Windows 10 now on 400 million devices, but growth is slowing dramatically

Windows 10 girl

Two months ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the software giant would be changing how it monitors the growth of Windows 10, tracking monthly active users -- rather than devices --  after it became clear slow sales of Windows Phones meant the new OS wouldn't hit the company's stated goal of one billion devices by mid-2018.

Today, at Ignite, however, Microsoft announced another devices milestone, saying the new OS is now running on 400 million devices. It’s a big number, but it does show that growth is slowing significantly, now that Windows 10 is no longer free.


At the start of May, Windows 10 was on 300 million devices. Two months later, and the new OS had added a further 50 million devices to its tally, putting it on 350 million. It’s taken Windows 10 three more months to pack on another 50 million.

It’s worth bearing in mind, the company counts all devices running Windows 10, including those on computers and tablets in shops and warehouses around the world that have yet to be sold.

Microsoft also measures the Windows install base and a month ago, said that in June, Windows 10 had 39 percent of the global market, and 50 percent in the US, and 51 percent in the UK. It will be interesting to see where the next update puts the new OS, and whether the slowing of growth will be reflected there.

NetMarketShare will be releasing its latest set of usage figures (users, not devices) at the end of the week. The last set of figures, for August, had Windows 10 on 22.99 percent globally. Its numbers, unlike Microsoft's only measure desktop systems and include older operating systems, like Windows XP.

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122 Responses to Windows 10 now on 400 million devices, but growth is slowing dramatically

  1. Captain555 says:

    The slowdown predicted after the end of the free upgrade is now been felt.

    • MyDisqussion says:

      I knew that this would happen. There is no compelling reason to upgrade at this time, and the majority of activations going forward will be new PC sales, which have been falling.

      • Captain555 says:

        Big time. For back to school, we sold pretty much all we had left on W8.1, many W7 and refurb laptop with W7 Pro.

      • MyDisqussion says:

        So not many people were asking for Windows X? How long can you continue to sell refurb W7? Or do you just use the existing license for those refurbs?

      • Captain555 says:

        I have a suppliers that is license as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. They can buy special license that says Refurb on it. My guess is they can get as many license as they want. I know they have an endless supply of laptop and desktop that come from ending lease that company don't want to renew. Most of them come with a W7 Pro license from the start anyway. They are business PC, like Dell Latitude, HP ProBooks and Lenovo Thinkpad.

      • nvic says:

        I use the existing license unless its the wrong version (old laptops with Vista COAs) or missing entirely (common on off-leases, also seen on "n-series" Dells, which ship with Linux or no OS at all).

      • nvic says:

        I deal in refurb PCs as well, and often refurbish older office PCs for people. I've had exactly ONE customer ask for Windows 10. Everyone else so far has asked for 7. I'm having a hard time getting licenses now though, so it's all Win10 licenses with downgrade rights if the PC came with Vista or XP (yes, I do still deal with refurb PCs that originally shipped XP, 4GB and an SSD do wonders on most of them).

        I just wrapped up the pile of back-to-school downgrades 2 weeks ago as well...

      • Captain555 says:

        Are you registered with Microsoft ?

      • nvic says:

        Nah, I wish. I buy retail licenses from wherever has them cheapest since I rarely need them. I often don't even need a license since many came with 7 originally and the COA is still on the side. The ones I have to buy are ones where the COA is not 7 or it's defaced/missing...

        I don't do much volume (<25 units/month) and am not incorporated, so I doubt I'd qualify to register (if I'm wrong here, i'd be interested to know).

        The units are usually "refurb for current owner" anyway (customer buys a pile of wholesale unrefurbished PCs such an off-lease pallet, then pays me to refurbish them so they can use in their office). I don't know if that scenario qualifies...

      • nvic says:

        Seems like it might be worth pursuing, especially if business picks up, and I do have at least one 501c3 non-profit as a client, so the citizenship licenses they mention might be useful for those cases.

        They say on the site that an actual Win7 license is only available until 10/31/16 though. Does anyone know if a PC with a Win10 license from this program would include downgrade rights?

