Microsoft sends mixed messages by releasing Chromium-based Edge browser for unsupported Windows 7

Windows 7 is officially dead now. Believe it or not, Microsoft has actually done a great job of alerting users of the now-unsupported operating system that it is time to upgrade. Whether or not users take the advice and move to Windows 10 is another story. The company is even displaying full-screen warnings that Windows 7 is unsupported -- a move I applaud. Is it annoying? Yes, but necessary. Staying on Windows 7 is foolish.

But now, Microsoft has effectively destroyed all of the positive work it had done with communicating the death of Windows 7. You see, today, the company releases the all-new Chromium-based Edge. This browser is available for Windows 10 and macOS as you'd expect, but shockingly, it is available for yet another operating system -- Windows 7. Wait, what?!

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Yes, that's right, folks. Microsoft is simultaneously warning users that Windows 7 is dangerous to use while releasing its new browser for the operating system. You can't make this stuff up! When it comes to sending mixed messages, this is as bad as it gets. Now, when I urge a friend or family member to upgrade from Windows 7, they can say to me "how dangerous is it if Microsoft is still releasing software for it?" You know what? That is a point that is hard to argue against.

As you can see above, Windows 7 is indeed included in the list of download links. You can see for yourself here. It is the only unsupported operating system of the bunch. I wish I could say I am surprised by this bone-headed blunder, but sadly, it is par for the course.

Photo Credit: Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

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