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New Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Studio may launch in October


Microsoft's upcoming event in London, called Future Decoded, will have Panos Panay, the Surface head, as one of the keynote speakers, fueling speculation that the tech giant will unveil the new-generation products part of its hardware line at the end of next month.

Microsoft has already unveiled two new Surface devices this year, the Surface Laptop and the new Surface Pro, but it has yet to reveal a successor to the Surface Book or Surface Studio.

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Microsoft enterprise apps will arrive on Huawei Cloud

Huawei Connect 2017

Huawei has revealed a new tie-up with Microsoft as it looks to improve the world of public cloud.

At the Huawei Connect 2017 event in Shanghai today, the Chinese giant has confirmed it will expanding its partnership with Microsoft to allow the latter's enterprise apps to come to Huawei Cloud.

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Over a third of Windows 10 users still don't have the Creators Update

bored waiting

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is set to launch on October 17, but a large portion of Windows 10 users are still waiting to be offered the Creators Update which was released back in April.

Windows 10 rollouts tend to be quite slow -- Microsoft only makes each upgrade available to systems it considers compatible -- but the pace of the Creators Update rollout has been positively glacial -- way slower than the Anniversary Update that preceded it.

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Microsoft shows weakness by extending the free Windows 10 S to Pro upgrade deadline


Windows 10 S is a really great idea in theory. By limiting the operating system to applications from the Windows Store, it could make users safer. After all, it should limit the potential of malware since users can't download and install questionable things from the web. Of course, this will only be successful if there is a good library of apps, and I am sorry to say, the Windows Store is a failure in that regard. The biggest selling point for Windows is legacy program compatibility. Once you take that away, there isn't much left.

Thankfully, the company is giving complimentary upgrades from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro until the end of 2017. This will allow a person or organization to easily recover from mistakenly buying into Windows 10 S if it doesn't meet their needs. Today, however, as a sign of weakness, Microsoft extends this deadline.

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Microsoft at the forefront of enterprise SaaS market


Enterprise SaaS market has seen growth of almost a third (31 percent) compared to last year.

That's according to the latest research from Synergy Research Group.

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Now everyone can try the beta -- no special tricks needed


It has been a few weeks since Microsoft launched an updated beta version of Rather than making the beta available to everyone, the company chose to roll out the beta to a limited number of users -- although it was possible to jump the queue with a little trick.

Now Microsoft has decided to make the beta available to everyone. There's quite a lot to try out, with an updated look and a host of new and improved features. While the beta version is available to everyone, it's not enabled by default.

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update launches October 17

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft has confirmed what leaks have suggested for a little while (thanks, Lenovo!). The launch date for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is October 17, 2017 -- and no, there is no Autumn Creators Update!

This will be the fourth major update to Windows 10, and it is one that has been keenly awaited by users of the operating system, although it's not going to be without its share of disappointments. Microsoft confirmed the release date at IFA today, and pointed out two of the update's key new features: eye-tracking and Windows Mixed Reality.

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Windows 10 continues to see very slow user adoption


According to NetMarketShare, in July Windows 10 grew its usage share by 0.83 percentage points -- its largest increase in three months. (This, remember, is an OS that only managed to gain a grand total of five percent share in an entire year).

With a new major update to the operating system right around the corner, you might expect Windows 10 to have grown its share by a similar figure in August, but no. It's back to the glacial growth we usually see for the new OS.

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Alexa and Cortana will be able to talk to each other

Alexa Cortana

Digital assistants can do many things well, but no single one can do everything that we need. That's why we use different ones, depending on what we want to do and what device we are using. But what if they could talk to each other, so we wouldn't have to switch between them anymore?

Amazon and Microsoft have decided to do just that, announcing that Alexa and Cortana will soon be able to work together to help users do what they want much more quickly and easily. Here's what that means for the two tech giants' customers.

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Sophisticated phishing attacks target Office 365

Office 365

With over 100 million monthly subscribers, it's not surprising that Office 365 is a popular target when it comes to attempting to steal credentials.

A new report from Barracuda Networks looks at how phishers are sending out authentic-looking emails purporting to be from Microsoft asking users to reactivate their accounts.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16278 for PC with yet another feature removed

Windows-10 key

The Windows Insider Program might still be fun for some members, but for others it is getting to be a confusing chore. Don't get me wrong, it is cool that Microsoft lets fans try these pre-release builds of Windows 10, but lately there have been too many builds, requiring too much user effort, with little to no payoff. Remember folks, the operating system should never be the star of the show -- it should fade into the background as you do things with it.

Today, Microsoft releases yet another Windows 10 Insider Preview Build -- 16278 for PC. Sorry Windows 10 Mobile users -- you are being left out of this party. Unfortunately for PC users, this new build is quite bland, once again focusing on fixes. This shouldn't be surprising, however, as the company is now focusing on making things stable for an upcoming gold version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. To make things worse, the company has also removed yet another feature from the upcoming version of the OS -- taking HDR screenshots with the Xbox app.

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Microsoft loses its damn mind and offers seven months of Groove Music Pass for $10


Microsoft's Groove Music Pass is an exceptional streaming music service. If you spend a lot of time on Windows 10, it is the best music experience on the platform. The app is well designed, and it fits in with the overall Windows 10 motif. It can even be used on Xbox One. Groove offers a really good selection of tunes too -- right up there with its competitors.

Believe it it not, Microsoft's service is cross-platform, also working natively on Android and iOS. The mobile apps are decent, but not fantastic. Fans of macOS and Linux-based desktop operating systems, such as Ubuntu and Chrome OS, can also use the service thanks to the brilliant web-based player. If this all sounds good to you, I have some great news. As part of a Labor Day promotion, Microsoft is offering an insane seven months of the service for the price of just one month. Yes, really.

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Microsoft's Windows Phone failure handcuffs NYPD officers with obsolete technology


Windows Phone isn't just an embarrassment to Microsoft, it has also been a waste of time and money for consumers that were saddled with a poor experience. A lack of apps and unconvincing tile-based user interface meant Windows Phone never really had a chance -- it was pretty much dead on arrival. So, this year, Microsoft abandoned it, leaving many users without support and, ultimately, forcing them to buy new devices.

Unfortunately, not only did Microsoft's failed mobile experiment hurt the average consumer, but businesses and organizations too. One of the saddest cases is the NYPD, which trusted Microsoft and equipped its officers with Windows Phones -- the Lumia 830 and the Lumia 640XL. These brave men and women deserve the best technology and equipment, yet when it came to smartphones, they were given some of the worst. So, now, its officers are effectively handcuffed by obsolete and unsupported tech. Thankfully, according to the NY Post, the department is finally looking to replace these Lumia devices -- at the taxpayers' expense of course. Thanks, Microsoft!

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Microsoft claims, without proof, that Xbox One X pre-order sales are record-breaking

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

The Xbox One X is an expensive upgrade to the existing Xbox One consoles. It features improved specifications, as well as the ability to run games at 4K with HDR. While the Xbox One S can output 4K, that is only for TV and movies -- not games. With all of that said, you would think that Xbox One X wouldn't be terribly popular since its pricey benefits are only beneficial to some.

Well, if you thought Xbox One X was merely a niche product, you would be wrong, apparently. According to Microsoft, pre-orders for the "X" variant of its gaming console are not only selling very well but breaking records too. It claims that Xbox One X pre-orders have sold faster than ones for both the original Xbox One and Xbox One S.

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Microsoft wants you to beta test Windows 10 S


Microsoft has announced a major shake-up in the testing for Windows 10 S.

The software giant has announced that its new OS can now be tried out by all members of the Windows Insiders program.

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