Preliminary injunction bars Galaxy Nexus, but Apple is a loser for winning

Apple's ridiculous patent assault against Samsung finally hits Google, which suddenly looks genius for choosing Asus to manufacture the Nexus 7 tablet. On Friday, US District Judge Lucy Koh issued a preliminary injunction against Galaxy Nexus, which is Google's flagship, stock Android smartphone. Days earlier she barred Galaxy Tab 10.1. For the preliminary injunction to go into effect, Apple must first put up $96 million.

What timing. To preview Android 4.1 Jellybean, the company gave one to each of more than 5,000 developers during Google I/O earlier this week. The new OS releases to Motorola XOOM tablets and Galaxy Nexus in mid-July, making the smartphone the first to get the important upgrade. The preliminary injunction would somewhat stymie Jellybean distribution ahead of iO6, which Apple is months from releasing. New features include voice response, that in BetaNews testing smoke Apple's Siri. If you're thinking about buying Galaxy Nexus, don't wait!

The injunction hinges on rather vague US Patent no. 8,086,604 -- a "universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system”. From the patent:


The present invention provides convenient access to items of information that are related to various descriptors input by a user, by means of a unitary interface which is capable of accessing information in a variety of locations, through a number of different techniques. Using a plurality of heuristic algorithms to operate upon information descriptors input by the user, the present invention locates and displays candidate items of information for selection and/or retrieval. Thus, the advantages of a search engine can be exploited, while listing only relevant object candidate items of information.

Apple looks desperate from the looks of things, as it wants to restrict sales of old products. While Galaxy Nexus will initially be the main device for Jellybean, it's not considered a top-seller and Google and Samsung jointly launched the phone in October. In the United States, Sprint and Verizon sell the LTE model locked and subsidized, while Google offers the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus unlocked.

Judge Koh granted the injunction, accepting Apple claims of irreparable harm because of "long-term loss of market share". These words speak for themselves in this case. Apple claims that the Galaxy Nexus has dented their market share, which is really laughable, considering Samsung Galaxy S II is by measure of many millions the bigger seller. The lawyers must be pleased with their finding, as it took them 7 months to find it. Maybe they're laughing, too, at their snookering the judge.

The fact that Apple is going for products that don’t have much market time left in them also speaks volumes about the philosophy of CEO Tim Cook. On one hand, during last quarter's earnings conference call, he claims that he doesn’t like to go to court; but, on the other hand, he sues a competitor to get an injunction for a 7-month old product, which is close to its end-of-life. Apple got the preliminary injunction after failing to bar Samsung Galaxy S III and gaining temporary ban against HTC One X.

That Samsung has done so poorly in the courts might be one explanation Google chose Asus for the Nexus 7 tablet. Samsung is Apple's largest competitor and, and as such, takes the most legal attacks -- all while iPhone and iOS fall behind Android.

Apple's patent lawsuits can only hurt their public image and align people against them. Earlier this month my colleague Joe Wilcox boycotted Apple for being a "patent bully".

Apple’s behavior looks more like continuation of late-Steve Jobs personal vendetta against all Android phone manufacturers basically and it’s an appalling way to gain temporary increase in market share. The only ones affected are, as always, the fans of Google/Samsung that want to buy the Galaxy Nexus.

Apple is subtly telling the world that it doesn’t matter what anyone wants and that they’ve got the resources to find any possible reason to stop them from getting what they want. And they’re doing a great job at it, too.

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  1. TechnologyRules says:

    OMG here we go again with the Apple bashing at Betanews....

    You are officialy worse than joe Wilcox. The Ma-hate_ya guy is sad his mommy hates him and now he will direct his anger at anything in the mainstream. You know very well samsung ripped of Apple, this was coming sooner or later.

    I AM SOOOO HAPPY that Apple finally gets justice!!!!!! Long overdue!

    This is a huge victory for Apple! Samsung is a dirty evil company and its no wonder why they mingle so well with the other evil company; google!

    so give a big WOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO suk it samsung!!!!!

    Your stealing ways have now caught up to yo uand you aregetting what you deserve!

    it doesn matter how many worhtless trash talking Apple bashing garbage geeks like me-hate-ya  cry scream and whine.... it will do yo uno good.!

