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Microsoft releases KB5006674 update for Windows 11 to fix networking problems and more

Windows 11

It's now a week since Microsoft started the rollout of Windows 11, and the latest version of the operating system has just received its first cumulative patch.

With the release of the KB5006674 update, Microsoft is addressing one of the compatibility issues that was preventing some people from upgrading to Windows 11. Taking the Windows 11 version number up to 22000.258, the update fixes issues found between the operating system and some Intel networking software.

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Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.47.1, fixing bugs in FancyZones and more

Microsoft PowerToys

With the current PowerToys release cycle, Microsoft had vowed to work on stability and optimization, and the company is making good on this promise.

It is only a couple of weeks since the release of v0.47.0 of the utility collection, but now there is another update to install. This time around, there are fixes for PowerToys Run, FancyZones and Shortcut Guide.

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Kubuntu Focus XE is the perfect laptop for Windows-switchers and Linux beginners [Review]

All Linux distributions are not created equally. In other words, it is absolutely not correct to say "Linux is Linux." Not only are there differences under the hood with things like package managers and kernel versions, but more user-focused variations too, such as the actual desktop environment. Unlike Windows that only offers one interface, there are several for Linux-based operating systems. Ultimately, a user's Linux experience can vary wildly based on distro.

But what Linux distribution is best for a beginner? This is an impossible question to answer definitively, but to attempt to do so, it is important to first define what a "beginner" actually is. Are they a first-time computer user or more likely, a longtime Windows user looking to switch to Linux? While the former is a blank canvas, the latter has many existing computing habits and expectations. And so, looking for something that doesn't deviate far from the traditional Windows user interface.

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OpenSilver picks up where Silverlight leaves off

Let us pause for a moment to remember Microsoft Silverlight. The web application framework and alternative to Flash and Java reaches the end of its support life today.

Whilst it never had the market penetration of the others, Silverlight had a 15-year lifespan and in 2010 the plug-in was on over 53 percent of browsers.

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Download Windows Subsystem for Linux app from the Windows 11 Microsoft Store

WSL Microsoft Store

Microsoft's embracing of Linux has been slow but steady, and nowhere is this more evident than with Window Subsystem for Linux -- or WSL. Now, a new WSL app has just been released to the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 users.

With this latest release, the company is bringing Windows Subsystem for Linux to a much wider audience. Previously only available as an optional component of Windows itself, in launching a separate WSL app, Microsoft is massively increasing the visibility of the much-loved tool.

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Microsoft Translator adds a dozen new languages and dialects

If you like to travel internationally, you know that language differences can be a huge pain point. English speakers are lucky, as that language is often spoken as a second language. That isn't always the case, however, so communication can be a huge barrier. This isn't just an issue for those that travel for pleasure, but for business travelers too.

Luckily, technology has minimized this pain. Software allows convenient translation, making both communication and the consumption of foreign language media much easier. Microsoft Translator is one such great solution, and today, it gets a dozen new languages and dialects!

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Microsoft warns of new Windows 11 problems with apps using unusual registry keys

Windows 11 magnifying glass

Microsoft has shared details of a new known issue with Windows 11. The company has confirmed that a problem exists with apps that use certain characters in registry keys.

As a result of the discovery, Microsoft has put a compatibility hold in place that means people with problematic apps installed will not be offered Windows 11 via Windows Update. The issue is under investigation.

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Microsoft launches 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

Want to feel really old? The original Xbox was released nearly 20 years ago! Yes, way back on November 15 of 2001, Microsoft officially joined the console wars, competing with companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Sega. While the Xbox consoles have not been a huge success in Asia, they are wildly popular in the USA. Many people doubted Microsoft could succeed with its gaming consoles, but the Windows 11-maker is still going strong two decades later.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the Xbox brand, Microsoft is launching a very special product that is sure to be a hot commodity this Christmas shopping season -- the 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller. This beautiful controller mixes nostalgic designs with modern hardware to create something truly special.

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Regret installing Windows 11? Here's how to go back to Windows 10

Windows 11 is currently rolling out to users with compatible hardware, but if you don't want to wait you can jump the queue. You can even install it on PCs without the TPM 2.0 requirement using this hack. Although it’s early days, a number of users have reported problems with the OS, which is to be expected.

If you upgrade to Windows 11 and encounter problems -- or decide it’s simply not for you -- you might want to go back to Windows 10, and wait until the new OS is a bit less buggy. The process is straightforward enough, although there are some downsides to be aware of.

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Gartner cautions against speedy enterprise adoption of Windows 11

Windows 11 magnifying glass

Research Vice President with analyst firm Gartner has said that Windows 11 could have been released as a feature update for Windows 10 rather than a whole new version of the operating system.

While Stephen Kleynhans praises the removal of Internet Explorer, the addition of Android support and welcomes what he describes as an "overdue facelift", he feels that releasing this as an upgrade rather than just an update is simple marketing by Microsoft. He also advises business and enterprise uses against rushing into adopting Windows 11 and predicts low usage numbers even by 2023.

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How to get Windows 11 on your PC today

Windows 11 is here! Well, it is for some people. If you’re currently running Windows 10 and you navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, you’ll have already verified whether your PC meets the system requirements to receive the update.

Assuming it passes muster, Microsoft would like you to wait for the update to be offered to you. But what if you can’t wait, or want to use the opportunity to create a clean install of Windows 11? What options are available to you?

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Install Windows 11 on 'incompatible' systems using Microsoft's official registry hack to bypass the TPM 2.0/CPU check

Although Microsoft would prefer it if people waited to be invited to install Windows 11 on compatible hardware, you can jump the queue now and install it in a number of ways, including by downloading the ISO file, or using the Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

Microsoft has warned against installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware but -- in the perfect display of the mixed messaging the company seems so adept at delivering when it comes to the new OS -- it’s also revealed the steps you need to take to do exactly that.

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Microsoft security features are hampering game performance in Windows 11

Windows 11

With Windows 11 now available for more people to download and install, more and more problems are starting to emerge. We've already seen a short list of known issues, and users have already complained of high memory usage by File Explorer.

Another issue that is causing some annoyance is an apparent reduction in gaming performance under Windows 11.  The slowdown is measurable in benchmarks and has been blamed on the Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) and Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity (HVCI) security features.

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Debian-based MX Linux 21 RC is here to spoil Microsoft's big Windows 11 launch party

Today is October 5, which is particularly significant as it is the official Windows 11 release date. This is even more special as Microsoft's latest desktop operating system isn't just good... it's great. Yes, this is probably the best version of Windows ever, and if you are a Windows user, you should absolutely upgrade if your computer is compatible.

Unfortunately, that is a pretty big "if" this time around. You see, Microsoft is quite strict with the system requirements, meaning many computers will not be compatible or officially supported. Even though Windows 10 will continue to be supported for a while, understandably, some users will want to jump ship immediately knowing their PC has no future in Microsoft's eyes. Thankfully, these users have a wonderful alternative to Windows 11 -- Linux!

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Windows 11 installation failing with an '0x8007007f' error? There's a workaround

Microsoft started to roll out Windows 11 yesterday -- a day earlier than originally stated -- and many users chose to immediately jump on the new OS, installing it via either the Media Creation Tool or the Windows 11 Installation Assistant. The latter is the method I used to painlessly upgrade both my desktop and laptop PCs.

For some users however, the process has been far from painless, with a number of eager upgraders reporting the installation stalling with error code '0x8007007f', despite their having compatible hardware.

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