      • Captain555 says:

        If it is the Pro version, yes. It's just the sales that stop in Oct.

      • Ordeith says:

        You do a disservice, then. 4GB and SSD and Windows 10 do wonders for older hardware. Windows 10 is quite a bit more responsive than XP or 7.

      • trparky says:

        But if people don't want Windows 10 then giving them Windows 10 is a disservice to them. I know a lot of people who do not under any circumstances want Windows 10.

      • Ordeith says:

        It's sad such ignorance abounds.

      • trparky says:

        No, they're not ignorant. They know that Windows 10 is the biggest threat to their privacy and want nothing of it and rightfully so. They have heard time and time again that Windows 10's telemetry is more invasive than ever before and choose to stay with an OS that they control, not Microsoft.

      • Ordeith says:

        They are quite ignorant. Unfortunately, you seem to want to reinforce that ignorance.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        You'll always get someone who clicks on something by accident something happens and then they'll complain.
        you get people who don't like a company or product for whatever the reason and just just whine about it causing problems.
        systems can go wrong 10 has had a fair share of that but a lot of issues are users themselves.

      • Adrian S says:

        I detest windows 10, even without the forced updates and the spying it is an awful Os, It looks awful, the start menu is a mess when it works. i never known such a slow start menu. I got rid of that a few days after I had it.
        But the whole Os seems unfinished, oh I forgot it is unfinished.

      • WP7Mango says:

        I love Windows 10. It's fast and looks awesome. All my devices are now running it. Not a single Win 7 machine left, and I'm much happier as a result.

      • Adrian S says:

        What ever floats your boat at the end of the day, it would be a strange world if we all liked the same thing, I think Windows 10 is Ugly, looks worse than Windows 8 to be honest.
        Must have a sad life if you are happier because you are running windows 10, it is just an Os at the end of the day, something I need to run software I use. If I could run the software I have got or if there was some good equivalent I would switch to linux on this machine in a jiffy.

      • WP7Mango says:

        I'm happier with my computing activities. Life has improved slightly, because Windows 10 efficiency and productivity is better than on Windows 7, and those things do have a direct effect on my life - i.e. they make my life easier.

        DOS is also just an OS, but using it would make my life more difficult.

      • Adrian S says:

        A lot of people would have no problem doing what they are doing on XP, in fact a fair few home users unless they play games would be fine using a Linux distro, I know I have moved a few people onto Linux and they are happy with the choice.

        Using windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 would make very little difference to what I do. the video editing software and 3D modelling software I use works just as well on XP, 7 and 8 more or less, so do the office software I use, and the few games I play.

        i use windows 8.1, this is where the more or less comes in, windows 8.1 is far better than Xp and 7 for moving large files across to over drives, it boots faster than the other systems and the drivers are newer for my graphics card, which is what I rely on.
        I found no difference what so ever when I changed to windows 10 in that regard, so changing to windows 10 would would not make things more efficient or give you better productivity, maybe you want it to so you imagine it does.
        Going to Windows 10 would have a direct effect on my life as well, I would end up shouting at the the computer and chucking it out of the window.

        DOS could not handle the software we use now unless it was updated to do so, windows 7 and 8.1 still can and Xp can still handle most of it.

      • WP7Mango says:

        XP is nowhere near as secure as Windows 7 or 8 or 10. Regardless of what software actually runs on XP, I wouldn't want to use XP.

        As someone who uses a Surface Pro 3 as their primary device, Windows 10 is much more efficient for my workflow than Windows 8.1 was. And moving older machines from 7 to 8, then 8 to 10 was also a huge improvement in productivity.

        I have helped many people move to Windows 10 (either via upgrading or by purchasing a new device) and they are all very happy with it.

      • Adrian S says:

        I was not on about being secure, nor was you, you said productivity and efficiency. Sure XP is not as secure, but a lot of the problems are the users, clicking on things they should not be. i know people still using Xp and have no problems what so ever.

        I think you are just being pulled in by the Microsoft bullshit, Ms say it will give you better productivity and you just stand up and agree, a lot of it is your imagination. There is not one person with a bog standard home computer that would notice much difference in efficiency and productivity from XP up to 10.

