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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22449 -- the first of the more experimental builds

Windows 11 magnifying glass

If you’re a Windows Insider in the Dev Channel, you’re about to start getting less stable, more experimental builds of Windows 11.

Build 22449, released today, follows on from Build 22000.168 released last week. The big leap in version numbers is because this new build is the first to come from the active development branch (RS_PRERELEASE). Future builds will no long match the Windows 11 that is set to roll out to users starting October 5.

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Get 'Digital Forensics with Kali Linux -- Second Edition' ($24.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Kali Linux is a Linux-based distribution that's widely used for penetration testing and digital forensics.

It has a wide range of tools to help for digital forensics investigations and incident response mechanisms. This updated second edition of Digital Forensics with Kali Linux covers the latest version of Kali Linux and The Sleuth Kit. You'll get to grips with modern techniques for analysis, extraction, and reporting using advanced tools such as FTK Imager, hex editor, and Axiom.

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Microsoft to reveal new Surface devices on September 22

With Windows 11 set to begin rolling out at the Start of October, it was inevitable that Microsoft would take the opportunity to showcase some new hardware for it.

The software giant today announces a new event for the end of this month in which it is expected to take the wraps off a new collection of Surface devices, as well as show off its new operating system in some depth.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 19044.1202 (KB5005101)

With the great (and lengthy) Windows 11 rollout set to begin at the start of next month, most of the attention is on that operating system, but Microsoft is still developing Windows 10 and rolling out new Insider builds on a regular basis.

Windows 10 21H2 Build 19044.1202 (KB5005101) is available in the Release Preview Channel now and as with previous recent releases how you’ll get it will depend on a number of things.

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Looking forward to running Android apps in Windows 11? The feature won't arrive until next year

In a recent survey, there were two big new features in Windows 11 that had people excited. 35 percent said the centered Start menu was their favorite new feature, while 26 percent said it was native Android support they were most looking forward to.

Well, if you’re one of those people keen to run Android apps on your Windows 11 PC, there’s some bad news. The feature isn’t ready, and it won’t even start being tested by Insiders for months yet.

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Microsoft officially reveals Windows 11's release date, but most people won't get it then, and some will have to wait until next summer!

There has been quite a lot of speculation regarding the date when Windows 11 will be made available to non-Insiders with clues pointing towards October 20.

However, Microsoft today reveals when the OS will start to arrive, and that will actually be October 5. However, before you mark that date in your calendar and start counting down the days, there are caveats that mean you probably won’t get it then. In fact, you might not even get it until the middle of next year.

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Microsoft releases a test version of its updated Windows 11 PC Health Check app

When Microsoft first announced Windows 11, users turned to the company’s PC Health Check app to see if their systems would be able to run the new OS.

For a lot of users, the answer turned out to be no, although the app didn’t explain why. Because this was far from helpful, Microsoft two months ago took the step of removing the app. Now, today it makes it available once again, with the promise that it will actually do what it’s supposed to this time around -- tell you if your PC can run Windows 11, and if not, why not.

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Microsoft updates the Windows 11 minimum system requirements, but it's not good news for many

When Microsoft first announced the minimum system requirements for its upcoming operating system, most people didn’t take much notice. Surely Windows 11 wouldn’t be too different from Windows 10, right? Wrong.

Primarily as a result of its support for TPM 2.0, Windows 11 won’t run on a lot of systems, especially older ones. This caused a lot of negative feedback, leading Microsoft to reconsider whether or not it had made the right call, and today it announces its findings.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22000.168 and an update for the Microsoft Store

Windows 11 laptop

Although Microsoft is expected to release Windows 11 this October, there’s still plenty of work to be done on the new operating system between then and now.

Today the software giant releases Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.168 to everyone in the Dev and Beta Channels, but with the warning that Dev Channel builds are set to become less stable in the future and Insiders who aren’t prepared to take that risk should consider switching to the Beta Channel.

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Get 'The Adaptation Advantage: Let Go, Learn Fast, and Thrive in the Future of Work' ($17 value) FREE for a limited time

Technology is changing work as we know it. Cultural norms are undergoing tectonic shifts. A global pandemic proves that we are inextricably connected whether we choose to be or not. So much change, so quickly, is disorienting. It's undermining our sense of identity and challenging our ability to adapt. But where so many see these changes as threatening,

Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley see the opportunity to open the flood gates of human potential -- if we can change the way we think about work and leadership. They have dedicated the last 5 years to understanding how technical, business, and cultural shifts affecting the workplace have brought us to this crossroads, The result is a powerful and practical guide to the future of work for leaders and employees.

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Windows 11 survey says over half of users plan to upgrade, but the new look isn't popular

Windows 11 is set to arrive (for some users at least) in the coming months, and brings with it a new look that’s proving to be quite divisive.

That doesn’t mean people aren’t interested in upgrading to the new OS. In fact, in a new survey of Windows users, over half of those people polled said they intend to upgrade to Windows 11 as soon as possible, with the centered Start menu and native support for Android apps being the two big draws.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22000.160 with a new Clock app

If you want to do a fresh Windows 11 install you can now grab ISO files for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.132.

That isn’t the latest version however, as Microsoft today rolls out Build 22000.160 to everyone in the Dev and Beta Channels with some useful additions, including a new Clock app with Focus Sessions.

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Microsoft releases first Windows 11 ISO files so you can do a clean install or in-place upgrade

Windows 11 laptop

Windows 11 is set to be released later in the year, but you can already run it now as part of the Windows Insider Program.

If you would like to try out the new operating system in a virtualized environment, or on a spare PC, the good news is the tech giant has made ISO files for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.132 available to download now.

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Get 'Security Fundamentals' ($24.00 value) FREE for a limited time

Security is one of the most important components to every company’s computer network. That’s why the Security Fundamentals MTA Certification is so highly sought after. Filling IT positions is a top problem in today’s businesses, so this certification could be your first step toward a stable and lucrative IT career.

Security Fundamentals is your guide to developing a strong foundational understanding of Windows security, so you can take your IT career to the next level and feel confident going into the certification exam.

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Shutterstock integrates with leading Digital Asset Management platform OpenText

Shutterstock is well known as a provider of quality stock content and tools for brands, businesses and media companies, and it’s just entered into a new partnership with OpenText, a worldwide leader in digital asset management (DAM).

The new API integration will give Shutterstock Enterprise and OpenText customers direct access to over 380 million high-quality Shutterstock images via OpenText Media Management.

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