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Dell buys EMC and gets the corporate cloud for free


The Wall $treet Journal carried a story last week about Dell Computer possibly buying EMC, the big storage vendor, and this morning Dell confirmed it, pinning a price of $67 billion on the deal. There’s a lot to wonder about in this combination, which I think is pretty brilliant on Dell’s part even if I’m not generally in favor of mega-mergers. But it seems to me most of the experts commenting on the deal have it ass-backwards as Wall Street once again proves it doesn’t really understand technology business.

EMC has this large but aging storage division and a valuable subsidiary in VMware, of which EMC owns 80 percent. Activist investors have been rumbling that EMC should spin-off VMware to EMC shareholders because that’s the best way to realize the value of the asset and share it tax-free. Michael Dell appears as something of a white knight except he is expected, too, to get rid of VMware to finance the deal. The only thing wrong with this picture is that all the people who want to spin-off or sell VMware don’t seem to realize that’s where the value of this EMC deal lies for Dell.

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How to find out if your iPhone 6s has a 'good' or a 'bad' chip

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

As you may have read, there are two different versions of the A9 processor powering Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. One chip is made by Samsung (fractionally smaller), and the other by TSMC.

Apple says there’s no real difference between the processors (it used two different manufacturers to avoid supply issues), but it’s reported that devices with the TSMC processor run cooler and can give users up to 2 hours of additional battery life. There’s no way of knowing which processor your iPhone has simply by looking at it, but there is a simple trick you can use to find out what’s inside.

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How to protect your network in the BYOD era

laptop tablet smartphone

The consumerization of business technology is picking-up speed. This trend towards the introduction of consumer technology within the corporate environment for the use of work activities is best reflected in policies like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

These policies have become prevalent in most corporate environments, and have kept many network administrators awake at night worried about the potential data breaches that could occur.

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Buy OnePlus 2 without an invite today!


OnePlus has announced that its sought-after Android flagship smartphone will be available to purchase without invite today, October 12. Consumers interested in getting their hands on OnePlus 2 will have a one-hour window to complete their purchase before the company goes back to its invite-only system.

This is the first time that OnePlus 2 is officially sold without an invite, so, to avoid any issues with the ordering system, the one-hour window will start at noon in every major region. Outside of it, consumers will need to have an invite to snap up a OnePlus 2.

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NirSoft’s AdvancedRun is a supercharged Windows 'Run' box


NirSoft has released AdvancedRun, a free tool for launching programs with custom user, priority, CPU affinity, window size and state, compatibility settings, environment and more.

Whatever settings you define can be used just once, or saved for reuse in shortcuts or scripts.

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Use your Xbox One wireless controller in Windows 10


The Xbox One to PC games streaming capabilities of Windows 10 make for a whole new PC gaming experience. Attach a controller to your rig, and you're ready to go. But what about if you fancy the idea of ditching the cables and going wire-free?

This is where the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows comes into play. This simple USB dongle lets you use your Xbox Wireless Controller to play both Windows 10 and Xbox One games -- complete with in-game chat and stereo sound. It's not available just yet, but it can be yours very soon.

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Official videos show how the Google app can help your daily life


Google is so ubiquitous that it has become much more than just a company. It is a verb, an ecosystem, a way of life. But just as with anything that you experience every day, it's easy to take it for granted or overlook what's under your nose.

With your Android smartphone in your hand (or an iPhone for that matter), the Google app is a portal to a wealth of information; all you need to do is speak to your phone. It's easy to forget just how helpful the app is -- but Google is here to remind you that it is more than capable of taking on Siri and Cortana. The company has released a trio of videos highlighting what the app can do for you. And you know what? They're actually pretty decent.

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How Microsoft Surface Book 'scarcity' will raise the fortunes of every OEM partner

Out of Stock

"Out of stock". These are familiar words to diehard Apple fans. They go to a web site and select their preferred combination of features from a configurator page only to discover that the product they really want is "temporarily unavailable".

