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Google releases open source Magika content type detection tool on GitHub

Google has decided to make Magika open source, but what exactly is it? Well, it is an innovative AI-powered system that the search giant designed to revolutionize the way binary and textual file types are identified. Magika stands out for its ability to deliver precise file identification within milliseconds, even when operating on a CPU.

Magika employs a custom, highly optimized deep-learning model that has been meticulously designed and trained using Keras. This model is remarkably lightweight, weighing in at just about 1MB. For inference, Magika utilizes Onnx as an engine, ensuring that files are identified swiftly, almost as quickly as non-AI tools, even on a CPU.

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Lenovo collaborates with Anaconda to elevate ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstations for AI and ML advancements

Lenovo has announced a strategic partnership with Anaconda Inc., the leading provider of the world’s most popular artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science platform. This collaboration aims to empower Lenovo’s renowned ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstation product portfolio by integrating Anaconda’s enterprise strengths in open-source leadership, security, and reliability.

The partnership comes at a time when the world of AI, deep learning, and generative AI is rapidly evolving, presenting new opportunities for businesses and data scientists. With the majority of AI innovation driven by open-source software and cloud-based solutions, and Python being a leading software language for AI applications, there is a growing need for secure and cost-effective AI development solutions.

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Roku surpasses 80 million active accounts

Roku has achieved a significant milestone, boasting over 80 million active accounts worldwide! This achievement highlights the shifting consumer preference towards streaming, with Roku being at the forefront of this transformation.

In an unprecedented feat, Roku users streamed more than 100 billion hours of content in 2023, averaging a record 4.1 hours per day per account in the fourth quarter. In the United States, Roku's active account base now surpasses the combined subscribers of the six largest traditional pay-TV providers.

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Oladance unveils OWS Sports Open Wearable Stereo Bluetooth earphones 

Oladance has rocked the open ear audio technology market with its development of Open Wearable Stereo (OWS). Unlike bone conduction technology, Oladance OWS utilizes air conduction to deliver a three-dimensional sound effect, which is designed to be more comfortable over extended periods.

Oladance's approach with OWS technology is to provide users with a connection to their surroundings that is both open and safe. Their products are designed to rest on the ear, avoiding the ear canal, which addresses potential discomfort, irritation, or hearing damage from long-term earphone use. Additionally, the Oladance app enhances the user experience by offering personalization options, including four sound modes, sound balance, and gesture and function controls.

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Damn Small Linux 2024 returns to breathe new life into old computers -- a feat Microsoft's bloated Windows 11 can't achieve

Damn Small Linux (DSL), a name that should resonate with many veteran tech enthusiasts, has made a triumphant return after a 12-year absence (albeit as a pre-release Alpha) in 2024 with a fresh iteration designed for low-spec 32-bit x86 computers. DSL 2024 is a compact Linux-based operating system that packs a punch with a bunch of useful applications, all while maintaining a small footprint.

The new DSL 2024 is not just about nostalgia; it's a practical solution for older computers, keeping them functional and out of landfills. The distribution is tailored to fit on a single CD, with a hard limit of 700MB, a significant jump from its 50MB predecessor but still a marvel in today's gigabyte-centric world. This constraint has led to a meticulous selection of applications that are functional, lightweight, and have low dependencies.

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Lexar launches Professional SL600 USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 portable SSD

Today, Lexar launches the Professional SL600. This portable solid state drive is designed to meet the needs of photographers, videographers, content creators, and business professionals. The new USB-C SSD boasts USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 technology, delivering impressive read and write speeds of up to 2000MB/s.

The Lexar Professional SL600 portable SSD is not only fast but also built to withstand the rigors of travel and on-location work. Its durable aluminum enclosure provides protection against bumps and drops, while its shock- and vibration-resistance ensures the safety of saved files. Additionally, the drive comes equipped with Lexar DataShield, a 256-bit AES encryption software, offering an extra layer of security for sensitive files.

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1Password launches global partner program

1Password has launched its new global partner program today, aiming to enhance its suite of security solutions through strategic partnerships and support tools. This initiative is part of a multi-year strategy designed to provide partners with comprehensive access to 1Password’s security solutions and a toolkit of sales, marketing, and enablement resources.

The program is launching with key partners including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Arrow Electronics, Insight Enterprises, Microsoft, SVA, and many others. 1Password aims to grow its partner ecosystem further by adding more partners across North America, EMEA, and APAC regions.

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Authy desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux reach end-of-life: Here's what you need to know

There is some shocking and sad news that will impact Authy users globally. You see, Twilio has announced the end-of-life for its desktop applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, slated for March 19, 2024. This move highlights a change in the company's strategy, emphasizing the transition towards mobile-centric security solutions.

