FIFA 13 for Windows Phone 8 no longer exclusive to Nokia -- but there is a catch

The BetaNews team is quite diverse, hailing from various places around the world. While this can lead to subtle nuances, such as extra U's in some words or unknown slang, a larger (playful) dispute is what is true Football. After all, in Europe, "football" is what we American's call soccer -- we view football as the NFL -- pig skin, helmets and pituitary cases.

With this in mind, EA did a smart thing by not putting the word "football" in the title of its soccer game, FIFA 2013. This causes neither side of the pond to feel alienated. However, there was a group that may have felt slighted -- non-Nokia Windows Phone 8 owners. Sadly, the game was an exclusive to the Finnish company's handsets, until today. Yes, more Windows Phone users have access to the game, but there is a catch.

"The game -- which costs $4.99 and requires at least 1GB of RAM -- does a great job of bringing the fast moves and heart-stopping goals of FIFA football (soccer to the rest of us) to Windows Phone 8. Sporting an average 4.5-star review score in the Store, the title features 30 leagues, 500 licensed teams, and more than 15,000 players in 32 authentic stadiums, so you’ll have no problems teaming up with your favorite stars on some of the world’s most famous football pitches", says Michael Stroh of Microsoft.

Unfortunately, you read that right; one faction of Windows Phone users will continue to be excluded -- 512MB handsets. While this is likely a good thing (no one wants to buy a laggy game), it is still a disappointment to the Windows Phone faithful that bought these budget devices.

If your Windows Phone 8 device does have 1GB of RAM, you can download it here. If you buy it, tell us how you like it in the comments.



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