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Open source framework enables native mobile app development

Cloud developer tablet

Although HTML5 has allowed apps to work across platforms, there's still demand for companies to develop native apps for the major mobile platforms.

Progress Software is launching the latest version of NativeScript, an open source framework on the Telerik platform, enabling developers to use JavaScript to build native mobile apps running on the major mobile systems.

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Looker launches analytical apps for business

Looker Data Apps

Data is the lifeblood of most areas of business, but often companies end up with isolated analytics tools used by different departments and no central overview.

Analytics specialist Looker is launching a range of new apps that can meet the needs of individual departments but which all deploy on the Looker Data Platform, so an entire company can use Looker to understand each aspect of their business with up-to-the-minute data to make data-driven decisions.

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The rise of the virtual CIO [Q&A]

Boardroom cloud

The role of chief information officer has become entrenched in large organizations, but smaller businesses often can't afford to employ one. This means that they miss out on the expertise a CIO can bring, but also lack representation of IT at board level.

In some cases businesses are getting around this by outsourcing the role to a 'virtual CIO' who may only be needed for one or two days a month, so they can also work across multiple organizations, and from different locations. We spoke to Dean Coleman, head of service delivery at service management specialist Sunrise Software to find out more about this trend.

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Attack researchers are top target of DDoS activity

DDoS bombs

We all know that the cyber security world is a constant war of attrition, but it seems that DDoS attackers are targeting those firms which represent a direct threat to their business model.

According to a new report from cyber security company Nexusguard, an attack research group, Loryka LLC, was the number one target in the first quarter of this year, with 90 DDoS attacks.

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Having a 5-incher means you spend more time in apps

Happy mobile user

It seems that size really does matter -- at least when it comes to the size of the screen on your smartphone. New research shows that people spend more time in apps if they have a larger screen.

The study from mobile engagement platform Localytics shows that 5-inch devices show 23 percent more app engagement than smaller screens. They also show 3.53 percent higher average session length than 4-inch screens.

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New platform uses machine learning to streamline mobile development

Phone gears

Businesses are under increasing pressure to create mobile apps, but often lack the resources to do so effectively. Workplace mobility specialist PowWow Mobile is launching a new platform that lets users build apps faster and with less code.

SmartUX Studio is designed to easily transform functional web-based or Windows business applications into intuitive, modern mobile app experiences.

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Why automation and artificial intelligence are essential to cyber defense [Q&A]

artificial intelligence

With the ever increasing complexity and volume of cyber attacks, companies are increasingly turning to automated solutions and artificial intelligence in the quest for more effective protection.

But how effective is an automated approach and will it become the norm in future? We spoke to Eran Barak, CEO of incident response specialist Hexadite to find out.

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Spanning launches backup for OneDrive business users

Cloud backup

Just because your data is stored in the cloud is no reason to stop backing it up. While cloud service providers are responsible for making your data available, they’re not responsible for managing and protecting customers' data from accidental or malicious behavior.

As a recent survey showed accidental deletion by users is a major source of data loss from the cloud. Now the company behind that survey, Spanning, is launching a solution for Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business users.

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New free solution helps developers create better mobile software faster

Mobile device apps

Developing mobile apps often involves common components. But it's all too easy for developers to either fall into the trap of reinventing the wheel, or using components sourced from elsewhere that have no guarantee of quality.

San Francisco-based WalkMe is launching a new, free, applet store which will provide programmers and developers with ready-made and easily integrated components. Its aim is to help programmers and app developers get their product to market earlier and to take it to the next level.

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Oukitel K4000 Pro -- a smartphone for a life of hard knocks [Review]

Oukitel K4000 Pro

At the top end of the smartphone market the likes of Apple and Samsung are competing to offer the latest technology. But down at the lower priced end of things, for people who want a smartphone on a budget, there are a swathe of Chinese makers competing for your cash.

Set aside your techno-snobbery and many of these phones turn out to be surprisingly good for the price. The latest to come our way is the Oukitel K4000 Pro. It's a 64-bit, quad-core, 4G phone with a five-inch screen, running last-but-one Android 5.1 Lollipop and costing less that $150. Its key selling point though is that it's designed to be tough. On paper the spec looks impressive but how does it stack up in the real world?

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New service helps small businesses sync and share files

cloud sync

Enterprises of all sizes have become increasingly reliant on file syncing and sharing services. But for smaller companies business focused services can be expensive, leaving them reliant on free consumer services that offer limited space and functions.

Backup and storage specialist Datto is launching a new inexpensive yet powerful file sync and share (FSS) service leveraging the low cost basis of the company's 200 petabyte (PB) private cloud, coupled with a global license agreement with ownCloud, an established open-source leader in the FSS industry.

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Lack of data is a roadblock to account-based marketing

marketing compass

The idea of account-based marketing (ABM), treating B2B customers as individual marketing targets, has been around for a while. Technology has made it more practical approach in recent years, but a new survey reveals there are still factors holding back its use.

Business insights specialist Avention has carried out a survey of 100 B2B sales and marketing practitioners about their use of ABM techniques and strategies. While more than 90 percent of those surveyed believe ABM is relevant to their businesses, respondents say that their number one roadblock to starting an ABM program is lack of access to the right data and the ability to use it.

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85 percent of people won't pay ransoms to recover data


As we've seen in recent reports, ransomware is an increasingly big problem. But how much do people know about it and methods to protect themselves?

Security researchers at ESET surveyed over 3,000 people across the US and Canada to gauge their understanding of ransomware and unearthed some interesting findings.

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New digital wallet links to loyalty cards and offers

Mobile Payments NFC Contactless

Digital wallets make payments easier, but you still need a separate app or card to take advantage of loyalty schemes or coupon offers.

London-based mobile consultancy and messaging provider Veoo is launching a new mobile wallet that brings everything together by harnessing current Apple Wallet and Android Pay functionality, but also letting marketers engage with their customers.

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Financial services lead the way in BYOD adoption despite security concerns


BYOD is becoming increasingly popular across all industries, but it's the financial sector that's leading the way according to a new report.

The findings come from data protection company Bitglass which surveyed more than 800 cybersecurity professionals across five major industries, including financial services, technology, healthcare, government and education.

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