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Parallels Desktop 10.1.4 improves Windows 10 support, simplifies installation


Shh, don't Apple, but Mac users can now test the next version of Windows quickly and easily with the release of Parallels Desktop 10.1.4 for Mac.

That's because the latest update promises "experimental" support for the latest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, along with support for Office Preview for Windows 10 too.

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Dropbox 3.2.4 FINAL supports opening files from web, updated File Explorer shell extension

new dropbox logo

Dropbox has unveiled Dropbox 3.2.4 FINAL, the first stable build in its 3.2 series for Windows, Mac and Linux. The cloud backup and sync tool gains a number of new features and improvements with this latest release, which needs to be manually installed on some platforms.

The update’s headline feature is support for opening files locally directly from the web. Windows users also get a new File Explorer shell implementation, while OS X users gain improved network proxies.

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Comodo Internet Security 8.1 tightens sandbox controls, enables PUP protection by default


Comodo has updated its range of free and paid-for security tools with the releases of Comodo Internet Security Premium 8.1.0, Comodo Internet Security Pro 8.1.0 and Comodo Antivirus 8.1.0.

Version 8.1 sees a change in bundled browser, improved sandbox and protection against potentially unwanted programs, and various critical fixes.

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Opera 27 restores tab preview, fine-tunes navigation bar


Norwegian browser developer Opera has released Opera FINAL 27 for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s a relatively minor first release for 2015, with just two notable new features to excite users.

These see the navigation bar tweaked for make it easier to switch between major sections of the browser, while the tab preview feature has been restored alongside a new tab-expansion button.

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LastPass for OS X puts password manager directly on the Mac desktop


LastPass has released LastPass for Mac 3.2.0, a desktop version of its popular password-management tool. The app, also available as a series of browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, now sits at the heart of the user desktop.

Once installed and launched, LastPass for Mac places an icon into the menu bar. It also creates a new Quick Search tool for speedily accessing, viewing and editing stored passwords and other notes.

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MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 9 simplifies OS migration, adds Storage Spaces support


MiniTool has unveiled a major new update to its partition management software for Windows with the release of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 9.0, which is free for personal use.

The new build -- also available in bootable form -- adds a new wizard for migrating the OS to a new hard drive as well as extending full support to Windows 8, 8.1 and the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

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Firefox 35 FINAL released, adds room-based chat to Firefox Hello


Mozilla has released Firefox 35.0 FINAL for desktop, with Firefox for Android 35.0 due to follow in the coming days.

Firefox 35 extends the Firefox Hello real-time communication client tool with a new rooms-based conversations model, plus adds more features to the new search user interface along with improved preferences. Android users gain improved geolocation tools.

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 promises enhanced security with no performance penalty


Two months after unveiling Advanced SystemCare Free 8.0, IObit has released Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8.0.1, a major new update for its top-of-the-line system optimization, maintenance and security tool.

Ultimate users gain the same improvements and new features as found in the Free and Pro versions of the software, but also benefit from enhanced real-time protection from worms, Trojans and other malware, as well as new and improved browser security tools.

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ISOBuster adds support for large drives with 64-bit sector addressing


Smart Projects has released ISOBuster 3.5, a major new version of its shareware data recovery tool. Although the program now supports recovery from a variety of different drives, it’s still renowned for its ability to recover data from optical drives including CD, DVD and Blu-ray.

Version 3.5’s headline new feature is support for 64-bit sector addressing. This enables it to correctly support, display and extract data from any partition, file, folder or file system that resides above the 2TB boundary on large drives.

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AIDA64 5 adds wireless monitoring support, certificates information panel


Budapest software firm FinalWire Ltd has released a major new version of its Windows diagnostic and benchmarking tool with the release of AIDA64 Extreme Edition 5.0.

Version 5.0’s major new feature is support for remote monitoring of computer sensors using third-party smartphone and tablet apps.

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Paint.NET 4.0.5 squashes major bugs, builds on recent release


dotPDN LLC has released Paint.NET 4.0.5 FINAL, a minor update that follows swiftly on the heels of a more significant update at the end of last month.

Version 4.0.4 introduced one major new feature and promised performance improvements, while 4.0.5 squashes a number of significant bugs that emerged after the previous update.

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Skype for Windows 7.0 sports redesigned, touch-friendly interface


Microsoft has released Skype for Windows 7.0, unveiling a major redesign of its Skype desktop client in the process. Many of the new features debuted in a Preview pre-release that coincided with the release of Skype for Mac 7 back in October.

The final release adds several new features not present in the original preview build, including two new compact view options and support for touchscreen displays.

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Opera 26 gains bookmark sharing and import, Print Preview


Norwegian browser developer Opera has released Opera FINAL 26 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Having finally introduced support for bookmarks in the previous update, Opera 26 allows users to both share bookmarks and migrate them across from other browsers.

Version 26 is also a landmark release for Linux users as it marks the first stable release of the new Opera browser on that platform -- note it only works with 64-bit builds.

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TeamViewer 10 promises better performance, improves collaborative tools


TeamViewer GBMH has released TeamViewer 10, its free-for-personal-use remote control software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also available in portable form for Windows users, the new app boasts a host of new features, improvements and a redesign for good measure.

Chief among the changes are performance optimizations designed to take full advantage of multi-core processors. These include the promise of faster login times, better HD voice transmission quality and improved performance overall.

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Firefox 34 arrives, gains WebRTC support, faster theme switching


Mozilla has released Firefox 34.0 FINAL for desktop, with Firefox for Android 34.0 due to follow in the coming days.

Firefox 34 rolls out the new Firefox Hello real-time communication client and promises faster and simpler persona switching. It also includes a number of improved features, widens support for HTML5 and unveils a new WebIDE app for developers.

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