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Xiaomi announces Mi Mix 2 flagship smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Featuring a massive edge-to-edge display and high-end internals, the Mi Mix was perhaps the most impressive smartphone that Xiaomi released last year. Things are no different with the newly-announced Mi Mix 2, which uses the same recipe in terms of design and performance, but packs everything in a more manageable package.

The Mi Mix 2 makes the transition to a 5.99-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, which is substantially smaller than the 6.4-inch screen used on the original model. The "chin" is also smaller, by 12 percent, says Xiaomi. Overall, the smaller footprint should make it a more attractive proposition in today's market compared to its predecessor.

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Why should Google buy HTC?


Rumor has it that Google is about to buy HTC's smartphone business. The search giant has the money and the hunger to make it in this market, and the Taiwanese maker has the know-how it needs to come up with the great products that it needs to make a splash -- just look at the Pixel for example. It looks like a match made in heaven.

But, looking at Google's history with Motorola it is hard to understand why the search giant needs to buy another smartphone business. After all, it does not need to own one to make its Pixel smartphones, so why go through all this trouble?

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New Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Studio may launch in October


Microsoft's upcoming event in London, called Future Decoded, will have Panos Panay, the Surface head, as one of the keynote speakers, fueling speculation that the tech giant will unveil the new-generation products part of its hardware line at the end of next month.

Microsoft has already unveiled two new Surface devices this year, the Surface Laptop and the new Surface Pro, but it has yet to reveal a successor to the Surface Book or Surface Studio.

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Samsung pays up to $200,000 in bug bounty program

Writing code coding programming programmer coder developer

To improve the security of their products, many high profile tech companies have introduced bug bounty programs. The rewards can be pretty substantial, depending on the severity of the bug and the quality of the report, as Samsung's first such initiative focused on its mobile devices proves.

Called the Mobile Security Rewards Program, Samsung's bug bounty program will pay researchers up to $200,000 for finding security vulnerabilities in its mobile devices and related software.

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Huawei sells more smartphones than Apple

Huawei P10

With a couple of notable exceptions, Apple consistently ranks as the second largest smartphone manufacturer based on sales. It's something that we've become accustomed to. No other vendor, except Samsung, has managed to beat it.

Well, until now, that is. According to a new report from Counterpoint, Apple was overtaken by Huawei, which posted a very strong performance towards the second half of the year.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 runs stock Android, features dual 12MP camera

Xiaomi Mi A1 photo

Xiaomi has become one of the largest smartphone manufacturers thanks in part to its approach to customizing Android. MIUI, its distribution, is a significant departure from what is commonly referred to as "stock Android," which is the version that Google ships on its Pixel line of smartphones, packing lots of added features and a heavy theme.

Its new Mi A1 is different. This is Xiaomi's first smartphone running stock Android, and it is also its first entry in the Android One program. It is not, however, an entry-level device, as it features faster and better hardware than what we've seen so far in the Android One landscape.

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Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality headset arrives this holiday season

Lenovo Explorer

We've known for quite some time of Lenovo's Windows Mixed Reality headset, but it is not until today that we learn more about what it will bring to the table when it will finally arrive later this year.

First, let's talk about the name. Unlike ASUS, which calls its offering the Windows Mixed Reality Headset, Lenovo has come up with a more fitting name for its first device: the Explorer. This will surely make it more appealing in the eyes of early adopters.

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Sony's new Xperia XZ1 flagship ships with Android 8.0 Oreo


It's been a while since Sony came up with a flagship smartphone I wanted to talk about. The new Xperia XZ1 is an interesting proposition in the high-end segment, mainly because it comes with the latest and greatest version of Android out of the box, less than two weeks after Google announced Oreo.

I expected Sony to be late to the party, but this time around it managed to get ahead of the likes of LG and Samsung, which is impressive. What is not is the fact that the Xperia XZ1, just like its smaller Xperia XZ1 Compact brother, looks very similar to the Xperia Z1 from four years ago.

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LG takes the wraps off V30 flagship


The G6 is a nice high-end smartphone, but it cannot hold its own against Apple's next iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S8. LG's new V30, however, might just have what it takes to level the playing field.

LG is well aware that it cannot win a battle against the heavyweights in this market if it does not bring its A game, which is why the V30 comes with everything that you expect a flagship to have in this part of 2017 -- and more. It's actually the first LG-made flagship in years that I would want to buy.

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TeamViewer will add screen sharing to iOS app

TeamViewer screen sharing iOS 11

Apple announced many of the new features that will be available in iOS 11 at WWDC 2017, but there is one that we are only hearing about just now: screen recording.

Yes, come this fall, iPhone and iPad users will be able to show others what is on their smartphone or tablet's screen. And TeamViewer just announced that it will be the first to have a screen-sharing solution available on iOS.

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ASUS details Windows Mixed Reality Headset

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset_Cool touch fabric

Dell revealed more information about its first Windows Mixed Reality headset yesterday, and now it is ASUS' turn to do the same. The company, which is among the first supporters of the platform, chose IFA 2017 to talk about price and expands on the specs that it has.

The Windows Mixed Reality Headset (yes, that's its actual name), which we first read about back in late-May, has a pretty cool design, featuring "hundreds of 3D polygons and a glossy tone-on-tone effect."

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ASUS unveils the ultra-fast RT-AX88U 802.11ax Wi-Fi router


ASUS is among the leading players in the router market, constantly pushing the envelope in terms of performance and design. The latest high-end entry in its lineup is no different. The new RT-AX88U, which is also ASUS' first 802.11ax offering, promises transfer speeds of up 5,962Mbps over Wi-Fi and features sharp edges, massive antennas and gold accents -- just what you would expect out of an ASUS router.

The RT-AX88U is not the only router that ASUS announced today at IFA 2017, as it also unveiled the RT-AC86U. The company specifically mentions gamers as its target market for the latter, with the RT-AC86U packing a built-in accelerator to optimize connections to game servers.

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Alexa and Cortana will be able to talk to each other

Alexa Cortana

Digital assistants can do many things well, but no single one can do everything that we need. That's why we use different ones, depending on what we want to do and what device we are using. But what if they could talk to each other, so we wouldn't have to switch between them anymore?

Amazon and Microsoft have decided to do just that, announcing that Alexa and Cortana will soon be able to work together to help users do what they want much more quickly and easily. Here's what that means for the two tech giants' customers.

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Bitcoin breaks $4,700, Ethereum back over $360

Bitcoin Ethereum BTC ETH

The cryptocurrency market is now valued at $164 billion, with $20 billion added to its capitalization in less than two weeks. That is in no small part thanks to the rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have posted strong gains since our last coverage.

The most interesting development comes from Ethereum, which has stagnated recently around the $300 mark. It is slowly but surely regaining its strength, as, today, it traded for over $360 for the first time since June 21, rising its market cap to over $34 billion.

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Dell unveils its first Windows Mixed Reality headset

Dell Visor

Windows Mixed Reality headsets are coming, and Dell is among the first of Microsoft's partners to showcase its entry in this market. Called the Visor, it's said to feature the same technology that's found in the software giant's HoloLens, but at a fraction of the cost.

Dell says that the Visor will be available in a few months in the US for $349.99, which is $2650.01 less than what you can expect to pay for the Development Edition of HoloLens today. Let's take a closer look at it.

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