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Convert videos from over 60 formats with Any Video Converter Free 5.0.2

video film pc laptop

AVCLabs has released Any Video Converter Free 5.0.2 a major new version of its freeware video transcoding and conversion tool for Windows. The new build sports a radically overhauled and simplified user interface, plus promises faster, more powerful performance.

AVC Free promises to effortlessly convert videos from over 60 formats, with presets for popular mobile devices such as Android and iOS phones included. It’s also capable of downloading YouTube videos and includes limited video-editing tools.

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Track down missing software product keys with Weeny Free Key Recovery

Software key

Having to reinstall software is never exactly fun, but it gets particularly annoying if you’ve been unfortunate enough to lose the CD case, email or whatever else contained that application’s product key. Especially if the developer isn’t able to send you a reminder.

Even if you can’t find any record of the product key, though, you may be able to use a product key finder such as Weeny Free Key Recovery to recover it from your existing installation.

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Find anything on Windows with Effective File Search

Magnifying Glass PC

At first glance, Effective File Search seems much like any other Windows search tool. Enter the file spec here; choose the folder you’d like to search over there; optionally filter by date or file size, or maybe enter some text which the file must contain. It all seems very familiar.

Take a closer look, though, and you’ll find this free program offers a real depth which goes far beyond what you’ll see with most of the competition.

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O&O AutoBackup 2 adds new features, optimizes Windows 8 support

file folder backup

Berlin developer O&O Software GmbH has released O&O AutoBackup 2.0.18, a brand new version of its file backup and sync tool for Windows. Also available as a 64-bit build, version 2.0.18 adds a number of new features and options to its roster, while promising optimized support for Windows 8.

O&O AutoBackup allows users to quickly, easily and automatically backup and synchronize selected files and folders with external backup devices, and is designed to integrate with Windows Explorer.

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Get Linux: the perfect way to find and download the distro you want


If you’re an old hand at Linux then downloading a specific distribution won’t be a problem. You’ll probably have your preferred distro bookmarked already, if not a quick search will turn up the necessary links and you’ll be downloading the appropriate files in a few seconds.

If you’re a total Linux newbie, though, it’s a very different story, and just figuring out which variations might best suit your needs may seem like a major challenge. But fortunately help is at hand in the shape of a small Windows tool called Get Linux.

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Milouz Market keeps free software up-to-date


Managing the software on your PC can sometimes feel like a full-time job, as you have to find the best applications, download and install each one, then do your best to keep them up-to-date.

If you have better things to do with your time, though, you could just install Milouz Market, which can manage a lot of this almost entirely automatically.

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Detect network intruders with SoftPerfect Wifi Guard


It’s important to keep your wireless network secure, and turning your encryption levels to the max is usually a very good place to start.

This doesn’t in itself guarantee safety, though, so you may want to also equip your system with SoftPerfect Wifi Guard, which will monitor your network and alert you to devices which it doesn’t recognize.

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COMODO Rescue Disk 2.0 combats even deeply embedded malware

comodo rescue disk

COMODO has released COMODO Rescue Disk 2.0, a bootable environment which includes a copy of Cleaning Essentials for Linux to help remove even the most deeply embedded malware.

Changes from the previous 1.x betas are fairly basic, and for instance include some bug fixes and the inclusion of the very latest COMODO Antivirus Engine for Linux (1.2.3). Otherwise the package remains a capable rescue disc which is worth considering for your emergency toolkit.

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Waterfox 18.0.1 brings the power of Firefox 18 to 64-bit Windows


After a gap of nearly three months, Waterfox 18.0.1 has been released, bringing the Firefox variant for 64-bit versions of Windows bang up to date. Its return is welcome news considering Mozilla recently dropped its own 64-bit Windows build from the Nightly codebase, and allows

The delay in releasing Waterfox -- also available as a portable build -- has been attributed to major bugs in the Intel C++ compiler, which is used by developer Alex K to produce Waterfox from the Firefox source code.

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Create disk, partition and system backups with AOMEI Data Backuper

AOMEI Data Backuper

Bitter experience has taught us to be highly skeptical of free backup tools, particularly when they come from commercial companies: they’ll usually include one or more annoying restrictions in an effort to get you to upgrade to something else.

Would our concerns really apply to AOMEI Data Backuper, though? We installed the program to take a closer look.

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Get the Windows 8 desktop you want with StartMenu8 1.0

Windows 8 logo

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 and discovered you’re not a fan of the new Start screen then the chances are you’ve already installed one of the many free tools which can give your system a more Windows 7-like appearance. If not, though, IObit has just released StartMenu8 1.0, a simple program which may be able to help.

Just install StartMenu8 1.0 and by default the program will launch along with Windows, skipping the Start Screen and jumping directly to the desktop. StartMenu8 1.0 will disable the Windows 8 “hot corners”, too.

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Best Windows 8 apps this week


Twelfth in a series. It's slow week for new application releases for Windows 8. The number of new apps in the US Windows Store is 635, down from 961 the week before. While I would not - yet - say that this is a sign of things slowing down, it is definitely something that I'll pay attention on in the coming weeks.

The total number of apps in the US store this week is 25,384 of which 20,373 are free to install and 5,011 paid; that is a ratio of 4:1 in favor of free apps.

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Pokki gives its alternative Start menu a new look


Pokki -- the alternative Start menu and app framework -- has undergone a minor redesign in its latest update, with a new look, more customization options and a host of important bug fixes.

Increased font sizes, panel spacing and sidebar width in this release are all about improving readability, for instance, while the new light color theme helps Pokki blend in seamlessly with your desktop. (Although if you preferred the dark theme, that’s still available: click Settings and choose Dark to bring it back.)

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Stardock Start8 1.1 gains new features, including drag-and-drop and multi-monitor support


Stardock Corporation has released the first major update for its Windows 8 Start button and menu replacement. Start8 1.1 adds full drag-and-drop support, plus allows users to pin folders to the Start menu that can be viewed as a Jump List.

Version 1.1 also adds rename support, an option to access the Quick Access menu via the Start button and a Custom places location along with numerous other tweaks and improvements.

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Pokki says that it 'knows' you want that Start menu in Windows 8


I suspect Microsoft may keep track of the number of people who use a Start button/menu replacement app in Windows 8, but it is not in the company's interest to say so -- both because a large number would reflect badly on the decision to remove the feature and because the company did a lot of, ah, "research" to determine the feature was not necessary. Oh, and the whole privacy thing as well.

Pokki, which is perhaps the market leader in this new genre of Start-menu-adding apps released a bit of information today: "1.5 million Pokki downloads on the new OS itself and users opening the Pokki Menu an average of 10 times a day".

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