Google may pull the plug on Hangouts in 2020

Google Hangouts on iPhone

Google is no stranger to killing off services, and it seems that one of its next victims could be Hangouts.

Having split the chat tool into corporate-focused Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, sources familiar with Google's plans say that the company is due to shut down the consumer version of Hangouts in 2020. The writing has been on the wall for a little while, but now the clock really is ticking...

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The news of Hangouts impending closure comes courtesy of 9to5Google which cites a source "familiar with the product’s internal roadmap". If the report is correct, 2019 will be the last year in which consumers are able to use Google Hangouts -- but Google already has chat alternatives available.

Android Messages is now what the company would prefer consumers to use, but given Google's history of launching and closing chat tools (remember Allo?) users would be forgiven for wondering just how long this tool may last.

At the moment, Google seems to be betting big on RCS (Rich Communication Service) but it remains to be seen how many people are ready to place their complete trust in Android Messages. If you are a Hangouts user, you have a year and a bit to enjoy the service. But it might be worth taking AndroidPolice's advice and grabbing your Hangouts data as a backup while you still can

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19 Responses to Google may pull the plug on Hangouts in 2020

  1. Michael Penn says:


  2. psycros says:

    Hangouts was such a stupid name - it pigeonholed the service as just another social time-waster for the Internet-dependent. Google Talk, however, was a marketable name that fully encompassed the possibilities of such a network. Its biggest flaw was the same as Facebook's - an insistence on knowing your real identity and doing everything possible to expose you to online dangers. Facebook and Google are the the biggest facilitators of cyber-crime in the world today. The next big winner in social networking and web portals will be the company that provides a fully vetted online "pen name" for people to safety interact with. Most online dating sites already use this kind of scheme..why shouldn't this level of protection be a universal standard?

  3. Slavic says:

    For years, Hangouts was a quite good SMS client (in some Android phones it was a default client), until the moment when Google decided to remove the SMS support and switch its functionality to chat-only. Very unpleasant, I saw lot of complaints on support forum and in other tech media, but eventually all users had to switch to other SMS clients, mostly to Android Messages. And at that times Google promised that Messages will support RCS, but where is this support now? Hangouts supported the direct chat via Internet using the Google account instead of phone number, while Messages doesn't have such option.

  4. eddie ordaz says:

    I don't care what Google does. After watching a video of their executive board shock and feeling sad that Trump won the Presidency it just made me sick! A bunch of Soy Boys and Beta men and women. It's Microsoft's turn or anyone but Google.

    • Brian O'Kongkohwer says:

      Well, they were obviously a little swifter on the uptake or ethical enough to understand a disturbingly consistent double talking lying crook had won the presidency by electoral vote. So your "outrage" looks rather unintelligent and uninformed, But "thanks" for sharing.

      • Stanley says:

        learn some American history, you make yourself look stupid.

      • Brian O'Kongkohwer says:

        So you're implying Trump doesn't doubletalk or clearly repeat factual mistruths even after repeatedly confronted by EASILY verifiable facts - and you're accusing me of a credibility problem? Sounds like both you and Trump have the same problem. And I'd put up my knowledge of American history agaInst yours any time, bubba. Though this issue qualifies as current events more than "history". Do you know the difference by definition? I highly doubt it - though I'm sure you THINK you do by appearance of the words.

        Also, "ya ever" graduate at a university, earn a grad degree and grow up in a family of Ph.D professors - one of which had a PhD in American History? Or leave your backyard to learn first hand about a MUCH WIDER world - APART from beneitting from socialism to travel from the military paying your bills til ya left service etc? Bring it on with rationally supported facts, bubba. I don't suffer fools, igorants, nor the deceitful well. You made an empty comment. Do better.

      • Stanley says:

        The electoral college worked as it was intended. Trump was the only candidate that was talking about the issues that were important to the survival of the nation as a free and sovereign state.

      • Brian O'Kongkohwer says:

        I'm well of Trump populism over primarily white working class who legitimately feel disenfranchised by the system - BUT also how Trump doulble talks and manipulates them to think he's their man to really change the oligarchy system that actually runs America. Problem is - he was, and continues to operate as a "Swamp Thing" but remains popular to his base regardless of the reality of his tax policy, long term consequences of his energy, big finance, environmental, consumer etc. Super Trickle Down policies. You "know" - stuff too wonky and long term for eyes that glaze when they're excited by a demagogue who knows how to energize on negatives and false hope the way the Nationalist populists have again and again. He's just another economic BUBBLE making vulture for the economic elite - regardless of a few grudges he uses to self servingly attack specific biz sectors and individuals with.

