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How the cloud can benefit smaller enterprises

cloud migrate

Moving systems to the cloud is increasingly popular, but it can seem daunting for smaller and medium businesses with the added worry that it may not prove cost effective.

In an effort to make the move easier, Irish telephony and VoIP provider Speechpath has produced an infographic setting out the benefits that smaller companies can gain from a switch to the cloud.

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Is your computer bugging you? [Q&A]

PC surveillance camera

Data leaks due to security flaws and hacker activity constantly make the news, but they're not the only ones that businesses have to worry about. Leaks can stem from employee or industrial espionage activity too and of course there's always government snooping.

Whilst larger businesses with sensitive data or intellectual property to protect often check for old-style surveillance they may not be as aware of the potential for PCs and other gadgets to gather intelligence as well as leak data. We spoke to Andre Ross, Director of Australian digital forensics and information security company Elvidence to find out how businesses may be at risk and what they can do to combat it.

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New solution makes cloud-based storage and recovery accessible to SMBs

cloud computing backup

Enterprise standard data storage and recovery can be beyond the reach of smaller businesses with the result that they end up using compromise solutions often based on consumer products.

UK-based managed services provider ITS is launching two new services -- BlackCloud and BlackVault -- to offer affordable off-site data backup and disaster-recovery-as-a-service on its private cloud platform in the company's dedicated, secure data center.

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DDoS attacks are up -- and getting more sophisticated

DDoS attack

Yes, I know, on Tuesday we reported on a study showing that DDoS attacks were down in frequency, though increasing in severity. But another report from Corero Network Security now suggests that they've actually increased in numbers.

Measuring the number of DDoS attacks is beginning to look like asking how long a piece of string is. Anyway, Corero says that attacks are up with its customers experiencing attack 3.9 attempts per day.

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Software vulnerabilities up 18 percent in 2014 and Microsoft isn't to blame

Software analyst testing

Errors in software, whether operating systems or applications, are usually the root cause of security issues, allowing hackers and cyber criminals a way in to systems.

In 2014, 15,435 vulnerabilities across 3,870 applications were discovered according to a new report from vulnerability intelligence specialist Secunia. That represents an 18 percent increase in vulnerabilities compared to the year before, and a 22 percent increase in the number of vulnerable products.

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Multi-purpose backdoor Trojan threatens Windows systems

Backdoor vulnerability

New variants of malware come and go with depressing regularity, but some have capabilities that offer more cause for concern than others.

The latest piece of scary software comes from researchers at security company Doctor Web who have uncovered a new Trojan dubbed BackDoor.Yebot that's capable of carrying out a wide range of destructive actions on an infected machine.

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Workspot offers secure access to workplace data on personal devices

Workspot 2 - Dashboard

Mobile workforces present a number of challenges in terms of accessing data and keeping it secure. Mobile solutions company Workspot believes it has a new approach to enterprise mobility with its Workspace as a Service solution.

Workspot Enterprise supports Windows, Android and iOS access and allows users to get to their work desktop applications and work files from any PC or mobile device via the Workspot app.

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DDoS attacks reduce in frequency but grow in volume

DDoS bombs

According to the latest quarterly threat report from network security specialist Black Lotus the frequency of DDoS attacks fell by 44 percent in the last quarter of 2014.

However, the average packet volume of attacks increased 340 percent to 4.36 million packets per second (Mpps), and the average bit volume swelled 245 percent to 12.1 gigabits per second (Gbps) over the same period.

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Jitterbit streamlines enterprise cloud integration

archive sync cloud web Internet

Although the cloud is increasingly popular, few businesses run all of their systems in a cloud environment so there’s generally a need for some integration with on-premises IT.

California-based Jitterbit specializes in this type of integration and is releasing the latest version of its Harmony product offering increased speed, scale and reliability.

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Mobile app behavior presents hidden BYOD risks for enterprises


Allowing employees to use their own devices for work offers lots of benefits for businesses, but there are risks involved too.

A new report from software company Flexera and research specialist IDC says that enterprises are not doing enough to understand which mobile app behaviors hitting their networks and data are risky, nor are they testing apps for those risky behaviors to ensure proper enforcement of BYOD policies.

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New malware makes credit card transactions a scary PoSeidon adventure

Chip and pin card reader

As more and more transactions are carried out electronically, point of sale systems become an ever more tempting target for cyber criminals. Security researchers at networking company Cisco have identified a new strain of PoS malware that seeks to extract credit card data from memory and send it to remote servers.

Named PoSeidon it has a more sophisticated design than other PoS malware and has some resemblance to ZeuS. It's written to evade detection, can communicate directly with C&C servers, self-update to execute new code and has self-protection mechanisms to guard against reverse engineering.

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Updated System Center add-on improves server-less software deployment

meeting virtual social network

Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) has become one of the leading products form managing large groups of computers, whether or not they're running Windows.

In order to improve its usefulness still further, add-on provider Adaptiva is launching the latest version of its flagship SCCM solution. OneSite 4.5 is focused on enhancing visibility and security while optimizing the speed at which enterprises can perform server-less software deployments.

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13 instances of adware detected in Google Play store


Despite the recent announcement by Google that it has introduced a vetting process on the Play store it seems that there are still rogue apps to be found.

Mobile security company Lookout has uncovered 13 apps with adware. Worse still these display malware-like characteristics that make them hard to remove. The company has alerted Google to the apps and they've already been removed from the store.

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Maturing of cloud technology leads to new opportunities for service providers

Most companies now think of cloud computing as being an established, mainstream technology. This also means that cloud service providers have new opportunities to extend their business beyond hosting and infrastructure.

According to a new study conducted by 451 Research for Microsoft nearly 70 percent of the opportunity for cloud service providers now centers on application hosting, managed services like backup and disaster recovery, and security services such as threat management.

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Consumers are still waiting for a secure trusted mobile payment method

mobile payments NFC

Mobile and digital payment systems may be on the rise but according to a new report eight out of 10 consumers still have doubts about the technology.

The Future of Retail report from PR company Walker Sands points to a major player being able to take the lead in digital payments if they’re able to connect with what consumers want.

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