I'm boycotting Apple

Patent bullying and ongoing competition by litigation and intimidation are reasons why. For me the last straw came earlier this week when Apple sought to ban importation of Samsung Galaxy S III (the request for preliminary injunction is before a judge and a ruling could come as early as next week). The phone launched in 28 countries on May 29 and goes on sale from five US carriers within the next 30 days. Many tech reviewers and pundits have called Galaxy S III an iPhone 4S killer. Apple doesn't have a competitive product in market so instead seeks to block Samsung's -- all under the guise of protecting innovations.

Apple is an amazing marketer that manages perceptions very well. One of these regards innovation and the idea that other companies imitate Apple, often badly, and its trendy ideas must be protected. Perception is one thing. Reality is another. Apple isn't as innovative as its corporate "reality distortion field" would have everyone believe. But the company has gotten quite good at something: Unleashing a torrent of suits to secure patents and to defend them -- and many cover processes that should never have been awarded patents in the first place. Apple has gotten quite good at gaming the patent system. I want no part of it.


Apple the Assembly Imitator

"Apple is itself a consummate imitator", Oded Shenkar writes in book Copycats: How Smart Companies use Imitation to Gain a Strategic Edge, which I'm reading now and highly recommend. You'll think differently about American concepts of innovation and imitation if you read it, too, and regard Apple quite differently if open-minded enough. Not that I had much conviction about Apple being an innovator before. The company clearly innovates imitations.

Shenkar states it differently. "More than anything, Apple is master of assembly imitation: it follows in the paths of many predecessors, which have existing technologies and materials to generate new technologies by recombining them". He calls companies like Apple that innovate from imitation "imovators".

There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually how the patent system fosters imitation, by allowing and even encouraging derivative works. Before the US Congress mucked with patents -- and copyrights, too -- during my lifetime, reach was limited. Governments grant patents with the understanding that they are limited monopolies. Company X profits for Y time period. Meanwhile the patent is publicly published, allowing imitators to change and innovate from the original invention.

Apple's lawsuits seek to undermine this process, by using patents as clubs to beat back imitators, all while imitating others. Did Apple invent the MP3 player, the media player application, the smartphone, the app store, the tablet or any of its other successful products available today? Regarding iPod, iTunes, iPhone, App Store, iPad and others the answers are no, no, no, no, no and no. Apple executives know this.

In 1990s interview Apple cofounder Steve Jobs remarked: "Picasso had a saying, he said: 'Good artists copy, great artists steal'. We have, you know, always, ah, been shameless about stealing great ideas".

The Way Things Are

Why not? "Imitation is a fundamental part of biological and social life", Shenkar writes, and he most certainly is right. Just gawk at the activity on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr or Twitter and you'll see imitation everywhere and people looking to fit in, to be part of the social group, through imitation. He goes on to show how imitation is biological, whether among human beings or anywhere else in the world. Imitation is part of our DNA. But Apple, and its cultish supporters, would have everyone believe that innovation is in the company's DNA.

Horse manure. The lead photo to this post is good example. I grabbed it from Google+, where I saw it yesterday (it comes from KuvatON.com). So Apple gets a patent for slide to lock. But did it invent the process?

That's the problem with many of the patents Apple now wields as weapons of mass competitor destruction: They cover common processes observed in human or natural worlds. It's one thing to develop the transistor or microprocessor -- true inventions -- and another to club Samsung with "unified search" (US Patent No. 8,086,604), and "link for structures" (US Patent No. 5,946,647).

I've used the kind of search described in the first patent for as long as I've used a computer (early 1990s). The other, regarding accessing computer data, is more problematic and goes back further (granted in 1999 versus 2011 for the other). But the patent specifically applies to "computer-generated data". Smartphones aren't computers as such, but they are the kind of derivative product the established patent system is supposed to foster -- and protect. Neither patent predates the smartphone, which Nokia invented in 1996.

The patent system is supposed to encourage innovation from imitation, what Apple does but doesn't want anyone else to do. That's why patents are published and public, to encourage derivative invention, all while the original inventor profits from its work. Why is that? Two reasons are obvious. The approach: 1) Serves the public interest, by making information available to all and 2) Encourages further invention and competition, which fosters fundamental concepts of capitalism and ensures its smooth operation. Capitalism fails when there is no competition, and Apple's patent trolling seeks to beat off competitors. Not protect innovations.

Competition by Litigation

A decade ago, when Apple wasn't anywhere as successful, other journalists and I covering Macs would occasionally ask one another: What if Apple was as big and powerful as Microsoft? Wouldn't we all be better off? I usually heard that question answered "Yes" -- that Apple would never be as aggressive or anticompetitive as Microsoft was during its PC supremacy in the late 1980s throughout the 1990s. I always answered "No". But now, Apple's aggressiveness -- whether patents or beating up its own developers -- is much worse than I ever envisioned.

Apple is far more aggressive than Microsoft, as seen by its legal assault on Samsung and HTC. Apple doesn't sue just any company. Its patent litigation focuses squarely on competitors. Microsoft succeeded in part by outflanking competitors, particularly around formats, platform changes and smart partnering. Apple seeks legal redress.

The smartphone market is rapidly consolidating around Apple and Samsung; the South Korean electronics giant accounted for 40 percent of Android sales during first quarter, according to Gartner. Apple vs Samsung should be about competition not litigation. Same can be said of Apple against HTC and the recent success temporarily barring One X importation into the United States.

I no longer will personally support a company that treats imitation as a one-way street and bullies competitors through litigation. The attitude: It's okay for Apple to imitate others but not for competitors to do likewise. The patent bullying is unbecoming of a company which reputation is one that succeeds by invention.

Over the last couple months, with my wife's cooperation, we've sold: iPhone 4S (2011), 13-inch MacBook Pro (2009), 11.6-inch MacBook Air (2011) and new iPad (2012). I took a loss on the new iPad and MacBook Air, for the amount of time they were used. I still have an Apple AirPort router, which is gone as soon as I get a replacement. We have other reporters here using Apple products enough to ensure adequate coverage of the company's tech. My daughter still has an aluminum 13.3-inch MacBook (2008), iPad 2 (2011) and iPhone 4S (2011). I wouldn't ask her to give them up. My choice shouldn't be hers, or anyone else's.

Choice is the point. Apple's patent litigation seeks to limit choice in the market place, by eliminating competing products rather than meeting them head on. Sadly, the broken US patent system contributes to Apple's competition-by-litigation success.

I close by asking this: If Apple products are so innovative, why doesn't Apple compete rather than litigate?

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  1. l3it3r says:

    Apple makes more than 75% of all profits in the smartphone market. Anything else on the market is a direct challenge to their bottom line.

    • ToeKneeC67 says:

      More like 75% of profits from it's App Store.  Driven buy the iPhoens, iPod Touch, iPad, AppleTV

      • l3it3r says:

        EDIT: What I posted the first time was that they make more money than ALL OTHER smartphone manufacturers combined. Not about Apple's profitmachine (which is still the iPhone)

        No. They make more money on the iPhone than anything else. The App Store is only about $4-5bn in revenue. (JUST the 'smart cover' from the iPad is a $2bn/year product)

        It's enough that they've got more cash than all but about 50 of the world's companies combined... THAT IS CRAZY. http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/24/boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom/  (that's a Quarter-and-a-half behind in accuracy now - they're actually worth much more now)

      • ToeKneeC67 says:

        Stats, Stats and more Stats
        This shows the 75% roughly is iOS devices. You are also off on your app margins.


      • rattyuk says:

        I would like to see your workings, please.

        Pray explain how taking 30% from the cost of an App on the App store generates "75% of profits from the app store"?

        Here;s the thing Apple have created, from scratch, a place where small companies can create a product that can be sold to a world wide audience at a 30% cut of the cost of the product sold.

        Tell me, how did people manage to get a 70% return on a product they created before the App store existed? No marketing costs. No packaging costs. No distribution costs.

        Would you like to please present your math here?

      • ToeKneeC67 says:

        I have no problem with the Apps Store - it's brilliant. 1 dollar at a time - generating money continuously after a product is sold. And totally agree, the major developers hate giving up 30%, but for the other 90% it's a chance....other than it's hard to be noticed (1 app out of 500,000+). I have no complaints. Of course Windows 8 with their store will take less %, and drastically more devices in 1 year.

      • rattyuk says:

        "I have no problem with the Apps Store - it's brilliant."
        Save that your argument was "More like 75% of profits from it's App Store." That is wrong. Provable and irrevocably wrong.

        Your "Driven buy the iPhoens, iPod Touch, iPad, AppleTV" is also wrong. Up until (maybe) Monday Apple has never sold a single app for the AppleTV.

        "1 dollar at a time - generating money continuously after a product is sold."
        There are plenty of apps that sell for way more than that and plenty that sell for nothing.

        "And totally agree, the major developers hate giving up 30%,"
        Er no. Show me any company that gives less than that to their distributors?

        "but for the other 90% it's a chance....other than it's hard to be noticed (1 app out of 500,000+)."
        Shame that friend of mine managed to pay off the cost of their house and clear down all of their credit cards with one app. But hey, they must have been one of the "lucky" ones.

        "Of course Windows 8 with their store will take less %, and drastically more devices in 1 year."
        Awesome a Windows fan. Sorry to pee on your rainbow but this is how it is going to go down.

        Apple will still keep the lion's share of mobile. Windows will eat into the "I'm not going to buy an Apple device market". 

        So: A Prediction: Apple will keep the lions share of the profits while cutting retail price, meanwhile Android and Windows will split the market that refuse to buy Apple.

      • ToeKneeC67 says:

        What are you talking about man. Your ranting. Arguing every sentence for pointless comments. I am saying their iOS devices generate 75% of their money. Of course Apple TV has no apps, but they do make money off my family with 5 dollar movies (and bought TV shows). Last time I check, AppleTV is an iOS device.
        It's a FACT that main top player are not happy paying 30% - what rock are you under - seriously to you keep up on this stuff. 1 dollar at a time...sorry should have put 1 dollar and 47 cents, their average price (Google it). Didn't know you where so anal. Good for you friend, as you disagree with me (and every line I put), you must be saying the majority make lots of money (good luck with that believe). I'm still getting over the fact you have a friend. Tech fan here, Windows, Apple anything I like. Yes, agree, Apple's iPad rules, but the shear number of Windows 8 Tables will be amazing. The question, will they buy apps better than Android fans (cheap bastards). Yes, Android fan here too, just sold my HTC One to get the Samsung III.

  2. SoundMix says:

    As many of you know, I too sold and gave away my Apple stuff that I used in my Audio/Video business.  By switching to other 'stuff' I've more than cut my costs in half.  My down time is now insignificant.  Customers are happier with the choices they now have with better software etc., etc., etc.  I did this all around 5 years ago.
    Joe....what took you so long???

  3. Blueglacia says:

    Absolutely right. US Patent system was invented to promote competition and innovation by protecting the start-up process of valuable inventions, and not to be used as a bully's weapon to stifle derivative or original competitions. What Apple is doing shall be defined as illegal in that sense. Unfortunately, wisdom has left our government full of mob of bullies and PR experts. How would we as citizens to fix our governing system so that we can fix the rest of the country now broken and abused by corporate bullies like Apple?

  4. Sorry, but you're partly right. This is not Apple's fault and they're not alone. The penal system in your US allows them to act this way and permits frivolous trials to take place. Any sort of misunderstanding/agreement should take place between the two companies in private. There should be a mediator, not wasting the time of a judge to rule upon such irrelevant things. People kill, rape, etc and they're wasting time with frivolous lawsuits regarding patents. In Europe, at least in some countries, you pay the cost when you lose a trial (meaning judicial costs, lawyers) to the winning side, if you lose. Whilst this has it's downs, it's a good way for big corporations to take a step back and rethink. Imagine if you lose lawsuits in a row and have to pay the other side for their expenses. You'd rethink.
    I don't think Apple is the bad guy here. Apple is the bad guy as much as the next guy: Google, Motorola, Samsung, all major players in the mobile business at least. They've all got some boring technology and put a patent on it expecting to make money from nothing. They end up stabbing the users, be it Apple users or Windows users or Android users. All these patent wars means that the losing side will have to circumvent a patent and maybe violate another. Patents shouldn't be given for a phone with a single button with straight edges with an Apple on it as much as it should be given to certain technologies which are just that, technologies. Considering that in real-life, not in the cloud, patents mean something, I believe the ones relating to software technology are mostly gimmicks. And honestly, people can't innovate in this field or any actually if they are prohibited by millions of patents. You end up doing nothing or scratching your left year with your right foot so to speak.
    Yet, again, Joe you shouldn't be pointing fingers at Apple. They respond to other patent violation lawsuits from competitors as much as the competitors respond to Apple violating their patents. The problem is this is a never ending loop and loops can be broken. A better man always looks at the cause, not the result. Finding the cause and eliminating it is the better option, not fighting a small battle each and single day. You should maybe keep the Apple hate to yourself. You're obviously biased against Apple and it shows, yet you fail to pinpoint the real source of the issue.

