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HP rolls out a range of Enterprise Services for Windows 10


Businesses usually like to wait a while before rolling out a new operating system to allow any initial snags to be ironed out.

Of course systems providers have to be ready to support them when they do make the move and HP has announced the availability of a full suite of Windows 10 services designed to help enterprises control costs and smooth out the move to the new operating system.

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Turning Splunk data into pre-emptive breach detection

Breach detection

In case you haven't heard of it Splunk is one of the most popular machine data analytics tools, used to provide early warning of network and system issues.

IT teams often rely on access to this data for security information and event management (SIEM), but as malware becomes more sophisticated it can be difficult to spot what's important in time to prevent major breaches.

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Small but (almost) perfectly formed -- Inateck MercuryBox BP2101 [Review]

Inateck BP2101 speaker

A technology writer's world can often seem full of Bluetooth speakers, they have successfully colonized a corner of my office, so it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. In terms of build quality the latest from Inateck makes an immediate impression but does it live up in other areas?

The whole package has a premium feel to it, even the cardboard box is nice. The speaker itself is a neat design with an aluminum chassis that feels solid and weighty. There are rubber end caps, one of which has a fold-down flap covering the USB and Aux ports, and a rubber panel on top with buttons for power, pause, +/- and Bluetooth calls. It comes with braided USB and 3.5 mm jack cables both of which have Velcro ties to keep them tidy when not on use, another quality touch, a wrist strap and a soft pouch to carry the speaker around in. There's a well-produced instruction leaflet too.

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How shadow IT threatens the enterprise and what to do about it

Shadow IT

Increasing adoption of BYOD and use of mobile devices means that employees have the ability to access business data from anywhere. However, this can come into conflict with company security policy.

Policies are often seen as too invasive, hard to understand and not always in tune with how employees work. This can lead to workers finding their own alternative solutions. Companies need to come up with strategies that safeguard data in use, in transit and at rest to let employees focus on their work.

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59 percent of consumers reuse passwords


We all know that we shouldn't reuse passwords across multiples sites, but that doesn't stop a majority of us from doing it.

A new survey for password manager Password Boss shows that 59 percent of consumers reuse passwords because it's too hard to remember them. Yet memory is the most common means of managing passwords, used by 63 percent, with only eight percent using some form of password manager.

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Employee negligence is major source of insider threats

Employee negligence

Multitasking and working long hours, can result in employee negligence which leads to insider threats and costs companies millions of dollars each year.

A new survey of IT and security practitioners in the US and Germany carried out by the Ponemon Institute for cyber security company Raytheon|Websense reveals that employee negligence can cost a US company as much as $1.5 million and Germany companies €1.6 million in time wasted responding to security incidents caused by human error.

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Hackers target PDF readers, yet a high percentage go unpatched

Software patch

Vulnerability intelligence firm Secunia has released its second quarter 2015 country report for US and 14 other countries around the world. This looks at what programs users have installed and which are most at risk.

The big news is that a high percentage of users have unpatched versions of Adobe Reader. Adobe has the highest market share in this segment and PDF readers are a common target for hackers.

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How to cope with Stagefright

Stage spotlight

Earlier this week we reported on the Stagefright vulnerability that could affect 95 percent of Android devices. It has arisen as a result of code vulnerabilities which could have been detected and resolved earlier.

Application security company Checkmarx has been looking more deeply into Stagefright and what it means for users and developers.

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Most malvertising attacks come from news and entertainment sites

Scam advert

Since news and entertainment websites are amongst the most popular on the net, it's not surprising that they're more likely to play host malicious adverts.

A new report by Bromium Labs reveals that more than half of malvertising is unknowingly hosted on news and entertainment websites. 58 percent of online adverts with hidden malware were delivered through news websites (32 percent) and entertainment websites (26 percent). Major websites unknowingly hosting malvertising included cbsnews.com, nbcsports.com, weather.com, boston.com and viralnova.com.

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TeleSign SDK streamlines verification on mobiles

Mobile verification

Many of the latest cyber attacks focus on mobile platforms as they're often seen as inherently less secure, particularly when handling account logins and important transactions.

Mobile identity solutions company TeleSign is today launching its TeleSign Auto Verify, a new lightweight software development kit (SDK) for mobile app developers that streamlines the account verification process while providing a more reliable and cost-effective method than SMS-based verification alone.

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Bitcoin payments move towards the mainstream with new payment partnership

Bitcoin more acceptable

We reported recently on a new system that reduces the risk for merchants in accepting bitcoin payments.

Now there's more evidence that the digital currency is going mainstream with the announcement of a partnership between enterprise bitcoin payments processor, Bitnet and payments platform provider Zooz that will enable merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method on the Zooz payment platform.

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New digital consent initiative to give users control of personal data

Privacy policy

As more and more of our data gets stored in digital format, keeping it secure becomes a bigger challenge. One possible solution is User Managed Access (UMA) which gives a web user a unified control point for authorizing who and what can get access to their online personal data.

The UMA standard has already received support from major organizations such as Philips and the New Zealand government. Access management company ForgeRock along with a number of open-source technology companies and experts, is announcing a new digital consent and privacy initiative to help accelerate developer adoption of UMA.

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Open Threat Exchange brings a community approach to fighting attacks

Database community

Combating cyber threats effectively means having fast access to information about the latest attacks so that you can respond quickly.

Security management company AlienVault is taking a community approach to this with the launch of an updated version of its Open Threat Exchange (OTX), based on social sharing technology.

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Crowd review site names best backup software

Disk backup recovery

When choosing software for business it helps to have a reliable source of information. Earlier this month we spoke to G2 Crowd to find out more about how its crowd sourcing of reviews works.

Today the company has launched its latest report looking at backup software. Made up of data from over 200 reviews across 11 products, the report names two Leaders and five High Performers in the category.

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New management platform helps business move to the cloud


Deploying and managing systems in the cloud brings a new set of challenges for enterprises who need to integrate with their existing environments.

To help businesses model, deploy and manage one or many, new and existing applications across any physical, virtual or cloud environment. Cloud management specialist CliQr is announcing the launch of CloudCenter 4.0. This release sets new levels of flexibility, visibility and control, making it easy for companies to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud in critical enterprise environments.

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