Forget buggy Windows 10, Windows 7 2021 Edition is the Microsoft operating system we need!

Microsoft finally stopped supporting Windows 7 at the start of last year, but the aging OS is still to be found on over 16 percent of Windows systems and many users prefer it to Windows 10 which seems to be plagued with a never-ending stream of buggy updates.

Although the software giant will be giving its new operating system a much needed makeover later this year with new icons, a scalable UI font, and other visual enhancements, it’s still unlikely to win over the hearts and minds of many of the Windows 7 faithful.

If you’ve ever wondered what the fan-favorite OS would look like it if it had a modern update, concept creator Addy Visuals has the answer.


Having previously given us his take on Windows Vista Remastered EditionWindows 8 Remastered Edition and Windows 21, he today turns his attention to showing us his latest imagining in the form of Windows 7 2021 Edition.


His creation features a new Aero design which, in a dig at Microsoft's inconsistent approach, is applied everywhere. Gadgets make a comeback in this concept and you can pin them to the desktop. There's a new action center too.

For Windows 10 users with compatible handsets, Your Phone is a useful app and Addy brings it to his updated Windows 7 design, making it easy to open phone apps in the operating system.

There are also some alternative themes for the nostalgic.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of this concept in the comments. Do you prefer it to Windows 10 or the original Windows 7?

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