  5. EWilliams1914 says:

    Joe, thanks.  Interesting article.  I've done the same for similar reasons.

  6. rattyuk says:

    "I'm Boycotting Apple"

    Here's the thing Joe. How about you stop writing about them first?

    Put you money where your mouth is.

    Announcing a boycott for page hits is the lowest of the low.

    • bmovie says:

      Very true...but he can't.  

      Everything else exists relative to what Apple does or did. 

      Everything, especially Joe Wilcox, will always be a day late and a dollar short.

  7. melci says:

    You obviously have no idea of the difference between creation, innovation and blatant copying.

    Creation means to make something completely new out of nothing (although we are always "standing on the shoulders of giants")

    Innovation means to take an idea and make it better.

    Copying virtually directly imitates something with little in the way of improvement.

    Now you take a look at the actual "trade dress" of Samsung's packaging which directly imitates Apple's packaging or Samsung's smartphone power packs and cable connectors which look exactly like Apple's iOS ones, or the colour, placement and look of the icons in the grid of standard apps on the original Samsung Android screens or the black round-cornered slab of glass with metal band around the outside edge and try and tell us that is not complete, blatant cloning of Apple's products.

    A physical sliding door lock is all you've got against Apple's fantastic multi-touch gestures? Please.

  8. stjones911 says:

    In all its history, Apple has only had one product that was so superior that it blew away the competition - the  iPod.  The majority of consumers want somebody else's computer and somebody else's phone.  A third want somebody else's tablet.  Before the market was overtaken by smartphones, they wanted somebody else's PDA.  In those markets, Apple has tried and failed to duplicate the iPod's obvious superiority.  Rather than offer products that are so obviously superior that even stupid consumers can appreciate them, they are reduced to keeping the products consumers want out of their hands.  Apple has become just another corporate predator with a very thin veneer of cool innovation.  It should come as no surprise that the only Apple product I've ever owned (and still own and ever will own) is an iPod - in spite of the horror that is iTunes.

    • ToeKneeC67 says:

      I would say with Apple worth over 500 Billion - you are mostly wrong on your statements.  And with iOS5 I haven't even touched iTunes.

  9. MSFTmanJosh says:

    I love you Joe. You took the words I've been telling idiots all around me every day.

  10. bmovie says:

    Bite your nose to spite your face again?

    So why did everyone follow Apple to drop SCSI, floppies and now DVD drives? Why do versions of Firewire and Thunderbolt? What about copies of the MacBook Airs and Apple's wedge shape design via Ultabooks. Why does everyone copy the iPad instead of copying and improving the "original" Windows tablet? Why does the Apple Store work and Dell, HP and Gateway's built to order stores no longer exist? Why is Microsoft doing stores and imitate the Genius Bar? Who came up with the Maglock cable for the laptop so that tripping over the cord doesn't destroy the laptop? 

    Without Apple, PC's would probably still be on SCSI and using floppies much like Joe Wilcox. 

    To quote General Patton, "Lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way."

    • Adas Weber says:

      Dropping the floppy, SCSI and DVD has nothing to do with copying Apple, and everything to do with how technology naturally moves on. Think about it for a second and answer the following questions...

      1. What modern software would actually fit onto a floppy disk? How many media files can you fit onto a floppy disk?

      2. How many low cost PCs actually used SCSI? Ever since I owned a 486 PC, it's only been IDE up until recently when it's all went SATA.

      3. Why use DVD drives when much more media can be stored on a USB stick or SD card? Why supply software on a DVD or CD when you can download it from the internet?

      • bmovie says:

        ...but who did it first? 

      • slashandshimmy says:

        What an obsessed apple devotee bmovie is ... he seems to really enjoy worshipping his shiny plastic chinese-slave-made crap, bet he has a framed picture of his messsiah steve jobs and laments that he never got to be able to literally suckle on his member. apple fanatics are the most annoying idiots on the planet. This article must really hit a soft spot for them.

      • bmovie says:

        RE: slashandshimmy jello—
        "What an obsessed apple devotee bmovie is ... he seems to really enjoy worshipping his shiny plastic chinese-slave-made crap, bet he has a framed picture of his messsiah steve jobs and laments that he never got to be able to literally suckle on his member. apple fanatics are the most annoying idiots on the planet. This article must really hit a soft spot for them.

        Duh...I believe even pencils and paper are chinese-slave-made crap...but then again only you would hang a picture of bed-wetting Michael Dell with a frame made out of neon and cow spots. Defend the Enterprise and the green robot! Count more beans and eat more Spam.

      • slashandshimmy says:

        That is actually kind of funny, I AM using an older Dell laptop here  ... and I do like Spam (Especially the newer turkey spam, mmmm...)
        Whatever, I will never stop regarding foolish fanbois with the disdain that they keep earning and you will likely never stop thinking that your feces emits no odor due to the magic which apple somehow imparts upon you. We are simply fish and foul, it is just the way it is. Keep obsessing like an imbecile, fanboi! It is what you do best. I am out.

      • bmovie says:

        RE: slashandshimmy "I am out."

        Ouch! I'm sooooooo scared.

      • ToeKneeC67 says:

        Right or Wrong what you put - Apple is a major player, always in the news, everyone seems to be playing catch-up to them for most iOS devices.  I happy they rock, it means competition and possibly better products...problem is, other make better products but horrible user interfaces.   But again, happy they are there.
        NOTE - I do not own a iPhone, or Apple PC.  Windows 7 Baby.  But...as of last Friday, 3 iPads (2 adults, 1 Three year old).  He also has an iPad Touch....crap and is Apple TV for TV shows.

  11. keymaker says:

    Yeah ok, lol. Anything Apple generates page views, dude you couldn't go 1 week without writing anything negative about Apple. The way Samsung rips off Apple is not even funny but I do love it cause it makes Apple work even harder. Your audience loves how you bash Apple and if you whore to change that you would have nobody.

    • bmovie says:

      It's this closed-minded mentality that makes BetaNews truly BETA. 

      Let the Wilcox close his itsy bittsy little mind and shut his near-sighted eyes a little more. 

    • slashandshimmy says:

      Pathetic fanboi is pathetic

  12. AS147 says:

    For me its less  about their bully boy tactics with patent blocking as most will result in a delay rather than a permanent block. I realise this is probably the goal anyway and ultimately can be just as powerful as it stifles the immediate availability of alternatives but this is a process both sides can get into. However for me its their vice like grip on the market and the danger this poses if they get any bigger. There is no alternative mp3 player, there is likely to be no alternative to itunes. Itunes is becoming so pervasive that it appears whenever music is discussed or shown on tv (e.g. Xcountry has talent, the voice etc.).
    I can only shudder to think what happens if they are successful at getting TV content too.

    It's oppressive and needs to be pegged back to stop this happening.

    • rattyuk says:

      What would the world be like if people didn't just slavishly copy Apple but actually came up with some original ideas for once? I reckon it would be a much better place. 

      For 20 years we had everyone serving up whatever Microsoft deigned to release and the corporations lapped it up. 

      Recently Apple has come out with some market changing products.

      Everyone else. Not so much. 

      Where is the innovation? Where are the new ideas? Where is the stuff to make my heart sing? Nowhere.

      We live in a world where Apple does stuff and people just slavishly copy.

      Samsung are the most noticeable but then again they have always cloned the top of the pile there are tons of examples of them doing what they did to the iPhone with similar designs to the RAZR back in the day.

      Intel noticed how many portable chips they were selling to Apple and decided to start their own MacBook Air clone, the Ultrabook. Unfortunately the OEMs couldn't go the extra mile and drop VGA ports from their clones and so we're stuck with mostly ugly KIRF products.

      For god sakes people we have the brains of the entire tech development planet and all they seem to be able to do is copy Jonny Ive. One would have thought that some company somewhere could actually let some good ideas blossom - it's not like Apple have an enormous R&D budget - surely someone somewhere apart from Apple could come up with the future?

      Sadly it appears no.

      It appears that everyone and their dog just want to jump onto someone else's bandwagon. And then they get upset when Apple sues them for the blatant rip-offs?

      It really is truly pathetic. Indefensible.

      • bmovie says:

        Samsung has created their "oh so special" Note phablets...people simply love having a "catcher's mitt" for scrawling fuggly handwriting over a memorable photograph on! So give Samsung credit for that. 

      • rattyuk says:

        @bmovie Careful with the sarcasm - way too many people fail to notice.

      • AS147 says:

        It was Steve Jobs himself who admitted that Apple copy. They just reconstitute the same ingredients them (with a few ocasional additions) in a more appealing way than most. However, in IT there is very little original invention from anyone.

        No doubting Apple were a major market mover and I congratulate them for that. We probably wouldn't be where we are today without them.

        However lets not drink too much of the coolade. Apple did not invent the app store, or the mp3 player or itunes there were others out there and they were reasonably successful at it. Apple just came away and in the words of Michael Cane "they blew the bloody doors off".

        To your last point, all companies have patents but it speaks to the character of those companies as to how they go about dealing with competitors who supposedly infringe upon them. There are two options in life be hard and litiguous or look to collaborate and strengthen.

        Apple is clearly the former (probably because they haven't had a bigger guy come along and bash them yet - DOJ anyone!?). Do you think their approach brings them any collaborative points and friends in the industry out there!? Do you really think that Apple is that big that it can do everything on it's own !? No it can't and these companies that they are p*ssing off will not forget.

        You could take the latter option and just license your patents so that you get paid for the IP. This is far less draconian and involves less time making lawyers rich (a good thing in my book). By licensing them you still have control (terms of the license), it's more revenue generating and is less confrontational.

        Imitation after all is the best form of flattery - look at the Samsung Galaxy II

    • bmovie says:

      I understand where you're coming from. You see the Apple logo everywhere. Go into Starbucks, watch a movie or tune into your favorite TV show or ride public transportation and that logo is everywhere...but rather that say that it is oppressive, I choose to call it Darwinian...survival of the fittess because it is the best irregardless of price. 
      If you don't agree, then buy and use whatever is better. What's the problem?

      • AS147 says:

        Yes it is the fittest but my whole point and why I call it oppressive is because you have to ask how it got to be that pervasive and even more importantly how it held onto that. Just as in Politics, the originally thought of saviour has turned into the dictator.

        You also know that suggesting people go elsewhere isn't an option, its the only game in town - that's the nature of a dictator.

      • bmovie says:

        RE: AS147 "...its the only game in town ..."

        No. It is not. 
        You can bootleg, download from someone else. Or live without Philip Philips.

  13. benjitek says:

    Bye... don't let the door hit you on the way out... :-)

    • Sparxx2k7 says:

       Well, if the door (if looked at from a distance through one eye) looks like an iPad, then we have to boycott the door too!

      • benjitek says:

        Not very clever, but keep trying -- you're bound to come up with something witty. Thanks though for stopping by... ;-)

  14. bmovie says:

    Oh yes...and I'm boycotting Blondes with big breasts and long legs!

  15. - - “If Apple products are so innovative, why doesn’t Apple compete rather than litigate?”

    Duh, it’s because Apple products are so innovative, they have to litigate to compete.

    I’m boycotting Joe Wilcox columns and BetaNews

    So long Sucker. Apple will really miss you.

    Good Riddance !!!

  16. bmovie says:

    Excuse me....but Joe Wilcox has been "Apple this" and "Apple that" for such a long time that he's been accused of being a "Hoe".


    So wouldn't it be appropriate to simply label him an "A. Hoe"?

    :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

  17. woe says:

    No one fucking cares Joe Wilcox.  You have your head so far up the ass of Google its ridiculous.   Everyone knows it.  You are King of click bait with your stupid blog post titles.  You dont have a single an original thought.

    I am boycotting Joe Wilcox and his lame site........PLEASE BAN ME FOOL!!!!

    • AS147 says:

      Such an extreme reaction, so rude!
      Guys you know what we discuss here matters not a hill of neans in the real world. In fact it doesn't matter much in this market. Most purchasors of these products will do what they do regardles of what we pontificate about here.

      I'd hate to see someone talking like this in public about anything much less such a mionor and frankly irrelevant topic in comparison to what is going on in the real world. Take a chill pill and keep smiling it's not worth the stress and certainly not respectful.

  18. Sparxx2k7 says:

    I like the pic - the pic alone sums up Apples pointless suits.

