Microsoft knows what's best for you -- stop fighting Windows 10


Windows 10 is a wildly popular operating system in more ways than one. In one regard, it is installed on hundreds of millions of machines. In another, it is popular with technology pundits as something to portray in a negative light.

While it isn't perfect, Windows 10 is the best version of Microsoft's operating system ever. It is fast, reliable, and pretty. Best of all, it runs an endless amount of classic Windows programs, plus the new universal Windows apps too. True, there are some privacy concerns, but if you don't trust Microsoft with your data, why are you using any of the company's software? Sorry, y'all, Microsoft knows what's best for you -- stop fighting Windows 10! Sticking to an older version of the OS is asinine.

When it comes to software -- especially an operating system -- newer is better. Even if you prefer an older UI or functionality, it simply isn't safe to run outdated or unsupported software. Using outdated software can get your machine compromised by an exploit.

True, Windows 7 and 8.1 are still supported and safe to use, but sticking to these operating systems is just prolonging the inevitable. Look, not trusting Windows 10 because of privacy concerns makes sense, but if you don't trust Microsoft with your data, you should switch to something Linux-based or OS X. Not trusting Microsoft while using an older version of Windows doesn't add up -- it is senseless.

BetaNews has covered Microsoft's arguably shady Windows 10 tactics, including how to block upgrades. You can see some examples below. Some of Microsoft's tactics are questionable, but the ends justify the means. The company is simply doing its users a favor.

If you want to stick with Windows 7 or 8.1 -- hell, XP -- that is totally your right. However, it just isn't smart. Look, car analogies are a cliche, and I generally detest them, but I'll use one anyway. Some people prefer driving older cars for style, and other reasons, but newer cars have better features -- including safety.

Backup cameras, curtain airbags, and Bluetooth are just a few things that can make modern cars better. Windows 10 is like a fully-loaded 2016 sedan, while Windows 7 is your reliable 2009 Toyota Corolla. Even if you love your existing car, if you were offered a free upgrade to a new car with more features, wouldn't you take it?

Windows 10 has many enhancements, such as an improved start menu, access to the Windows Store, Cortana and the Edge browser. The SmartScreen functionality works brilliantly to keep users safe. This is just scratching the surface of new features -- some of these are on Windows 8.1, so Windows 7 users in particular will benefit the most by upgrading.

If Windows 10 had a monetary upgrade cost for home users, I'd understand people clutching to Windows 7 or 8.1 because they couldn't afford to upgrade. But with Windows 10 being a free upgrade, not upgrading is foolish.

When it comes to upgrading to Windows 10, be like Nike and just do it.

Photo Credit: Tudor Catalin Gheorghe/Shutterstock

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