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Actiance seeks to scoop up HP Autonomy customers

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HP Enterprise's announcement earlier this month that it was spinning off its 'non-core' software business, including the Autonomy big data solution to Micro Focus, has left many customers worried about the future.

Archiving, analytics and compliance specialist Actiance is hoping to attract these users with the launch of an Autonomy Safe Landing Program, letting users easily transition to its Alcatraz archiving product.

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What does a bug researcher look like?

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What kind of people spend their time looking for software bugs? Crowdsourced testing company Bugcrowd has released a report looking at how its community is made up that might give you a clue.

Bugcrowd researchers come from all over the world, as of September 1, 2016, the United States (29 percent) and India (28 percent) had the most sign-ups, followed by the United Kingdom on six percent.

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Just after lunch on Monday is the best time to send push notifications

Mobile apps

The use of push notifications in apps to reach users is an attractive option for marketers. But done wrongly it can lead to more annoyance than success.

So what do companies need to do to ensure their notifications are effective? App monetization platform Tapjoy has released data based on a study of over 4.4 million push notifications sent between February and August 2016, to help businesses use push notifications effectively.

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74 percent of enterprises feel vulnerable to insider threats

Insider threat

The shift of systems to the cloud has made enterprise data visible beyond the perimeter of the organization, employees can access it from anywhere, and that has an effect on insider threats.

Data protection company Bitglass has released its report on insider threats in the enterprise, featuring insights from over 500 cyber security professionals on the state of insider data leaks and the tools used to mitigate these threats.

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IP shielding enables secure voice and video conferencing

video conference

There's a great deal of emphasis on securing data and email, but essential business communication via voice and video tends to get ignored. Yet these communications are vulnerable, partly because devices constantly release metadata, telling the network where and how to route communications.

To address this, Privacy-as-a-Service platform specialist Dispel is launching a secure voice and video conferencing service, a single application designed to provide enterprises and individuals with impenetrable private communications on their smartphones and mobile devices.

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Does your personality make you more likely to get hacked?

Notebook brain

LogMeIn the company behind the LastPass password manager has released the results of a survey looking at consumer psychology, behavior and attitudes when it comes to managing personal passwords.

Among the findings are that 61 percent of respondents use the same or similar passwords across accounts, and 55 percent of them do it even though they understand the risk. Also more than a third (39 percent) create more secure passwords for their personal accounts than their work accounts.

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Board members say they need cyber security experts

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Three out of five board members believe that they need to have cyber security experts on their boards, yet only one in six claim to have substantial expertise in understanding the implications of cyber security.

These are among the findings of a report from risk analytics specialist Bay Dynamics which looks at why boards of directors are making cyber security a top priority and the challenges they face in reducing risk.

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New service helps enterprises secure legacy applications

Ball and Chain legacy tied down held back

Many companies rely on legacy applications, but while they're keen to get maximum return on their investment and avoid the costs of moving to a new system, they may be opening themselves to security threats.

Information risk management consultancy AsTech Consulting is launching its Legacy Application Security Evaluation and Remediation (LASER) guided security improvement program to help companies uncover hidden security issues.

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The security risks of migrating legacy applications to the cloud [Q&A]

cloud migrate

Enterprise use of the public cloud is taking off in a big way and it's estimated that by 2018, half of the applications running in public cloud environments will be considered mission-critical by the organizations that use them.

But migrating legacy applications to the cloud can lead to new security risks as how the application is used and hosted could differ from the original deployment.

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New cloud services aim to increase adoption of Skype for Business

skype video messaging

Cloud-based unified communications are an attractive option for businesses, but a lack of effective management and monitoring tools is holding back many from deploying the technology.

Managed cloud services company Unify Square is addressing this with the launch of an extended lineup of Skype for Business (SfB) cloud and hybrid services to help enterprises transition from on premise, to hybrid or full cloud deployments.

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CipherLoc aims to fix 'broken' encryption


Companies are turning to encryption in order to protect their sensitive data, but many of the systems used can be cumbersome and don't necessarily offer total protection.

CipherLoc Corporation is launching a suite of data security solutions that eliminate the flaws and inadequacies in today’s encryption algorithms, adding an extra layer of protection to existing products, services, and applications.

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Updated DRM platform helps protect sensitive enterprise data

Police legal data folder

Leakage of data, whether due to the action of hackers or simple error by insiders is a major problem for enterprises.

File security specialist FinalCode is launching a new version of its DRM platform to help businesses secure data both inside and outside the organization.

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Microsoft takes security to the Edge with Windows Defender Application Guard


With many cyber attacks now initiated through the browser, endpoint security is something all businesses need to take seriously.

Among today's announcements at Ignite, Microsoft trailed security enhancements across a range of its products, including the Edge browser. Windows Defender Application Guard will be available to Windows 10 Enterprise users from next year and aims to make Edge the most secure business browser.

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Failed projects prompt companies to move to cloud analytics

cloud storage

While there is huge interest in data analytics among the business community many organizations are struggling with failed projects according to a new study which reveals 88 percent of respondents have suffered failures with recent initiatives.

Reasons for the failure of analytics projects include low end-user adoption, projects going over budget, systems not providing the analytics users were expecting, and too many initiatives evolving into 'zombie' projects that were almost completed but not ready for end-users.

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Benchmark report reveals effectiveness of marketing emails

Email magic

Email is still among the most popular ways of delivering marketing messages to customers, but it can be hard to measure how well it works.

A new study from delivery platform SendGrid measures the engagement numbers for the average percentage of male and female recipients, the percentage of emails that are opened on mobile and non-mobile devices, open rates, click rate, click-to-open rates and monthly send rates across 10 industries.

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