Murdoch: 'We intend to charge for all our news Web sites'

In its quarterly earnings call, News Corp. reported an annual decline in revenue of $1.7 billion, citing the overall weakness of the economy as a major factor, but highlighting the advertising-related declines in its television, newspaper and information services divisions.

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corporation announced in its earnings call that the company is about to make a major change to its online news properties.

Murdoch said, "The digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive methods of distribution. But it has NOT made content free! Accordingly, we intend to charge for all our news Web sites."

Moving forward, Murdoch says News Corp's Web news properties will follow the lead of The Wall Street Journal.

"The Wall Street Journal's is the world's most successful paid news site, and we'll be using our profitable experience there and...the unique skills throughout News Corporation to increase our revenues from all our content," Murdoch said.

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