    If Apple is sooooooooooooooo innovative as they claim, how come they haven't done anything new for the last 4-5 years?  Oh, that's right, their too busy suing everyone else that they haven't had time!

    • bmovie says:

      Isn't it ironic that Joe Wilcox copied it?

      • Sparxx2k7 says:

         Yes I was sleeping because it wasn't all that exciting and innovative.  It's just Apple's 'netbook' essentially. 

        So, you've just proven my point.

      • bmovie says:

        RE: Sparxx2k7 
        "So, you've just proven my point."

        Nice wet dream, or bed wetting again?

    • rattyuk says:

      "how come they haven't done anything new for the last 4-5 years?"

      Man you are so right...

      Care to explain the tablet market then?

  19. Hall9000 says:

    Litigation is the lazy way to make money instead of making something better. Apple isn't the only company to do so. So, what to do? A long time ago I decided I didn't want anything to do with Apple because of their insane prices and extremely proprietary products. Hell you can't even upgrade the memory on an iPod or an iPad. So I stay away from Apple. I guess that would be a boycott but at least it's based on something more substantial that litigation. If you really want to go on the boycott route better be prepared to boycott about every companies out there. Like I said, Apple is NOT the only company that loves litigations.

    Oh, just by the title I knew it had to be you, Joe. :P

    • rattyuk says:

      "Litigation is the lazy way to make money instead of making something better."

      Indeed, shame that Apple are actually making money by selling stuff.

      If it is the "lazy way to make money" care to explain how come Apple are earning money hand over fist quarter after quarter?

      They make a lot of noise over litigation, but they actually get their money from elsewhere, selling products actually and no one else comes close.

      • Hall9000 says:

        Touchy aren't we, Rattyuk? When did I say that Apple never innovated? Still shouldn't I remind you about Apple suing an other company just for the damn shape of a smartphone using a photoshoped picture to justify their law suit? It's bull like that that people hate. I would have to say that they are an inch away of being patent trolls. And to add insult to injury people have to pay for those damn litigations because you can be damn sure they are included in the price of what ever they buy.

        Speaking of litigation, ever watched Star Trek Next Generation or Star Trek Deep Space nine? They had pads all over the place. Hell, in an episode of DS9 they had a room full of them. All BEFORE iPad came out. Better not tell Paramount about that because they just might start looking at Apple in a different eye.



        Original run: 3 January 1993–2 June 1999

        Someone made a comment about comming out with better products instead of wasting time and money with litigations for the sake of litigations. I concur.

  20. stonefort says:

    Apple are trash. Liars, thieves, and crooks.

    • bmovie says:

      Hate Apple all you want. Without Apple there probably wouldn't be an Android and Samsung would still be making washing machines and microwaves. People forget that Apple is one of the few companies who didn't sit out this Recession like everyone else, and made the iPad and the iPhone—products to beat and to latch on to in terms of creating apps and accessories. IBM, Microsoft, Dell, etc. made nothing innovative. Everyone else made copycats, but those created jobs. Heck, what would Joe Wilcox be writing about? Harry Potter? Probably. He couldn't write his way out of a paper bag without snarking Apple. Boycott Apple? Go ahead "A. Hoe".

      • Axlin says:

         Who cares? The fact of the matter is that Apple, as of *right now*, is doing everything they possibly can to eliminate and/or hinder their competition so that they don't have to innovate nor compete any further, so to hell with them. Their rosy past cannot overcome their rotten present. Sorry, but to forgive their current actions due to their past is an exercise in unmitigated idiocy and brand loyalty (which, frankly, is synonymous with idiocy).

      • Khatmandu says:

        ... except Android as an OS predates the iPhone by at least three years. Android 2003 (Rubin founds Android Inc to make software for mobile devices) vs iPhone 2006 (first references to iPhone in iTunes). May be able to push the iPhone back to around 2005ish when Apple teamed with Motorola on the ROKR but Android still would be here without Apple. Oh, and it should be pointed out that Google bought Android in 2005 for purposes of getting into the cell phone market, also still before the iPhone was released.

         While the iPhone certainly does deserve credit for turning the smartphone market into something other than a business market, there's just no evidence to support the idea that there 'probably wouldn't be an Android' without Apple.

          And seriously you're barking up the wrong tree with Samsung, I don't think Americans truly appreciate how much stuff that company makes.  Samsung's first cell phone was introduced in 1993, they sold 20 million cell phones just in the US in 2004, sold the first cell phone with speech recognition in 2005 and released their first smartphone in 2003. Heck, Samsung makes about 25% of the components that go into making the iPhone so it'd be more correct to say there might not be an iPhone without Samsung. ;)

    • bmovie says:

      RE: Axlin (or is it Asslin,  Arselin, or Ass Vasiline?) 
      "Who cares? The fact of the matter is that Apple, as of *right now*, is doing everything they possibly can to eliminate and/or hinder their competition so that they don't have to innovate nor compete any further, so to hell with them. "

      Innovate? Brand loyalty? You mean copy and steal, but then again your wife sleeps with everyone and you only use your computer at the DMV. Go join baldy and stick your finger up your ass and your head in the sand. 

      • Jecht says:

        Then maybe Apple should move to a communist country if they don't want competition. 

    • bmovie says:

      RE: Jeht

      "Then maybe Apple should move to a communist country if they don't want competition."

      Maybe Jeht should move to a Communist country. I believe "Jeht" in Russian means jerk or is it male prostitute.

  21. Xuanlong says:

    Apple doesn't compete, it's true. They make their products the way they want to. Sure, many people still like them the way they are, but they show zero response to user feedback and are very slow to innovate. Even their prices are always unnecessarily high. Their products come the way Steve Jobs designed them, and no different. That may be nice for a while, but anybody with any business sense can see the problem here, and that's why we've seen Android go from being an underdog and newcomer to a leader in the mobile OS market. Google and makers of Android devices have been able to come up with products based on what users want, not solely on what their designers want, and at affordable prices to boot. They legitimately give Apple a run for their money. What would be nice to see, is Apple stepping up their own devices, trying to add new features, and even lower their prices. That's how almost every other product works. Competition brings prices down and quality up. But with Apple, they keep their prices and quality the same, and simply try to block competitors from even so much as trying to sell their product. 

    I have boycotted Apple products for a few years now. While the patent bullying is deplorable, it's far from the only issue. Basically, they don't give a damn about their customers. Which really seems wrong to me, considering just how loyal their customers are to them. Apple customers pay a premium, and are basically used as beta testers. We've seen it time and time again, from MobileMe to the iPhone 4's antenna issue. In the face of a crippling design flaw, they take no responsibility, and fault the customer instead. After years of touting Macs as malware-immune, they instruct their support employees NOT to help customers remove MacDefender. It goes on and on. Apple is like the corporate equivalent of a baby that blames everything that ever goes wrong on somebody else. When I buy a product, specifically when I invest in a product that I'll likely use every day for years (like an MP3 player, phone, tablet, or computer), I'd like just a little bit more accountability and responsibility. 

    • rattyuk says:

      Hmmm. Usual Google arguments.

      "Even their prices are always unnecessarily high."
      1990 called an wants it's argument back.

      Here's the thing. Name me one tablet that is outselling the iPad that is cheaper than the iPad? Here's another thing. Name me one tablet that is feature comparable that is cheaper than the iPad?

      "That may be nice for a while, but anybody with any business sense can see the problem here, and that's why we've seen Android go from being an underdog and newcomer to a leader in the mobile OS market. "
      Er, from underdog to leader? Here's another thing: How far would Android be if Schmidt had not been on the Apple board at the time? Clue: How are you enjoying Android 2.0?

      "They legitimately give Apple a run for their money."
      Name me one Android device that is feature compatible to the current iPhone that is cheaper?

      "What would be nice to see, is Apple stepping up their own devices, trying to add new features, and even lower their prices."
      Ya like that would never happen. Did you see that the iPad 2 dropped $100 off the cost of the product. Do you see how much that makes up Apple's sales data? About 41% of iPad sales. Did you see how far the Kindle (which is missing way too many features to be considered a tablet) has dropped off since the price drop?

      "Competition brings prices down and quality up. But with Apple, they keep their prices and quality the same, and simply try to block competitors from even so much as trying to sell their product."
      I'm from the UK. That is just bollocks.

      "I have boycotted Apple products for a few years now"
      To boycott a product you have to have actually owned it in the first place. Based on Joe's postings for the last five or so years he has only used the word "Boycott" in regard to Apple to try and garner page hits. Likewise you are arguing from the same point. I would go so far as to say that you are "boycotting" Apple products to merely justify you argument.

      "Basically, they don't give a damn about their customers."
      Awesome argument, You got me, save for the fact that Apple have the highest customer satisfaction rating of all tech companies. Hell. Probably of all companies. I am eagerly waiting your explanation of this dichotomy.

      "We've seen it time and time again, from MobileMe to the iPhone 4's antenna issue. "
      Ya, Antennagate. Awesome argument. Look if that was actually a "real" issue (as in the phone actually doesn't work as opposed to a media take-down) how come the phones kept selling?

      "After years of touting Macs as malware-immune, they instruct their support employees NOT to help customers remove MacDefender."
      Instead they issue a system wide patch that removes it. Yeah, not caring about their customers. Not.

      "When I buy a product, specifically when I invest in a product that I'll likely use every day for years (like an MP3 player, phone, tablet, or computer), I'd like just a little bit more accountability and responsibility. "
      I'd refer a company that actually does the work rather than putting in place some kind of marketing bull that says they WILL do something.

      The motto of my infant school was "Esse quam videri". That's latin. It means: To be, rather than to seem to be. I'd rather have the company that delivers as opposed to a company that promises to deliver.

      • Xuanlong says:

        5 minutes with Google, and you can answer each and every one of those questions yourself, so I'm not even going to bother. That's the typical Apple strategy of feigning cluelessness about anything remotely negative and ignoring reality.

        I have to thank you though, since you've given us a great example of what's wrong with Apple. You tell us they're just perfect, they make no mistakes, the problems aren't real, everybody else is copying them, whine whine whine. Nothing's ever Apple's fault. It's always somebody else's. They never screw up, and they're always the victim.

        Apple's success comes directly from duping it's customers, most of whom are sadly stupid. They don't bother to do any research of their own, and simply believe anything they're told. Or maybe they just like shiny objects.

      • bmovie says:

        RE: Xuanlong "Apple's success comes directly from duping it's customers, most of whom are sadly stupid. They don't bother to do any research of their own, and simply believe anything they're told. Or maybe they just like shiny objects."

        What version of Alibaba are you using? "Dumping?" "Stupid"? 
        How many original Tabs are still around? Does that 7" upgrade to Jelly Bean? Can you get Androids or PCs without crapware or is that what everyone wants by request? Is the Chromebook worth the money? Think the Enterprise is going to upgrade to Windows 8 when they've just upgraded to Windows 7? I can see IT teaching the beancounters how to use the Metro Rubics Cube interface to get to their Excel sheets. Yeah. Go Google and you will see developers going iOS 7 to 10. Yeah. Apple's future and present is shiney. It's you who's dull.

      • Jecht says:

        Apple is nothing more than a fashion accessory, a status icon.  Just like Starbucks if you want to be part of the in crowd your coffee cup better say Starbucks. Remember Fads comes and goes. 

        This is how all fanboys reacts when something bad is said about apple products. They lash out with childish dribble. Shocked they haven't said my dad can  beat up your dad. lol

        Oh to the people with the iPads you do look as stupid as you think you do when taking a picture. 

      • bmovie says:

        RE Jecht

        "Apple is nothing more than a fashion accessory, a status icon." 

        Aw. Didn't get chosen for the Glee Club like RE Bradley, eh? Only your Mom would be your date to the Prom? Still take pictures with a Brownie, eh? My Dad can beat your Dad if you had a Dad. lol.

    • bmovie says:

      Then you've made the right choice for you and your point of view, I just think that an oversized phablet with a pen is not my cup of tea. I think a fragmented OS that developers cannot satisfy because your app will not work on various versions is frustrating. I think that any device with a screen on it and runs Android is not a tablet. I think that if a supplier copies Apple's look and feel and can't even make it a different color to be different is dumb to begin with. I think a company that makes 16 versions of the same thing like Samsung does is not listening to users, but dumping. I think publishing shipping numbers instead of purchasing numbers is sneaky. 

      Please boycott Apple and put your countrymen on Unemployment. Oh, I forgot. There is no Unemployment in China. They just go back to their rice paddies.

  22. Steve says:

    Remember Samsung started the whole blocking phones business. They had the
    first iphone banned in Korea. After 2 to 2 &half years later when
    Samsung put out a decent Android phone Korea's FCC equivalent let
    the iphone in Korea. The Carrier that carried the iphone was punished by
    Samsung. They took away their advertising subsidies and were not given the
    latest and best phones

  23. Bob Grant says:

    I hope the judge has the good sense to throw this one out as nonsense... As well as most of the others that seem to be going around.

