5 more things you need to know about Microsoft and Nokia Windows Phones

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When Microsoft and Nokia announced in February that they would be partnering for the production of Windows Phones, we outlined ten main points about the partnership that were important for consumers to know. The list inspected the effect the partnership would have on Nokia's Ovi services, Microsoft's Bing, Nokia's Finnish workforce, and Windows Phone as a whole.

On Thursday, Microsoft provided further information about the partnership, giving slightly deeper insight into how the Nokia Windows Phones ecosystem will look.

1. Bing will be default search for All Nokia devices

In February, we noted that adCenter would supply advertising services for Nokia's full portfolio. Part of this agreement involves shifting Nokia's defualt search service to Bing.

2. Symbian/Nokia developers don't have to pay to become Windows Phone developers

By dropping the $99 per year developer fee for Windows Marketplace, Microsoft is removing a possible deterrant for developers considering making a platform switch.

3. New Nokia app store, built on Windows Marketplace

Meant to simplify app distribution for multi-platform developers, the new app store will carry Windows Phone, Symbian, and Nokia Series 40 apps.

4. Nokia's royalties to license Windows Phone are uniquely scaled

Since licensing is the main way Microsoft makes money on software, it should not be surprising that royalties are involved in its deal with Nokia. However, Microsoft said today that "royalty payments...reflect the large volumes that Nokia expects to ship," suggesting a lower rate than other OEMs might pay to license Windows Phone 7.

5. Nokia is making billions

Even with all the resources that Nokia is getting from Microsoft: its software and distribution infrastructure, its marketing staff, and its search technology, access to Nokia's gigantic international audience and fundamental mobile patent portfolio is still worth billions to Microsoft.

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