    Apple is an American hero company, samsung is a foreign garbage thief!!!

    And an upercut to the chin knocks samsung and its geek cult of followers out of their socks! Knock out knock out knock out!!!!


    Go Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DennisRemillard says:

      A direct quote from Mr Steve Jobs. "Good Artist copy, Great Artist Steal"
      Go bite on that FanBoy!

      • QuantumLeaper says:

        Thieves get mad when you steal from them,    Artist don't,  they are most likely to be impressed because you thought their art was worth copying.

      • JonnyFive says:

        actually, that quote is from Pablo Picasso.

      • Simba7 says:

        Wow.. An Apple fanboi copying a quote from someone else and pasting it as a quote from Steve Jobs?

        Shocking.. Oh wait.. That's what Apple has been doing for decades.

      • Sparxx2k7 says:

        @QuantumLeaper:disqus So basically, Jobs was never an artist! lol

    • Phil says:

      Seriously? Your post is incredibly immature and offers no reasonable or justifiable arguments to the discussion. Please get an education and learn how to make valid arguments.

    • Sparxx2k7 says:

      Gets justice?  On products that are near the end of their lifespan?  Yeah big win there, buddy.

      That's like me, head of car company B, placing an injunction against you, head of car company A because your 3-yr old model uses technology that my car I haven't built yet will have in it.

      Millions of people have your 3-yr old model and love it so I get mad over it and slap an injunction on production of your model that won't be produced anymore so I can come out with my new car before you.

      Make sense? 

      I didn't think so.


    • smarterthanuare says:

      This lawsuit refers to a feature that is available right now in every single Android phone, not some Samsung exclusive feature. The verdict means nothing. There are other phones that offer an experience very similar to what stock Android 4.0 on the Galaxy Nexus offers. Phones that get Jellybean will probably offer a similar experience to that of a Galaxy Nexus too.

    • extremely_well says:

      Oh man...That's some classic battered women's syndrome you're exhibiting ova' the'... I hate to be there (again) when you reach the point of enlightenment and realize how much pain Apple has caused you by raping you for so long. You almost reached that point when iPhone 4S came out and you went ballistic ranting more anti-Apple hatred (than I ever could ;) ) for oh-but-a-short-classic-syndrome-period of a day. Then you went back to forgiving and loving your abuser. :(

      Next time, you're gonna go totally off the wall, when the iPhone5 is announced and will be the loudest funniest joke around the world. At that point I suspect you'll behave like a classic battered woman and try to kill Steve Jobs... But wait, he's already dead. Therefore I suspect that at that moment you will storm into that SJ shrine in your domicile and smash your stoney head onto your SJ golden idol.

    • Simba7 says:

      HA! Apple an American company? You are freakin' clueless.

      Maybe if you'd dig a little deeper, there isn't a darn thing American about Apple except that their headquarters is here. That's about it.

      Every Apple-made product ISN'T made in America. It's made elsewhere.

      • justblue5ft3 says:

        It is an American company, try checking the stock market and see how Apple as a company is very important to the US economy. Seriously. many computer and  electonics companies parts are made in China try Wikipedia alone or for example

      • Sparxx2k7 says:

        @twitter-218300945:disqus Ok, if it is an American company as you say, pick out an actual  American employee of the factory where they produce their products.  I don't see anyone within our borders clamoring to get a job at the "Apple" building.  It's overseas and it employs non-Americans .... so what part of that is American?

      • 100% of the software and designs are made in USA. Apple closed their R&D in India in 2006. Only the hardware is made in China - using Apple's designs, specs, US manufacturing techniques, and parts flown in from all over the world.

    • Foreign tech journalists hate Apple - Apple closed their R&D in India in 2006 and still hire mostly American devs. Oh wait..... Apple is booming. LOL.

  2. TheSamHasSung says:

    Lol you are totally clueless about patent litigation process and the lenght of time it takes. But dont worry, the currently new SGS3 are next in firing squad, its only a matter of time.

    • Sparxx2k7 says:

      uh... they already tried against the GS3 and failed .... didn't you read this article and ones months ago about it?