        The word of a life time double talker, well documented constant liar and flim flam artist means little to people like me. He'll say anything if it suits him - "10% tax cut for the middle class" before mid terms even though Congress was out of session, Mexicans directly paying for the wall - but not Americans at any phase, "no involvement", nor negotiating, nor "intent" to do biz with any Russians yet was doing so up to June 2016 at least - then double talks it with Don Jr and henchmen changing the story til Trump is caught in the lie, etc etc. But Donny always has his fall guys to pass the buck too if things get hot like a good like the Mafia Don's that passed him around to scam over inflated development deals for decades. Giuliani and other crook politicians always looked the other way.

        Donald always operates with FACT VERIFIABLE lies and doubletalk, and you'll always have toxic divisiveness be a part of his presidency BECAUSE of it - beyond whatever actual crimes he may or not be FINALLY caught with - with little retribution in the end. But he has always surrounded himself with eventually to be indicted and convicted crooks and sociopaths on the basis of loyalty.

        I, since the 80's, and the native New Yorkers that watched him from an INFORMED position, have been aware of Mr.Trump's shennanigans and conniving lack of character the rest of the country has not - til just recently. Though much of America is beginning to carch on. You are VERY LIKELY a newbie when it comes to understanding the truth of Trump. It's like talking to a Nixon supporter in 1970. Even so - twentry-nine percent of Americans polled still supported Tricky Dick the day he left office.

        They'll always be that group of ideological Americans supporting "their guy" regardless of ethics, and easility verified facts that their guy is a crook. Plain and simple. Just let history play out - I don't need to expend more energy on Trump's self created "problems" that he constantly uses to propagandize his base with and devide the populace. He is a bad "pass the buck" divisive leader for the majority - but well loved by a base cult he has talent and practice to RALLY-amp up. He's like other Nationalist "damn the plethora of lies" demagogues: using the same tricks and tools of a 1920's Mussolini, an early 30's Hitler etc. Trump is obviously more charismatic to his base than Tricky Dick.who still understood more how to operate policy in a larger world than Trump, though Dick still fell of course. Enjoy the inevitable human shite show that has always been Trump. I won't.

        Finally, to cut through the BS, the electoral college was simply a deal to keep slave states in the union. Slave states wouldn't join otherwise. Period. That was the only true original intent of it, Undebatable fact that has had a lot of smoke and mirrors written after to confuse the historical truth. Other functioning democratic republics don't have a need for it. Only once upon a time, slave industry-compromised America needed it to not split into 2 or more countries. "Representation of lower pop states" wasn't exacxtly the whole picture. Whites of course wouldn't allow black slaves to vote or be counted - unless it was for federal aid so the 3/5 a person rule was born. It's a tiring conversation - especially if it's with someone that doesn't know history deeply, is disingenuous because of ideology, blinded by pride of regional identity, willingly drinks the propaganda Kool Aide etc.

        I doubt you or I will ever agree on much. So why belabor a pointless conversation? I know I don't have the time or inclination to continue. So enjoy the Trump administration blaming others, (the "Deep State", "Fake News", "millions of illegal immigrant voters" etc.) why he has all these constant investigations for non-stop willful deception and crookery.

      • Stanley says:

        I will not write an op-ed, but I found and read articles by Victor Davis Hanson many years ago. Him and I had similar backgrounds growing up, we have seen a lot of the same things, and understood what we were seeing. He is a well known and respected historian and professor, I am not.

    • Adrian S says:

      I understand where he is coming from and I don't even live in the U.S. they made some mistakes in the past, but putting that nit in power is one of the largest. Strange people

  5. jay says:


  6. Tex_Dude says:

    This is why I don't trust Google with any sort of long-term commitment.
    A short list of apps they have chosen to cancel support for over the years...
    Google Reader
    Google Notebook
    Google Glass
    Google Wave
    Google +
    Google Desktop Search

    • Bro Topian says:

      It's a shame so many development projects at Google are done in discontinuous vacuums by teams of temporary H1B's and other new hires who quickly burn out, resign and are replaced by a the next wave of new hires. Otherwise, Google could have integrated the functionality of Hangouts with Google Duo and Google Allo instead of having to start from scratch because nobody knows how the old people did what they did.
      Personally, I prefer Signal or Wire, because they offer some degree of privacy and I don't trust anyone in big corporate America in that regard. They used to resist illegitimate intrusions, but now they go belly up every time.

  7. EGGM says:

    Surprised the article didn't mention Google Talk as a precursor app that Google killed in favor of Hangouts. Sure, Hangouts is basically Talk under a different name, but Google had a usable desktop app for Talk, and not so much for Hangouts. It's a shame that both Google and Microsoft (killing MSN Messenger, killing old Skype in favor of a crappier version) insist on going backwards even over decades when it comes to IM applications.

  8. PC_Tool says:


    Already debunked by the head of Hangouts. Nothing to see here.

  9. Robert McClelland says:

    Yes I'll ship this been getting few sex ladies on dam chat which is annoyed on my tablet once year

  10. Adrian S says:

    I only used it once a few years back,

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