    I've boycotted all crApple products since Wozniak left, and I'm glad I never got sucked into the malware called iTunes. Most of my reasons wouldn't be understood by the sheeple that still think crApple is a good product, but a few should be obvious to them if they bother to open their eyes... Price, privacy, and customer care.

    They rip you off, they watch your every move, and they don't care what you really want/need.

    • bmovie says:

      Been sleeping with Zuanlong, eh?
      What judge?
      Malware? Is that Metrosexual clothing?
      Wonder why Apple is about $500 a share on the Stock Market?

      • Jecht says:

        Yeah that's why iOS 5 steals ooops i mean  re innovates stuff Google android OS has been using for years. Like oh lets say the drop down notification bar to just name one. Apple is seeing android is leaving them behind. So they have to copy them to keep them in the game. So keep kissing up to apple as I am sure they appreciate you defending them. Oh wait that's right they don't even know you exist and could care less that you do. 

      • bmovie says:

        RE: Jecht

        Without Apple there wouldn't be an Android. So Google backstabs Apple. 

        Garbage like you deserve Android. I understand they made a special OS for you. Dingleberry Slurppy made from real dingleberries. Bend over and have a sample.

  24. luisfpg says:

     Apple never saw, and never will, a single cent from me.

  25. capncoad says:

    I actually revisited the iPhone introduction keynote recently from Steve Jobs and one thing I noticed that was probably overlooked at the time was Steve Job's repeated warnings that they've patented features of the iPhone including the multi-touch display. It was almost as if they knew the moment the iPhone was announced they would have effectively changed the game and they wanted to curb the 'me too' devices in the market. Didn't work out for them. If you create something at a fundamental level that just logically works better I think it's OK to have products out there that emulate those features and that includes Android. However I don't think this is some last gasp effort to curb Android, it seems more like doing what they said they would do right from the very start and that was attempt to protect their IP. 

    While I don't believe that Android in it's current or past forms was a rip of iOS and I've used both extensively, I will say that companies like Samsung when it first launched it's first gen Galaxy S hilariously ripped iOS's interface almost to the pixel. Touchwiz in its first iteration was nothing more than a copy and paste. I can't speak for Galaxy SIII's interface however since I havent used it.

  26. Chanbingo says:


    • bmovie says:

      ...have a brain?
      ...use a condom?
      ...use toilet paper?
      ...blow slashandshimmy on Sundays?

  27. ToeKneeC67 says:

    It always gets nasty when there is billions to make.

  28. leojei says:

    I somehow still don't see why Joe would boycot Apple / Apple's product.  He pointed out that Apple's so-called ideas and innovations are just immitations, the same as the case of other companies.  I think most of us here would agree since we all know about the immitations.  But this doesn't stop some of us from loving Apple's products - since we didn't love their "innovative" products.  For me, I love their products over Android and Windows Phone because to me, their products are:* easier to use
    * consistent, I'm too accustom to the UI fluent
    * faster / smoothness, iOS UI is arguably faster/smoother than Android, and feels better than Windows Phone (keep in mind it's my own experience, not necessarily yours ;-)  )  This was a deal breaker for me when I was considering higher-end Android tablets and iPad.  I can't bare to see the UI "lagging" when I swipe Honeycomb / ICS home screen on the supposedly-fastest Android tablet.  If the multitasking is slowing things down, I'd rather not have it at all (or the Apple's way to multitasking is just fine to me).
    * safer (my perception only), I found doing a tether jailbreak on iOS will break your Mail and Safari app if you don't apply the JB when you boot, figured that JB isn't that safe afterall.  I have since liking the wall-garden approach by Apple.  The tighter the wall-garden, the more I'd like it for my phone.  It has all my financial / photos / emails / contacts afterall.  Android's wall-garden is just not as strict as Apple's yet.
    * simpler.  The biggest features I miss (correction: really miss) from Android is the ability to set pattern lock and the icons at the top notification bar.  Other than these, I'm fine with iPhone and iPad.

    Also, if he personally thinks that banning products and playing patent bullying to block a product launch is enough to boycotting, he should be boycotting quite a few companies like M$ for the days when Netscape still dominated.

    • Dan Frumkin says:

      I agree. Henry Ford didn't invent the car, he didn't even make a better car, he improved the production of the car. Einstein didn't have original ideas, he combined the ideas of the day into a holistic concept. 

      These were great people who did great things. But you could easily apply Joe's arguments to these Henry and Albert.

  29. cool_guy says:

    Here is another question - What if IBM was as big on the desktop as Microsoft? What if OS/2 succeeded and put Windows down?

    And now where is that "what if" machine!? :)

    • bmovie says:

      What if Microsoft never asked Bill Gates to develop an OS?
      What if Bill Gates actually developed an OS instead of stealing...oops licensing it.
      What if IBM didn't use off the shelf parts to make their Personal Computer and custom made every part?
      What if the moon was made of green cheese?

      What's the point?

      • Atrius says:

        Why would Microsoft ask Bill Gates to develop an OS? Microsoft was Bill Gates and Bill Gates was Microsoft.

        Microsoft did license the GUI components from Apple initially, so it is not comparable to what is happening between Samsung and Apple. Apple's litigation was that Microsoft went too far and used things that they hadn't licensed. Anyhow, the court didn't agree with Apple.

      • bmovie says:

        RE: Artius "Why would Microsoft ask Bill Gates to develop an OS? Microsoft was Bill Gates and Bill Gates was Microsoft"

        This was how Microsoft came to be in the early days of the Personal PC. Google that. 

        As Microsoft grew they would buy up small developers, stop any further development and continue monopolizing the PC platform. Google about the various bankruptcies and suicides by owners put out of business by Microsoft. 

  30. HornyToad says:

    All of you guys seem to take this business all too seriously: big corporations are always looked for an edge, if only to keep the competition at bay. In this regard, Apple is no different from its main competitors; the use of patents to prevent a competitor from selling its products is as old as the first blond wig worn by a brunette to take a bigger share of the flesh business... People/consumers like what's new, what sparkles, and always ask for more sparkling stuff, hence the intense competition to stay afloat in this volatile business IT has become over the past 2 decades. If IT hadn't become mainstream, and had been confined to the enterprise, we wouldn't be arguing over Apple's merit or lack thereof. It's because IT has expanded to the private consumer that it's sparked such controversy: instead of spending corporate money, we end-users have started spending our own, and with it, our needs and wants have risen to a whole new level. 

    To quote an exchange between US General Schwarzkopf and French General Roquejoffre during Desert Storm: 

    Schwarzkopf: "You French are fighting this war for the money, whereas we [Americans] are fighting it for the honor." 

    Roquejoffre: "Sir, men always fight for what they don't have..."

  31. bobocop says:

    What a stupid Picture.
    Thy obviously do not know the difference between pull to unlock and slide to unlock.
    Try opening that lock without grabbing....
    Try to unlock with a finger slide.  I'll come back to check on you in 60 years to see if you had any success.

    What is wrong with you guys? Are you all patent experts? 
    Where is your case study?

    It is so easy and cheap to break-down others success and in the mean time create nothing but dirt.

    Joe start writing some useful articles instead of Apple bashing ones to please the Apple haters that heat Apple because it is the easy thing to to.
    (God forbid that the company you hate schoold create something good....)

    Recently you broke down Siri because it is not perfect.
    Where does it state that it is a fully developed product? 
    As I remember it is still Beta.... (possibly for a few years to come given the complexity that is involved)
    Even now everyone with a sound mind knows that this i the way to go.

    Why is protecting copycats more important than protecting the game changers?
    What has Samsung created on the smartphone market that has been a market changer?
    Why doe a company like that needs to copy things instead of developing there own?
    Why do you already need plead guilty before a judge ruling?
    What happened with innocent until proven guilty?
    Do you live in syria or in the U.S.A. ?

    I seriously doubt you're intelligence when you write about the quote Steve made over that stealing thing. 

    Nothing is created without stealing what is already there. You can not make a glass to drink if you do not steal the concept for glass. The idea of a stone cup.
    Bud instead o copying the stone cup....
    Instead of making a window from glass...
    You steal 2 great ideas and combine them in to something totally different.
    It is called innovation!!!

    And yes you may take a patent on this things because they are brand new things not a copy. (a.k.a. Samsung)

    No if it is patented you may not make a water glass without the right patent.
    Yes you can make a plastic cup if you invent it.... (steal the great ideas of others)

    About your reality thing:

    Reality is Patents exist, Judges exists 
    In the end that is a reality the market has to deal with. Not by acting as a little kid but as an adult.  Live by the rules that have been given. Equal for all companies.

    So get real and start making articles that make us smarter not more stupid than you.

    • bmovie says:

      Baldy copied the picture and mentions the source. It is doubtful if he actually contacted the person to ask for permission to use it. That's pretty much what Samsung and all the "innovative" companies did. Usually you do it through licensing or with an exchange of money to use another company's idea. Dirtbag is of course justifying his action by making Apple the bad guy. Dirtbag sandbags Microsoft with his Balmer toilet-cleaning article. Do you think either Apple or Microsoft is going to bless him with any newsbreaking interviews or information. Closed-minded Jerkcox thinks he's TMZ or the National Enquirer with a right to slander anyone. He thinks all he'll get is a "Cease and Desist". He thinks he'll be the next Jerry Springer. He also thinks he'll grow hair on his bald head. 

    • Jecht says:

       I have unlocked those slide locks with just placing the tip of my finger on it and sliding it. Just like I do with my HTC THunderbolt. So imagine that it can  be done lol. 

      • bobocop says:

        OK i can dig that. Now try doing the same thing when it is covered by glass.... (as on a phone, move an object with a finger by slide over a screen )

  32. andrew__des_moines says:

    A change in personnel at the patent office working in this area would be helpful.  It would be nice to see a federal judge rule in a case that patents relating to computers can not be reincarnated under new patents in mobile as well.  Presumably, Google, Samsung, and others are actively reviewing and challenging all new Apple mobile patents.  Like much in our legal system (most notably lawfare and punitive damages), the law benefits the lawyers above all. 

  33. I never understood why people claim Apple makes great user interfaces.

    Some kind of combination of lack of reference-points, and extremely low set expectations, i guess.

    • bmovie says:

      Don't worry. You already have problems navigating a menu at iHop.

    • eff says:

      good facts, good argument. oh wait... you're just making shit up to rile people up...

      •  Arguments?
        For what?

        Im just pointing out that Apples UI designs are bad.
        You only have to try them out to see for your self.
        And these days you literally just have to TOUCH one of their products to discover how badly designed they are.

        Im speaking as a non apologist and non stake-holder, programmer/designer.

        I don't give a crap about any feuds between Apple/Microsoft/Android/whatever -fans.

        I find most UI today sucks, and Apples are absolutely no exception at all.

    • bmovie says:

      RE "Is that Apples new magnetic butt-plug?"

      That'll be your 5th plate. They were up Joe's ass last night. Be sure to leave a tip.

  34. vinosp says:

    You got your Apple hit - Joe.
    This is rather getting lame - its been done with the "slave labor", "not patriotic enough", "monopoly" accusations. Perhaps Joe, you are feeling left out of the "Lets all Bash Apple Brigade" ?A journalist boycotting a company because they fight for their survival is stupid - plain and simple. In fact I would say it is unethical - because Joe is using his journalist reputation to support one company over other.I would like to see you, Joe, boycott:- Oil companies exploiting resources in Africa and supporting dictators everywhere.- Mineral companies that shamelessly rape the earth without regard for consequences.- Political parties who sell their conscience to the highest bidder.- Nations that lock up dissidents and trample of human rights.- Hedge funds that are betting on failure of companies and nations.- Banks that are sitting on piles of money made from stimulus money while forcing people out of their homes in a crisis created entirely by them.Yes - none of the above is a black and white choice but Joe made this big "brave" statement by making Apple a black and white choice. So lets see how brave Joe really is.If you were really serious about ethics, Joe, boycott all goods made in China.

  35. databaseben says:

    Not sure what real impact boycotting Apple will make.  But sometimes we have to bite our upper lip because Apple in America provides "JOBS".

    While their products may not be satisfactory to experts like Joe, they do just fine for the rest of the world.

    In regards to squashing competition, I'm pretty sure none of us have all the details and facts in these legal matters. In the end, we can only hope that our judicial system will side fairly and execute justice based on truth.

  36. Aires_OFFICIAL says:

    "I'm boycotting Apple".

    Bit weird.