Authy has been a staple for users seeking an extra layer of security beyond traditional passwords. The desktop applications have provided a convenient way for users to manage their authentication tokens directly from their computers. However, with the upcoming discontinuation, Authy is urging its user base to migrate to its mobile applications.

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SparkyLinux 2024.02 gets many significant improvements, including enhanced file system support

SparkyLinux has just released its latest update to the semi-rolling ISO images derived from the Debian testing line. The update addresses a variety of features and issues, including the resolution of the CLI Installer problem related to the btrfs and xfs file systems. Notably, there is an update to the Sparky Tray to provide quick access to essential system tools, improving the overall user experience.

The 2024.02 update offers a comprehensive upgrade of all packages from the Debian and Sparky testing repositories, ensuring that the software is up to the minute. It also introduces a range of kernel updates, with Linux kernel version 6.6.13 being the primary version, while also making available versions 6.7.4, 6.6.16-LTS, 6.1.77-LTS, and 5.15.148-LTS within Sparky repositories for users seeking different levels of stability and support.

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Plugable offers discounts on USBC-HDMI8K cable and new stand line-up

Plugable has announced discounts on some of its latest products: the USBC-HDMI8K cable and a new series of stands for tablets, laptops, and phones. These offers come shortly after the products were introduced, providing consumers with an opportunity to score some fresh tech at a reduced cost.

The USBC-HDMI8K cable, which launched on February 6, is designed to support high-resolution displays. This cable is now available on Amazon with a $10 discount. This promotion offers a good opportunity for users looking to upgrade their setup to 8K capability.

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Don't watch Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce play NFL Football: Install Debian Linux 12.5 during Super Bowl LVIII instead

Super Bowl Sunday may be tomorrow, but for Linux nerds, there is something far more exciting than watching the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers play championship football. You see, The Debian project has just released the fifth update to its stable distribution, Debian 12, codenamed “Bookworm.” And so, if you don’t care about NFL Football, Taylor Swift, or her boyfriend Travis Kelce, installing this Linux distribution could be a fun thing to do instead of watching “the big game.”

Version 12.5 of the operating system primarily focuses on implementing corrections for security vulnerabilities and making a few adjustments to address significant issues. Detailed security advisories, which have been previously published, are referenced in this update for users' convenience.

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Linux goes nuclear: Fedora Atomic Desktops are here to nuke Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS into oblivion

In a move that might just set off shockwaves through the halls of both Microsoft and Apple, Fedora has detonated its latest innovation: Fedora Atomic Desktops, a new family of Linux spins that combines cutting-edge technology with atomic precision.

Marrying the reliability of Linux with the groundbreaking rpm-ostree system not only simplifies the Fedora ecosystem but also poses a formidable challenge to traditional operating systems.

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CRKD unveils NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller for Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices, and Smart TVs

Today, CRKD unveils the NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller. The NEO S is designed for gamers who appreciate both the nostalgia of classic gaming and the demands of contemporary game mechanics. It works across multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices, and Smart TVs, thanks to its use of Bluetooth.

Featuring nine unique designs, with three Special Editions crafted by the esteemed controller artist POPeART, the NEO S essentially pulls double duty. It positions itself as both a functional gaming tool and a collectible item of art.

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Remain relevant in the workforce: CodeSignal Learn uses AI-enhanced tools to advance technical education

As the world evolves and changes, it is imperative that workers continue to learn the newest technical skills so they can remain relevant in the workforce. With that in mind, CodeSignal Learn has been launched. What is it? Essentially, it is a new platform aiming to advance technical education.

This exciting platform blends AI-powered learning tools with one-on-one guidance, focusing on a practice-based approach for acquiring in-demand technical skills in areas including Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Full-Stack Engineering. Distinguishing itself from traditional educational methods, CodeSignal Learn prioritizes hands-on experience to ensure that learners not only comprehend but are also able to implement their skills in a professional setting.

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Sabrent launches USB-C charging cables with integrated smart display

Sabrent has launched two very interesting new USB-C cables: the Sabrent USB-C to USB-C Cable with Smart Display (CD-C2C1/CB-C2C2) and the Sabrent USB-C to Lightning Cable with Smart Display (CD-C2L1/CB-C2L2). These aren't just any charging cables; they come equipped with an LED digital display, eliminating the guesswork by showing the power and charging status in real-time.

Encased in an aluminum shell to prevent wear and tear and wrapped in a nylon-braided jacket to resist bends and tears, these cables are built to last. The USB-C to USB-C cable supports up to 100W of charging power, making it suitable for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more, while the USB-C to Lightning cable can deliver up to 60W for Apple devices.

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