What if Google announces Play Store and Android apps support for Windows 10 Mobile devices?


Chatter on Twitter suggests that Google will be present at Microsoft's grand "Windows 10 Devices" event tomorrow, and it would announce Android apps support for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Bolstering the theory is the two company's seemingly improving relationship, the biggest testament of which was up on display when the two recently agreed to drop 20 patent lawsuits they had filed against each other. If it indeed true, what does it mean for Microsoft's mobile operating system? Revival.

It's no secret that Android and iOS are the two dominant mobile operating systems out there -- whether you like it or not. Windows Phone has been playing catch up ever since its inception -- quite literally as Microsoft was late to arrive in the mobile operating system party. Perhaps it didn't get the memo. This race left the company's mobile operating system non-beneficial for mobile developers to make apps for it. And how can you blame them? Windows Phone had less than 5 percent of market share. So a majority of these developers never made apps for Windows Phone.

The company, on its part, did plenty of things to get these apps. We also saw developers like Rudy Huyn who took it upon themselves to make Windows Phone versions of several popular apps. This too, to a large extent, didn't yield any positive result.

But Microsoft was long from quitting. The company announced several ways for developers to port their Android and iOS apps to Windows Phone. The company also announced universal apps to make it easier for developers to quickly make mobile app versions of their desktop applications. But that too largely seems like a missed opportunity.

Act 2: Run Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile.

It's not a new idea, per se. The possibility of running Android apps on Windows Phone handsets has been talked about for years. We also saw developers forcibly run port of Android apps on Windows Phone handsets and manage to do it on several occasions. But Microsoft never hinted its interest to announce support for Android apps on its handsets, and Google's terse relationship with Microsoft -- just one Google app on Windows Phone Store (also remember the Google-Microsoft-YouTube fiasco?), made it pretty clear that Google wasn't going to help Microsoft in saving Windows Phone.

But things are changing. "Google and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers", Google had said after the two companies recently decided to resolve several of their patents issues.

But that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from offering yet another claim of such a possibility. If Google does step on the stage at Microsoft's event tomorrow, the company will be able to tap on more devices, whereas Windows Phone handset users will be able to use many of the apps they need to stick to the platform. We will know for sure tomorrow.

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