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Free online service helps uncover malicious domains

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Phishing sites that use domain names similar to a legitimate company’s, along with cybersquatting are a major problem. Open DNS recently claimed that cyber squatters have become more active during the US election campaign.

Web security solutions company High-Tech Bridge is launching a new, free, online service that will allow anyone to instantly detect typosquatted, cybersquatted or phishing domains targeting their domain or brand name.

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Why ATMs are easy to hack


Security researchers claim ATM machines are usually not that difficult for hackers to penetrate. Once they’re inside, they can steal money, or banking details from unsuspecting victims.

Now, researchers from Kaspersky Lab have investigated what makes ATMs such an easy target for hackers, and came to two conclusions: both software and hardware are easy to access and temper with.

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Feedbro is a one-stop reader for RSS, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, more


Feedbro is a versatile feed reading Chrome extension which keeps you up-to-date with RSS/ Atom/ RDF sources, blogs, Twitter, Instagram and more.

The extension is stand-alone, rather than being a front-end for a website, which means there’s no need to sign up, create accounts, log in or anything else.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332 for PC and Mobile now available in the Fast ring

Windows-10 key

The past two Windows 10 Insider Preview releases -- Builds 14316 and 14328 -- have been packed with new features and notable changes.

The very latest Fast ring release, Build 14332, marks the start of the Bug Bash, in which Windows Insiders will be set quests to help Microsoft eradicate problems and fix flaws in the OS in preparation for the big Anniversary Update out in July. However, the new build is not only about fixes, there are some new features and improvements too.

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Google Maps Street View sails through the Sydney Opera House


Believe it or not, I have never been to the opera. Truth be told, I am more of a sports and chicken wings kind of guy, but I am not opposed to more sophisticated things. I've been to my fair share of Broadway shows, and eaten at fancy restaurants with cloth napkins, but the opportunity to attend the opera has never surfaced.

Thanks to Google Maps Street View, however, I can now experience the Sydney Opera House, including its famous "sails", from the comfort of my computer. Yes, you can now take a virtual tour as if you are really there!

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Satechi unveils Aluminum Mini Docking Station for Windows and Mac


When it comes to computing, I always prefer a desktop when possible. I like using a big monitor, mechanical keyboard, and mouse. If I am not at a desk in a comfortable chair, my productivity drops. While I do use a laptop when on the go, a trackpad and small screen are pain points for me.

Not everyone can afford to have both a desktop and laptop, so luckily, it is easier than ever nowadays to use the latter as a makeshift of the former. Unfortunately, docking stations from laptop manufacturers are often expensive and proprietary. USB variants are sometimes preferable, and today, Satechi announces the beautiful Aluminum Mini Docking Station.

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This dude won the Microsoft Open Source Challenge, and you didn't


The future of computing is open source -- the writing is on the wall. Major companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are embracing this software ideology, and more and more consumers are expecting it.

Of course, for open source to continue its ascent, we will need students to be knowledgeable about it. Microsoft had this in mind when it announced its Open Source Challenge for students, and now we have four official winners. The top champion is a dude named Akond Rahman -- yeah, that is his smiling face to the right -- and he is now $5,000 richer. Better than the money, he has ultimate bragging rights in the open source community. Jealous?

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Apple fiscal Q2 2016 by the numbers: $50.6B sales, $1.90 EPS

Apple Store France

The spotlight shines on the world's most-valuable company this fine Tuesday, as Apple revealed results for fiscal second quarter 2016. Wall Street expected the first revenue growth decline in more than a decade and iPhone's first-ever sales retraction . Is the sky finally falling? Eh, not yet. But the sun slowly sets over the vast smartphone empire.

Ahead of today's earnings announcement, Wall Street consensus put revenue down 10.4 percent year over year to $51.97 billion, with earnings per share down 14.2 percent to $2. Apple actual: $50.557 billion sales, $10.5 billion net income, and $1.90 EPS. Three months ago, the company told the Street to expect between $50 billion and $53 billion in sales. You read the numbers correctly: Apple uncharacteristically missed the Street's targets and came in on the low end of its own guidance.

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Logi BASE is an elegant iPad Pro charging stand


If you are a fan of Apple's iOS, you may be intrigued by the iPad Pro, and rightfully so. Regardless of the screen size you choose, the elegant professional-level tablet is not only great for some business cases, but having fun too.

Today, continuing the elegance trend with the iPad Pro, Logi (a Logitech sub-brand) announces BASE. Leveraging the 'Smart Connector' charging pins found on Apple's pro tablets, the stand supplies electricity to the device while both propping it up and proudly displaying the iPad like art.

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Microsoft's Handoff-like feature makes an appearance in Windows 10 Build 14328

Handoff (2)

Apple users will be familiar with Handoff. This feature lets you start working on one Apple device -- be it a Mac, iPad or iPhone -- and then pick up where you left off on another, provided the devices are within Bluetooth range of each other.

At Build 2016, Microsoft talked about its plans to introduce a Handoff-style feature to Windows 10, codename Project Rome, and the first glimpse of this has appeared in the latest build for Windows Insiders.

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Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition smartphone finally available -- Linux fans, buy it now!


Android is a Linux-based operating system, true, but for many, it is sort of a bastardized use of the kernel. Understandably, Nexus devices aside, it can feel very un-Linux-like to have devices with locked bootloaders that cannot be easily updated. Some Linux fans have been clamoring for an alternative.

Ubuntu is that alternative. Canonical's operating system can scale well, from desktop to tablet to smartphone. Best of all, you can buy an unlocked device that requires no carrier approval for OS updates. Today, the most exciting phone to run the operating system -- Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition -- goes on sale.

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New Bamboo Server features help businesses manage growth


Growth is the goal of most businesses, but it can create problems for IT teams as they hit resource limits, lose track of processes, and struggle with inefficient collaboration, security risks and user management problems.

Development tools company Atlassian is announcing the release of its latest version of Bamboo Server continuous integration and deployment tool that manages the roll out of automated software builds.

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Convert cryptic date/time values into something readable


If you regularly investigate raw databases, executables or other binary files then you might sometimes find "dates" that seem to be random numbers, like 12883423549317375.

This probably means the date is encoded, but there are many different formats, and no obvious way to detect which one has been used.

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Cloud native networking helps businesses exploit public clouds

cloud storage

As more businesses turn to the use of public cloud services, they're keen to find ways to gain more visibility into their deployments and make them more secure.

Cloud native networking pioneer Aviatrix Systems is addressing this with the launch of its Cloud Native Networking 2.0. The solution combines a software-defined network controller and software gateways to enable businesses using a combination of public, private and hybrid clouds to quickly and easily roll out virtual private clouds.

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Amazon Prime Music debuts on Sonos systems in the UK


Amazon Prime has become hugely popular, and it's easy to see why. For $99 per year, customers get free two-day shipping, streaming video, streaming music and Kindle lending library. Sonos is less adopted because of the price, but if you've invested in it then you have a great whole-house audio system.

Six months ago, the two came together in the US to add to your musical enjoyment and today Amazon Prime Music will be debuting on Sonos in the UK and filling British homes with tunes.

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