New platform helps search and analysis of cloud-stored data


As companies store ever larger amounts of data, the current solutions and services available to handle it become more and more costly and difficult to manage.

To address these challenges, Boston-based CHAOSSEARCH is launching a new platform that delivers rapid search and analytics through a managed service, based on simple, elastic storage.

The platform helps eliminate the need to move or transform data into specific siloed databases via patent pending Data Edge technology. Data Edge fully indexes datasets with its built-in schema detection, normalization and compression algorithms. Customers can dynamically and seamlessly combine storage with indexing for live and historical analysis.

"The cloud has unleashed incredible complexity to data search, analytics and management, causing organizations to face an ongoing tradeoff between storing the data they need and the astronomical costs associated with it," says Thomas Hazel, founder and CTO at CHAOSSEARCH. "We've taken a new approach that enables organizations to dramatically increase data scale while, at the same time, dramatically reducing infrastructure and operational costs of text search and relational analytics."

Key features of the CHAOSSEARCH platform include a fully-managed service based on Amazon S3 storage, no data movement or external storage of private data, and built-in data cataloging and organizing services for S3 management.

There's a data refinery console for advance data transformations with no re-indexing, it's also fully integrated with the Elasticsearch API and Kibana visualization. Separation of storage from computing, enables infinite data retention at any scale

You can find out more and sign up for a free trial on the CHAOSSEARCH site.

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