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Cloud attacks increase as the IT world looks to the skies

Cloud missiles

Moving systems to the cloud is usually seen as a safer and more secure option than running them on site. However, the findings of a new report suggest that there's no room for complacency.

The Spring 2014 Cloud Security Report from security-as-a-service provider Alert Logic reveals a significant increase in attacks carried out against both cloud and on-premises systems.

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Are we facing an internet of too many things?

Home automation 1

Much of the buzz in the tech world at the moment surrounds the internet of things, the idea that every piece of electronic kit might one day be connected via the web.

There are plenty of benefits from this but it also presents a number of challenges. Home automation specialist Custom Controls has released an infographic showing what needs to happen for the internet of things to work.

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New business intelligence tool uses infographics to open up data

Necto Image 4

Business intelligence is all about making dry figures accessible and useful to managers and others within an enterprise.

Canadian company Panorama Software is aiming to create a better data discovery solution with the launch of its new Necto 14 product. It allows users to explore, measure, track, and share critical data visually to gain knowledge, boost collaboration, and make smarter business decisions.

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DrDoS attacks of more than 800 Gbps predicted by 2015

DDoS bombs

According to a new report by security company Black Lotus the average size of a DDoS attack in the first quarter of this year was 2.7 gigabits per second (Gbps).

But the company is warning that a new type of DrDoS (distributed reflected denial of service) attack will see the threat of 800 Gbps or more attacks in the next year to year and a half.

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Dell partners with DataMotion to offer email encryption

Secure email

When Dell acquired SonicWALL in 2012 it was heralded as a significant step in providing greater security to the company's enterprise customers.

It's now announced a partnership with email encryption specialist DataMotion to allow users of SonicWALL email security to encrypt their sensitive emails and attachments.

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How E-commerce is taking over the world

eCommerce global

The internet has been responsible for changing the way we go about many of the tasks in our day-to-day lives. Not least it has changed the way we shop.

Customer experience specialist Baynote has released a new infographic map showing the growth of e-commerce across the world.

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Oracle marketing cloud for manufacturers improves performance and efficiency

human resources CRM

Manufacturing businesses are always looking to improve the customer experience and enhance their marketing effectiveness.

In recent years this has meant moving from a product-centered model to a more customer-focused approach. To help with this process ERP specialist Oracle is launching a flexible industry-specific marketing tool in the form of Oracle Eloqua for Manufacturing.

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How the cyber threat landscape is evolving -- Comodo security [Q&A]


In recent years the threats faced by both individuals and businesses have changed thanks to the adoption of new technologies like the cloud, a shift towards social engineering attacks, BYOD and more.

We spoke to Egemen Tas, vice president of engineering for leading certificate authority and security software provider Comodo to get his view on current threats.

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Getac launches rugged Windows tablet for mobile workers

Getac tablet_800x800ar

With tablets becoming more common in the workplace, the problem with normal models is they're not robust enough to cope with the demands of utility workers and field service operatives.

We saw Dell address this market a few weeks ago with a tough convertible system and now rugged systems specialist Getac is launching a new Windows 8 tablet specifically aimed at mobile field workers.

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Stickeez boosts ad revenue for mobile developers

Mobile apps

In-app adverts provide a useful revenue stream for developers, allowing them to monetize what would otherwise be free products.

With Gartner predicting that over 94 percent of app downloads will be free by 2017, revenue from in-app ads is likely to become even more critical in the future.

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Moka5 launches new centrally-managed end-user computing tool

Centrally managed desktop

Enterprises put a lot of time and effort into protecting their servers but what happens on the user desktop always presents a potential risk and can be hard to control.

End-user computing specialist Moka5 is aiming to tackle this with the launch of its Vanguard Moka5LivePC v 4 product. This offers a locally executed live PC container that can be managed centrally.

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The security risks of BYOD -- Amtel [Q&A]

BYOD jigsaw

Allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for work has led to a number of new challenges, particularly when it comes to keeping devices and data secure.

We talked to PJ Gupta, CEO of mobile security specialist Amtel about the risks BYOD presents to enterprises and what they can do to ensure they remain safe.

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Heartbleed -- the passwords you need to change

Heartbleed logo

The unveiling of the Heartbleed OpenSSL flaw this week has led to major ripples through the IT industry and the online community.

There has been all kinds of advice on offer about changing passwords -- but only after the site in question has been made safe. To be certain you're doing the right thing you therefore need to either check the site yourself or wait for some official confirmation that it's been patched.

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OpenMarket introduces new messaging solutions for enterprise IT

mobile cloud enterprise

Business IT is increasingly expected to operate on a 24/7 basis which means that system admins need fast access to information should anything go wrong, whether it’s a security incident or a system failure.

Enterprise mobile specialist OpenMarket has launched a suite of solutions aimed at helping to ensure continuity, security and improve support management.

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Heartbleed -- should we panic now?

Heart blood

Yesterday the IT world went a little bit crazy over the disclosure of the Heartbleed bug and the chance that encrypted information could potentially be intercepted by hackers.

We know that some big sites, notably Yahoo, have been exposed and Google was quick to apply the necessary patches to its servers. If you’re still worried, a number of sites have sprung up allowing you to check if a site has been patched -- thanks to Bob Grant on the comments thread to yesterday’s story for highlighting that one.

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