        I know a person who uses Windows 7 for producing music, so where would Windows 10 help her? I know 1 apart from me who uses 8 for video editing and he uses a lot larger files than me as he uses 4k, so what would windows 10 do for him?
        I know another person who is using Windows Xp for producing music, moving to Windows 10 would do nothing for him, because the software he uses will not work on Windows 10 and he would have to buy new software that do not offer the features his old software have. Sometimes newer is not better. He also uses a windows 7 machine to do video editing for music video, so I ask again, would Windows 10 help him?

        I got an old I5 machine up and running for someones daughter running windows 7, i did stick Windows 10 on it and it have registered, so if she decides she wants it in the future she can, but she is going to start doing photography at College, she told me not to put ten on it as she did not like it, her computer at the end of the day, but where would 10 help her? Bearing in mind she would be using Photoshop.

        Sure windows 8.1 and 10 is better at starting up, only because they really to do not close down and is in a hibernation mode, so unless you are turning your machine off every 20 mins or so that would make little difference. As I said, windows 8 is better at handling file transfers, but the difference is not that large, maybe I will test it one day, stick XP on the laptop and then stick windows 8 or 10 on it and do some file transfers.
        This computer do not like Xp for some reason, may giver it a go over the week end if I have the time.

        I don't know what you do with your computer, but I am pretty sure it is nothing that a different Os will make a difference doing.

      • Captain555 says:

        Good for you. That doesn't mean that it apply to everybody.

      • Adrian S says:

        Xp i can understand, but windows 7? Maybe, but not by that much, I doubt many people would tell much difference if any and windows 7 have been out of beta for a few years now and is pretty stable.

        I would putr windows 8.1 on older hardware if I was putting Windows on it with a decent start menu, no difference and at least we have a choice of accepting Microcrap spyware or not.

      • Captain555 says:

        W7 or W8.1 on SSD inside old hardware give it a new life. Everybody with fail HD now, I convince them to go SSD route. Price are coming down and it's getting to be a very good option.

      • Adrian S says:

        Depends how old the device is, I would not put a SSd in a 5 year old laptop, unless it was pretty high end.
        I agree with you about SSD, the problem is storage, you can pick up a 1TB spinny drive for next to nothing, but a 1TB SSD would break the bank at the moment. i know Microsoft is trying to get people to use a MS account and one drive, but a lot of people do not want to store their data online and who can blame them they way things are going.

      • Captain555 says:

        Age is not the determining factor. If you have a Thinkpad with Core i3 (even 1st gen) that run at 2.5 and 4G of RAM, it is good for a while still. All you need is a 240G SSD. I tell people to keep anything over that on an external HD anyway.

      • Adrian S says:

        Again, storage is a problem, some people could fill that 240GB up pretty quick, in fact it was only a couple of months ago that I have to change a 500Gb drive on someones laptop to a 1TB as they have almost filled it up.

        the other problem is you may buy an SSD and the laptop gives up in a few months.

      • Captain555 says:

        Of course it is always a crap shoot. But less than $80, I can sell customers a Kingston uv400 and they have to pay for the Windows reinstall even if they choose a HD. The difference is not very big. Lots of 5 years old PC have a 250G or 320G drive anyway.

        People who need more than 240G in a laptop, are usually people who download movies and musics. So you don't need to keep them on the laptop itself all the time. External drive does the trick.

      • Fantasm says:

        Thats not really a big issue... simply pull the SSD and put it in the next system...

      • nvic says:

        For everyone criticizing my putting SSDs and 7 on XP boxes: these get used by people who use the PC for email and the occasional word document. I paid <50 for most of the SSDs (I bought a boatload on black friday last year when an Evo 840 was $48), and sold at cost as a special with free labor. Bill of about $119 total for the SSD and 7, installed.

        For the cost of an SSD (at full price) and 7, I can sell an XP-box owner a newer PC with 7 for less.

        For business clients, the most I'll do for an XP box beyond reseating components is move data off it and offer to recycle it.

