Windows XP 2024 Edition is everything Windows 11 should be

It's the start of 2024, the year when -- if the rumors are to be believed -- Microsoft is set to deliver Windows 12. However, this year also marks an important milestone for one of the software giant’s most beloved operating systems.

Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP ten years ago. If you've ever wondered how that OS would look if was released today, we have the answer.


Prolific concept creator AR 4789, who previously imagined a Windows alternative called MiracleOS and most recently showed us his take on Windows 12, has channeled his creative abilities into envisioning what a modern version of XP might look like.

As with his other concepts, rather than just showing off the sort of features we might see in the alternative OS, AR 4789's video steps us through the entire installation and set-up process.

This modern version of the OS maintains the look and color scheme of XP, along with the iconic Bliss wallpaper, but the reimagining also incorporates a number of Windows 11 features, such as quick settings, and a dark mode.

The default Start menu looks as it used to, but File Explorer has been given a makeover as have other elements. Users can sign into Windows XP 2024 Edition with a Microsoft Account, and as you'd expect, Microsoft Edge also makes an appearance in this concept.

While Windows 11 boasts AI smarts in the form of Copilot, Windows XP 2024 Edition heralds the return of Rover, Microsoft's search assistant. Whether he's any smarter in this version is anyone's guess!

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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