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GoDaddy users hit by clever phishing scam


Phishing attacks continue to get cleverer as the people behind them refine their social engineering techniques. The latest attack uncovered by Comodo Labs targets users of the popular GoDaddy web hosting service.

The scam sends out email from what appears to be support@godaddy.com. Within the body of the phishing email, the user is notified that their email account storage has been maxed out and that incoming emails are being rejected.

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Responding to the changing threat landscape facing enterprises [Q&A]

Tightrope sharks threat

Not so many years ago corporate IT security involved installing a firewall and antivirus solution. But the threat landscape has now become much more complicated and is changing faster than ever.

Companies need to be aware of these changes and make sure their security arrangements can keep up. We spoke to Shai Gabay, the chief innovation officer of security operations and advanced threat detection specialist CYBERBIT, to find out more about the risks and solutions.

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One in four breaches in the financial sector are from lost or stolen devices

computer theft

New research from data protection company Bitglass into breaches in the financial services industry reveals that leaks nearly doubled between 2014 and 2015, and that lost and stolen devices are the most common cause.

While hacking remains a major fear, only one in five leaks were caused by it. Other breaches were the result of unintended disclosures (14 percent), malicious insiders (13 percent), and lost paper records (8.1 percent).

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Cloud platform lets marketers deliver personalized Google Ads

Personalized mail

Google Ads has proved itself an effective tool for gaining new business, but it's a rather less useful way of targeting existing customers.

Now though, marketing cloud specialist Optimove is launching a new integration with Google Ads. This allows businesses to target existing customers with personalized ads on google.com and across the Google Display Network, based on recent and predicted behavior patterns.

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iOS device failures overtake Android for the first time

mobile frustration error

In the ongoing smartphone performance and reliability battle, Apple has lost its leading position to Android for the first time in the second quarter of 2016.

Plagued by crashing apps, WiFi connectivity and other performance issues, the iOS failure rate more than doubled to 58 percent, compared to a 25 percent failure rate in the previous quarter, according to the research by mobile device diagnostics company Blancco Technology Group.

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How the Industrial Internet of Things is set to change the world

Internet of things

We're all aware of the Internet of Things and its likely effect on our homes, but there's another side to it which is its impact on industry.

Electronics supplier RS Components has put together an interactive graphic looking at how the Industrial IoT is going to change everyday functions from streetlighting to agriculture.

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Hate the software you have to use at work? You are not alone

Tired, Exasperated, Frustrated man at mac

Are you frustrated with clunky workplace systems? Do you wish that you could work with a more modern streamlined solution?

You're in good company, a new study by app platform specialist Sapho in conjunction with research firm Forrester reveals that 91 percent of employees agree simplified enterprise apps would increase their efficiency and productivity. In addition 75 percent of employees say they have a hard time accessing information in their enterprise systems and applications.

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Most US IT practitioners earn $100k annual salaries

Cash in hand

Automated software delivery specialist Puppet has released the result of its latest DevOps Salary Report which shows that most IT practitioners in the US earn a $100,000 annual salary.

It also finds that 43 percent of IT managers earn $150,000 or more, up from 26 percent last year. The report is based on data gathered from more than 4,600 respondents to the survey.

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Cloud-based identity service streamlines SaaS adoption

Cloud Security Lock

SaaS application adoption is growing fast and with it comes increasing expectations to be able to access any application from anywhere on any device.

Consequently organizations want login solutions that can help them reduce risks in their environment, deliver a better experience for their end-users, and adapt to the complexities of existing infrastructure and new applications.

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Report shows wide variation in privileged access management practices

Access management

As we reported yesterday, privileged users can represent a significant risk to enterprise security. A new report from cyber security company BeyondTrust underlines this with findings that show organizations adhering to best practices for privileged access management are much better at mitigating the risks of a data breach.

The survey of more than 500 IT, IS, legal and compliance experts split its overall scores into top- and bottom-tier groups and finds that top-tier companies were much more likely to have a centralized password management policy -- 92 percent in contrast with just 25 percent of bottom-tier organizations.

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New tool helps cut Agile software project delays

Agile Development

Delays to software projects are frequently blamed on missed or misunderstood requirements. As companies look to ensure the successful delivery of Agile IT projects, they need tools that help ensure business needs are met.

Toronto-based Blueprint Software is launching a new Storyteller add-on for the JIRA bug tracking tool, that allows developers to automatically generate user stories, acceptance criteria and tests, ensuring that user requirements are properly addressed.

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The hidden security risk of privileged users

High Risk

All businesses are aware of the danger posed by insider threats, but those threats are multiplied when they involve privileged user accounts.

Damage caused by privileged users is the most extensive, the hardest to mitigate and the hardest to detect as it involves authorized users doing things they are authorized to do. A new report from access management specialist Forcepoint in conjunction with the Ponemon Institute looks at the gap between organizations' awareness of the problem and their ability to solve it.

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New Huddle release improves security and control

Businessman Connected Virtual Touch Button

Business collaboration tools are increasingly essential in the enterprise, but they need to keep content secure, especially in professional services environments that handle sensitive client data.

Collaboration specialist Huddle is tackling this with the launch of its Unified Authentication Portal. Using a single sign on, this lets account managers apply policies across Huddle's web, desktop and mobile apps in one step, simplifying the process of keeping content secure.

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New tool helps developers streamline release management

GitHub Issue Board

As the importance of software to almost all businesses has grown, so the competition to bring new releases to market and ensure they're error free is fierce.

Open source code collaboration specialist GitLab is addressing this issue with a new tool that enables developer teams to improve the software release management process, providing real-time visibility of project issues across an organization.

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Hackers play the fame game to boost business

Hacker money laptop

Hacking by its very nature tends to be an activity that takes place in the shadows. However, analysts at security awareness specialist Digital Shadows have identified a growing trend of some hackers actively seeking the limelight to promote their businesses.

Just as in the legitimate commercial world, reputation is important and players without one are less likely to be trusted. In order to boost their profiles therefore some cyber criminals have been using publicity to add to their credibility.

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