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Millennial behavior puts federal IT systems at risk

Federal government

The security habits of the millennial generation could be putting federal IT systems at risk, if agencies don't adjust their cyber defenses in time.

This finding comes from a new study by cyber security company Forcepoint, which examines how members of the millennial generation use technology.

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The seven IoT devices that could be putting your business at risk

Risk dial

We've already seen concerns about the threats Internet of Things gadgets may pose in the home, with hackable Barbie dolls and snooping Smart TVs. Not to mention that the latest Dyn DDoS attack was carried out using unsecured IoT devices.

IoT devices are starting to become commonplace in businesses too so the potential for problems can only grow. Security company ForeScout, along with leading ethical hacker Samy Kamkar, has been investigating the risks these devices pose.

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IT executives are out of step with their teams

Employee guilty laptop boss

A new report finds that there's a disconnect between IT executives and their staff on critical issues, including control over SaaS applications.

The report from cloud specialist BetterCloud shows that non-executive IT staff, when compared to IT executives, are 29 percent more likely to say their team lacks complete control over their SaaS applications and 56 percent more likely to feel like their IT team lacks complete visibility into them.

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New tool offers SWIFT network protection through deception

Shadows street

Attacks on the inter-bank SWIFT system have been making the headlines this year, proving lucrative for the hackers and worrying for the industry.

Help is on the way though as Cyber security company TrapX is launching a deception-based security solution, DeceptionGrid, specifically designed protect SWIFT.

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Thycotic launches free tool to expose endpoint threats

Hidden threat

We're seeing attacks on endpoint systems becoming more common and increasingly clever. Yet for administrators knowing what's happening on their endpoints presents a challenge.

Privileged account management specialist Thycotic is launching a new, free Endpoint Application Discovery Tool to automatically discover and reports on applications installed on Windows endpoints.

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Enterprises struggle to manage cloud complexity

puzzle cloud

Businesses are looking to transform their IT services by moving to the cloud, but a new report reveals that they’re increasingly struggling to manage its complexity.

The study from cloud automation company Embotics and 451 Research surveyed 166 US-based enterprise IT organizations regarding their use of cloud infrastructure and the management and automation of the associated processes.

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Adding facial recognition to mobile helps reduce fraud

Biometric scan

Doing more of our day to day transactions online increases the risk of falling victim to some kind of fraud. Increasingly therefore companies are turning towards biometrics to ensure users are who they say they are.

Digital verification company Jumio is adding biometric facial recognition to its Netverify product to verify users on mobile devices.

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New automation tool helps businesses deploy Docker containers

Cloud developer tablet

Automated software delivery specialist Puppet is launching a new Docker Image Build tool, which automates the container build process to help organizations as they define, build, and deploy containers into production environments.

It adds to existing Puppet functionality for installing and managing container infrastructure, providing a standard, consistent way to install Docker operating environments as well as building and deploying containers.

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New platform guards against in-memory endpoint attacks

Security shield

Cyber attackers know that the weakest point of an organization's security is usually the endpoint and they'll increasingly try to hide malware's presence from security tools by running it only in memory.

Endpoint security specialist Endgame is releasing an update to its platform which expands coverage of the attacker lifecycle to anticipate innovations.

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New cloud platform streamlines enterprise digital transformation

code software developer development

If you only have a few websites and mobile apps to handle looking after them is a fairly straightforward task.

But businesses that need to handle multiple digital properties with proper governance and security -- at the same time delivering a consistent, personalized customer experience -- face a major challenge.

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UK economy loses almost £11 billion to cyber crime each year

UK cyber risk

The UK economy lost £10.9 billion as a result of online fraud and cyber crime last year, according to new research, which works out at about £210 for every person aged over 16 in the country.

The figures come from a survey by Get Safe Online and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and reveal that 68 percent of people in the UK have been targeted in some way by cyber crime.

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Social logins -- the convenience and the risks

Social media news coffee man office PC

Increasingly people are suffering from password fatigue, so when signing up to websites it's very tempting to use existing social media accounts.

However, according to a survey from customer identity and access management specialist Janrain, 93 percent of people are concerned about how their account data and activity are being shared and used.

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Mobile games pose a risk to business

Mobile frustration

Mobile games are increasing in popularity, boosted by augmented reality apps like Pokémon GO. But if individuals are using their devices for BYOD too then these games could present a major security risk.

According to a new study from licensing specialist Flexera Software which tested 60 of the most popular iOS games, 73 percent support location services and tracking. 68 percent support social networking, 58 have calendar access and 54 percent support SMS.

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Network security is getting more difficult to implement

Network security

Network security operations are evolving and becoming more difficult to implement according to a new survey by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), sponsored by network visibility specialist Gigamon.

The complexity of network security operations is as difficult, or more difficult, as it was two years ago according to 85 percent of surveyed respondents. This is primarily due to increased traffic, more connected devices on the network and diversity of network and security technologies used to address emerging and known security threats.

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Inadequate storage tools hold back container deployment

writing to disk

The use of containers delivers many benefits including lower costs and greater agility. But the results of a new survey show that a lack of adequate tools to handle storage is holding back deployment.

The survey by data storage company Portworx finds that 55 percent of IT professionals would deploy stateful containers within one year if storage challenges could be resolved.

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