      • GSAI says:

        Failed to get the injunction added to this one. They are allowed to make a separate case. This will all keep happening until a judge really cracks down on these suits, like my favorite Judge Posner.

      • justblue5ft3 says:

        No they just did not include it in this case they have the right to file the case at a later date, if they'd included it in this case the court date would have been postponed.

  3. I have a few reactions on '604 patent that seems to be the core issue.
    First - if this patent stands then it will affect Google's new Siri-competitor as well. 
    Second - if this patent stands then it can be used to block whole Google search as well. Google clearly violates this patent as described in USPTO website. The patent says - "The present invention provides convenient access to items of information that are related to various descriptors input by a user, by means of a unitary interface which is capable of accessing information in a variety of locations, through a number of different techniques. Using a plurality of heuristic algorithms to operate upon information descriptors input by the user, the present invention locates and displays candidate items of information for selection and/or retrieval. Thus, the advantages of a search engine can be exploited, while listing only relevant object candidate items of information."

    Basically its all about searching and displaying the relevant information - which Google is explicitly doing for long time. 
    Besides there are tons of mash-sites who do the same. 
    Third - I am not sure why this is called a Siri patent because this patent was filed in 2004, way before Siri was conceptualized and bought in by Apple. 

    Last but not the least, this preliminary ban will most likely go the same way it went in Australia. Apple got a ban on Samsung, we saw a few headlines and then the ban was reversed within months. I'd wait and watch the patent to get nullified as it happened to Oracle's ones ...

    • Hmm.. If you are going to include Google's Search into being in violation of the patent, how is the patent valid if you consider older information search systems like Gopher which existed even before any graphic browser?

      • swattz101 says:

        At what point does Google search become prior art and invalidate Apple's claim alltogether?

      • Google's search violates the patent most likely would imply that this patent has a prior art. Even if a few prior arts narrow the scope of the patent, the rest can be done through tweaking the software. Overall, I don't see any threat to Android ecosystem from litigation. The only thing is that companies has to work together and be consistent ...

      • swattz101 - 

        Based on the timeline, at least before 2004 Google search became a prior art. If a Google search can distinguish a normal search request from a stock quote request and display it in a separate way - that should be the same as what this one do. This is what I felt.

  4. Sparxx2k7 says:

    "...accepting Apple claims of irreparable harm because of 'long-term loss of market share' ".

    So what you're actually saying here is that Apple acknowledges they are losing the smartphone race because people now have options?  They aren't America's #1 and only choice anymore?

    Wow - talk about penny-pinchers and crybabies in Cupertino.

    Geez - can't they just take the old montra of "can't we all just...get along?"

    • Well in that case I want Ford's patented drive transmission designs for free too because I am planning to start a competing car company. Why is Apple the only one required to give up its inventions for free? Why can't I get Google's patented search engine algorithm for free too? Why can't Apple get it for free? Can't we all just get along?

  5. CYPHERDSOUL says:

    Woah there cowboy not so fast, come august there'll be a new sheriff in town:

    • extremely_well says:

      Awesome link! Thanks.

      It had to happen. When Apple tries to abuse their power ($$) and throw punches all over the place in different lawsuits that all say the same thing (just so they increase their chance of getting one lawsuit stick), they are statistically BOUND to fall on a judge who hates their arrogant asses and won't hesitate to cause them an insane amount of pain.

      Expect more judges in the future to "interpret the law" very harshly against Apple. With such complex technological systems embedding thousands of could-be patented work, it's obvious a judge just needs a(n) (legal) EXCUSE to PLAY FAVORITES. One day it'll be a Mac-iPad-iPhone-loving judge, the next day it'll be a sour hater switching from iPhone to Galaxy Note and loving his Samsung-stuffs.

  6. bmovie says:

    We should all "lose" like Apple! 

    Boycott all you want. More Apple products for the rest of us.

  7. swattz101 says:

    So stupid. Can't they compete on...oh, I don't know...merit? iPhone is a great product. Is Apple so afraid of the Google that they can't fight fairly. Mano a Mano?

