Surprise! Kodi 20 'Nexus' gets an unexpected final release -- here's why you should install it

The Kodi Foundation is gearing up to release the next version of its popular home theater software, Kodi 21 'Omega', but it is ensuring that users of the current 'Nexus' generation don't get forgotten.

A month ago, the team announced the release of Kodi 20.3, which was intended to be the final update from the Nexus line. However, it turns out it wasn’t the last release for Kodi 20 users.

Announcing the arrival of a surprise new build, the team says “It looks like one last hurrah was premature for the "Nexus" line: we find ourselves back again already, this time with a new 20.4 release".

Although there are no new features in this release, it does fix a number of issues.

Release notes highlights are:


  • A backport aimed at fixing the failure rate of binary addon builds has been merged.


  • Update to the controller addons.

Platform Specific

  • Android
    • Several fixes have been backported from master to fix deployment issues on Google Play.
    • A number of fixes backported to resolve input issues (remotes/controllers).
  • iOS/tvOS
    • A long-time-coming fix to reduce black screen playback when interlaced content is played on iOS/tvOS. Users should no longer have to specifically disable VTB Hardware playback for most interlaced content. Please keep in mind some methods of content playback (HTTP URLs provided in .strm files) will still be affected.
    • A memory leak with game controllers on iOS/tvOS has been fixed.
  • tvOS
    • @Fixed what seems to be a long standing bug regarding framework plist metadata for shared library frameworks.
  • Windows
    • A fix for AESinkWASAPI to improve fallback when the exact output channel layout isn't supported by drivers or hardware.

The new build can be downloaded directly from here. Just choose the platform you require.

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