Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkStation computers get certified for Linux

Lenovo makes some great Enterprise computers — both its desktops and notebooks can be found in use by many businesses. With that said, the company’s Windows laptops and Chromebooks are used in many homes too. Unfortunately, Lenovo’s consumer PCs have varying degrees of quality — some models are good, while others are downright bad.

Today, Lenovo announces amazing news regarding some of its higher quality computers. You see, all of the company’s ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations are now certified for Linux, including Ubuntu LTS and RHEL. This is in addition to Lenovo’s previously announced plan to pre-install Fedora on some machines.

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“For the users deploying Linux on a desktop or mobile workstation, Lenovo has historically certified only certain products with a limited subset of hardware configurations. Our entire portfolio of ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations will now be certified via both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu LTS – a long-term, enterprise-stability variant of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. This total certification will assure users their workstation investment is tried, tested and officially verified,” says Lenovo.

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The Chinese company further says, “To ensure an effortless Linux experience, Lenovo workstations will work intuitively with the host Linux OS and offer full end-to-end support – from security patches and updates to better secure and verify hardware drivers, firmware and bios optimizations. What’s more, Lenovo will also upstream device drivers directly to the Linux kernel, to help maintain stability and compatibility throughout the life of the workstation.”

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Wow. Not only is Lenovo embracing Linux on some if its computers, but the company is also contributing to the kernel! This is significant, as Lenovo’s contributions to that open source project can only benefit the Linux community overall.

Are you surprised by Lenovo’s expanded embrace of Linux? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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