      • Adrian S says:

        If you can get them at a good price then maybe so, I got both of mine at a good price at the time, even cheaper now. but capacity is still a problem.

      • Fantasm says:

        It's not a disservice to sell people what they want...
        Windows 10 is not all that different in response than W7. It might be a percventage point up or down depending on the hardware and the testing but overall, it's about the same...

    • PC_Tool says:

      Yeah, but to be fair, that's like predicting water will be wet. ;-)

      (...or predicting a rise in retail sales over the holiday season.)

    • roborat says:

      The slow down is seasonal and expected. I doubt the free upgrade was still playing a major role after a year it was offered.

      The 330 Million PC+Ultramobile sales predicted in 2016 is not flat throughout the year. Autumn and Winter sales numbers (pre-school, black Friday, Christmas) is where significant sales happen.

  2. Andrew Willis says:

    Might help if the updates weren't so buggy and caused the OS to enter into endless crash -> previous version restore loops

    • MyDisqussion says:

      Perhaps they should open source it, or parts of it. Microsoft Journal has been discontinued by Microsoft because of vulnerabilities. If they open-sourced that one piece, the community could give Microsoft brogrammers what-for and fix it within a couple of days.

    • anchovylover says:

      To give MS their due credit there were issues with the latest major update. MS stopped rolling it out and went to a staged roll out instead only giving it to devices that were of suitable configuration. Going forward MS are stating it could take to the end of the year to fully roll it out. So, issues found and MS acted swiftly in response. I think they will learn from this and deserve some credit.

      • MyDisqussion says:

        Issues? From Microsoft? Surely you jest. There is discontent among the ranks from some paying customers (read enterprise) who aren't happy with Microsoft's decision to go to an all-or-nothing approach for updates. The potential exists for these future updates to muck-up their infrastructure, or cause them to run unprotected.

      • Ordeith says:

        >s (read enterprise) who aren't happy with Microsoft's decision to go to an all-or-nothing approach for updates

        Why should enterprise care? The Enterprise Editions of Windows 10 have no such requirements.

      • tasburath says:

        Yep. And enterprises are forced into a subscription model that raises cost of ownership for Windows.

      • anchovylover says:

        I was trying to be nice about the " issues " :) Doesn't enterprise get six months to test updates?

      • trparky says:

        Yes, but if the monthly forced updates are the updates that are breaking shit for them, there's an issue.

      • anchovylover says:

        OK, I thought enterprise could defer all updates for months. I stand corrected :)

      • trparky says:

        You can defer the update for a month, sure, but eventually you're going to have to take the update no matter what and as we've seen lately, Microsoft is completely incompetent at releasing updates with no side effects.

      • anchovylover says:

        MS haven't exactly filled us with confidence with the updates that's for sure. Given enterprise is their bread and butter I assume MS take extra care to get it right.

      • trparky says:

        "extra care" and "Microsoft"? Surely you jest. Maybe in an alternate universe but definitely not this one.

  3. MyDisqussion says:

    Windows X continues to be available free:

    1. Use assistive technologies to download a free copy (may be terminated at any time)
    2. Use a Windows 7 or Windows 8.x key (may be terminated at any time)
    3. Buy a new PC with Windows X (Okay, not exactly free)

    • Bob Grant says:

      4. Download a pirated version. (always free, and can even be gotten with reduced 'telemetry' OOTB)

      • MyDisqussion says:

        There is a 5th way. Just install Windows X and never activate it. It will continue to work and receive security updates. Windows may complain periodically, but it won't shut down every hour or anything.

  4. MyDisqussion says:

    The share of OS accessing more than 5000 Government websites shows that Windows X still hasn't broken 16%, and Windows 7 remains steady at over 27%. iOS has almost as much traffic as Windows 7, at more than 23%.

  5. BoltmanLives says:

    40% and climbing to One Billion

    • MyDisqussion says:

      They won't reach 1 Billion until after the release of Windows 11 in 2021.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Many Enetrprises and Governments entities have yet to get Windows 10 live + every new device will have 10 I think they hit 1B in early 2019 or late 2018

        Why would you say Windows 11, you already know WAAS is whats goiing on are you simply trying to be funny? If so practice.

