Grab your wallet, iPad 128GB is for sale

We recently learned that Apple would release a 128GB tablet. Well, that day has finally arrived -- two versions of the new, mega storage, iPad are up for sale now in the Apple store online and, likely, in the company's retail locations as well.

There are two flavors of this apple available -- a WiFi-only that retails for $799 and a version with WiFi plus cellular connectivity. The latter will lighten your wallet by $929. The cellular version can work with either Sprint, AT&T or Verizon. You will need to choose your network during the purchase process. You can also choose a financing plan of six, 12 or 18 months. Given the price, you may need one of those plans. All models are available to ship in "1-3 business days".

I am not sure why a person would need 128GB of storage on an iPad, but if you plan to store a lot of media on the device and don't mind spending $1,000 (after tax) then this is the ideal model for you. It is also likely in response to the upcoming release of the Microsoft Surface Pro, which is also available in a 128GB model and will be on sale next week. The good news is, that this new iPad will almost certainly have more storage available than that upcoming Microsoft tablet.

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