Microsoft is bombarding Chrome-using visitors with ads for Edge

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Microsoft is no stranger to hitting its customers with ads for its products and services, and it seems that the company is so keen that people make the switch to the new Chromium-based version of Edge that it is now bombarding users with banner ads.

The ads are targeting people who visit the web-based version of Outlook using Google Chrome, and they see Microsoft extolling the speed and performance of its most recent web browser.

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As spotted by Windows Latest a series of ads appear at the top of encouraging people to try out Microsoft Edge. In the ads, Microsoft claims that Edge brings "the best of the web", makes "Outlook more accessible", and boosts "speed, performance and compatibility".

This is far from being the first time Microsoft has used ads to promote Edge; they have previously been seen in the Start menu. Google and  Microsoft have also engages in bouts of tit-for-tat ads for their respective browsers, each claiming better support for extensions.

The good news about the latest batch of ads from Microsoft is that they are not terribly persistent. While there are a number of different banner ads which are displayed in rotation after a refresh or on each new visit to, once they have been dismissed they do not seem to make a reappearance.

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