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Microsoft introduces 'update under lock' so Microsoft 365 apps can be updated without users interruption

Microsoft 365 Office 365

Keeping software updated is not only an important part of keeping on top of security, but also making sure that you have access to all of the latest features and options. But installing updates can also be annoying and disruptive, with notifications interrupting workflow -- so Microsoft has come up with a solution.

The company has developed a new technique called "update under lock" that makes it possible to apply updates to Microsoft 365 apps while a machine is in idle or locked mode. Updates can be installed even if apps are running, and there are no notifications or disruptions to irritate users.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25201 with expanded widget view

After a couple of weeks of rolling out new builds on a Thursday -- and following on from the release of twin beta builds earlier this week -- Microsoft is back to its usual Wednesday release schedule for Insiders in the Dev Channel.

Build 25201 sees Microsoft beginning to roll out a handy expanded view for widgets, and also a useful update to the Game Pass widget.

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Microsoft releases KB5017328 update for Windows 11 to address security issues and fix login problems

Man using Windows 11 laptop

It is that time of the month again -- the time when Microsoft releases patches for Windows. This time around we have the KB5017328 update for Windows 11 which, among other things, fixes a problem introduced by another update for Windows.

Some people who installed the recent KB5016691 update experienced login issues, and this is addressed by this Patch Tuesday’s KB5017328 update release. Importantly, this particular release is also a security update. Microsoft has also provided Windows 11 tips to accompany this update.

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Microsoft brings some sexiness to Windows Terminal Preview 1.16 with themes

Can something as boring as Windows Terminal be made sexy? Well, maybe not necessarily in the erotic sense of the word (that would be super weird), but yes, the program apparently can be made more attractive and appealing thanks to some new customization options.

Today, Microsoft launches Windows Terminal Preview 1.16, and the new version has a whole bunch of changes such as a new text rendering engine and default colors. However, the truly exciting improvements are focused on the ability to customize things. You see, Microsoft has added an all-new themes feature and redesigned color schemes page. Ooh la la!

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Microsoft releases twin Windows 11 Builds 22621.598 and 22622.598

Today is a huge day for iPhone users as it’s the day when Apple rolls out iOS 16. For Windows 11 Insiders in the Beta channel, it’s also a (fairly) big day.

The software giant today makes twin builds 22621.598 (with new features off by default) and 22622.598 (with new features included) available to test.

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Microsoft releases emergency fix for Windows 11 login issue caused by problematic update

Windows 11

Microsoft has acknowledged that the recently released KB5016691 update for Windows 11 led to serious issues for some users. The optional update preview introduced new admin features as well as fixing printing and Bluetooth problems, but it also prevented some users from being able to log into Windows 11.

The problem affects Windows 11 version 21H2, and it is serious enough to force Microsoft's hand into releasing an emergency fix. But just as problematic Windows updates have become increasingly common for Windows 11, so the approach taken to fix the issue is one that Microsoft is using more and more often -- and it is one that is seen by some as a proper substitute for a proper fix.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25197, plus Calculator and Media Player app updates

Windows 11 laptop

Windows Insiders might have had to wait an extra day for a new Dev Channel flight of Windows 11, but Build 25197 is here at last.

This build reintroduces the tablet-optimized taskbar and System Tray updates, and also fixes various problems. Microsoft has additionally released a couple of app updates for Insiders.

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Microsoft is planning to release 'Moment' updates to add new features to Windows 11 after 22H2

Windows 11 laptop

It is mere days until the rollout of Windows 11 22H2 begins -- or the Windows 11 2022 Update as it seems likely to be called. There is a lot to look forward to in this significant update, but Microsoft already has smaller updates planned for shortly afterwards.

Having already said that Windows 11 will only be getting one major update per year, Microsoft appears to be also planning to release minor updates, currently referred to as "Moments". References to Moment 1 and Moment 2 updates have been spotted, and despite being smaller updates, they will bring new features to Windows 11.

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If Microsoft Edge 105 won't launch, here's what you need to do


Microsoft released a new version of its Edge browser a few days ago, bringing with it various improvements and changes. But many people who have updated to Microsoft Edge 105 have run into a fairly serious issue -- the browser will not start.

It is an issue that has been very widely reported, and while Microsoft is not publicly saying much about the problem, a member of the Edge development team has stepped up with a solution. So, if the latest version of Edge won't launch for you, you will be pleased to learn that the issue stems from a deprecated group policy and can be easily fixed with a registry edit.

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Microsoft leaps to its own defense as anti-competition concerns mount about Activision Blizzard takeover

Microsoft Activision Blizzard

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) -- the competition regulator in the UK -- has voiced concern about Microsoft's proposed takeover of game publisher Activision Blizzard.

The CMA is worried that the merger of two such huge companies in a $68.7 billion deal "could substantially lessen competition in gaming consoles, multi-game subscription services, and cloud gaming services". Windows 11 maker Microsoft, it almost goes without saying, entirely disagrees, and Phil Spencer, CEO of gaming at the company, has penned a blog post explaining just why this it.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25193 with a wealth of fixes

Windows 11 laptop

Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev Channel have had to wait a day longer than usual for a new flight, but Build 25193 is finally here,

This latest test version comes with a good set of fixes designed to improve the overall user experience, It also sees the arrival of Xbox subscription management in Settings.

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Microsoft undercovers high severity vulnerability which could allow one-click hijacking of TikTok accounts


Microsoft has revealed details of a high severity vulnerability in the TikTok app for Android. The Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team shares news of the now-fixed security flaw which the company says could have allowed an attacker to take over a victim’s account by simply getting them to click a malicious link.

With hundreds of millions of users around the world, TikTok is one of the most popular social platforms at the moment; the potential damage from the successful exploitation of such a vulnerability is huge.

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Microsoft launches new resource site for Java developers

Microsoft Java resource site

Whether you're currently a Java developer, someone looking to get started, or if you sit somewhere in the middle and you're looking to up your coding game, Microsoft has a new resource site for you to check out.

Described as a one-stop shop for Java developers, the site includes beginner guides to getting started in Java coding. The site also features information about deploying and scaling Java apps, and has tips and more to help developers code productively.

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Ex director of UX at Microsoft is 'shocked' at the confusing Start menu experience in Windows 11

There is a lot to like, even love, about Windows 11, but there are also plenty of things which are very divisive. Wading into the debate about the direction in which Microsoft has taken its operating system is Jensen Harris, former Director of User Experience at the company, who takes aim at the Start menu and what he describes as a "confusing" experience.

In a series of tweets, Harris lambasts Microsoft for including banner ads in the Start menu, for placing obstacles in the way of completing simple tasks, and makes various complaints about design choices. It makes for extremely interesting reading.

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Microsoft explains the SMB compression changes introduced by Windows Server 2022 KB5016693 and Windows 11 KB5016691 updates

Windows 11 logo on laptop screen

Last week, Microsoft released previews of updates for various versions of Windows before it unleashes the final versions next Patch Tuesday. Included among these was the KB5016691 update for Windows 11 which --although billed primarily as a bug-fixing update -- added new Server Message Block (SMB) compression options.

The same changes were introduced to Windows Server 2022 with the KB5016693 update, and Microsoft has published details of just what the changes mean, as well as explaining how to take advantage of the new options and settings.

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