    • Maybe if the US gov't subsidized Apple the way the S. Korean gov't subsidizes Samsung, they could. Apple faces lower-cost competitors die to foregin subsidies, high tariffs on its products imported to other countries, industrial thieves, and inflated currency at home, not to mention foreign WTO violators.

  8. smarterthanuare says:

    So if this is injunction is because of a software patent then how is Samsung the only one affected? This is essentially saying that Samsung can't sell phones with stock Jellybean but everyone else can.

  9. smarterthanuare says:

    So if this is injunction is because of a software patent then how is Samsung the only one affected? This is essentially saying that Samsung can't sell phones with stock Jellybean but everyone else can.

    • extremely_well says:

      It's all bullshit. Apple is a coward who'll never attack Google/Microsoft directly for "patent-infringement" (since they break their patents too) so they attack the awesomely creative hardware maker of a device for the OS choice he made...

      Eventually a smart judge will say "so your beef is actually with Google, please file your lawsuit there or I will invalidate all patents mentioned in this lawsuit for you only protecting them against 'patently' weaker parties while letting it get wholly (ab)used by a duopoly 'competitor'."

      • woe says:

         The beef is clearly with Samsung, because they copy devices and interfaces.  Sure the have moved on and away from flat out copying hardware and moving to stock Android for their phones, but when their other devices still look very close to Apple products, some like the smartcover look exactly alike, then Apple should stop this.

      • Donald Michael Kraig says:

        Apple and Google make (or until recently, made) software. Apple is in the hardware business. So they file suit against a hardware company, not a software company.

        Sorry you don't understand business, "extremely_well." Perhaps you should change your nik to something more appropriate, like "not_extremely_well."

    • Ever heard of the concept of legal precedent?

  10. Jeff Hanson says:

    Apple please go away. Seriously guys? Where does it end with all these lawsuits? They are really creating lots of enemies. Enough is enough!

    • Donald Michael Kraig says:

      No, they're not "creating lots of enemies." Most people couldn't care less. They just want a nice phone.

      • extremely_well says:

        So how come Jeff gets 10+ likes and you get 0 likes (as we speak)?

        It's safe to assume people do care about the company behind their purchases, and with today's open communications, to a pretty high degree actually.

    • pjs_boston says:

      FYI, to obtain a preliminary injunction requires an extremely high likelihood of success at trial.  the two PI's ordered last week are a vindication of Apple's position that Samsung is an IP thief and thus competing unfairly.

      Apple has every right to defend itself against serial IP rape by Samsung.

      Let's stop blaming the victim and send a message to the criminal instead.

      • DrewNusser says:

        The problem is that Google had basically the exact same patent granted to them in 2005, so if Samsung is infringing on anyone, it's Google.  But since Google makes Android, there's obviously no infringement at all.  This also means that Apple's patent should be invalidated.  I just want to know who at Apple is in bed with Lucy Koh, because it just took a tiny bit of research to find the patent.

  11. Aires_OFFICIAL says:

    Has the judge been bought or something?

    I'm sorry but there's ony one thing I can say about this - only in America. Jeez.

    • extremely_well says:

      Judges can be bought ANYWHERE, but in America judges earn much more than in 99% of the world, hence they have much less of an incentive to take that foolish risk.

      In fact, the USA is ranked 24 out of 182 as far as perceived corruption. God bless America!

      It's more likely the judge is just in love with his Macbook or something...

      • Aires_OFFICIAL says:

        The UK is 16th and Canada 10th - work that out for yourself. Anyway that wasn't the point.

        My point was that such a daft inexplicable decision could only be made in America. You have such strong lobbyists who pump in such vast amounts of money, that this kind of thing couldn't happen anywhere else. It's not so much that there's legal corruption as there is moral corruption. I know you said it light heartedly that he must be in love with his Macbook or something, but that might be closer to the truth than you think. How else could you explain such a nonsensical decision?

      • extremely_well says:

        And my point was, corruption is much worse in 90% of the rest of the world i.e. not "only in America"... Canada is too cold for me (Florida-lover) and the UK is just too damn small & expensive and if you look at the entire muslim..I mean..EU block, it's doomed to be on the losing side in the next semi-world war just around the corner (10-30 years)...

