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This beautiful Android R design could make me switch from iOS

I’ve switched between owning an iPhone and various Android handsets over the years, but for me iOS remains easily the best mobile operating system (and iPhone XS the best smartphone). It would take something very special to tempt me back to Android.

Something like this stylish vision of Android 11.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 19H2 Build 18362.10005 to the Slow ring

Windows Insiders on the Fast ring have been receiving weekly Windows 10 builds from the 20H1 branch -- the feature update due out a year from now.

There is another update coming later this year though, and Insiders on the Slow ring are receiving these 19H2 builds as cumulative updates.

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Ekster Parliament 3.0 voice-activated smart wallet [Review]

There are three things you likely never leave home without -- your wallet, phone, and keys -- and it could be devastating if you lost any of them, or had them stolen.

Ekster 3.0 launched a couple of days ago and is the world’s first voice-activated smart wallet, with worldwide traceability, quick card access, and RFID protection. You can use your phone to track down the wallet should you lose it, and use the wallet to find your phone if that goes missing. (It can’t help with your keys though, so take good care of those).

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 Build 18936 with passwordless sign-ins

Even though the next major feature update for Windows 10 isn’t due for a year, Microsoft is rolling out weekly new builds for it.

Windows 10 20H1 Build 18936 offers a number of new features, including the ability to go passwordless on your device, and create calendar events directly from the taskbar.

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Get 'Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch' ($23 value) FREE for a limited time

Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch from Packt Publishing will teach you how to hack systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts.

It will help you understand how computer systems work and their vulnerabilities, explain how to exploit weaknesses and hack into machines to test their security, and learn how to secure systems from hackers now.

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Windows 1.11 and Windows Throwback now available to download

Last week Windows’ social accounts caused some excitement and confusion by announcing the arrival of Windows 1.0.

I correctly guessed that it was part of a Stranger Things tie-in because the newly launched season 3 of Netflix’s supernatural drama is set in 1985, the same year that Microsoft launched Windows 1.0. A new Windows 1.11 app briefly appeared over the weekend before being withdrawn, and it’s now back up and available for anyone to download. And that's not all.

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Hands on with Windows 1.11, the Stranger Things tie-in you didn't know you needed (minor spoilers)

This week Microsoft has been teasing users across the web with a series of Windows 1.0 announcements. That operating system originally came out in 1985, and the latest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things is set in the same year, so there was never any doubt that the teasers and the show were linked in some way. But how?

On Friday Microsoft revealed we’d know the answer on Monday, but we now know exactly what’s coming -- Windows 1.11.

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Microsoft's Windows 1.0/Stranger Things tie-in just got stranger

Microsoft has been running an amusing series of tweets on its Windows social accounts. It announced Windows 1.0 back on July 1, and then followed up it across the week with additional Windows 1.0 images and videos.

While some people, and some news sites, were seemingly confused by the move, it was clear from the start for a lot of us that it was a Stranger Things 3 tie in, seeing as the new season is set in 1985, the same year that Windows 1.0 arrived. But although each new tweet has made the link clearer, today’s one also includes an intriguing twist.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 Build 18932 with notification improvements

When it’s not crowing about the cutting edge abilities of Windows 1.0, Microsoft is busy working on the next big feature update for Windows 10, due out next year.

Today it rolls out Build 18932 which introduces some eye control improvements, and refined notification settings, among other changes.

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Microsoft announces Windows 1.0

The new season of Stranger Things starts on Netflix this Thursday -- July 4th -- and is being described by reviewers as a return to form, great news for anyone who felt a bit let down by season 2.

The new season is set in 1985, a year which gave us the Live Aid concerts, New Coke, Calvin and Hobbes, Back to the Future, and the first version of Microsoft Windows.

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Windows XP pops Cherry at Glasto

When you’re performing live at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, it’s probably not advisable to trust your background visuals to an old laptop running Windows XP.

This is a lesson that Neneh Cherry learned to her cost at this weekend’s Glastonbury when the laptop generating images on the rear video screen decided to reboot unexpectedly during a performance of her hit 7 Seconds.

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The separation of storage and compute [Q&A]

Business intelligence and analytic projects have traditionally been based on the concept of the enterprise data warehouse, which saw compute and storage combined in a monolithic platform to achieve the performance required for high-performance analytics. More recently, the trend has been toward data lakes, but this was similarly based on the approach of putting all data in a single environment -- initially Hadoop -- for storage and analysis.

We spoke with Justin Borgman, CEO for Starburst Data, on why he believes the separation of storage and compute in the data processing and analytics sector is a trend that will continue to gain momentum.

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Only a tiny fraction of Windows 10 users are running the May 2019 Update

The latest Windows 10 feature release, the May 2019 Update, is slowly making its way to users, but after the mess that was the October 2018 Update, Microsoft is keeping a close eye on proceedings.

As a result, it means the rollout is happening at an incredibly glacial pace. In fact, it's occurring at roughly the same rate as its predecessor, which isn't good news.

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New Kodi update arrives -- download it now!

Earlier in the week the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the arrival of the Raspberry Pi 4, a much more powerful version of its barebones credit-card sized computer that’s hugely popular with Kodi users. You can even buy a cool Kodi-themed case for it.

Hot on the heels of a new version of LibreELEC, the lightweight Linux distro that’s perfect for running Kodi on a Pi, the Kodi Foundation releases a new version of its home theatre software.

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Flirc 'Kodi Edition' case now available for Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi is understandably very popular with Kodi users, as it makes for a great, portable home theater system. There’s even a dedicated version of Kodi designed purely for the Pi.

Yesterday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched the latest, and easily most powerful version of its barebones computer -- the Raspberry Pi 4. The trouble is, it has a different board layout, making it incompatible with existing cases.

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