 percent received a failing grade.

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Rock Jaw Clarito earphones: Stylish, budget-priced audio [Review]

Rock Jaw Clarito

Last year we reviewed the Rock Jaw Alfa Genius V2 earphones and they impressed with their adjustable filters, offering a premium listening experience at a mid-range price.

Even so, not everyone is prepared to spend more than $60 on a pair of earphones, so now British company Rock Jaw is targeting more frugal listeners with the new Clarito.

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'Happy Birthday' messages drive around 10 percent of email order revenue

birthday cake balloons

Although they account for only two percent of all emails sent, triggered marketing messages -- those sent to mark birthdays and other events -- generate 10.2 percent of email-driven revenue and 9.7 percent of email-driven orders.

This is among the findings of a study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, the company behind marketing and analytics platform Yesmail360, which shows that people are twice as likely to open triggered messages as they are general marketing emails.

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New partnership extends reach of beacon advertising

mobile advertisng

Beacon advertising is becoming increasingly popular as a means of targeting consumers in specific locations with relevant messages.

It's now set to spread further as Freckle, the world's largest beacon technology company, announces a partnership with one of North America's largest mobile platform companies for publishers and media companies AirKast.

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Web users would rather filter ads than block them completely


Blocking online adverts is a controversial subject -- yes, adverts can be annoying but they also represent the only revenue stream for many sites.

A new survey from Adblock Plus in conjunction with HubSpot Research reveals that 83 percent of users just want to block the most intrusive ads and 77 percent would rather filter ads than block them completely.

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