Windows 7 returns with the stunning 2024 Edition

Microsoft has been making a lot of changes to Windows 11 recently, including adding AI to the OS in the form of Copilot. Despite all this, persuading users to switch from Windows 10 ahead of its impending End of Life is proving to be something of an uphill battle for the tech giant.

For many people, Microsoft’s best operating system was one of its simplest -- Windows 7. The company stopped supporting that operating system years ago, but if you’re wondering what it would look like if it was still being developed today, we have the answer in the form of the re-imagined Windows 7 2024 Edition.


Prolific concept creator AR 4789, who previously gave us a Windows alternative called MiracleOS and most recently showed us his take on Windows 12 and Windows XP 2024 Edition, has channeled his creative abilities into envisioning what a modern version of Windows 7 Pro could look like.

As with his other concepts, rather than just showing off the sort of features we might see in the alternative OS, AR 4789's video steps us through the entire installation and set-up process.

This modern version of the OS maintains the look Windows 7, but blended with features found in Windows 11, such as Quick Settings, Microsoft Edge, and a modern version of File Explorer.

There are widgets for the desktop and customization options galore. And if you need reminding this is still Windows 7, there’s Paint and a selection of Windows games straight from the old OS.

Somewhat inevitably, his creation ends as many Windows 7 sessions so often used to -- with a Blue Screen of Death. But at least he's given it a modern makeover here.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think of Windows 7 2024 Edition in the comments. Do you prefer it to Windows 10/Windows 11?

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