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Do dropped phones really always land screen side down?

Cracked phone

It always seems to be the case that if you drop your phone it lands screen side down and gets cracked.

A survey by Motorola suggests that one in three of us in the UK is using a smartphone with a cracked screen so this would seem to be true, but can it be proved scientifically?

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Laptop Buying Guide: What NOT To Do

woman frustrated frustration angry argh laptop notebook

Shopping for a new laptop can be fun and exciting, but the wide array of mobile PCs to choose from, along with the assortment of screen sizes and task-specific features, can make the process rather confusing.

To avoid winding up with a laptop that costs too much, weighs too much, and does too little, be sure to consider your options ahead of time. Here are five suggestions.

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Almost a third of consumers feel unsafe shopping on mobile apps

Mobile fear

The use of mobile devices for shopping is increasingly becoming the norm. But, as we approach the year's peak shopping season, a new survey reveals that many consumers are worried about shopping with their mobile devices and providing credit card information to mobile apps.

The study from Blancco Technology Group of more than 1,400 consumers in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia, finds that 28 percent of consumers feel completely unsafe shopping from a mobile device, while two out of 10 are hesitant to link credit cards to mobile apps.

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The future of mobile messaging in connecting with customers [Q&A]

Happy mobile user

In the past few years mobile has become the preferred communication channel as consumers demand fast, easy access to information.

But how will mobile develop in future? Can we expect to see more apps, a switch towards mobile friendly websites, or even a move back towards SMS as the preferred tool of business-to-consumer (B2C) communication? To find out we spoke to Steve French, VP of Global Product Management and Marketing at mobile messaging provider, OpenMarket, a division of Amdocs.

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Want higher pay? Get some DevOps skills


DevOps skills are increasingly sought after and as a result salaries for DevOps engineers are higher than for other IT job titles according to new research.

IT automation software provider PuppetLabs has released its 2015 DevOps Salary Report based on data gathered from its 2015 State of DevOps Report.

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IT pros welcome the rise of their new machine overlords

Machine intelligence

Until recently the idea of machines and computers taking over from humans has been the stuff of sci-fi. But recent developments in automation have brought the reality of a machine takeover of many tasks much closer.

New research from smart automation specialist arago reveals that, amongst IT workers at least, more automation leads to greater job satisfaction. 85 percent not only welcome smart automation, but also identify concrete benefits from it.

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How reviews can help online retailers can stand out in the crowd [Q&A]

customer service online review

As we approach Cyber Monday, Black Friday and the holiday season, online retailers are keen to make the most of the opportunity to boost their business.

But what can they do to make themselves stand out? Reviews from customers are a crucial part of the process. We spoke to Jonathan Hinz, director of strategic partnerships and business development at online review community Trustpilot to find out how companies can use them to their advantage.

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Are ad-blockers killing marketing efforts?

no ads ad block

Ad-blocking on both desktop and mobile devices is becoming more and more common. But does this mean advertisers are increasingly wasting their time?

A new survey of over 500 consumers by consumer intelligence and predictive marketing company Boxever reveals that 70 percent of consumers surveyed say they're likely or extremely likely to use ad-blocking apps, and another 15 percent said they'd consider it.

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One in 10 Brits believe AI is evil

artificial intelligence

Most people in Britain believe that artificial intelligence is a force for good according to a new survey, with only one in 10 thinking that it’s evil.

This is one of the findings of research by marketing technology company Rocket Fuel which finds broad public optimism about AI across the UK.

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RoboForm boosts security with two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication is increasingly common as a way of verifying logins to websites so that you’re not relying on just a password.

Now Siber Systems maker of the popular RoboForm password manager is adding 2FA to allow users to receive a password via text message to verify trusted desktop, laptop and mobile devices for repeat use with the software.

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Location is key to app experiences but users are reluctant to share it

Mobile location pin

According to a new survey 83 percent of app users say location is crucial to their app experiences, but nearly 40 percent are hesitant to share their location.

These are part of the findings of a study by Skyhook Wireless which looks at the extent to which people turn location services on or off for their apps and tries to understand why many smartphone users choose not to take advantage of the benefits sharing location can bring.

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The secret life of lost smartphones

Lost smartphone

Have you ever lost a mobile phone and wondered where it went? Security company Avast had the same thought and deliberately 'lost' 20 phones to find out what happened to them.

Avast installed three security apps on all the phones, the free Avast Anti-Theft app, Lookout Mobile Security, and Clean Master. It then randomly placed 10 phones in San Francisco and 10 in New York. Each phone was marked with contact information on where to return the device if found.

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New clothing company aims to make geeks chic

Ya Joe PR image

The popular image of male IT workers with pens in their top pockets or wearing crumpled T-shirts maybe about to change.

Seattle-based Ya Joe is launching a new online direct-to-consumer clothing line aimed specifically at tech guys. Its website explains why each item was created and how it can be worn in real-life situations, with realistic fitting guides that are true to size.

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Digital services benchmark reveals winner and loser regions in global eCommerce

eCommerce global

Digital services provide real-time indicators into buyer behavior and tend to reflect the overall health of global markets. Understanding these patterns gives online services companies the opportunity to redirect efforts to different regions or target their campaigns to where the opportunity is emerging.

Digital commerce solutions company Avangate today released findings from its first Digital Services Benchmark. The new report tracks global consumption of digital services to identify regions with the fastest growth and greatest contraction.

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How data is changing your life

Data analytics

Not so long ago collecting data required considerable effort. You had to measure and count things, then turn that raw information into useful data by inputting it into some sort of model. It was time consuming and took time to produce results.

Now there are millions of everyday devices collecting data, and lower storage costs mean that more of it can be retained and used to spot historical trends. This shift in how data is gathered, stored and analyzed is starting to have a significant effect.

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