Windows 10's Mail app is deleting Gmail users' emails

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An update from last month seems to have introduced a bug into the Mail app which is causing problems with Gmail accounts.

The bug causes sent emails to be deleted, meaning there is no way to check past correspondence. While numerous people have used Microsoft Answers to report the issue, Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the problem. There are, however, a couple of workarounds you can try if you are affected.


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The Gmail problems appear to stem from the update released by Microsoft on May 28 causing Gmail integration to break. Reports from various users indicate that while some people's sent emails are simply vanishing, for others they are being moved to the Spam folder. Version 16005.12827.20200.0 of the app is affected.

One user, Nadine, says:

I have been facing an issue with the Windows 10 Mail app linked to a google account. I have noticed that when I respond to emails, the email I send disappears and cannot be found in sent items, outbox, bin, spam, or anywhere actually. The disappeared email cannot be found on gmail's web interface either. It appears that it is automatically deleted and erased from the server.

Anybody aware of a solution to this problem? I have posted my question to the Gmail community and was told that this is an issue that has been recurrently reported by users of Windows 10.

As reported by MSPoweruser, two workarounds have been suggested. The first comes from a Microsoft MVP who says:

The best way to work around this is to remove the Gmail account from the Mail app and then re-add it manually via the Other Account POP/IMAP route using the IMAP settings as described in Gmail help:

One other thing you may have to do is change a security setting in Google to allow access to less secure apps.  Google now considers the Windows Mail App a less secure app and therefore blocks it from doing some tasks.

Another suggestion that appears in the Microsoft Feedback Hub is to configure a filter in your Gmail account whereby any messages from your email address are marked so they are never sent to the Spam folder.

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