Twitter to suspend users who repeatedly post abusive comments on Periscope

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As part of its continuing attempts to clean up its platform, Twitter has announced that it is going to apply its rules more strictly on Periscope. Starting in mid-August users who repeatedly post abusive comments or harass others run the risk of being banned.

Twitter will enforce its guidelines more aggressively during live broadcasts. The company says that it will "review and suspend accounts for repeatedly sending chats that violate" its rules.

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While Periscope has had rules about abuse, harassment and threats for some time, the way policing currently works is down to a form of group moderation, and this has proved ineffective at cracking down on repeat offenders, largely because it only stopped people from continuing to comment during a particular stream.

In a tweet, the Periscope team lets users know about the upcoming changes:

In a post on Medium, Twitter says:

Starting on August 10, we will also review and suspend accounts for repeatedly sending chats that violate our guidelines. If you are in a broadcast and see a chat that may violate our guidelines, please report it.

We're committed to making sure everyone feels safe, whether you're broadcasting or just tuning in. Look out for more changes across policies, product, and enforcement as we continue to make both Periscope and Twitter safer.

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