    Take it that's why you need a new writer because you've just told the staff there's one less to write about Apple and their products.

    • bmovie says:

      ...it's not like he actually ever reported about Apple before he started to boycott and stick his butt...er... head into the sand. Stupid just announced that he's going to be more stupid-er. 

      Let the masses declare victory and follow along! Apple is dead. Chromebooks for everyone. Follow the bald prophet and stick your arm into Steve Balmer's toilet bowl. :) :) :) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :)

      • Aires_OFFICIAL says:

         You are presuming he thinks Chromebook is worth while when in actual fact he hasn't got the time of day for it.

  37. bdobson says:

    This is good news for everyone. Does this mean you wont be posting any Apple stories anymore? I cannot see this but a win win for everyone really. Who is Joe going to slag with his wit if not for Apple then? 

    • bmovie says:

      Fat chance! 
      Fat Bastard will simply make up more trash and plead ignorance when called out for it.

  38. theboyr says:

    I respect the decision, but I also think Apple is correct in most of their lawsuits. Samsung's design of previous products in lawsuits was to tweek them just enough to get by patent disputes in the courts of Germany and Australia. I think Apple has a right to defend what it sees as a patent infringing product on design if the patents are there... they aren't this aggressive against other companies, but Samsung has basically declared a war on Apple for over a year with products that tend to be near identical with campaigns that specifically target Apple in advertisements.  

    I don't see this as stifling innovation if there's a fair case under the law. Unfortunately, Apple is a corporation designed to make money off their products. Google is a company that is designed to make products to enhance their core search business. That's where most people fail.

    The problem is the Patent system is dreadfully outdated and needs revamped to work with the instantaneous changes working in technology. Patents are issued for minor tweeks and changes? Smartphones are computers. Any patent that applies to a computer, should apply to a smartphone. Common sense needs to take over here first. 

  39. JarrettZerkowski says:

    Betanews readers are boycotting Joe "Im a fucking retarded asshole who doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground" Wilcox. Seriously, go fuck yourself you apple hating android loving, Steve Balmer toilet cleaning cock sucking son of a bitch

    • Neil Porter says:

       Would it be possible to respect another's opinion and respond, if necessary, politely?

      • JarrettZerkowski says:

        Go read his one sided articles. He is an apple bashing asshole who never looks at both sides of the fence. I wish I were his boss because he would be out of a job. His articles make me and about everyone else on betanews sick to their stomachs.

      • AndrewC73 says:

         I concur that Joe Wilcox's articles are often complete and utter hyperbolic trash. However, you can call the substandard quality of his articles into question without attacking him verbally. As far as him being an "Apple bashing asshole", he seems to bloviate for awhile for Apple, then against them, then rage on Microsoft (he seems particularly obsessed with painting Windows Phone 7 in a bad light). He does seem to have a hardon for Google, but otherwise, he's an equal opportunity troll who writes click bait articles.

    • And with this Kind of highly intelligent Retort to Joe Wilcox's Anti-Apple Views, You have just dropped the Average IQ of not only the Reader, But of the Apple Community many Points. Bravo on your Excellent and mature reply to a reporter. *claps* I do not think there was any other way to offer a more Dignified view spoken for the community base of apple Products. I am sure Apple is highly pleased with your dedication and usage of words to speak for the whole. On Another note. Joe has had his opinion about how for a long period of time. The Factor that you keep clicking his links to read his reviews, Shows one thing, The Apple Community on Betanews likes supporting Joe. For every click you guys do on his posts, no matter how much you bash him, Still brings him page views. Congratulations on supporting your nemesis. The Greatest Advertisement for anyone is negative media. The fact you ALL keep going back to him shows you ALL like supporting him.  If you Truly hated him, You would not click on his articles and would truly ignore him. You all say on every post that you are no longer reading his posts, But you all Go back into them, thus giving him page views. You all are his Greatest supporters :) 

      • bmovie says:

        Wilcox is not a reporter and deserves the scatological feedback he so deserves. There is difference between support and flame. Apple users are simply out to eliminate ignorance in America. Thomas Jefferson said that in a room of mixed opinion, he who speaks out is the majority. To be silent is the greater evil. 

        I attack this carnival barker as intensely as I attack Sarah Palin, Rush Linbaugh, and Donald Trump. If Adolf Hitler were alive, I'd also attack him.

      • Carl Vancil says:

        Get 'em!  ;)

    • Aires_OFFICIAL says:

       There should be a 'Block' facility on this website. At the very least you should be Suspended for your language.

    • Maybe you are to young to have read many of his, "I love Apple" posts. Joe is a retard, I will concur, but he was always a fan of Apple, until the Chrome junk. I am willing to bet he has been paid for those posts, and now he is pissed at Apple, as he posted not long ago that the POS Chomebook, was his newest thing. He is either freaking retarded and is swayed by everything her reads, or he just gets paid to much!

  40. orcawhale says:

    Competition is bad. I think there should only be one company producing electronics (Apple). They are so far ahead of everyone else it isn't funny. Competition induces price wars, which is bad. Without better profit margins Apple will have no incentive to innovate. Think if Apple were the only computer corp around. They could set the market price of products and charge whatever they want without having to cut costs. The products would be far more expensive, but far superior to anything we have now.

    • Neil Porter says:

       "Apple has once again beaten analysts’ expectations
      with its Q2 results out today, and correspondingly the iPhone giant now
      has an even stronger cash position than it did before: $110 billion in
      the six months ended March 31, 2012 versus $81.5 billion in the six
      months ended September 24, 2011."

      Apple's profit margins for their hardware and profit margins for iPhone apps are bigger than for Android apps. Android has come up from behind and overtaken the iPhone in numbers of available apps and phones sold.

    • ismail hammoud says:

      I think Hitler said the same about competition...Then he shot himself up

    • Jeeshman says:

       @orcawhale:twitter  - "Without better profit margins Apple will have no incentive to innovate?"  Really?  If there were no *competitors,* Apple would have no incentive to innovate.  Without competition, Apple would still be making the original iPhone.  There'd have been no reason to improve on the design and we'd all still be buying it because it would still be the best product on the market.

      Additionally, if Apple was the only company producing electronics, the cost of that iPhone would still be $500, because Apple would have no reason to reduce it.  We'd pony up that $500 to have the only smartphone in existence.  So much for your innovative company.

  41. orcawhale says:

    Case in point. We are still using shoddy non IPS low-res monitors. Why? Cost cutting. Ditto with scanners. If Imacon's $25000 scanner were the only thing available, people would use that-just loan it out. Everyone would have much higher quality scans. Competition involves a necessary race to the bottom, in quality, service, support, inferior products, everything. I strongly support one company that does it right the first time, doesn't cut corners, and doesn't have to compete with anyone on cost. They wouldn't have to worry about market share because they would be the only game in town. I agree with Jarrett Zerkowski.

  42. eff says:

     you're ridiculous. they're patenting designs, which ARE being blatantly copied by other companies. look at all the iphone clones and now the macbook air clones as ultrabooks. they need to at least make it look different. you can't patent the idea of a 'smartphone' but you can patent the design of it.

    • Samuel Falvo II says:

       Actually, you *can* patent the idea of the smartphone.  If we have software patents for using the XOR operator to invert a rectangular portion of the screen, you damn well better believe we can have the whole idea of the smartphone patented.

  43. if i'm not mistaken, a large majority of smartphones look like iphones and not the other way around. and you are being willfully ignorant about the rules of design patents.

    • RH says:

       FORM follows FUNCTION.  Airplanes of a certain size, pretty much look alike. Airbus A330 & Boeing 767, look almost alike enough to be twins.  Flat screen TV's, without looking at the name on the front, look alike, Bowling balls look alike.  So you can't just say that iPhones look like other smart phones, because, the task they perform, all look to be the same.
      Apple steals from Xerox & MS, and MS steals from Apple.  They all do it, but, the problem is that Apple wants NO competition from ANYONE.

      • bmovie says:

        Galaxy S III does not. 

      • TechnologyRules says:

        I am soooo sick of hearing about Apple stealing xerox GUI's...

        You dimwits read some summaru of the Jobs and Woz story and called yourself an expert...

        The final MAC version released to the public and the xerox that jobs saw when he visited the company are like Earth vs Mars.... Similar in shape but it ends there.

        Do SOME REAL RESEARCH!!!!!!!!

      • Samuel Falvo II says:

        @CA  Like the research Xerox's lawyers used to sue Apple, when Apple sued MS for taking their UI ideas?  Fact is, the Lisa (and subsequently, the Mac) wouldn't be anything were it not for his willingness to take ideas invented by Xerox.

        True, the UIs are very different, and Apple has refined them a great deal.  But, proportional-width fonts?  Taken.  Menus?  Taken.  Hot-keys?  Taken.  Just about the only real innovation that Apple can rightfully claim is the one-button mouse (Alto needed 3) and making it work practically.

        I'm not suggesting Jobs _shouldn't_ have done it (I'm glad he did!), but let's call a spade a spade, here.

    • ismail hammoud says:

      Go compare an iphone to an LG prada, then come and see who copied who... 

      the Bar shaped phone wasn't invented by apple, just because its selling doesn't mean it owns the design. and how much I laugh when iphone users start saying that Apple invented the notification panel and GOOGLE COPIED IT. Now that deserves a big LOL.  and yes i Remember...Opening a camera from the lockscreen? Guess apple started all that??

  44. Aires_OFFICIAL says:

    I don't know why I come here anymore. The is barely any news, and what there is is uninteresting. You seem to miss so much stuff that others report on, and you seem so keen on commentary and blogging. I'm not talking about recycling news, but there's a lot goes on that barely gets reported and you don't seek it out. I had a look at Nate's site and he seems tied up with other projects and what not. I think standards have slipped here over the years, there used to be a time when I submitted news and I'd get a thanks off Nate or Tim. Sometimes news I'd submit would get posted and sometimes not. Now I don't even get an acknowledgement and I certainly don't get my news submissions taken on board. I have yet to see one piece of news posted based on what I've contacted you about in the last few years. There was a period of time some years ago when I hardly visited BetaNews for 2-3 years because standards slipped so much and I think I'm entering a similar period. I asked myself earlier why I still come here and I can't think of a good reason anymore. You were right to close comments for the 'Write For BetaNews' topic - that was badly handled as so much is here these days. The language that some of the readers are allowed to use is absolutely appalling. But you do little to discourage this by either setting higher standards yourself, or banning these people who are so offensive. I was so tempted to contact you about the 'Write For BetaNews' topic, but I think you have bigger problems than hiring new staff. You need to get your house in order and start posting some proper news - put the time in. There are a number of writers who have written for BetaNews and written good articles. But they are basically professional commentators and bloggers, and you need to start posting news again. (This is the second time I wrote this down as the first time I deleted what I wrote in error. It should tell you how much I care about this that I bothered to try and write it all again). I said it before some years ago - sort yourselves out.

    • capncoad says:

      Props for a fair criticism. I've been here off and on for years and I don't remember the content being quite as divisive as it is now. The comments at one time used to be much more tempered and thought out as well. There was a professional IT tone about Betanews that now has turned into cheap 'fooled yah' headlines. I still come here because it's hard to break old habits.

    • TechnologyRules says:

      Unfortunately because i was banned I cannot tell you what I really think of you...
      I guess all you complainers out there love having a internet mommy to run to when someone hurts your feelings....

      But here you used the word IDIOT to describe another commentor for using the word TARD..... So how do you jusitfy insulting someone based on limitations you deem fit but then bash someone else forusing a stronger insult?

      In other words, who said you should be the one to set the limits on insluts????

      You belong a toilet!

      • Aires_OFFICIAL says:

        I belong a toilet? Hmmm.


        'Retard' is an offensive way to describe someone who is a mentally handicapped person.

        Whereas an idiot is another way of describing a stupid person - like you.

        I wonder why you were previously banned?

      • TechnologyRules says:


        you have verified your retardation... And yes you belong in a toilet with other P'sOS.

        A retard is just another way to insult someone the same as calling them stupid or idiotitc. It takes a true retard like you to call names and insult someone then turn around and draw a line where hou feel insults should stop. That is a true retard; "i will strike you to where i see fit then i will limit how you can strike me back".

        Yeah real smart, why not try that on a thug? Go slap a street thug then tell him he can only slap you back but not punch you.... Then your retarded thoery wil be tested.

        As far as getting banned... Its because bitch people like you like to talk smack then cry foul when someone talks back. So go be a bitch retard elsewhere and stop crying like a bitch!!!

      • Aires_OFFICIAL says:

        Oh you mean I belong _IN_ a toilet. Why didn't you say so.

        So what do you mean when you say set the limits on insluts? I don't know any sluts - apart from your mom.