      • Pecan says:

        For the second time in one thread, I agree with you. When enterprise and governments get around to updating their machines there will be a big jump and by most cycles that ought to be 2018/2019.
        You don't really believe "Win Last" though, do you? Why would MS cripple themselves as badly as they're crippling their customers? The philosophy, design an strategy underlying Win 10 (and, previously 8/8.1) has always been wrong, is now resented more than ever and will need to be changed if MS are to survive in the OS or PC markets. Even their enterprise customers will be gone in 10 years otherwise; there are just too many competitors who can tempt them away while MS demonstrates their hate.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Windows offers a great platform for integrating with Azure. its quickly becoming a world where if you do not integrate in the cloud somehow you will fall way behind competitors that do. The instant secure global roll-out of any project ability is huge. So in a way all roads lead through Azure.

        What is cool is I believe Microsoft looks at all devices and OS's as part of their network. When they say Mobil First they are looking from an Enterprise perspective out to Surface, Surface Hub also out to Android and iPhone. They really are trying to democratize tech and have it fade away. In this regard Microsoft and Azure become the worlds network for Enterprise.

        I look at the big future picture, I think many think the past will be the will not. Most data very soon will beheld in Datacenters. It really does not matter wheter you use Windows or Mac or Linux anymore. I have feeling Windows 10 thrives due to not needing to train users and top level security.

        All these pain points were necessary to effectively do a paradigm ship, this is BIG in fact as big as the original Internet... the need for companies to work together will grow and siloed solutions will fail.

        As for competitors to temp users away..I simply do not see it. Cloud is the only way forward and with cloud you basically have three choices...AWS, Azure and Google. Azure is the only Hybrid solution, the only one with trust and experience that Enterprises need, the only one with such a large global footprint.

      • Captain555 says:

        You sound like a marketing brochure.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        I try to state high level stuff and future direction in a way that is digestible for the readers. This is a critical time for everyone and believe it or not I am trying to help people navigate the future. There is a lot of noise over basically a past..well we are past. The third age of computing or "Digital revolution" is real and is here now, its not going away and this transition affects everyone. Many jobs lost/obsolete new opportunities arise. Everyone on this planet need to learn the new way forward and hopefully the useless noise decreases to a whisper of the past.

      • Captain555 says:

        Who gave you that job ?

      • BoltmanLives says:

        I like disseminating my findings, I like where this is heading.
        I did not like the mobile duopoly...this will solve that.

      • tasburath says:

        I don't like the windows monopoly. Microsoft has nook reason typo look out for their customer's best interests since there is no real competition

      • BoltmanLives says:

        What windows monopoly? That was never part of the DOJ charges.

        The way I look at it is its inevitable that we use scale in computing. Microsoft simply made a better AWS cloud using their strengths. Google could have challenged both AWS and MSFT but they decided to focus on other areas. besides I doubt corporations would trust Google.

        MSFT is a natural for leading in innovation, its what they do. They are about the only company that can pull it of to benefit the public as a whole. Nadella himself said do not be in awe of out technology, its what you do with it is why we do this.

        I for one will welcome a more secure world, with new ways to get things done. We've pretty much tapped out what came prior. See Smartphones.

        I think in the 90's MSFT made a few missteps after Win 95, they were young brash, this MSFT is a different company and the only cloud provider for China and Japan.

      • barely_normal says:

        And your delusions just grow and grow.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        If you look closely I have been fairly consistent in my message for three years, the difference is reality is happening validating what I said years ago.

        iPhone was at a high point three years ago, I stated it will will
        The cloud was a daydream, since then MSFT has put FGPA in every server wiring a global mind.Quantum by 2030.

        Whats cool is gradually people here see I was right all along. The complaints have died down

      • barely_normal says:

        Can we get a roll call of those believing BoltmanLives is correct in his assumptions? I'm thinking his delusions are not allowing him to see the error of his ways.

      • barely_normal says:

        Not sure where you got this from, none of the sci-fi books I've ever read...

        "global mind.Quantum upgrade"

        Sounds like it might be an ad for a detergent that finally gets the dirt out.

