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Apple unveils iOS 16 with reimagined Lock Screen and much more

It’s the first day of Apple’s developer conference, and in its big keynote, the company has revealed what’s coming in the next iteration of its mobile operating system.

If you’ve ever wished your iPhone’s Lock Screen was more customizable, Apple has you covered in iOS 16. There’s a new multilayered effect which lets you set the subject of photos in front of the time, and users can finally change the look of the date and time with different type choices and colors. That’s not all though.

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Watch Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote live here today

Today is a big day for Apple as it will be opening its yearly developer conference with an exciting keynote. As always there will be a lot of software news.

The focus will no doubt be on the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS (there’s talk of a better battery mode), but it’s possible new hardware will also be unveiled.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25131 but warns of new known issues

Windows 11 laptop

Not every Windows 11 Dev Channel build has new features for Insiders to try out. With some releases the focus is more on fixing problems, to make the test version of the OS more stable.

That’s the case with today’s new flight, Build 25131, which fixes quite a few problems, and also highlights two new known issues.

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Get 'Modern DevOps Practices' ($35.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Containers have entirely changed how developers and end-users see applications as a whole. With Modern DevOps Practices, you'll learn all about containers, their architecture and benefits, and how to implement them within your development lifecycle.

You'll discover how you can transition from the traditional world of virtual machines and adopt modern ways of using DevOps to ship a package of software continuously. Starting with a quick refresher on the core concepts of containers, you'll move on to study the architectural concepts to implement modern ways of application development.

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Microsoft's new Surface Laptop Go 2 is available to pre-order today from $599

Just yesterday, we reported that Microsoft was readying a new Surface Laptop Go, with many of the specs revealed early on a Korean website.

We said that Microsoft was planning to announce the new device "in the coming weeks", but it turns out we don't have to wait anywhere near that long as the software giant today introduces the new Surface Laptop Go 2, with a starting price of $599.

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Get 'Windows 10 All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition' ($39.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Computer users have been "doing Windows" since the 1980s. That long run doesn’t mean everyone knows the best-kept secrets of the globally ubiquitous operating system. Windows 10 All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition offers a deep guide for navigating the basics of Windows 10 and diving into more advanced features.  

Authors and recognized Windows experts Ciprian Rusen and Woody Leonhard deliver a comprehensive and practical resource that provides the knowledge you need to operate Windows 10, along with a few shortcuts to make using a computer feel less like work. 

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Windows 11 Phone is everything a mobile operating system should be

Microsoft certainly bet big on Windows 10 Mobile, even going so far as to buy phone giant Nokia in order to make its own handsets for it. While there was much to recommend the tiled mobile operating system, the combined might of iOS and Android proved too strong for the would-be rival. Windows 10 grew into a great operating system on PCs and tablets, but the company was forced to pull the plug on its mobile aspirations.

Windows 11 is slowly replacing Windows 10 (with the emphasis on 'slowly') but given the chance, would it fare any better on mobile than its predecessor did?

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Get 'Connect, Relate, Motivate' ($9.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Communication has become one of the most puzzling paradoxes of our time. We live in a world that is hyper-connected; more plugged in, tuned in and turned on than ever before.

Yet, social science confirms that more and more people feel isolated and disconnected from their communities and families. They feel overworked, underpaid, misunderstood and alone. Connect, Relate, Motivate is a fresh approach to tackle modern communication challenges, written for today's time poor reader; easily consumed in one sitting (one flight), or one night!

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25120 with new Bing-powered desktop search bar

A while back, Microsoft announced that it would be using the Insider Dev Channel to trial new, more experimental ideas in Windows 11. In the latest insider flight, Build 25120, we see a good example of this.

Insiders will now see a new search bar on the desktop that they can use to search the web. This won’t be something that appeals to everyone -- especially as it uses Bing to return results -- but it’s easy enough to disable.

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Microsoft Teams finally arrives in the Microsoft Store -- so long as you don't want it for personal use on Windows 11

The apps section of the Microsoft Store has been an embarrassment since day one, and even now -- despite Microsoft’s efforts to improve it -- it’s still a dumpster fire.

Perhaps most embarrassingly of all, if you went to the app store expecting to be able to download Microsoft Teams, you’ll have drawn a blank as it wasn’t there. Today though, that finally changes. Well, changes for some users anyway.

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Here's what's new and changed in Kodi 20 'Nexus' Alpha 1

Yesterday, we revealed that the next big version of Kodi had hit an important milestone. Nightly builds of Kodi 20 'Nexus' have been available for months, but now there’s a much more stable release for users to download.

Although it’s only a pre-release build, and therefore will likely have some bugs to watch out for, Kodi 20 'Nexus' Alpha 1's arrival will excite a lot of people. Team Kodi is very proud of this release, and highlights the following changes and new features.

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Debian-derived Kali Linux now available for download with GNOME 42

Kali Linux is a fantastic distro that is used primarily for digital forensics and penetration testing. Even if you’ve never used it before, you may well have seen it in movies and TV shows like Mr Robot. It comes with wide range of tools to help in investigations and incident responses.

Today the distro’s developer, Offensive Security, announces Kali Linux 2022.2, with new features and tools, as well as a number of impressive updates.

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Kodi 20 'Nexus' hits a major development milestone and is available to download now [Updated]

Kodi 20 -- codename 'Nexus' -- is the next version of the popular home theater software. In development for around a year, builds for the successor to Kodi 19 'Matrix' have been available to download for a while now, but these have all been 'nightly' releases, and not suitable for most users.

Today though, Kodi 20 hits a big milestone and finally becomes a more viable choice for those who want to try out the next major iteration.

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AvdanOS Pro really is the Windows 11/macOS alternative we need!

If you want to run a modern version of Windows, you can choose between Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you have an Apple computer, then it will run macOS, and if you don’t fancy any of those options, then you can opt for various flavors of Linux distro.

But what if you’re not blown away by any of those? AvdanOS Pro gives us a glimpse of what the future could look like.

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Get 'Python for Geeks' ($39.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Python is a multipurpose language that can be used for multiple use cases. Python for Geeks will teach you how to advance in your career with the help of expert tips and tricks.

You'll start by exploring the different ways of using Python optimally, both from the design and implementation point of view. Next, you'll understand the life cycle of a large-scale Python project. As you advance, you'll focus on different ways of creating an elegant design by modularizing a Python project and learn best practices and design patterns for using Python.

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