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New digital wallet links to loyalty cards and offers

Mobile Payments NFC Contactless

Digital wallets make payments easier, but you still need a separate app or card to take advantage of loyalty schemes or coupon offers.

London-based mobile consultancy and messaging provider Veoo is launching a new mobile wallet that brings everything together by harnessing current Apple Wallet and Android Pay functionality, but also letting marketers engage with their customers.

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9 out of 10 office workers suffer technology stress in meetings

stressed businesswoman

A new survey of office workers in the UK shows that a majority suffer stress in meetings when struggling with tasks like sharing screens and finding the right cables in order to give presentations.

The study by visualization specialist Barco finds that for 93 percent, this meeting stress has serious knock-on effect on every aspect of their work. Presentations were of a poorer quality, time was wasted, deadlines were missed, and for 12 percent, it even resulted in lost promotions and lost business.

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Frustration with conventional password management leads to risky behavior


One in three Americans indulges in some form of risky password practice, such as writing them down, according to the results of a new survey.

The report from access control specialist SecureAuth finds that Americans are exasperated with conventional online password management. It reveals that 74 percent rely on means other than memory to manage their online passwords, 35 percent write passwords down and 25 percent use the same password across several accounts.

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Businesses need to use text messages to reach millennials


Millennials have an overwhelming preference for texting according to new research. In fact, when given the choice between only being able to text or call on their mobile phones, 75 percent of millennials would rather lose the ability to talk.

Respondents to the survey from enterprise mobile specialist OpenMarket say texts are preferred because they're more convenient and on their own schedule (76 percent), texts are less disruptive than a voice call (63 percent), they prefer to text rather than call in general (53 percent) and because they never check voicemails (19 percent).

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Employees opt for Apple when given a technology choice

Apple vote

It's becoming increasingly common for companies to offer their employees a choice of technology devices. And according to a new survey when they do have a choice people are more likely to choose Apple devices.

The study by device management company JAMF Software shows that ease of use is the main reason given by people for selecting Mac (75 percent) and iOS (79 percent) as their work device of choice.

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Jewelery meets gadgetry in the Oukitel A8

Oukitel A8

Bluetooth tracking devices to help stop you forgetting your phone have been around for a while, but they've generally been quite functional in design, looking like a remote car key.

Chinese smartphone maker Oukitel is launching its own take on the lost phone finder with a new gadget that looks like a piece of jewelry but also functions as more than just an alarm to tell you you've left your phone behind.

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The future of developer recruitment [Q&A]

Developer recruitment

Recruiting developers is often a problem for organizations as the skills required are different from those in other sectors and can be hard to assess. Development often has a great deal in common with more creative fields, where suitability for a job is not so much about qualifications but about what you can do and how you can communicate.

So what can companies do to discover the developer talent they need? We spoke to Mike Bartlett, CEO of developer community site Gitter to get his perspective.

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The Internet of Things gets its own day (and lots more Things)

Internet of things

The idea of connected devices is nothing new, the University of Cambridge had a connected coffee pot, to save on trips down the corridor to see if it had finished brewing, as early as 1991.

But as more and more devices go online we've come up with the idea of the Internet of Things. This, apparently, is such a good idea that it also now has its own day on April 9.

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Work-life balance gains importance as tech worker salary expectations fall

Satisfied Happy Businessman Relaxing Office

What are the trends driving the careers of tech professionals? A new report based on information gathered from the Woo platform, which allows workers to find jobs with companies that offer the things they really want, reveals what has changed in the first quarter of 2016.

The Woondex (Woo Index) shows there has been a 12.6 percent drop in salary expectations compared to the final quarter of last year. However, there's an 8.2 percent increase in the number of workers looking for a better work-life balance over the same period.

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An Apple 40th birthday reflection

Birtday Cake 40

Summer 1984, Chapel Hill, N.C., I learned something about prejudice and discrimination in America and saw my first Macintosh. Strangely, looking back at Apple, which celebrates its 40th birthday today, the two things connect.

As I reflected in Jan. 18, 2004, personal post: "Racism and Naiveté", I never thought much about skin color growing up in a region of America where most everyone is Caucasian. Northern Maine is a white wonderland for more than abundant snowfall. Strangely, though, my best friends had last names like Chung and Zivic. The local Air Force base, Loring, added color to the populace, and when it came to people I was decidedly colorblind.

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The 3-2-1 rule and other backup tips

Disk backup recovery

It may not have escaped your notice that today is World Backup Day, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your data.

To mark the event Dark Bear Web Solutions has produced an infographic offering facts and tips about backups.

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US companies still struggle with innovation

Why Confused Question Mark Woman Wall Puzzled

Businesses in the US have been struggling with innovation for the past three years and things show no signs of improving according to a new survey from professional services company Accenture.

The survey of managers and executives in 500 companies across the US reveals that 60 percent say their companies don't learn from past mistakes. This is nearly double the 36 percent who admitted to this three years ago in a similar survey.

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Digital immortality: How to create an eternal copy of yourself


The world around us is changing rapidly, from a prehistoric physical environment 50,000 years ago to a digital world of the future, signs of which are here with us today.

As a result, many aspects of our lives are becoming increasingly digital, and soon virtually everything in our business and personal lives will be represented by ones and zeros, bits and bytes. The digital world is no longer a fantasy, it is reality.

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Acadia National Park goes digital, plan your visit now


If you ever have the opportunity to visit Maine then a can't-miss destination is Acadia National Park, situated along the Atlantic coast. The 47,000 acres of beauty was preserved way back in 1916 when the US government was rushing to protect huge swathes of land for future generations to enjoy.

Now the park is partnering with NIC for a new test program called "Your Pass Now". It is the first of three national parks that will trial this new approach.

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According to eHarmony, Millenials are also seeking love for Valentine's Day

Sex preferences of millions of online daters leaked to dark web

Online dating is big business these days, though not everyone thinks it's such a great idea. Security has to be kept in mind -- if you're meeting someone in person it's best to do so in a public place. With that said, it can also be great for someone who suddenly finds themselves single later in life.

That demographic includes millenials, a group of people born in the 1980's, though there are no exact dates to define it. According to a recent report, this group of people have become rather prominent on dating sites, or at least on one.

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