      • Pecan says:

        *Sigh*. There is just so much wrong with that post that I can't pick anything uselful out. Just think about your own contradictions, e.g.:
        "Windows offers a great platform for integrating with Azure" ... "It really does not matter whether you use Windows or Mac or Linux"

  6. trparky says:

    "It’s worth bearing in mind, the company counts all devices running Windows 10, including those on computers and tablets in shops and warehouses around the world that have yet to be sold."

    That number also includes devices like XBOX One consoles and phones which if you ask me, it means diddly squat. The numbers that really matter are PC only numbers since Microsoft's only real market is the PC which they seem to love pissing off.

    I wonder what the real numbers are, that is... the actual number of machines that are active and actually running Windows 10. I'd be willing to bet that that number is significantly lower and that it would be a complete embarrassment to Microsoft.

    • BoltmanLives says:

      XBOX Scopio will be a PC changing the os on XBOX One is relevant..its an endpoint of 10

      • Pecan says:

        Agreed. MS has always said "1 billion devices", so anything that runs Win 10 counts. Scorpio is also MS's entry into the PC hardware market and, since it knows it can't compete in an open market, that's why it's trying to cripple all other PCs with Win 10/UWP. MS want to be Apple without the design flair.

      • Atif A. says:

        Without the design flair...
        I am reading this while typing on my awesome looking Surface Pro 3, which by the way has been an inspiration to other manufacturers for design...including Apple. (Think VaporMag, Kickstand, detachable keyboard, Felt keyboard cover, Magnetic front bezel, etc etc.)

      • Pecan says:

        Oh yeah, MS can hire designers too. Don't forget, I've been a PC/Windows advocate ever since there were such things. On the other hand those sorts of design details hardly compare with Apple's break from 'beige boxes' and all that. After all, they had to as hardware sellers whereas MS concentrated on software until the xbox. Similarly with Apple's introduction of the smartphone to the masses. Not saying these things were any good, but they were revolutionary-pretty, not just evolutionary. That's why Apples were/are popular with people who want to look arty instead of techy.

        This attempt to appeal to pretty while locking-down the platform is what I mean by MS want to be Apple. By "without the design flair" they don't concentrate on it in order to create a market in the same way Apple did/do.

      • barely_normal says:

        If Microsoft really wants to sell that crap, they had better beef up the hardware, and I'm not talking about the CPU. They also get pricing in line with a barebones whitebox PC, because that is what it is.

    • Ordeith says:

      >"It’s worth bearing in mind, the company counts all devices running Windows 10, including those on computers and tablets in shops and warehouses around the world that have yet to be sold."

      It's worth bearing in mind that the authors on this site have been wrong about this in every single article where they mention Windows 10 numbers. Microsoft only reports on actively used numbers. Numbers that would not include anything that is sitting in a shop or warehouse that hasn't been sold.

  7. async2013 says:

    So by Microsoft's standards, Ford have sold 1 billion cars albeit sat in a garage unused

  8. sloppyslim says:

    400 million ?

    how many desktops, how many phones, and how many alarm clocks, washing machines, refrigerators, thermostats, sprinklers, and other iot that don't run office, mathematica, or flappy birds ?

    • barely_normal says:

      "i can walk into a local electronics retailer and pick up a $30 quad core android tablet."

      And since it uses an ARM processor, it won't do jack for running the software MOST people want to run, even IF it had the horsepower to do it. x86 and x86 with 64 bit extensions are what run the world - for serious computing. If all you want is the weather report, a smartphone does the job nicely.

  9. Fantasm says:

    "Two months ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the software giant would be changing how it monitors the growth of Windows 10, tracking monthly active users -- rather than devices "
    So, if several users use a single computer, in a household, does that mean for example that Mom, Dad and 3 kids all are counted as 5 users using W10?
    Seems to me that would inflate the number a lot....

    And do they count the number of users on earlier version the same way...?

    • MyDisqussion says:

      If, true, I'd be more interested in how many installs there are than how many people have a Windows Live account.

