Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 20.2 named 'Uma'

There are so many great Linux-based desktop operating systems nowadays. Actually, there are arguably too many Linux distros, but I digress. For instance, if you are an experienced Linux user, you can opt for something like Debian or Fedora, while novices are probably better served by Ubuntu or Linux Lite.

One of the best operating systems for beginners and Windows-switchers, however, is Linux Mint. This is a no-nonsense Ubuntu-based Linux distro that looks good, is very stable, and ultimately "just works" for many users. All versions of the operating system are named after women, and today, we learn what the upcoming Linux Mint 20.2 will be called.

In an announcement, head developer Clement Lefebvre shares Linux Mint 20.2 is code-named "Uma." This is a name most famous for belonging to actress -- and frequent Quentin Tarantino collaborator -- Uma Thurman. The name has origins in the dead language of Sanskrit, and it means "splendor or tranquility."

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Other than the name, we don't have a ton of information about Linux Mint 20.2, but we do know when the beta version should be released -- the middle of June. We also learned the Cinnamon and MATE versions will come with a new bulk-renaming app called "Bulky." The app will be omitted from the Xfce variant, however, as Bulky's functionality already exists in the Thunar file manager.

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