        (Sorry, that was uncalled for but I just couldn't resist).

        Like I say, you're an idiot who hides behind a computer and can't deal with face to face confrontations - it's understandable.

  45. beautox says:

    What bullshit. Didn't you know that Samsung, Motorola etc are all suing Apple as well. And in many cases, Apple didn't start this battle. Or is it OK for that but not for apple? And most of the patents that Sam and Moto are trying to use are "standards essential" patents, not that I'd expect you to comprehend the finer points of patent law. 

    At the end of the day, it's Apple that's being copied. As another poster said, it's the other smartphones that copy the iPhone. And don't give me the "form follows funtion" BS. If that were the case why were there no iPhone copies before the iPhone came along?

    • bmovie says:

      Meanwhile Microsoft got Android phones to shell out $6 per phone for violating Microsoft patents. Android phones are crooks and steal from Apple and Microsoft. Nothing original or innovative with the green robot. 

      • ismail hammoud says:

        If android infringed any apple patents, the judges would have given apple at least one win in a law suite...sadly, none until now. LOL

      • Samuel Falvo II says:

         Now, see, I don't agree with this settlement, BUT, at least MS was happy with it and didn't push harder to have units physically banned from the market (I know they tried to do this once, but never heard anything of the case since.  I'm assuming, since they're receiving royalties now, that it's been settled out of court).  So, although I'm paying $6 to MS for each Android device I get, at least I still have the option to purchase said Android device.

        Were it up to Apple, we wouldn't even have that choice.

    • ismail hammoud says:

      Guess who started that suing $hit. everyone was at piece before the damn iphone was introduced. Apple is abusing power. Something Nokia was capable off and didn't do.

  46. Wow. You merely suggest that Apple may have some shortcomings and the hate comments pour down in torrents. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this article. It's factually accurate and the conclusions are sound.

    • bmovie says:

      Good graphic and industrial designer cost time and money. Research and development cost time and money. To outright copy another's vision and hard work and put a clone on the market in half the time and effort not only cheapens what we have personally put into our crafts, but cuts into profits that we and the company we work for deserve. This pirate mentality stunts any motivation for anyone to innovate. This is outright thief. 

      To boycott Apple is to endorse open thievery. People who buy into Apple not only subscribe to how Apple products work and feel, but also how they look. We feel that plastic sprayed with aluminum paint will simply look and feel that way. We feel that less buttons is "more" and "cool". We feel that Apple devices have a "soul" in an OS that doesn't become obsolete the moment you turn it on. We feel that a constantly growing  Ecosystem trumps a "one trick pony" or "crap ware" any day. 

      To sue companies that steal rather than innovate will only create more jobs and stimulate more ways toward building better mouse traps,—necessity is the "mother" of innovation. Perhaps the Samsung Note is the result of Apples lawsuits.  

      • StockportJambo says:

        Your points would be valid if they actually applied to Apple - Joe's point (and for most people who actually know what they're talking about) is that Apple don't actually invent the things they have patents for. And they are now engaged in a war of litigation rather than innovation. They know they haven't got squat except billions in the bank, and they're happy to give that to lawyers to try & protect that.
        Wrong way to go about things IMO - and it only hurts the consumer.

      • bmovie says:

        RE: StockportJambo

        The way things work is that if you have a patent, you can litigate. No patent. No litigation. Patents are granted by various governments for a reason. You can not walk into a court room and expect a trial otherwise.
        If it looks like an Apple and it quacks like an Apple, they it was copied from Apple. 

  47. zato says:

    "Patent bullying and ongoing competition by litigation and intimidation are reasons why. For me the last straw came earlier this week when Apple sought to ban importation of Samsung Galaxy S III (the request for preliminary injunction is before a judge and a ruling could come as early as next week)."

    Now you're venturing into comedy, Joe?  You're an anti-Apple propagandist, Enderle wannabe, and everyone has known it for years, so this "last straw" is pure comedy. 

    • bmovie says:

      Joe could not write his way out of a paper bag without snarking Apple. There is no last straw. Apple products keep popping out of nowhere in his household as well as out of his arse. He is a crybaby and the ultimate Drama Queen.

  48. Kelvin Torres says:

    Look up the astronomical amount Apple spent on lawsuits last year!! They have the cash in the bank to be able to afford to sue everyone, so in that sense I cannot blame them for doing so. However, as a consumer I am truly disgusted and ashamed to be an iPhone owner. It seems to me that their patent portfolio includes many patents that shouldn't have been granted in the first place, but it's Apple we're talking about and I know that they have "pull" in all different areas of the patent and litigation processes.
    I've spoken to many Apple-loyalists about Apple's recent lawsuit surge and they all seem to have a bad taste in their mouth. Apple isn't God and they aren't the "end-all be-all" of technology companies. They should really be concentrating on continuing innovation and satisfying consumer needs rather than highly-aggressive legal battles. You know what they say: what goes around comes around. Apple's aggressiveness will come back to bite them and I think I know how...

    I'm almost positive that Google, Samsung, and HTC are talking behind closed doors to come up with a plan to battle back. The iPhone accounts for almost 1/2 of Apple's revenue, thus, it is their most prized and securely-guarded product. What has no iPhone up until now had (even though others have had them for quite a while)? 

    LTE!!!! Samsung has quite the LTE-related patent portfolio, owning about 10% of all LTE-related patents. Also don't forget that Google has about 17,000 more patents now thanks to the Motorolla purchase. That brings me to my point: THE TABLES WILL BE TURNED AND APPLE WILL BE THE ONE GETTING SUED WHEN THE NEXT IPHONE IS RELEASED!!! Apple will crap in their pants if anything goes wrong with their iPhone product line.

    In the end, I wish we could all get along and all this litigation nonsense could stop. It's extremely disgusting, even to the most hardcore Apple fanboys, to see Apple taking such a cheap approach.

    Hopefully the S3 I preordered isn't delayed and/or banned. Can't wait to once and for all leave the Apple bandwagon. My eyes have been opened. Open yours too.

  49. AS147 says:

    Folks, regardless of your stance and opinions please conduct yourself with respect. The responses on here are extreme to say the least. Everyone is owed respect regardless of your opinion. Put yourself in the shoes of those receiving the vitriol.

    Regarding LTE patents I think you will find that they probably gall into FRAND as they are essential technologies required by all makers. However we have seen abuse of even FRAND patents recently. Namely Motorola using it to ban MS and Apple products.This goes completely against the whole purpose of FRAND and I hope Motorola get the response from the courts they deserve. To block products that are licensed under FRAND because the license wasn't paid and set the price disproportionately high to your competitors only is as about as low as you can get.

    This is just getting worse by every event and as the stakes grow I can't see this getting resolved any time soon. After all those who are employed to settle each vacuous claim are the same people asked to change this crappy state of affairs!

  50. JarrettZerkowski says:

    You people can flag comments like little girls all you want, its okay tho because betanews is a joke of reliable news especially when you have biast writers such as "Joe Wilcocks" hopping on androids nuts. Cnet is the best UNBIAST source of tech news. Even Engadget out do's this mans terrible articles

  51. Anuj says:

    I am disappointed by this excuse for an article and would have expected a journalist to understand that there are always two sides to every story. It is your opinion that Apple should not have received patents for ideas such as the "link for structures," as by your view, they are inherent for competition and are not truly innovations. But what puts either of us in any position to decide this? The fact is that Apple was granted the patents, and now you cannot blame them for trying to protect what was declared as rightfully theirs. However, you don't have to go too far to see obvious instances where Samsung and other companies have truly copied Apple, and this is the side of the story that you have missed. I will give an example: Have you ever seen the charger for the Samsung Galaxy Tab? It is an egregious copy of the iPad (see image in link). Just as you have posted the image supporting one side of the story, take a look at this picture from cultofmac and tell me that this doesn't look a bit suspicious.


    From this picture, it is easy to see why Apple should be wary of infringements on their intellectual property. Before you go attacking a company like Apple, which has for the mostpart built its fortune on innovative ideas like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, you should have done your homework and give the other side of the story a good, hard look. I have lost any shred of respect that I might have had for your journalism because of this baised trashing of Apple just to get page views by pissing off Apple fanboys and appealing to Apple haters. In the end, I cannot blame you for acting on what you believe though, and I hope you enjoy your android tablet and chromebook.

    • ismail hammoud says:

      Dear, when Apple attacks : SAMSUNG,Nokia,MICROSOFT, MOTOROLA, HTC, LG,Sony, ASUS, and even Google   and all other market players... clearly something is wrong with apple and not with the entire market.

       I would like you to name 1 company that hasn't been sued by Apple. Apple copied lots of other companies with their work. Just because those companies didn't sue Apple , doesn't mean Apple didn't infringe. Not all companies have the money to sue large companies like apple you know. 

      And Just for your info, Don't you wonder why apple is losing 90% of the lawsuits? out of all the lawsuits, it won once in Germany(and lost for Motorola) and block HTC One X(temporarily). The rest they lost and dismissed. 

      That's the biggest proof that what apple is doing is for the sake of bad marketing and bad reputation for competitors, nothing more.

    • ocdtrekkie says:

      Sir, does your iPhone/iPad have a notification tray? That notification tray was part of Android since before iPhone existed. It is blatantly stolen design from Google. Do you know WHY iPhones haven't been banned for it?

      Because Google's not a patent troll.

    • Aires_OFFICIAL says:

      The only realistic similarity is the cable and connector. But it is difficult to see how that could have been different. Everything else is just design practicalities. You're not going to put a black phone on a black box, when white is going to make the phone stand out. There are so many things that have been done from a practical point of view, you are looking too hard for copying that is just co-incidental similarity.

  52. iwod says:

    I quite like BetaNews, but is there anyway to block any post by Joe Wilcox? 

    • bmovie says:

      If you give him a list of the world's dirtiest bathrooms he may devote some time cleaning them instead. 

      So thick you could eat it with a fork! (Apologies to the soup company!)

  53. ismail hammoud says:

    Welcome to the club Joe  ;)

    Judges have dismissed 90% of apple lawsuits, that gives an idea about how apple works.  They "claim" competitors copy them. In the court rooms, Nothing happens.

  54. brunul says:

    I'm selling all of my Apple gear today and I'm getting a Windows 8 tablet built by whoever and the best Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S StarGate HD LTE MX 25.1

    • woe says:

      I would recommend the Samsonite Windows RT (not WinRT) Windows 8 tablet, 19inch with a Intel i8, broken bridge 6 core and NVIDIA GPU, SLI.  The battery life is only 30min but it plays Modern Warfare 3 like a bat out of HELL!!!!!

      Also why the StarGate HD?  Why not the 6.3inch StarDestroyer XL-HDII LTE MAX 16.2??  It has a titanium stylus!!!

      • brunul says:

        Titanium stylus?!!! Noooo, really?!! Oh I'm so getting that when it's available in the US!!!

  55. Captain555 says:

    I can proudly say I have never given a penny of my hard earn money to Apple. I never agreed with the way they do business, starting with ITunes, and suing also people for unlock their phone that they paid for and own outright.

    • skimore says:

      Your going to have a hard time going to Heaven MR.

    • bmovie says:

      You can't buy an iPhone for 25 cents.

      "and suing also people for unlock their phone that they paid for and own outright." does not occur on this planet.

    • pmdci says:

      Agreed. I respect some of Jobs innovations but I would never buy Apple products for the exact same reasons. But I don't need to go around bashing Apple and declaring my unconditional love to Microsoft or Google or Linux for that matter to make a point.

  56. skynet11 says:

    Great write-up! However, your link to 
    Copycats: How Smart Companies use Imitation to Gain a Strategic Edge is broken...

  57. Gaurav says:

    Hilarious Joe !! Absolutely hilarious !! Do U intentionally write these dumb articles or U just vomit whatever stuff your biased mind can come up with ? There is a reason courts are there. Apple isnt bullying small kids. In opposition are biggies of Tech world. If Apple is wrong it will lose and patents will be invalidated, if not, samsung,htc etc will be punished. Please dont claim to talk about patents when u dont understand the legal language. & dont quote ur own articles (like Airfoil one) which you wrote down before any information was known (Schiller expained about that). & please all the commentators stop talking about the phrase "Good artist blah blah....". It doesnt mean u just steal the product & make minor changes. Stealing is meant to be of the idea, NOT the Implementation !! IDEA CANNOT BE PATENTED ! Implementations can be, that is what Apple is suing for. Anyone can use the the same idea (Infact android totally had a plastic surgery to change itself into new touch based form !), but implementation has to be their own ! I am actaully amazed Joe Wilcox, such a big proponent of "Choice","Public Interest","Freedom" is giving NO attention to such  big FRAND abusers like Samsung & motorola ! They are the one who are actually trying to ruin everything, bcoz they control the core mobile technology without which U CANNOT make a mobile phone. Thank God for regulators who will B*tch Slap them & get them in line. Apple dont sue on SEPs thus no one is forced to abandon their mobile efforts, just dont copy Apple's implementations ! SIMPLE !