  10. pi may says:

    how embarrassing it's going to be come next netmarketshare numbers, how in the world are they going to put a positive spin on Win7 gaining market share?

    • Ordeith says:

      That's not what the preliminary numbers are showing.

      how embarrassing it's going to be come next netmarketshare numbers, how
      in the world are you going to put a negative spin on Win10 gaining market share?

  11. MyDisqussion says:

    Just curious, but is she running Windows X on a macbook pro? I know it can be done through dual booting, or installing as the only operating system. I suppose it could also be a full-screen VM.

    I remember a few years ago, the fastest Windows 7 PC was a Macbook Pro.

  12. barely_normal says:

    Yes, it's an amazing number, like most of the figures from Microsoft. Simply incredulous!

  13. Atif A. says:

    Wayne pulls in a good number of comments but I wish he understood some of this stuff as well. All I can say is, watch the Ignite yourself and see what was actually announced. Grabbing partial sentences can create news but truth may be different. E.g. They never said Windows 10 was running on 400 million devices. They said, "There are 400 million unique users using Windows 10 a month". That includes, for example, my son and I sharing four devices. We both can login on Surface, Xbox, Desktop and laptop. And then we have our two Windows Phones as well. That makes 6 devices running W10, and two users in our household.

    • BoltmanLives says:

      Not users ... "Monthly active devices" was the actual quote

      • Atif A. says:

        Ok. My point was towards the "per month" part of it, cause that makes a difference. Some houses may have only one device and 4 users, and some the other way around. But chances are, one person will usually be working on one device.

    • Captain555 says:

      It's not users, it really is devices.

    • Adrian S says:

      That is pretty scary if they know how many users a device have and goes way beyond normal telemetrics which MS tells us is for trouble shooting. What other data does windows 10 send to Ms that we do not know off?

  14. RealGomer says:

    Perhaps. And Goodyear tires were installed on over 100,000,000 automobiles. And how many of those vehicles are still running on Goodyears?

  15. Another_Lurker says:

    The only number that really matters is the number of active users, not installs on unsold hardware. That is a number that is much harder to pin down.

    • Gilfoyle says:

      "not installs on unsold hardware"

      Who stated that? Microsoft said active devices per month. Active devices, those that connect for updates and such are the number to count.

      Active users would be possibly higher, like at a school where 5+ kids share a single computer through out the day.

    • WP7Mango says:

      "The only number that really matters is the number of active users"

      which is exactly what Microsoft is doing - giving us the number of active users.

    • Fantasm says:

      Active users means very little. One computer could be shared by several members of a famil, both parents and several kids. Each with their own logon.
      Even as simple as a person having 2 accounts on the PC, one as an admin the other as a user.
      I've had my system with more than one account on it at times.
      At my work many of the computers have lots of users, each with their own logon. Perhaps over a couple of dozen a day.

  16. Gilfoyle says:

    Wayne get lots of mileage out of Windows 10 bashing.

    Nothing really to see honestly. The free upgrade and the upgrade nagging are over and now growth continues but has slowed. Growth is fueled by new PC sales now.

    Let me predict the future for everyone....

    Windows 10 will continue to grow each month, and other versions will shrink.

    We will see seasonal spikes (holidays, back to school) and lows, just after the first of the year is the slowest for electronic sales.

    At some point, say between mid 2018 and mid 2019 corporate adoption will explode as those corporations will want to get off of Windows 7 before it loses support.

    You are thinking to your self "man that Gilgoyle is a soothsayer, a regular Nostradamus"

    • Captain555 says:

      I don't see any bashing on Wayne part.

      • Gilfoyle says:

        Not so much with this blog post, but you can't deny that he will jump all over anything that is slightly negative about Windows 10. Just look up his post history.

      • Captain555 says:

        That's his job, of course he will report anything that has to do with W10. It's not his fault that most of the news on W10 have a negative side. Whether you like W10 or not, you can't argue that MS did make a mess of the release and how they went along pushing it on people was awful.

    • barely_normal says:

      "Wayne get lots of mileage out of Windows 10 bashing." Why not? Everyone is doing it, and why not? Windows Last is an unmitigated pile of crap, with virtually no redeeming value. Just look at the story on ZDNet today, telling us that CIOs really don't give a rat's ass about any OS offered today, and that is especially true of Windows.

