Bing introduces new product search

In today's search market, simply having the audacity to take on Google seems somewhat absurd, but Bing, despite the long odds, continues to plug away at it. Sometimes it is with innovation, sometimes with mud-slinging. Today, thankfully, it is the former. The Microsoft search engine, in the midst of the Steve Ballmer news, is announcing another improvement to its offerings.

The latest change comes in the form of a new product search experience. "Harnessing the depths of our index encompassing tens of millions of individual products and trained by advanced machine learning, Bing will now show you relevant products directly in the main results page. You no longer need to waste time navigating to a dedicated 'shopping' experience to find what you’re looking for. Based on your intent, we'll serve the best results", promises the Bing team.

With the new changes, users can simply type in a product, even if it is not specific -- such as 'laptop', and items will appear across the top of the results page. The new carousel lets you quickly browse other related products that might be of interest and then narrow down the selection that best meets your needs.

Bing also promises "the power of our industry leading Snapshot technology to expose more of the details you need for a specific product, like specs and reviews, to make a decision without having to click to another page". The search engine will even provide ways for you to purchase the product as easily as possible.

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