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Windows XP 2024 Edition is everything Windows 11 should be

It's the start of 2024, the year when -- if the rumors are to be believed -- Microsoft is set to deliver Windows 12. However, this year also marks an important milestone for one of the software giant’s most beloved operating systems.

Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP ten years ago. If you've ever wondered how that OS would look if was released today, we have the answer.

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Download Microsoft's new Windows XP Bliss wallpapers for mobile, desktop, or Teams

This holiday season, Microsoft has gone back in time to create an "ugly sweater" based on its iconic Bliss wallpaper from Windows XP.

If you like the look of it, the software giant is making the sweater available to buy (in limited quantities) for $69.99. That’s not all though. The company has also produced four stylish Bliss wallpapers for phone, Teams background, or desktop.

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Microsoft goes back to Windows XP for this holiday season's ugly sweater -- here's how you can get one

Every holiday season, Microsoft brings out an "ugly sweater" and this time it’s going way, way back with a special XP-themed Bliss design.

This sweater, which features the iconic Bliss backdrop from Windows XP, (originally a photo of a pretty blue sky and rolling green hills taken in Sonoma County, California) has been created in part to support The Nature Conservancy.

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These horrendous Windows bootlegs have to be seen to be believed

In some countries, it can be hard to get hold of genuine versions of Microsoft Windows. Even if you live somewhere that does sell them, you might not want to pay Microsoft for its operating system.

If you hunt around on the internet, you can find plenty of pirate copies of Windows, but you'll also find some truly horrible bootlegs.

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Keep your old version of Windows updated for free with Windows Update Restored

Windows Update Restored website

Not everyone is running Windows 11 on their PC -- there are many who are not even running Windows 10. If you are one of a surprisingly large number of people still rocking an old version of Windows, you will be well aware that Windows Update no longer works.

The Windows Update Restored project can help though. This is an unofficial, community-led operation that makes it possible for Windows 95, NT 4.0, 98, Me, 2000 and XP users "to obtain updates like they used to".

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Watch Windows 10 being installed (and running) on Windows XP


Although most people have long since moved on from Windows XP, some people are still running the ancient OS, even though Microsoft stopped supporting it way back in 2014.

Although the lack of support means continuing to use XP is a risky endeavor, it’s a stable and capable operating system that’s even able to run Windows 10.

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Watch 23 years' worth of programs failing to respond in Windows (from Windows 2000 to Windows 11) in just two minutes

In a nostalgic trip down memory lane, YouTube channel Nobel Tech has created a video showcasing the evolution of the infamous "This Program is Not Responding" Windows error message over the years.

The video starts with the prompt in Windows 2000 and takes viewers on a journey through time, ending with the message that shows up in the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 11.

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Downgrading Microsoft Windows -- from Windows 11 to Windows 1.01


From Windows 1.01, released in 1985, to Windows 11, introduced in 2021, each iteration of Microsoft's operating system has brought its own set of features and improvements.

Windows 1.01, with its simple and straightforward interface, marked the beginning of an era of graphical user interfaces for the PC. Windows 2.0 introduced support for expanded memory and improved support for graphics, paving the way for more sophisticated programs and applications. Windows 3.0 brought a more refined interface, with a greater emphasis on multitasking and performance.

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This isn't Windows XP -- it's a new version of Windows 10, and you can install it now for free

If you want to run a modern operating system like Windows 10, but miss the simplicity and aesthetics of Windows XP, then we have some great news for you.

Windows EXPERIENCE Freestyle Update is a free Windows 10 mod that does a fantastic -- and virtually flawless -- job of mimicking Windows XP, and you can download and install it now directly from the Internet Archive.

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Windows XP 2022 Edition is everything Windows 11 should be

Windows users currently have a choice of two (supported) operating systems -- Windows 10 or Windows 11. While Microsoft would prefer users to be running the latest OS, adoption of Windows 11 has slowed dramatically in recent months.

When Windows XP first arrived back in 2001 it really shook things up with its revolutionary design and playful color scheme. If you were wondering how it might look if it was released today, we have the answer.

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Microsoft's Windows marketing campaigns through history are unintentionally hilarious

Every generation of Windows -- well, from Windows 95 onwards at least -- has had a catchy slogan, designed, in some way, to encapsulate what the software giant hoped the OS would bring to users.

With Windows 95, for example, it was "Start me up", because that was the first time Microsoft’s operating system came with a Start button and menu.

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Windows XP 2021 is everything Windows 10 should be

Later this year, Microsoft is expected to refresh the look of Windows 10 and native apps, introducing a number of long-overdue visual improvements, including rounded corners and new colors. For many people, the changes likely won’t go far enough, but it’s too early to pass judgment just yet.

When Windows XP first arrived back in 2001 it really shook things up with its revolutionary design and playful color scheme. If you were wondering how it might look if it was released today, we have the answer.

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Serious Windows 10 flaw could corrupt your hard drive if you open a folder

Scratching a hard drive

A security researcher has revealed details of a strange bug that could result in an NTFS hard drive becoming corrupt in Windows 10, as well as the unsupported Windows XP. What makes the bug so serious and unusual is that it can be triggered without the user having to open a file.

The bug -- which has been shown to have been around for three years or so -- can cause a hard drive to be corrupted if a user simply views the contents of a folder that includes a specially crafted file. Although Microsoft is aware of the issue affecting the $i30 NTFS attribute, a fix has yet to be produced.

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Microsoft took its sweet time removing leaked Windows XP source code from its own website

Microsoft sign on glass building

It is only a matter of weeks since the source code for Windows XP and various other Microsoft products leaked online. While the best part of two decades old, many people were eager to take a look at the code for the operating system, including people looking for code reused in Windows 10 that could be exploited.

Microsoft jumped to action, started an investigation, and took steps to try to stem the spread of the source code. But the company was surprisingly slow at removing the code from its own site after someone uploaded it to GitHub.

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Source code for Windows XP and other Microsoft software leaks online

Torrents have appeared online containing the source code for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and other software from Microsoft. Shared on the notorious 4chan, a collection of files approaching 50GB in size also include the source code for Windows Server 2003, Windows NT and MS DOS.

The leaker justifies their decision to share the source code saying that "information should be free and available to everyone", and that to hold onto it for themselves would be an "evil act". The leaker also cheekily points out that Microsoft should be happy that the source code is publicly available given the company's current embracing of open source.

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