      People are tired of Microsoft acting like the school marm, telling people what they can and can't do with the hardware they buy. Apple won't run on enough different pieces of hardware, and business is not about to chuck the investments in hardware and software they currently own.
      Enough people have now seen the lies about the problems with Windows XP They are now aware it was a sales pitch, and know that with Windows 7 bringing the promise of XP, no immediate need for change is there. The asses on here will point to the figures of untold millions, but they simply don't understand how volume pricing works, that they may be licensed for Last, but are sticking with 7 for the foreseeable future, because of retraining and driver problems avoided. [Also, to some extent, there must be the butt ugly factor, where users don't want to look at the mess that is Windows Last. And then comes the constant updates, something business has been eschewing since the whole Windows ecosystem started.]

      Microsoft is continuing to shoot themselves in the foot, and the left hand is not smart enough to remove the gun from the right.

      • Axel Saggenstråhle says:

        How about including a link to the ZDNet article instead of making us google for it using vague keywords? Jesus.

      • barely_normal says:

        Perhaps because I know the regulars here, and any of them not engaging in fanboy fantasies already knows, and have probably read the articles already, while the fanboys won't read, because they like to keep their heads in the sand,

  17. Rock Smith says:

    Let me put it straight to dumb MS fanboys. MS bet big on Mobile and they lost badly. They had horrible UI, horrible execution and horrible vision. Then they came with a plan to use their desktop monopoly to shoehorn their failed smartphone strategy. That went no where and in return it backfired and people despised windows 8 and in MS own admission it was blunder.

    Now as per MS own admission, the start menu return combined with ads and spyware feature baked in to OS including ugly UI. Now they wanted to give it free. Free as OSX or macOS. Now 4 weeks in and no one want to touch this ugly spyware windows last with a 10 foot pole.

    Time to execute plan z, lets sneak this malware OS in to unsuspecting users, holding true to its malware character. But people tend to be smarter than they had anticipated and there comes the admission that they are not going to reach their self set target number.

    Time ti execute plan zzzzz.. lets just keep spewing the same BS and the only real source of verification will be MS itself and they have lots of creative and imaginative number to play with.

    So here we are at 400 number.

    • BoltmanLives says:

      ...........and climbing also owning the cloud and only one with a viable AR solution oh and the#1 most profitable software ever Office 365.

      Youw were saying? "Let me put it straight to dumb MS fanboys."

      Go ahead when are you going to start (pun intended)?

      • pforbes says:

        Improve your computer experience: move to Windows 7 without SP1.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Gee what great advice /s

      • Rock Smith says:

        Bah.. cloud fad. Office 365, milking another left monopoly. Remember Mobile first, cloud first, BS first. Now since mobile is gone, the cloud will be gone too.

        By the way, its already started and you are the last one to not realize it. LOL

      • Tacoman3o3 says:

        Cloud is good, but I would never trust M$'s spyware/crapware/adware/malware/shitware cloud.

    • Tacoman3o3 says:


    • Termin8ed says:

      I laugh when people accuse MS of spying, yet they use Chrome, G Mail and all the other google crap that fully spies on all your activities activities, to the point of being invasive, yet no one moans about google?!
      If spying worries you-as it should-MS is not the company you should be worried about. Google makes many billions of dollars because of spying and is now the worlds largest company, solely because they spy on everything you do, all the time.

      • Rock Smith says:

        I guess since you don't know the difference between OS and browser or application, it is useless to attempt to give you any wisdom about privacy.

  18. Tacoman3o3 says:

    "Windows 10 now on 400 million devices, but growth is slowing dramatically"

    I wouldn't be surprised if M$ had another dirty trick up it sleeve to force Windows 10 Malware into our PCs.

  19. pi may says:

    Windows 10 now on 400 million devices, but growth is slowing dramatically

    told ya so, and look jackass Ftard Ordieth wrong for the millionth time in a row!LOL

    Bolttard must be coming unglued, ROFL!

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