      • Donald Michael Kraig says:

        Or that she has access to the facts of the case and you don't.

      • justblue5ft3 says:

        She rejected it initially, this case was handed back to her by a higher court and they made her deal with it now.

    • swattz101 says:

      Has happened in Germany and Australia also. Apple tried to get the Germany ban to stick for the whole EU.

    • Only in S. Korean do tax authorities come around and harass you if you buy any car that is not S. Korean.

    • China is the only country in the world allowed to join the WTO and then violate its WTO agreement by manipulating its currency. What goes around comes around.

  12. mfarmilo says:

    Damned patents - nobody competes ethically any more, by offering the best product. Everything's based on trying to snarl up your competitors in court. The whole thing's so cynical in a sense - they don't even need to get permanent injunctions (probably don't even expect to get one), because every time they win a preliminary one they stop consumers seeing the competitors product in the shops for a while. Because technology moves so fast, by the time the competitor gets themselves untied their product is dead in the water anyway because things have moved on. A totally unethical use of the courts in my opinion.

    The only word that fits it all really is obscene.

    • Donald Michael Kraig says:

      No, patent holders are trying to defend their work by taking thieves to court. 

      If you work for a year to earn enough money to buy a car, and then someone steals your car (or just the car's front seat) are you going to just let that thief have it. I wouldn't. I'd take the thief to court. If you wouldn't, please publish your address. I'm sure lots of people could use a new car.

      • ToxMarz says:

        More like you work for a year to build a car, and then you find your neighbor built a motorcycle. So you go to court to have his motorcycle and hard work taken from him because you feel you now own the rights to every sort of transportation imaginable. Whatever to try and slow down the competition you can't keep up with.

      • mfarmilo says:

         No, I wasn't talking about the reasons why we have patents. They're all quite noble, at least on paper. I was talking about patent trolls, of which we see a 5-star example in this story. A patent troll isn't really interested in a full-blown patent case (although damages probably would be a welcome bonus for them). No, they're only interested in using the courts to snarl up sales of a competitor for just long enough to make that competitors product dead in the water. There've even been one or two judges who were smart enough to recognise they were being taken for mugs, and thrown out cases like this.

        Quite simple really, and most people in this thread can see that's what the troll in this case is really trying to do here.

    • The patent system has been around for 100 years and is the main reason USA had so much success in the 20th century. If Apple had not created the iPhone/iPad first would Samsung or Google even HAVE a product? Nope, they wouldn't. Innovators are protected by law in the US in order to encourage innovation. Would you spend 4 years developing something if you knew it would be stolen as soon as you released it? Stop drinking the commie anti-patent Kool-Aid.

  13. Wilcox is boycotting Apple since he was born.

    • swattz101 says:

      Naa, he seems to like to flipflop. He had been accused of being a Microsoft fanboy, for a while he claimed Microsoft was going down and Apple was king. Now Google is king and Apple the evil emperor.

  14. Donald Michael Kraig says:

    "Apple looks desperate from the looks of things, as it wants to restrict sales of old products."

    I can't believe you're really that dumb. The suit was filed a long time ago. The product was new when the suit was filed. The slow machinations of the legal system mean that nothing has happened until now.

    If this "insight" of yours is the depth of your understanding and knowledge, you'd better start training for a new job more suitable to your skills. Here, you can start practicing now. Repeat after me: "Would you like fries with your burger?"

    • Mihaita Bamburic says:

      I'm going to say it so you can understand it: I appreciate your feedback. Don't worry, it all makes sense.
      The final result of the trial is this: Apple wins an injunction for a 7 months old product, which is near the end of the life cycle.

      Keep it coming!

      • The law is the law. So the injunction shouldn't have been granted just because the violating product is old? Maybe I can claim to be allowed to run red traffic lights just because my car's brakes are old and don't work so well. Samsung violated the law. End of story. If you don't like it go back to whatever hellhole country you crawled out of.

      • Mihaita Bamburic says:

         Patents aren't the "law". They're enforced at request.
        Comments like these are shameful to be honest. Shameful because one needs to offend someone to make a point. But to each his own.

