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IBM and Twitter join forces to improve enterprise decision making


Twitter provides a unique window into public thinking and that can be useful for businesses, not only to see what people are saying about them but also to get an insight into market trends.

In order to help enterprises understand their customers and markets, IBM and Twitter have announced a partnership that will allow Twitter data to be used in IBM's cloud-based analytics platforms.

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Breach detection market expected to exceed $1.3 billion by 2018

Security breach lock

Security breaches have become a major worry for businesses in the last two years and that's reflected in strong growth of the market for breach detection products.

A new market intelligence brief by NSS Labs looks at the rapid rise of breach detection systems (BDS). In 2013 the BDS market was worth over $289 million dollars, up 99 percent over the previous year.

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Bring your own security approach protects Azure cloud apps

cloud security

Securing applications in the cloud can prove a difficult challenge for businesses. Any solution needs to balance protection against accessibility and not harm performance.

Java security specialist Waratek has used the Microsoft TechEd Europe conference in Barcelona to announce an innovative bring your own security (BYOS) approach to the problem called Waratek Locker.

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Skills gap still the biggest challenge in mobile app delivery

Mobile device apps

Finding skilled mobile developers is one of the top challenges when it comes to the timely delivery of new apps.

This is among the findings of the 2014 Mobile Trends report from enterprise mobile platform provider Appcelerator. The company along with IDC surveyed over 8,000 mobile developers and 121 IT decision makers to get their take on trends that affect the way businesses use mobile in the workplace.

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Incapsula launches how-to guide for dealing with DDoS attacks

DDoS arrow

We reported back in March that DDoS attacks had risen sharply to become a major threat for online businesses.

In order to help companies cope, cloud security provider Incapsula is today launching a DDoS Playbook analyzing the threat landscape and providing businesses with a how-to guide to fend off attacks.

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BigPanda automates IT incident management


Over the past decade or so there's been a big change in the way data centers work and in many cases procedures for managing incidents haven't kept pace.

This is partly due to greater complexity brought about by the cloud and virtualization, and partly due to the fact that monitoring has become more fragmented with companies using, on average, five different monitoring tools.

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HP launches free executive tools to reduce the impact of security incidents

Executive meeting

More than 70 percent of executives think their organization only partly understands the risks it could be exposed to as a result of a data breach. This is among the results of a study from technology giant HP into the importance of executive involvement in breach responses.

In addition less than half of board-level executives are kept informed about the breach response process and only 45 percent believe they are accountable for the incident response process.

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Targeted attacks against businesses are on the rise

cyber security

In the last year 94 percent of organizations have encountered at least one cyber security incident, with 12 percent indicating that they’d been on the receiving end of a targeted attack.

These are among the findings of a survey of worldwide IT professionals by security company Kaspersky Lab and research specialist B2B International. Damages from one successful targeted attack could cost a company as much as $2.54 million for enterprises and $84,000 for small businesses.

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Employees' bad habits could put businesses at risk

Password post-it

Individuals are frequently the weakest link in the chain when it comes to protecting business data, often through simple day-to-day lapses that can have a serious consequence.

Atlanta-based IT Services company Leapfrog Services has identified five common bad habits of employees that businesses need to manage in order to guard their information.

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Point of sale malware infections show sharp rise

Malware spy

Threat protection specialist Damballa has released its threat protection report for the third quarter, highlighting that the malware threat is still growing.

Based on analysis of traffic from the company's ISP and enterprise companies, the report looks at one of the biggest challenges facing IT security teams, that of identifying genuine attacks amongst a plethora of security alerts. In the last quarter it says that the 'noisiest' enterprises experienced some 138,000 events in a day. This represents a 32 percent increase over Q2, with customers experiencing an average of 37 infected devices a day.

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Understanding how decisions affect the enterprise


In large companies it can be difficult for decision makers to see the full impact their choices have. A new product from decision support specialists Mu Sigma aims to provide a holistic picture of how things are connected.

The product, called muUniverse, is designed to give decision makers at Fortune 500 companies a complete view of their business decisions, allowing them to navigate an increasingly complex set of interconnected problems they face in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, risk, and others.

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IBM and Microsoft team up to offer greater hybrid cloud choice

handshake hands shaking world cloud

One of the problems that enterprises often see in implementing cloud computing is that they risk getting tied into a single supplier for software and platform.

This is leading to more interest in 'hybrid cloud' solutions which allow the mixing and matching of features from different suppliers. Today industry giants IBM and Microsoft announce that they're working together to provide their respective enterprise software on Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

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Using Google Analytics to gauge return on investment

Data analytics

Google Analytics has become something of an industry standard for gathering web metrics. But a new report from form building company Formstack says that businesses may be concentrating on measuring the wrong things.

It suggests that users tend to focus on vanity metrics, like page views and bounce rate, but stop short of real data tracking. What they should be focusing on are the actionable GA metrics that will impact conversion rate and ultimately revenue.

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Making direct interconnection of networks a Snap

network connect laptop pc wireless wifi

As businesses increasingly turn to the cloud to store their data the weak link in the chain remains the use of the public internet to transfer information.

To overcome these concerns enterprises are looking for secure and scalable ways to directly connect data centers across the globe. Now IIX (International Internet Exchange) has acquired a platform that fully automates the buying and provisioning of network connections in under five minutes, replacing a manual process that can take as long as 30 days.

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New platform speeds up development of multi-platform enterprise apps

Mobile device apps

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important to business as more consumers want to shop and interact online and more employees want to take advantage of BYOD and working away from the office.

Developing an app for multiple platforms, however, can prove costly and time consuming. Now though app platform as a service specialist Mendix is launching a new version of its Mendix App Platform that will allow enterprises to deliver apps faster and more cheaply.

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