Microsoft Rewards replaces Bing Rewards -- collect points to get free stuff!


Microsoft's point-collecting program Bing Rewards is being renamed Microsoft Rewards. It will work in very much the same way as before (collect points and use them to buy games, apps, movies and so on), but there are a few changes that accompany the rebranding.


As before, Microsoft Rewards will be limited to the US and India, and the program lets you earn points by shopping in the Microsoft Store and Windows Store as well as searching with Bing and simply browsing with Microsoft Edge. If you're a seasoned user, there are a few changes to note.

The first is that Bing Reward credits are becoming Microsoft Reward points -- existing credits will be converted into points on 10-credits-per-point basis. The tiering system used in Bing Rewards is being simplified for Microsoft Rewards; there are now just two, rather than three, member tiers. If you earn at least 500 points a month, you'll be bumped up to level 2 which gives you a discount of up to 10 percent off Microsoft goods.

The video below shows how the Microsoft Rewards program works:

17 Responses to Microsoft Rewards replaces Bing Rewards -- collect points to get free stuff!

  1. Ordeath says:

    I just want FREE control of my Updates from October onward, capiche Microsoft?

  2. Steve says:

    Its fine if you buy microsoft stuff but it looks like they are doing away with the top level discount for non microsoft rewards such as starbucks and amazon gift cards. If the points to credits ratio and points to rewards ratio stays the same some will lose out. If you don't use edge that "improvement" does you no good. They may adding other ways to get more points per day but if not it will take longer to reach some rewards.

    I know its free money and its not difficult to go through the steps to get the points (takes me about 2-3 minutes maybe to get my max points per day) but at some point its just not worth the effort and if they keep taking things away that point will come sooner rather than later. I will have to wait and see if it really takes longer to reach my chosen rewards now like it seems it will.

    • ATL_VM says:

      >> but at some point its just not worth the effort and if they keep taking
      things away that point will come sooner rather than later.<<

      Seriously its FREE, how much 'effort' is it to simply click on site, then click on right hand side that says: Related Searches.

      And LITERALLY all you do is click those related searches each time it comes up..

      2 to 3 minutes maybe if you are meticulous or picky but to JUST earn rewards is literally like 30 clicks, I can do it in less than 45 seconds..

      • Stewart Ricker says:

        It is literally the easiest way to earn free stuff out there. I basically use bing rewards toward free Xbox Gold monthly passes! I haven't paid for Xbox Gold in 3 years! Also since using Bing, I find the search engine is just as good or better than google and far exceeds yahoo, plus I get rewarded for using bing.

      • Sam Iam says:

        Come on now, it isn't as good or better than Google. No way. If it was, they wouldn't have to give away all this stuff to get people to use it.

      • Stewart Ricker says:

        Explain how google search is any better than bing? I use both, and there are many similarities and each has their advantages and downfalls. Bing uses the rewards program for incentives to bring in users. Why complain about getting rewarded to use a search engine?

      • Sam Iam says:

        I'm not complaining about the rewards, but it is clear that they need those rewards to attract users. If MS thought they could win without rewards, they wouldn't be paying out millions a year. Google's search algorithm is better than Bing's. If you are looking for something simple like "Best Buy", you will find their website on both search engines, but the more complex the query, the better Googles does in finding relevant info vs Bing. Google also has their Caffeine indexing feature so Google's index is updated with more new information, sites, etc before Bing. Google Maps is superior to Bing, for street view alone but also in accuracy. Google's integrated apps, like Gmail and YouTube, are better than any Bing has going.... Bing will work and, like Yahoo, for most searches you are going to get what you want to find, but if it is just "which search engine is better" question - Google.

      • Oscar says:

        I think the point was that, if they're now going to make you use Bing AND Edge, AND make you need more points to get lesser rewards, AND take away some of the rewards they currently offer (like non-Microsoft gift cards, Hulu subscriptions, etc.), then, yes, at some point, it's just not worth it.

      • Sam Iam says:

        Your Xbox live subscription should be free anyway.

      • Steve says:

        Granted its not much of an effort but they are taking away the "discount" for gold level members unless you use it for microsoft products. Now its going to take an extra 3 days or so to get a$5.00 amazon card. You get your 15.00 xbox live ssbscription each month I get about 8 bucks worth of Amazon cards. Thats about half. If I could get 15.00 in amazon cards that would be great but its not set up like that. Like I said I get it that its a microsoft rewards program so it's not surprising that you get more benefits for using it for microsoft products and again, its free so its hard to complain. But there is no dispute they are doing away with some benefits for some users. What happens when they reduce the number of points you can get per day from the 28 or so it is now (when I first started it was even more) to 20, and then 15 and then they raise the number of points needed to get your rewards. At some point it won't be worth it. That's all I am saying

  3. redrum says:

    This says a lot about the Big brand. If the Bing brand was where MS wanted, I mean people saying Bing it instead of Google it then this branding change would not be happening.

    I understand that the Bing business makes money but thats not what I am talking about here.

  4. Cameron Vanderhorst says:

    If they eliminate Amazon cards and make the rewards exclusively Microsoft items, there will be one more reason to just use Google instead. Oh well, Thanks for all of the free stuff, Microsoft. See you around.

    • Sam Iam says:

      Yes, they will be making it more costly to get Amazon cards in this new scheme... and the wording of offering third party gift certificates as a "promotional" (where as Windows Store and ad-free Outlook and so forth are not promotion), is concerning. They could scare about about 70% of their Bing users off (directly to Google).... The program was probably never going to last forever though.

  5. Elizabeth Heine says:

    I don't buy anything Microsoft. My work provides all the programs I need. The only reason I switched from google was the rewards to get Amazon gift cards. Now there appears there will be no incentive for people that don't care about Microsoft products...or video games or music subscriptions.

  6. Sam Iam says:

    Agree with the other comments. Microsoft has to realize that the only reason people use Bing Rewards is to get Amazon or other third party gift certificates. Further, the only reason people use Bing is for Bing Rewards. If they make Bing Rewards less attractive through all of this browser tracking of Edge and invasive monitoring, the majority of Bing users will move to Google.

  7. krayon says:

    First they take away the $3 Amazon Gift Card reward and now THIS!!!! Welp, looks like i'll have to find elsewhere to get my gift cards from..smdh

  8. Sam Iam says:

    This program is a total joke. I used it for a few days and then they closed my account because I violated their service agreement, apparently.... no details provided. Typical MSFT service.

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