  15. John L. Lee says:

    Apple makes expensive S H I T !

  16. Apple is becoming communist.  Apple does not believe in free market economy.  Apple is using every tactic to destroy free competition.  I strongly consider Apple supporters are bunch socialist communist  uncapitalistic assholes.

    • pjs_boston says:

      The typical Korean view of Capitalism.  The free market means that Korean companies are free to steal their competitors inventions.  I've done business in Korea.  Koreans are the sleaziest, most dishonest backstabbers in the world.

      • Asian culture has no concept of private property. It also has no moral compunction against stealing. That is why they take everything America has without thinking twice about it. These people have no concept of what stealing is. If it's there, it's yours for the taking. Period. Asians (possibly with the exception of the Japanese) can only win by cheating. Did you know several US universities closed all their branches in Asia last year because cheating was so rampant there was no real learning going on. In S. Korea if you buy an American car the tax authorities come around and hassle you. Not to mention their industry is heavily subsidized by government AND they put massive tariffs on imported goods. So much for "globalization" (another word for communsim). Globalization only applies to America, not to Asia.

    • Communist is taking from those who produce and giving to those who don't. From each according to his ability to each according to his needs. Taking something Apple invented and patented and GIVING it to Google for free is the real communism. Just like globalization is communism. From the productive countries like America to the unproductive ones like India and China. The patent system exists to prevent inventors from having their ideas and inventions stolen by people who didn't work on them. Apple invented nearly every new tech in the mobile space, and was granted the legal patents for those techs. Google didn't. Hence Google shouldn't be allowed to steal them. Communism would be making Apple do the work, but allowing Google to reap the benefits of that work. From each according to his ability (Apple) to each according to his needs (Google). End of story. Google is free to create any new inventions it wants and patent those (if it can). Patents work for all inventors, but not for thieves. According to your "free market" theories, all companies should provide all their trade secrets to everyone else for free, without restriction. That's not "free market", that's wealth redistribution. "Free competition" does not include the right to steal.

  17. Judge rule comes when Samsung outsells Apple in World Market.  Apple are losers. You guys SUCK!!!!!  It clearly shows Apple cannot compete with Samsung.

    • Samsung is subsidized by the South Korean gov't. That is the only reason it can compete. Take away the gov't subsidies and let's see how well Samsung can compete then.

  18. Apple company is like Arrogant Punk in Samsung dominated neighborhood.  Rotten Apple SUCKS!!!!

  19. indio7777 says:

    Apple is on the decline...judge koh's statement is proof. Android is a huge threat to apple; why? Because of one feature apple claims it owns? If the iPhone is superior, then why is an Android phone such a threat?

    Apple is disgusting.

  20. Neil Anderson says:

    Why all the hate, Mihaita?

    • 1) Because Apple closed its R&D in India in 2006 and
      2) Apple still hires mostly American devs.
      Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, and the knowledge among 3rd worlders that America still has something it can't steal.

  21. NoOneImportant says:

    I studied computer science and I don't even understand what that patent is talking about. How could a judge or jury understand it?

  22. AUX says:

    All these negative comments against Apple... Just f%$&#*g stop ripping off Apple's invention!!!

  23. Captain555 says:

    What this more then anything does, is highlight how screwed up the patent system is in the US. How in the world did they give a patent that was so vague ?

    I'm glad i'm in Canada, where I don't have to be subjected to such nonsense.

    Now if you really want a Nexus, you can buy one on EBay directly from Korea, and unlocked. I doubt ICE will have the time to bother blocking entry to these Nexus. 

  24. What else is new?  Right from the first Mac, Apple has seen it as their job to tell us what we should want, and then sell it to us for 2x what it's worth.

    Apparently, they think we shouldn't want Galaxy phones.  So of course, it's their duty to make sure we can't get them.

  25. Dan Marinescu says:

    i am in the process of installing windows 8 and ubuntu on all my macs... it's a moral and technical issue i have with these animals!!!

  26. Dan Marinescu says:

    the patents are also dead stupid, making me feel like a foul because i cannot even impeach these imbeciles

  27. After suffering the accelerated obsolesce of my iphone 3gs for 18 months there were no appreciable improvements to speak of.  It was less reliable.  Slower even.  