    • ToeKneeC67 says:

      I agree with you - but Android fans have shown that as long as they can get all the features from iPhone, WP7, Blackberry - they seem to think everyone else is being big babies.

      And while I disagree with Google's practice on this.  It is the same thing Microsoft did for years to become number one.  Take other ideas, keep it court, settle years latter, but only pay a faction compared to what you made on it.

  58. TechnologyRules says:

    Dude this is one the the worst articles I have ever seen...

    I have said it before.... Until you have created anything worth protecting you know nothing about IP or having your idea stolen.

    Samsung is as evil as Gogle and that is why they belong together....

    Just look at the Galaxy 1 and the iPhone 3GS..... the phone, charger, dock connector, and even packaging are similar enough to make sure that some less techy folk will confuse the two.
    That is exactly why Samsung deletes all corproate emails within two weeks.,.... Its called destruction of evidence. Thats because if those emails would come to light, they would show that samsung executive ordered samsung creations to be INDISTINGUISHABLE from the Apple competition.

    Not only is good at ripping off IP and design, they are good at learning from other companies mistakes. Samsung saw what archived emails did to gogle nad to MS, so they decided to delete all emails even thou US law requires corproations to archive emails for 7 years (more or less) and I know this because i work for a fortune 100 in records management and there are strict policies on retention and destruction of different types of documents.

    • Joe F'n C says:

      wahhhhhhhh!!!!!! This is no different then when car companies like kia and hyundai tried making their cars look like a mercedes/bmw/jaguar.  Difference is those companies don't care because they know someone who owns a $70,000 car isn't going to be dumb enough to think the $20,000 one is the same thing.  Plan and simple you know nothing about how things work, I bet you think Apple makes all the components for the iphone, right?  No SAMSUNG does, and since they have all the tools to make the screen its likely going to look similar.  Every phone has a similar dynamic to it now, so saying the galaxy series looks like an iphone is about as retarded as saying a pc looks like a mac

      • ToeKneeC67 says:

        And hence the problem.  Samsung is a great company, Apple picked them to make their stuff.  And after enough years, Samsung's R&D and Engineers could only think like Apple, and now their stuff looks and acts too close to Apple.  It's really a conflict of interest.  But it is business.  
        Your car example blows, as there are lawsuits in that industry all the time.  And PC's heavily copied from Apple GUI in the early days.

        The fact is - if you copy something, it's not right.  If you borrow and change/modify an idea it's OK.  However, it's funny how Apple only sues where they modify the idea to make it better than their idea :)

      • Samuel Falvo II says:

         A better example would be AMD and Intel.  Back when AMD was a 3rd party source for the 80286 through 80386 CPU line-up, AMD started making strongly competitive clones of these CPUs, which Intel didn't like.  "Stick to our contractual agreement, or be sued."  AMD insisted, and were consequently sued.

        Decades of litigation later, the jury couldn't decide, and Intel/AMD buried the past with the understanding that they'd go their separate ways.  AMD, then, released a drastically improved version of the Pentium, which Intel then leapfrogged, where AMD later leapfrogged, and so on.

        You could argue that *ALL* of today's x86 architecture improvements have come from that decades worth of litigation.  But AMD had to copy Intel first, in order for that litigation to spark their respective creative fires.

        So what if Samsung copied Apple?  WAAAHHH!!!  Too bad.  Apple has a right to litigate, OK, but they DO NOT have a right to ban.  Likewise, Samsung/Google are innovating their own UI concepts in Android, now having effectively copied earlier versions of iOS.  And, just to remind folks, all these comparisons over the hardware aspects of the devices is **NOT** what Apple is suing over.  They're most concerned over the OS and its ever-increasing application base.

  59. Pwnd0z3r says:

    Most people are missing the point here.  Apple doesn't litigate continuously to 'protect their IP', but rather in an attempt to 'sway public opinion' that they are the one true innovator that everybody else copies to keep up.  Clearly that isn't the case, but it is a valid mass media marketing strategy, and clearly wildly successful in the present day world where 'best' has no bearing on purchase decision.
    At the end of the day, does an iPhone or iPad function in their intended role?  Yes.  Does it execute those roles better than the competitors?  Not even close!  This is proof that Apple is the best at marketing.
    Apple didn't invent mass marketing either ... and since its inception, the best product is unlikely to be the highest selling, but rather the one that is best marketed.  They have just mastered this principle in their space, and blaming them for 'shepherding the sheep' is pointless.

  60. AS147 says:

    OK as if by prophetic example that everyone steals errr... copies from everyone Apple today announced it's iOS6 changes. Here are things it took from Windows Phone 7. WP7 was a new approach compared to iOS and Android and got slammed for it, now Apple copies it.

    Facebook integration - copies Windows Phone 7 which put this in place 2 years ago

    Updated Siri allows you to open apps with Siri and you can now ask Siri about sports, movies, local results are powered by apps like Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes etc. - WP devices already allow you to open apps via voice commands and already integrates its results from IMDB, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes etc.

    Shared Photo streams allows you to share your photos with certain people using Apple ID. People can comment, like your photos. - Windows Phone users have native integration with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s Cloud Storage service. You can automatically upload photos to SkyDrive, enjoy the same across devices and platforms. And yes, it even allows commenting on photos!

    Face time video chat service has now added support for video calls over cellular. - Windows Phone 8 users will have native Skype integration. Skype is cross-platform, supports voice call to phones and it works on both Wi-Fi and Cellular. More importantly, Skype already has 200 million users.

    Mail in iOS 6 lets you set up a VIP list so you’ll never miss an important message from your accountant, your boss, or your BFF. This is among top 10 feature on iOS 6 ?? In Windows Phone, you can have many alternate methods such pinning the group of people you care about as a Live Tile and many more. Or you can individually pin them on your start screen for their latest mail, updates, messages, etc,.

    Maps, Apple has now replaced the Google Maps app with its new own version of Maps app built on tech from C3 which it bought last year . After 5 versions of the OS in 5 years, iOS gets native turn-by-turn navigation support. It has an eye-candy feature called Flyover which lets you explore maps in 3D mode. - On Nokia Windows Phone devices, you get free, full offline, turn-by-turn navigation already. Nokia is also constantly adding and updating its Maps, Drive and Transit apps every few weeks. By the time iOS 6 releases, expect Nokia to have 3D mode in mobile devices as well.

    Of course there are a few features we would want Microsoft to crib back for Windows Phone also.

    Safari iCloud Tabs keeps track of which pages you have open on your devices, so you can start browsing on one device and pick up right where you left off on whatever device is handy. Safari now saves web pages — not just links — in your Reading List, so you can catch up on your reading even when you can’t connect to the Internet. Internet Explorer in Windows Phone doesn’t have both these features. Expect some new features like these to be announced in Windows Phone 8.

    Phone. Now when you decline an incoming call, you can instantly reply with a text message or set a callback reminder. And when things are just too hectic, turn on Do Not Disturb and you won’t be bothered by anyone. These features were in the original Nokia Symbian devices and its now coming back. Windows Phone does not have these features and we really don’t expect them on Windows Phone 8 as well.

    Accessibility.  iOS 6 comes with even more features to make it easier for people with vision, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities to get the most from their iOS devices. However some accessibility work is underway to provide improvements in Windows Phone 8.

    Passbook. Your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more are now all in one place. You can scan and store all these within the app and its time and location based. Windows Phone users don’t have any such solution as of now from Microsoft. I expect 3rd party developers to build the same app with better experience soon. There are already some in marketplace, but not exactly like Passbook.


  61. Roger_Ramshit says:

    I think many of Apples patents are frivolous. The problem is that too many no name no brain OEMs (and sometimes big ones like Samsung) are too lazy to come up with their own ideas and shamelessly copy others. It would be nice if everyone contributed as much as they copied but they don't. Some copy and offer nothing in return.

    I am not sure how we can weed out the shameless copers whilst at the same time get rid of frivolous patents.

  62. Douglas says:

    Wow, lots of Apple-lovers hating on Joe here. Admittedly I didn't read every comment, but I didn't see anyone really refuting your arguments, Joe, just anger and rhetoric.

  63. Mark Thomas says:

    Not one fuck is give I'm afraid. You do that.

  64. It's pretty obvious most of the commenters here blasting Joe have no clue where the true innovation came from. Here's a clue people, it wasn't Apple. 

    • pmdci says:

      I hear you. 
      I never cared much for Apple but giving credit when credit is due, Jobs was a paradigm pioneer. Before him all digital music players and tablets were a joke.

      Still, I wouldn't buy an Apple product :)

      • Tony NoName says:

        Actually Steve just kept getting better at using his own brand of greed, arrogance and Orwellian Doublethink to school the World on his InfoMercial Marketing style! ....the only thing they brought were plenty of ribbons and bows pretty boy looks to any industry they've competed in. NONE of the innovations were actually ever theirs. Because they've never owned the R&D or factories to invent the technologies behind any of their so called innovations in the first place. But........ Wait..... We just invented the most Magical and Revolutionary Retina Screen (when it's old 1995 tech Samsung perfected for them)!!!

        All their so called innovation has been ripped off from companies like Nokia, Samsung, IBM, Motorola, HTC and the many other far more capable companies who aren't afraid to spend money on CAPEX (Samsung $42 Billion this year) and mega Millions on truly innovative technologies, they immediately claim as their own!!!

  65. pmdci says:

    Joe has been demonised as a Apple fanboy before. But he was also called a Windows fanboy before. I guess people just love to hate the guy.

  66. pmdci says:

    Fan boys, we are talking about corporations here. They all have their skeletons in their closets. For them what comes first and foremost is maximizing their shareholder's wealth. Not if you have a tattoo of an Apple or Clippo on your buttcheek. 

    Like a platform or dislike a platform, do it for objective reasons. Which one you work better with? Mac, Windows Linux, BeOS? Good! then stick with it, go give your girlfriend/wife (or life partner, I am not judging) some attention and stop pissing other people off. Enough of this emotional love and hate crap.

  67. jwcom says:

    Joe you are the pot calling the kettle black.

    Your stories are ridiculous, inflammatory crap.

    I guarantee that you will not be able to not talk about Apple again, I'm sure you will come up with some excuse stating that: Boycott only applies to apple devices and software, not actually talking about them.

    If you hate apple that much then stop talking about them, you are like a crazy ex girlfriend who won't stop talking about her terrible boyfriend, im sick of the stories.

    100 bucks says you can't go without talking about Apple again.

    All corporations sue for patents, all of them, apple is no more or less evil than any other corp they are just the ones that are cool to pick on, in the 90's it was Microsoft, Google is next.

  68. Assid says:

    You guys amaze me with your comments. You guys claim to be non biased, but its so clearly not so.

    For the iPhone fans, A> Apple made a great product, but slept on its butt and now its starting to lose the competitive edge. Live with it. Its called business. One day your on top, the next you aren't. If you want to be on top. Start competing!

    For the Android fans, Google realistically saw the success of iPhone and said, you know what, what if we make an OS which isn't really tied to the hardware and just do what microsoft did on the PC. They used Microsoft's idea of being a software vendor except they didnt charge licensing fees. They have a different revenue model, i.e. the ads+play store.

    for the microsoft fans, Microsoft realistically was the first to the touch party, along with motorola during their linux based moto phone. However, microsoft did screw up and let windows mobile die.

    The technology industry is based on taking ideas and further developing it. Microsoft and Apple copied/STOLE the mouse from Xerox, perhaps one of the biggest ideas ever! They built on it, and now we have human input devices aka touch input.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if someone just patented :  "mobile telephony device capable of making telephone calls based on radio frequency"

    You would have 1 vendor, or everyone paying HUGE licensing fees, and guess what, its something like this that makes products expensive!

    So yes apple can and will crib and complain, if they are as innovative as they claim, perhaps they should get off their high horse, stop using freebsd or any variant thereof, make their own operating system from the ground up, and be innovators, not blatant copycats building on the ideas or in this case pre-existing code!

  69. rauckr says:

    You're boycotting Apple?  "If Apple products are so innovative, why doesn't Apple compete rather than litigate?" Innovation gave them the products they are trying to defend against the Xerox machine. The best part of this slightly humorous article is the picture of the ancient door latch.  Do you think the Patent Office could be persuaded to throw out the Apple "Slide to Lock" parent based on this earth shattering revelation? Have you been sampling some high octane Hooch?

    • Carl Vancil says:

      Funny that you mention Xerox... the first company that Apple (and Microsoft) ripped off.

