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0xc004c003 error and problems activating Windows 10? Microsoft has a workaround

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To get the most out of Windows 10, and to avoid being pestered by constant reminders, you need to activate it. This is not always the smooth, trouble-free process it should be, and people often run into problems.

If you have installed the KB4598291 update for Windows 10, you may well have been plagued by activation failure with a 0xc004c003 error. Now Microsoft has provided details of what is going wrong, as well as revealing a workaround.

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Microsoft is experimenting with sharing browsing data from Edge with Windows 10

Microsoft Edge on laptop and smartphone

Over the years there has been an increasing awareness of -- and backlash against -- the telemetry and data collection Microsoft has crowbarred into Windows 10. A new experiment with its Edge browser shows that the company is keen to make greater use of the information it gathers about its customers.

In the latest Canary build of Microsoft Edge, there is a new setting called "share browsing data with other Windows features". While optional, it is a feature that is likely to be eyed with skepticism.

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Windows 10 update saga continues as Microsoft re-releases KB5001649 printing patch

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Over the weekend we reported that Microsoft had paused the rollout of the out-of-band patch for the ongoing printing problems in Windows 10. The cessation came after reports of installation problems associated with the fix.

Now it appears that the company has re-released the KB5001649 update, but it remains to be seen whether this finally brings to an end the lengthy and embarrassing saga for Microsoft.

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Windows 10 update farce continues as Microsoft pulls the plug on problematic printing patch

Microsoft building logo

Microsoft's appalling track record with problematic updates for Windows 10 shows absolutely no signs of abating. If the fiasco that came after this month's Patch Tuesday updates is anything to go by, if anything the situation is getting worse.

Over the last week or so, we have reported about printing problems that followed the release of March's updates, and the subsequent string of patches that not only failed to fix things but, in many cases, actually made things worse. Now the fubar'd fix has been deemed so problematic that Microsoft has taken the decision to pull it.

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Microsoft releases YET ANOTHER out-of-band update to fix Windows 10 printing problems

Windows 10 desktop background

The printing problems that were caused by a recent update to Windows 10 have rumbled on, and on, and on... and on.

After the initial issue introduced by the Patch Tuesday updates earlier this month, there were complaints about printing problems from users, an acknowledge from Microsoft, a workaround that didn’t really cut the mustard, a fix that didn't help, and then admissions of further printing problems. Now the company has pushed out yet another out-of-band update which it -- and countless Windows 10 users -- will be hoping gets things sorted once and for all.

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The 'I'm a Mac' guy is back and shilling for…Intel?

It’s true. B-list American actor Justin Long is currently being featured in a series of TV spots pitching Intel-based PCs over those from Apple. And just as he did back in the noughties, Long is playing his "oh, shucks, I guess I can’t do that" schtick to perfection, only this time he’s stymied by the Mac’s lack of functionality (like convertible hinges or a touchscreen).

The spots are mildly amusing. However, they ultimately miss the point about what makes Apple products desirable -- namely, the perception of luxury. Apple products long ago transitioned to become "aspirational" goods. A person toting a MacBook Pro or Air is now seen as a making more of a fashion statement than an actual technology choice. Whether or not these people use their devices to get any work done is almost irrelevant. They want to be seen with that sleek, silver Apple device tucked under their arm or poking out of their overpriced handbag.

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Best Windows 10 apps this week

Four-hundred-thirty in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store in the past seven days.

Microsoft's Store for Business and Education will only offer free apps from April 14, 2021 onward.

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With KB5000842 Microsoft is finally fixing Explorer crashes and Windows 10 performance issues

Windows 10 logo on a beach

While Windows 10 version 21H1 -- which is due for release soon -- may not bring much to the table in terms of new features, it's still an important release because of the number of problems it addresses.

If you have been following the development of Windows 10 21H1 here on BetaNews, you'll know that it is currently undergoing beta testing. There are already a decent number of bug fixes in the new release, but Microsoft has just pushed out a new cumulative update to beta testers that patches even more problems. Included among these are issues with Explorer using large amounts of memory, crashing, and reducing performance.           

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 21337 with big changes to Virtual Desktops and a new Auto HDR preview

Microsoft rolls out new Windows 10 builds to Insiders in the Dev Channel on a weekly basis. Some weeks there isn’t much in the way of new features or functionality, and other weeks we get a build packed with updates.

Build 21337 is one of those which has a lot to offer, such as major changes to Virtual Desktops, an Auto HDR preview for gaming, tweaks to File Explorer’s layout, and more.

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Free tool helps enterprises assess their Active Directory security

security meter

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is used by 90 percent of enterprises as the primary source of trust for identity and access, but it's also exploited in many cyberattacks.

Since AD is rarely safeguarded effectively, attackers have come to depend on weak configurations to identify attack paths, access privileged credentials and get a foothold in target networks.

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Microsoft issues official fix for blue screens and printing problems in Windows 10

Windows key on keyboard

If you've installed Windows 10 updates this month, you may well have started to experience problems with printing, as well as seeing blue screens with an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error. After acknowledging the problem, Microsoft initially offered a workaround, but now the company has released a proper fix for the issue.

The fix takes the form of an out-of-band update for Windows 10 as Microsoft rushed to patch the bug introduced by the March 2021 cumulative updates. In all, there are four patches to install, each for different builds of Windows -- KB5001565, KB5001566, KB5001567 and KB5001568.

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Microsoft reveals workaround for Windows 10 printing problems and blue screen issues

Windows 10 logo on a beach

This Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released cumulative updates for Windows 10 and there were numerous complaints about problems with printing after installing them.

Users with various brands of printer found that printing failed as they experienced APC_INDEX_MISMATCH errors and blue screens. A few days ago, Microsoft confirmed that it was aware of the issue and was investigating; now the company has come up with a workaround.

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Microsoft's decision to hide KB identifiers from some Windows update support documents is unhelpful madness

Microsoft headquarters

For years, Microsoft has used KB identifiers (or knowledge base identifiers that take the form KBXXXXXXX) to refer to updates for Windows. As well as being a handy means of identifying a particular update, it also provides an easy way to cross reference the same updates across various pieces of documentation.

But last month Microsoft announced that it is changing the system. The company is not getting rid of KB identifiers, but it is changing the way they are used in release notes and support documentation. In many instances, the KB identifier will be hidden in the source code of web pages -- something even Microsoft concedes is "not ideal".

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Microsoft confirms printing problems and blue screens after latest Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 laptop

Microsoft has continued its trend of releasing problematic updates for Windows 10. Just a few days ago, the KB4601319 update was found to break File History backups in Windows 10, and this month's Patch Tuesday cumulative updates have also been causing issues.

As we have reported, there have been numerous complaints from people who have installed the KB5000802 and KB5000808 updates for Windows 10. Now Microsoft has confirmed that there are indeed problems with printing after installing these updates, specifically BSoDs and a APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error.

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This is what Windows 10 'Sun Valley' should look like

If you’ve been following Windows 10’s development you’ll likely know that Microsoft’s newest operating system is set to get a makeover later this year.

We’ve already started seeing some elements of the tweaked UI, but the finished release -- currently codenamed Sun Valley -- will take things further, with improvements to the design of the Start menu, File Explorer and Action Center, bringing with it rounded corners and new colors.

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