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New cloud agent brings enterprises greater security and asset control

Cloud storage

Increased use of the cloud and hybrid systems is bringing new challenges for businesses needing to ensure their systems are secure and compliant.

A new Cloud Agent Platform (CAP) from cloud security specialist Qualys provides organizations with a flexible solution to assess the security and compliance of their IT assets in real time, whether they're on-site, cloud-based or mobile endpoints.

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Microsoft enters the PaaS market with Azure Service Fabric


Cloud computing has stepped up the pace of app development, with many businesses coming under pressure to deliver new services fast.

Following on from last month's launch of the Azure IoT Suite, tech giant Microsoft is stepping into the platform as a service (PaaS) space with Azure Service Fabric.

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New firewall provides stronger protection for hybrid cloud systems


As more apps move to the cloud business infrastructures are increasingly fragmented. This can make traditional on-site security tools ineffective in fighting off cyber attacks.

The threat of attacks remains, however, and a new release from security software company Radware is aimed at protecting both on-premise and cloud-based applications, using just one solution.

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Security professionals worry about technology sprawl as threats evolve

network virus spread sprawl

A new study of nearly 14,000 information security professionals worldwide shows that two-thirds of respondents are concerned about the addition of multiple security technologies, often referred to as sprawl.

The Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) produced by (ISC)² a not-for-profit membership body of certified information and software security professionals worldwide, is largest study of the information security profession ever conducted.

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Red Canary seeks to bring simpler endpoint security to businesses

laptop shield defense

The endpoint is the most vulnerable link in enterprise security, constantly under attack and prone to human error. Yet the security products designed to protect it are subject to high levels of false positives.

The result is that providing effective protection can be complex and stretch the resources and budget of even quite large organizations.

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WildPackets becomes Savvius and switches focus to security

Security alert

Internet performance specialist WildPackets is changing its name to Savvius and at the same time is also launching its first security appliance.

"This name change comes at a defining moment in our history," says Tim McCreery, CEO of Savvius. "We are deepening our commitment to network performance management solutions and expanding our focus to include support for security forensics. Our team is united in providing great solutions and world-class support to our customers and partners".

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IBM opens up threat intelligence data to help combat cyber attacks

IBM logo

With cyber attacks often being driven by organized crime rings and the tools and expertise behind them widely shared, threat intelligence is more important than ever to fend them off.

Announcing today that it's opening up more than two decades' worth of cyber threat intelligence IBM is seeking to unite, mobilize and rally the private sector to defend itself against increasingly sophisticated and organized cyber threats.

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2014: The year data breaches came of age

virtual padlock

There were 783 reported data breaches in 2014, up 27.5 percent over the previous year and the most in any year of the past decade. The average cost of each of those breaches was $3.5 million, up 15 percent over 2013.

These are among the statistics highlighted in a new infographic from user behavior intelligence specialist Exabeam. Ten breaches each led to more than a million records being reported stolen, the biggest being Home Depot with 56 million records.

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HighQ brings confidential collaboration to the cloud

Cloud handshake collaboration

There are lots of options for business collaboration but security of data is always a concern, especially when implementing cloud solutions.

The answer to these worries may lie with cloud collaboration specialist HighQ which is launching Collaborate 3.4, the first hybrid version of its platform providing both cloud and on-premise secure storage of data.

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New malware family attacks retail systems

Chip and pin card reader

Only two weeks ago we reported on the underlying vulnerabilities that put point-of-sale systems at risk. Now acting as part of an investigation by the US Secret Service, researchers at security services company Trustwave have identified a new family of PoS malware.

Cyber criminals are already using the malware -- which researchers have named "Punkey" in an obscure '80s sitcom reference -- to infect businesses. Payment card information and more than 75 active victim IPs were found as part of the investigation.

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New partnership helps businesses analyze and present Birst data

businessman pushes button

Business intelligence systems have in the past delivered large amounts of data but in a format that wasn't necessarily easy to use as it was extracted from legacy systems.

In an effort to make BI data more accessible, cloud intelligence and analytics specialist Birst has announced a partnership with Tableau Software to combine the latter’s powerful visual analytics with Birst’s agile and scalable Cloud BI data platform through an ODBC connector.

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Salesforce integration helps PandaDoc deliver better sales content

Graph plan sales

Producing documents has in the past been the slowest part of the sales process. Collecting information and putting it into quotes and proposals can take up a lot of sales staff time that could be better used in other tasks.

California-based PandaDoc is announcing its software's integration with Salesforce to make sales proposal and quote generation faster and more personalized.

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Attackers switch tactics to gain access to corporate networks

Cyber attack

In the current information security climate it seems that falling victim to some form of cyber attack is just a matter of time. If you haven't been hit yet chances are you will be soon.

The latest Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec shows that five out of six large companies were targeted in 2014, a 40 percent increase over the previous year, and that attackers are shifting their tactics when targeting corporations.

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Wowza makes live video streaming easier for enterprises

Video streaming business

Streaming isn't just for broadcasters any more, it's become a useful commercial tool too, allowing meetings, conferences and events to be shared with a worldwide audience. However, it can be tricky to implement.

Wowza Media Systems is launching its latest Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine Pro, increasing the power and ease of streaming online video and extending flexible options to organizations looking to stream live content.

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Four into one will go with new TV streaming device


We're all familiar with the dilemma of what to watch, what to record and what to seek out on a catch up service later. There's so much TV content available these days that tough decisions are needed.

It's especially hard for sports fans who may find themselves with several events going on at the same time. Trying to catch up with one or more of them later runs the risk of accidentally finding out the result in advance, so what's the solution?

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