      • Samuel Falvo II says:

         False.  Apple was not the first home computer kit; it was rather the first _affordable_ home computer kit.  The Altair 8800 preceded the Apple I by one whole year.  Telling, really, as their initial price point for the unit was $666.  Admittedly, Woz wanted a computer he could call his own, but Woz also will be the first to tell you of his many influences in designing the Apple I.

        And, after Commodore released the PET, Apple released the Apple ][.  Interestingly, here, both Commodore and Apple arranged for a low, one-time payment to Microsoft for their BASIC interpreter.  In effect, Commodore and Apple both stole from Microsoft, once the aggregate value of their combined BASIC ROMs have been shipped.  Indeed, I recall reading an interview with Bill Gates where he cited this occasion as the motivation for Microsoft's highly aggressive attention to legal-marketing strategy.

        So, really, Xerox is just another company in a long line of idea thefts that was both rampant and yet singularly responsible for the innovation of the 8-bit computer era, without which we wouldn't have our contemporary PCs and Macs today.  Clearly, the problem isn't theft and improvement (or, as MS calls it, embrace and extend).  The problem is preventing others from performing the same actions and reaping the same rewards as Apple.

        BTW, while Apple was suing Microsoft for stealing from Apple (Microsoft didn't steal directly from Xerox), Xerox counter-sued Apple ... and won.  That caused Apple to drop their case with MS, which was Xerox's intent.

  70. frankwick says:

    Remember in the Vista days and the Mac vs PC TV spots?

    "Hi I'm a Mac and I have iPhoto"
    "Hi, I'm a PC and I have calculator"

    Is there anything untrue about that ad?  NOT AT ALL.  However, to the uninformed consumer (Apple's target  market), that ad says more than any bit of real research could ever demonstrate.

  71. tiburoncito_2000 says:

    OMG Joe what a lost to the Apple economy :(

    • Bill Watts says:

      "What a lost". . .learn some grammar ;)

      It may surprise these ifanboys that Joe has a little bit more of a platform than they do.  I love that "Hollywood" above feels that his boycotting Android is really equivalent to Joe's well thought out article(s) on this topic and subsequent boycott.  Yes, Hollywood, we all read YOUR article and are commenting on it. . .or not.  I think Joe might be just a little more impactful than you are.

  72. Fabianosmith says:

    What does it main reason for Boycotting the Apple?


  73. Jack Brown says:

    Do us all a favor and boycott the internet.....

  74. Hollywood__ says:

    That's OK Joe, I just traded in two awful Android phones (yes, all 4 of ours suck a bag of crap) for shiny new iPhone 4Ss. What do you know? I actually get a signal in my house, the UI doesn't lag and freeze 50% of the time I try to navigate and they work in one of twelve iDocks around the house.

    In another month or two, we will be Android free (thank the Lord). So, I will make up for your little childish boycott. That will bring our household to 2 iPads, 4 iPod Touches, and 4 iPhone 4Ss. My sister in law brought over her Android tablet to show off on Father's Day. I was laughing at her getting frustrated at the UI freezing and lagging, dropping WiFi etc... and it was only out of the box for three hours. No apps of any kind installed. I managed to download and install the DirecTV app to show her how it worked on my dish.

    Low and behold, it froze and crashed... The app looked nothing like the Apple version. It looked as though they designed something quick and dirty for Android and gave the iOS version the royal treatment. Android is the trailer park hooker that wants to be the high priced madaam. I think they are popular because they are virtually free at any cell store.

    I feel like I moved out of the ghetto when I switched to Apple a couple days ago..

    • Alex R says:

      wow. you are a moron. 
      Yes, android phones take a little more research and shopping around to find the best one to fit your needs. And yes, there are plenty of low end android devices out there.

      That's your bad for getting duped into filling someone's quota.Not everyone is going to spend 650 for a phone, especially one with crappy speeds and limited functionality. If you don't think you spent that, then the joke is on you.
      Here's reading material:

      Don't get me wrong. Most apple products are beautifully designed and work well. But there's very little innovation. I'm willing to test out cutting edge features and deal with bugs and growing pains. But that's not everyone.

      Dollar for dollar, an equivalent android device does way more than an iPhone.All the power to you and your iHouse, but check out the sales. Plenty of people prefer choice and customization.  To your comment about being android free-- In a year, I guarantee you'll own at least 2 devices that run android. Android isn't just "a phone."

      Oh, and this might be an interesting story to follow: http://goo.gl/IWfHO

    • AS147 says:

      "and they work in one of twelve iDocks around the house."
      " That will bring our household to 2 iPads, 4 iPod Touches, and 4 iPhone 4Ss."

      Why own 4 Android devices if you have 12 iDocks!? Something sounds strange here.


  75. Tony NoName says:

    Hey Joe it seems you've invited the iZombies and iCrAppleholics in for feeding frenzy here with that headline! haha.... but just like Apple themselves, they're all talk and no bite! 

    But it does count for some amusing reading as they unleash their foaming at the mouth viral infused Orwellian Doublethink hysteria on the World. Just seems the very thought anyone else isn't completely religiously devoted to their Zen Guru designed CrApple Devices, it seems their whole world is falling appart to them! ;-P 

    You know.... the old lie and truth stretched stories like "I just sold my crummy stinky Android phone to a Martian for $0.50" or "I so hate Android for stealing 4G from iPhone 4 and our new Notifications we invented before them too". "Apple should just iSue the whole World out of business for copying them..... it'd serve them right"!!!! waaah.... waah.... slobber... cry.... waaaahhhh!  

    btw... it seems Majority Rules has won out again and CrApple has failed to win any court battle of any significance and if anything have only served to market the competition's devices by differentiating their superior Open Platform Features and faster better hardware. Case in point; ITPro in the UK benchmarked Galaxy SIII w/ Exnos not only pistol whipping every other Quad core and soundly beating Qualcomm's S4 Krait, but thoroughly bit** slapping iPhone 4s by over double the score on Geekbench! ....and they are obviously totally enslaved to CrApple!

  76. pmdci says:

    I hear you. But in marketing (R&D) there are to important points of innovation: paradigm shift and paradigm pioneering. While Jobs didn't necessarily invent the tablets, or the digital music players, he is the one that popularized it. and whether we like it or not (I don't), the cult of personality around him and his company did play a role in the popularization of these products.

    It is like this: You are right about the retina display. But it seems that virtually no other computer manufacturer cared for it until Apple did. Apple is a paradigm pioneer. Again, I think this is BS. But that's marketing: BS at its best.

  77. Slimfast says:

    Nice to see that some people awake from the Apple fascism.

  78. Bill Conant says:

    Fantastic article. This articulates everything I've been thinking in a way that is far better researched than my own feeble attempt (it helps to have the platform from which to speak as well).

    I might even take it further and say that this issue is plaguing most patent and copyright use in the tech and content sectors. While there is definite need for patent and copyright protection, I think the whole thing has swung too far away from fostering innovation and is now chilling innovation. I recommend keeping the majority of the system, but with three important changes: higher barriers to litigation (which shouldn't require a whole lot more labor than is in place now), better screening for prior art and obvious ideas, processes and products (which will take more labor, but which could also be farmed off to a Watson-like system dedicated solely to patents), and absolute limits to the length of time during which patent protection applies, along with absolute limits to the number of times the patents can be renewed (I also think renewal should be a full resubmission to which the entire check against prior art and obviousness must be applied, thus changing de facto public domain usage to de jure usage irreversibly).

    I will be recommending this article to almost everyone I know.

  79. Putinthesictator2012 says:

    @Joe Wilcox
    Asshole !

  80. Sean Bradshaw says:

    Love the comment @Putinthesictator2012, perfect example of a reply by someone who has just had all his problems pointed out.I don't boycott Apple, I just don't succumb to peer pressure. I have a lot of respect for Apple and what they've done, but they just don't have any draw for me in what they sell. I recently received an v6 iPod Nano, and rather than just dispose of it, or sell it, I picked up a watch band for it, now it's just a large high powered wristwatch with crappy battery life. It lacks features that would make it a replacement for my Android phone on a walk or a run, like a decent wireless podcasting application or a GPS workout tracker. In fact without an iTunes installation or account, I can't even get my music put on it, so it's not even a very good music player. If it had bluetooth then I could connect it to my phone and make it a useful accessory to it, but it's a device with too many compromises in the name of simplicity, to the point of near uselessness. It seems like a lot of Apple products suffer from having too many compromises, like I heard Final Cut X has?

    • Carl Vancil says:

      You just nailed one of the primary things I've always hated about Apple's products... the fact that they are dumbed-down to the point of near uselessness.  

      When I picked up an iPhone 3GS a few years ago, my immediate intention was to take it home, jailbreak it, and load it with my choice of apps to make it a decently powerful Unix (BSD) based comm-device.  What I got was a system that bricked a week later, thanks to Apple's auto-brick *feature* designed to "protect their customers"... garbage!  It's designed to protect their support department from actually having to work!  In the end, I couldn't wait to get an Android phone, just so I could dedicate my iPhone to a role of an iPod touch for my car's audio system... I still hate iTunes... I'd rather just use Explorer or Nautilus to load out my music, and use my own choice of tools for ID3 tag management.  But, thanks to Apple's infinite wisdom (insert seething sarcasm here), it takes 3 times as long to load music onto that iPhone as what it would take if Apple had simply allowed people the option to manage it as they pleased.

      It kills me.  This is the company that spawned the term "hackintosh", and built their company on the efforts of a small group of innovative hackers, and put out the now (in)famous "1984" commercial... which if you've seen it, you know that Apple has become the very thing that they advertised against in that commercial... Totalitarian hypocrites.  

  81. Apple is a Arrogant Punk in Samsung dominated neighborhood.  Samsung wins!!!! Rotten Apple always look and taste terrible.  Rotten Apple Sucks!!!

  82. Apple think and act like communist.  Apple does not believe in free market competition. Apple need to use cheap tactic to win over market share.  Last week Samung world market share surpassed Apple.  Rotten Apple Sucks!!!!

  83. randygrenier says:

    Yes!  Exactly!  Thank you.

  84. LelandHendrix says:

    Yes! Perception is one thing, and HERE IS THE REALITY: http://www.reddit.com/tb/kr14a

  85. mf2112 says:

    Perfect, been considering this for some time. I will never buy an Apple product since they seem determined to behave in this fashion. You are right in that they have gotten much worse than anyone could have imagined.
    Ideas should never been allowed to be patented, and those patents should be thrown out immediately. Implementation of ideas through specific code can be patented, and if someone designs that same idea through use of different code then that is a legal way to do it.

  86. Ted Parkinson says:

    "Did Apple invent the MP3 player, the media player application, the
    smartphone, the app store, the tablet or any of its other successful
    products available today? Regarding iPod, iTunes, iPhone, App Store,
    iPad and others the answers are no, no, no, no, no and no. Apple
    executives know this."

    This really misses the point. I had an MPio player. The interface (little toggle switch) sucked, the software sucked (I had to resort to ignoring it and using Windows Explorer to drag and drop mp3s into the device). After working with that for a year I got an iPod "classic" and it was amazing. The wheel navigation was easy and intuitive, iTunes "just worked" and I've used iPods ever since. So yeah, they didn't invent mp3 players but they made one that was designed really well and is easy to use with solid software.

    • Nagrad says:

      I believe you make the authors point right there. Sure, Apple did a great job imitating those products and improving on them. But then they sue everyone who tries to imitate and improve on their products in return. As the author says, imitation and innovation isn't just a one way street, as Apple is treating it.

      • Ted Parkinson says:

         The key word is "improving". We had lots of mp3 players and different ways of getting music. Apple designed a great player that was simple to use, software that worked well and didn't freeze, and an ecosystem to purchase a variety of music and a way of integrating music purchased elsewhere. It was all very "innovative" and Apple has been successful because it all works so well.

        As far as suing everyone, the main culprit is the Patent Office which has not kept up with the technology. They are overrun with lawsuits and do not have enough people or expertise to dismiss the spurious ones quickly.

      • Samuel Falvo II says:

         Ted, you're full of $#!+ right up to your eyebrows, you know that?  Sure, the USPTO has its malfunctions, but the decision to litigate lies solely with Apple.  Under *NO* conditions has the USPTO twisted Apple's arm to litigate.

    • David Wilson says:

       So, what if MPio had acted like Apple, and gobbled up as many patents as they have, then used those patents to prevent Apple from releasing the iPod?

      In a roundabout way, your post supports the thesis that Apple is STIFLING innovation with its business practices, not CREATING it.

  87. Sinepa says:

    Totally agree with this article.

    I feel so good about my next gadget: Galaxy Note 2

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