Nokia Lumia 920 is the most popular Windows Phone device

AdDuplex, which touts itself as the "largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps", released a new monthly report which shows the Nokia Lumia 920 as the most popular Windows Phone device currently available. The handset holds a 14 percent market share among devices running Microsoft's smartphone operating system.

According to the report, the Lumia 920 dethroned the Lumia 800, "by a very small margin", for the title of the most popular Windows Phone device. The 920 was released worldwide in November 2012. The latter made its way onto the market one year earlier and also holds approximately a 14 percent market share among Windows Phone handsets, albeit slightly lower when it comes down to actual numbers.

The report is based on data collected by AdDuplex on April 4 from 494 Windows Phone apps that run the second version of the AdDuplex SDK (Software Development Kit). Even though it may not be as accurate as an official report coming from manufacturers, the data provided by the network does reveal some interesting statistics for users to gorge on.

AdDuplex also provided an app installations graph for the Lumia 920 which shows "a few bumps", suggested to be "related to supply problems". It is worth noting that said bumps occurred in the first half of January, around February 22 and just before March 22. Also, the Lumia 920 is just now starting to be available worldwide, after months when the handset was restricted to a lesser number of markets.

Market share for other devices is as follows: Lumia 710 -- 13 percent, Lumia 610 -- 11 percent, Lumia 820 -- 8 percent, Lumia 620 -- 7 percent, Lumia 900 -- 4 percent, HTC Windows Phone 8X -- 4 percent, Windows Phone 8S -- 4 percent, Lumia 822 (the Verizon-branded version of the Lumia 820 -- 3 percent. Other devices make up 18 percent of the Windows Phone market.

According to AdDuplex, Nokia holds an 80 percent market share among Windows Phone manufacturers, followed by HTC with 14 percent, and Samsung with 5 percent. Other makers such as LG, Huawei or Dell do not pass the 1 percent mark in Windows Phone share.

The network says that Nokia holds the highest market share in Argentina while the lowest is in Japan, for Windows Phone devices. In the US, the Finnish manufacturer's devices currently occupy approximately a 65 percent market share in the Windows Phone realm.

AdDuplex also provided some data as to the adoption of the two major Windows Phone versions. Windows Phone 8 currently runs on 43 percent of all Windows Phone devices, while Windows Phone 7 takes up the remaining 57 percent. It is worth noting that the newer smartphone operating system was released in late-October, 2012.

Windows Phone 8 is most popular in France with an approximate market share of 70 percent, while Windows Phone 7 is most popular in Mexico with an estimative market share of above 95 percent. For both versions the numbers are compared to Windows Phone as a whole.

Surprisingly, in the US the most popular Windows Phone device is the Lumia 822 at 22 percent market share, followed by the Lumia 920 at 20 percent market share. The Windows Phone 8X takes third spot with 16 percent market share.

In the US, Nokia has a 66 percent market share among Windows Phone manufacturers, while HTC and Samsung hold a 26 percent and 7 percent, respectively, in market share. Most Windows Phone devices sold in the US are on AT&T (with 43 percent market share), Verizon (30 percent) and T-Mobile (22 percent).

AdDuplex also says that it has spotted a number of new devices bearing the RM-860 (which AdDuplex says is the Lumia 928 rumored for Verizon), RM-892, RM-893 and RM-877 (on AT&T) moniker. Those codenames are indicative of Nokia devices, and may suggest that newer models are coming.

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