Microsoft releases KB5001716 update for Windows 10 to give Windows Update a new UI... and to push users towards Windows 11

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Microsoft has released a new update for Windows 10 users in the form of KB5001716. While the company is promoting this as an update that refreshes the UI for Windows Update, there is rather more to it than that.

The release notes point out that after installing this update "you may see a notification informing you that your device is currently running a version of Windows that has reached the end of its support lifecycle ". In other words, expect Windows 11 upgrade nags. Oh, and if the slightly predictable underhand tactics were not enough, the installation of the KB5001716 update is proving problematic for some users, with numerous instances of 0x80070643 errors.

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The KB5001716 update has been quietly pushed out, and Microsoft describes it as an "Update for Windows Update Service components". The company also explains that it "includes a new user interface (UI) functionality for Windows Update in Windows".

The update is being made available to Windows 10 users running everything from version 1809 all the way up to 22H2. But while Microsoft would like you to believe that the Windows Update-related changes are the primary reason for existence of the KB5001716 update, there are two interesting bullet points in the release notes:

  • When this update is installed, Windows may attempt to download and install feature updates to your device if it is approaching or has reached the end of support for your currently installed Windows version. Feature updates offer new functionality and help keep your device secure. 
  • After this update is installed, Windows may periodically display a notification informing you of problems that may prevent Windows Update from keeping your device up-to-date and protected against current threats. For example, you may see a notification informing you that your device is currently running a version of Windows that has reached the end of its support lifecycle, or that your device does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for the currently installed version of Windows.

What this means is that Windows 10 users can expect to see notifications pestering them to upgrade to Windows 11 -- or to buy a new computer if their current hardware is not up to the task.

There is some amusement to revel in, though. Microsoft may be trying to use the KB5001716 update to push Windows 11, but there are lots of reports of users being unable to install the update. 0x80070643 errors are surprisingly common, although issues are yet to be acknowledged by Microsoft.

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