'So long Apple, hello Android'

Now that Samsung's Galaxy S III is kind of available here in the United States, it's past time to discuss the inevitable iPhone migration. Hey, this is the iPhone 4S killer, right?

Samsung generated a little buzz over the weekend about one tool, Media Mushroom's Easy Phone Sync. The app extends capabilities already offered by the developer's free and paid iTunes offerings. Easy Phone Sync grabs non-DRM music and videos, contacts, calendars and messages -- provided there's a backup on your PC or Mac. Near as I can tell, and someone using the app can correct me, this thing isn't iCloud friendly.

The process is two-step. The iPhone abandoner will need to install an app on Mac or PC and supported Samsung smartphone. The S3 is certain, as are Galaxy Note and S2, according to people using and rating the app. It's incompatible with my Galaxy Nexus HSPA+, also a Samsung device -- lucky I'm not moving from iPhone.

There are a scant 7 reviews at Google Play, but all are five stars. "So long Apple, hello Android", writes second-reviewer Adam. "Excellent application, copied my iPhone contacts and music over to my Galaxy S3. I can keep using iTunes and use this app to sync my music, brilliant!" Oscar, rating today, says Easy Phone Sync "deserves more than five stars".

Too bad, the same cannot be said about the Galaxy S III's US launch, which I would call near disaster. If you want one, you're lucky to get it. Apparently Samsung underestimated global demand, so there are some serious early supply problems. Quick update -- all prices with two-year contracts:

AT&T takes preorders in both colors and 16GB, for $199.99. Some preorders arrive next week, supposedly, and that without official launch date.

Sprint takes preorders for both colors and both capacities -- $199.99 (16GB) and $249.99 (32GB). The carrier officially launched June 21, and some customers got phones.

T-Mobile has the S3 online in both colors -- Pebble Blue and Marble White -- but only 16GB capacity. The 32GB models aren't available. They sell for $279.99 and $329.99, respectively. The carrier hasn't yet stocked stores. The carrier officially launched June 21, and some customers got phones.

Verizon takes preoders, and its prices are same as Sprint's. The S3 officially launches July 11.

I feel for those of you who preordered and will have to wait longer to dump iPhone. ;-) According to BetaNews poll "Will you buy Samsung Galaxy S III?", 19.92 percent preordered or plan to -- that's among 3,348 respondents as I post. Another 32.14 percent plan to buy within 3 months, well, assuming Samsung can meet demand. That's a helluva lot of interest among our readers. If you haven't taken the poll, please do so now.

For those of you still thinking about the S3, please read both our HSPA+ model reviews, which have quad-core processors. The US models are dual-core and LTE. Reviewer Mihaita Bamburic calls the S3 the "fastest phone available in the world", while Ian Lewis asks and answers: "Was it worth the wait? Absolutely".

Samsung has already started airing the first Galaxy S III TV commercials, and like predecessor S2, iPod idolaters are marketing target. In one 16-second spot, two Apple bees walking in a restaurant stop and look at a guy using the S3. One asks the other: "Is he texting and watching video at the same time?" The other guy asks the S3 user: "What are you doing?" You know the answer. The two guys agree that you can't text and watch video at the same time. "And yet I'm doing it", he answers.

The difference now as the anti-Apple ads ramp up: Samsung Galaxy S III owners have a utility for easily migrating their stuff from iPhone 4 or 4S.

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