Such manufactured scarcity is de rigueur for customers looking to buy the latest shiny object from Apple's toy chest. However, as sales and marketing tactics go, it’s a fairly new concept for would be Windows device owners. Which is why many will be surprised to encounter an unfamiliar message when trying to buy the highest-end model of the recently announced Surface Book laptop.

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Google's OnHub is basically a hacked Chromebook -- here's how to root it


One of Google's slightly more unusual hardware releases is the OnHub wireless router. At $200, it's a network device that some might consider expensive, but at the same time its performance has impressed. A router is a router is a router, you might say, but Google's OnHub is somewhat different to the majority.

A teardown by iFixIt revealed the guts of the router, showing that it's a TP-Link device (confirming what Google had already said) with a somewhat unusual antenna design. It's an intriguing piece of hardware that has referred to as being "at heart a Chromebook without a screen modified as a router". The good news for anyone who likes to get their hands dirty with some hardware hacking? It is rootable and reveals all.

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HBO NOW arrives on Roku, catch up on your favorite shows


For those in the market for a set-top box there are many options, but Roku remains one of the most popular choices. Now, just in time for the impending holiday shopping season, the tiny device becomes a bit more enticing, adding HBO NOW to its app lineup.

HBO NOW is one of two apps the premium network has out there, going along with HBO GO. The difference is that this one is stand-alone -- pay for a subscription and you'll have access to everything the channel has to offer.

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I had to help my dad uninstall Windows 10 over the phone


Yesterday I received a phone call from my mother asking to book a telephone appointment with my father. Being the computer literate member of the family has long meant offering computer support, no matter where I am or what I am up to. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to guide dad through the process of installing a piece of software or changing a setting. The problem this time? Windows 10.

Talking to my dad on the phone is not always easy. Firstly, while he can use a computer, he's never really got to grips with the jargon and it can be hard for him to explain what's happening at his end, and equally hard for him to quickly grasp my instructions. Things are further hampered by the fact he has been plagued with throat cancer, and endless surgery on his neck has affected his speech a great deal. Still... he had a serious problem with Windows 10 and needed my help...

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View and manage your Office add-ins with OfficeIns


Every time you run a Microsoft Office application it'll also launch a host of add-ins, which are often almost entirely useless -- and you might not even know you’ve installed.

These extensions can be viewed and managed from within each Office app, but if you'd just like a quick overview then it’s much easier to use NirSoft’s classic OfficeIns.

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Microsoft using India as a testing ground for new Android dialer app


Microsoft continues to show that it is interested in mobile platforms other than its own. The company has placed an increasing importance on iOS and Android, and new reports reveal that the Skype team has developed a new Android dialer app that is currently destined for India.

As the app comes from the Skype team, it seems reasonable to assume that Skype integration is to be expected -- blurring the boundaries between cellular and web-based calls. India is a sensible testing ground for such an app, but it's likely that it will also spread globally as well as to other platforms.

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Hackers exploit serious unpatched Netgear router DNS vulnerability


Netgear is yet to patch a publicized vulnerability that affects its routers. The security hole, which is described as 'serious', has already been exploited but Netgear is yet to act. The exploit allows attackers to change the affected routers' DNS settings and it is estimated that over 10,000 routers have already been attacked.

Netgear had been informed of the vulnerability by two security companies, but is still to release a firmware update to plug the hole. The exploit was privately revealed back in July by Swiss company Compass Security, but separately discovered and publicly published by researchers at Shellshock Labs in September who explain that it allows for "full remote unauthenticated root access" of routers.

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LoopPay hack does not affect Samsung Pay users


Samsung has hit a spot of trouble, with the news that LoopPay, a US-based subsidiary of the company, has been targeted by hackers.

This is particularly important because as the New York Times reports, LoopPay’s magnetic secure transmission technology is the cornerstone of Samsung’s mobile payment system.

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