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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22523, makes ISOs available to download

Windows 11 laptop

Microsoft has just begun rolling out what will be the final new Windows 11 Dev Channel build before the holidays.

After blocking Insiders with ARM64 PCs from installing Build 22518 last week, Microsoft is offering this flight to all. The software giant is also making ISOs for it available to download.

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Hey Apple, this is the iOS 16 we need

Apple rolls out a major update for its mobile operating systems -- iOS and iPadOS -- every year, introducing new features and enhancements. This year, iOS 15 gave us new ways to focus, better FaceTime, live text, photo memories, SharePlay, improved Apple Maps, and much more.

We won’t know exactly what the tech giant has planned for iOS 16 until the middle of 2022, but if you want a glimpse at what the OS should look like, we’ve got this stunning video to wow you. It takes everything we like about iOS/iPadOS, but improves on it significantly.

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Bitdefender pulls the plug on its free antivirus solution

I’ve used many different antivirus programs over the years, but these days I swear by the excellent Bitdefender Total Security. Not everyone wants to pay for protection of course, which is why free solutions prove so popular.

Bitdefender’s no-cost offering -- Antivirus Free Edition for Windows -- is a great choice, or rather I should say 'was' a great choice, as the company is set to retire it by the end of the year.

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Get 'Data-First Marketing' ($15 value) FREE for a limited time

Digital transformation has created a widening gap between what the CEO and business expect marketing to do and what the CMO and the marketing organization actually deliver.

The key to unlocking the true value of marketing is data -- from actual buyer behavior to targeting info on social media platforms to marketing’s own campaign metrics. Data is the next big battlefield for not just marketers, but also for the business because the judicious application of data analytics will create a competitive advantage in the Age of Analytics.

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Download Microsoft's new 'Pantone Color of the Year 2022' theme for Windows 10 and Windows 11

If you’re looking for some new high-quality Windows wallpapers, Microsoft has you covered with its new 'Pantone Color of the Year 2022' theme pack which is now available to download for free from the Microsoft Store.

The collection consists of four new variations of the popular Windows bloom wallpaper included with Windows 11.

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Get 'Career Finder' ($8 value) FREE for a limited time

The quest for the work and a career that's right for you -- that's fulfilling and that you enjoy -- is a process of discovery. It involves learning about yourself and finding out about the wide range of work and careers available. And it involves finding out how best to access the work or career you're interested in.

Whether you have no idea what work or career you want to do or there's too many options and you can't decide, Career Finder: Where to go from here for a Successful Future will help you discover what's right for you and how to go about achieving it.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22518 with Spotlight Collection backgrounds and voice access

Some Windows Insider builds of Windows 11 are more exciting than others. Today’s new flight, Build 22518, introduces a number of big new features, including Spotlight collection backgrounds, an updated entry point for Widgets with weather, and voice access.

This new build also makes it easier to install WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) from the Microsoft Store.

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Redesigned Notepad for Windows 11 now available to test

Windows 11 might be available to install now, but it’s very much a work in progress with many of the touted features not currently available.

If you’re a Windows Insider, you can from today try out the new and improved Notepad which sports a redesigned UI and offers a smart dark mode.

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Quickly fix many of Windows 11's annoying problems

Windows 11 has the potential to be a great operating system, but it’s not there yet. That’s to be expected of course, as it was only released two months ago, and it took multiple feature updates before Windows 10 became the OS it should have been from the get-go.

Microsoft is rolling out bug fixes for Windows 11 and testing new features and improvements in its Insider builds, which all points towards a bright future. However, if you’re annoyed by the new OS as it is now, it’s easy to fix some of the more frustrating issues.

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Microsoft making it easier to reject Edge and set a different default browser in Windows 11

Despite recently taking away the option to open internal links in other browsers, and stepping up its campaign to convince would-be Chrome users to stay with Edge, it seems Microsoft has made a surprise change in Windows 11 that will make it easier for users to set a different browser as the default.

At least, that is, if a change that crops up in the latest Insider build makes it into a future stable release.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22509 with new layout options for Start

Windows 11 laptop

Having taken a week off last week for Thanksgiving, the Windows 11 development team today rolls out a fresh new build to Insiders in the Dev Channel.

The key new addition in Build 22509 is a set of improvements designed to make it easier to browse the web in Microsoft Edge using Narrator, but that's not all. The clock and date will now show on secondary monitors, and there are also new layout options for Start, as well as Settings changes.

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Microsoft introduces Teams Essentials for small businesses

The pandemic unquestionably accelerated the move to working from home, and the likes of Zoom and Microsoft stepped up to provide the tools needed for this shift.

Today, Microsoft announces the general availability of Teams Essentials, a standalone, lower-priced version of Teams designed specifically for small businesses.

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Get 'Linux Security Fundamentals' ($24 value) FREE for a limited time

Linux Security Fundamentals provides basic foundational concepts of securing a Linux environment.

The focus of this book is the digital self-defense of an individual user. This includes a general understanding of major threats against individual computing systems, networks, services and identity as well as approaches to prevent and mitigate them.

This book is useful for anyone considering a career as a Linux administrator or for those administrators who need to learn more about Linux security issues. Topics include:

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Windows 11 edges closer to 10 percent market share

Windows 11 was first released two months ago, and although it has some tough system requirements (most notably the need for TPM 2.0), and it’s still only being rolled out to compatible systems, the new OS is fast gaining market share.

It still has a long way to go before it supplants Windows 10, but it’s showing solid growth.

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Microsoft's new online museum celebrates 20 years of Xbox

It’s been 20 years since Microsoft unveiled the original Xbox which, incidentally, is the only model of the company’s games console I’ve ever owned.

Although I’m a PlayStation gamer, I’m also interested in consoles of the past, and for that reason I’ve spent an enjoyable hour exploring Microsoft's new Xbox Museum. This site lets you discover the history of the brand and also the history of Halo, Microsoft's most famous gaming series.

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