    I could not imagine enabling the maker of such a device by buying the next generation of that vision, buying into a 2 year contract and getting stuck in the same rut like clockwork.
    I did not imagine that a 1+ year old droid would not only be a substantial upgrade but I realized that I had been denied some very basic features- the google market even seems to work nicely.  No bloated iClient for managing my icloud either.  there's even more.
    usb cable?  removable battery?  HDMI connector?  wi-fi tethering?  The phone even works.  Good quality accessories on ebay for cheap.  I'm set for a year.
    If an old droid is that good, imagine how awesome the nexus must be.
    The lawyers doth protest too much, methinks.

    • You seem to forget that Apple invented the technology. What would Google have if Apple had no patent protection and decided to never develop the iPhone. There would be no Android.

      • There probably would have been an Android but it wouldn't have featured a touchscreen. The original Android OS that Google purchased (not invented) was oriented towards a traditional smartphone platform, that is to say, something like a Blackberry or Palm Treo with chicklet keyboards, little trackballs, etc. Luckily Eric Schmidt of Google was on Apple's board of directors from 2006 to 2009 and therefore was privy to their early discussions about iPhone and its OS. This prompted Eric to have Google's people rewrite Android to support things such as touch screens and software keyboards, etc, eventually giving birth to an OS that was more closely aligned with Apple's vision of a phone. So you see, there might have been an Android phone even if Apple didn't develop the iPhone, but it would basically have been a Blackberry with Google branding. Just wanted to clarify since I'm guessing that most anti-Apple folks aren't aware of this. Do no evil, unless you're fairly sure you can get away with it.

  28. MikeJonesg says:

    apple is on the decline. Judge k oh's statement is proof. android is a
    huge threat to apple. why? Because of one feature apple claims it owns?
    If the iPhone is superior, then why is an Android phone such a threat?

    • Casablanca is superior to Straw Dogs but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be protected. Suing is not a sign of a company on decline. The decline comes when you DON'T protect your IP and lose your advantage. That is what patents and intellectual property are all about. No one in the US would create anything if they thought someone could rip it off with no protection. The patent system provides the incentive for innovators to do the hard work it takes to invent something new. Stop drinking the commie Kool-Aid.

    • I really don't think it's an issue of gaining market-share, although that is a by-product. I think everyone has got it wrong because they are thinking from the same perspective that most businesses have traditionally held. I truly think that Apple believes that its ideas are being stolen and it wants to prevent a replay of the Apple vs. Microsoft days (Apple licensed certain elements of the MacOS for use in Windows 1.0 but failed to include future releases in the agreement - in doing so, Apple basically gave away the store). So in the end, it doesn't matter that Apple is blocking an old model of phone because what's at stake here isn't market-share, Apple is proving a point that they are no longer the little underdog that people liked to walk all over and kick around, and if you mess with their stuff, they'll drill you down into the ground and take your mom, dad, dog and aunt Bessie along with them. And rightfully so, I say.

  29. We have laws in the US Mr. Bamburic, unlike some 3rd world countries. This ain't India. Samsung violated Apple's patents. That's illegal. End of story. Whinning about Apple just because it closed its R&D in India in 2006 and still hires mostly American devs won't change the law or get you what you want. Oh, and it's kind of hard to argue with a $600 stock price. Learn to respect the laws of the US and intellectual property or else go back to the hellhole you came from.

  30. Or it could just be that Apple really believes that others are stealing from them and they want it to stop. Just saying.

  31. Kevin Mccutcheon says:

    Said it before and I'll say it again I've owned every iphone (except 4s, but I bought one for my mother so Im connected to the 4s in some ways) and modified Android (cyan) has always been way superior to ios. Now that google has took some queues from the dev community w/ ics and jb ios doesn't hold a candle. I've owned a Galaxy Nexus since release day and it's the best phone by far, w/ jb installed now I just could never consider going back to an outdated os like ios. I'm not a fanboy by any means hell I just purchased the mbp-retina, but if google comes out w/ it's own full featured os like osx and manufactures it's own laptops (not chrome) I'd feel sorry for apple.

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