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Microsoft Teams is coming to Linux

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is working to bring its Teams software to Linux. The company has said that it is "actively working" on creating a Linux version of the client, although there is no word on quite when it might be released.

There have long been calls for Microsoft to cater for Linux users. The collaborative Teams software is used by many people in mixed platform environments, and the announcement from Teams engineers have been greeted with enthusiasm.

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Orange screenshot bug blights Windows 10 KB4512941 update

Windows 10 boxes

The KB4512941 update for Windows 10 has already proved itself to be problematic, causing issues with high CPU usage. Now another bug has emerged in the update, with users complaining of corrupted screenshots.

The strange problem rears it head no matter how a screenshot is taken, with the resulting images exhibiting an orange tint. Other users complain that their screens are turning red.

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Microsoft wants to close down Wunderlist -- so the creator offers to buy it back


It is now more than four years since Microsoft bought popular to-do list app Wunderlist, and the company now wants to shut it down. This is perhaps not entirely surprising as it has its own To-Do app, but the creator of Wunderlist is not happy.

The founder of the app, Christian Reber, used Twitter to appeal to Microsoft to sell Wunderlist back to him to save it from being shuttered.

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Apple criticized for insensitively downplaying Google's iOS vulnerability revelations

Black iPhone

Apple has tried to downplay concerns raised by Google about security vulnerabilities in iOS that could be exploited by malicious websites. Google's Project Zero recently revealed details of flaws in iOS that were being used to target and monitor iPhone users.

Other security researchers went on to warn that the vulnerabilities were being used to target Uyghur Muslims, possibly in a campaign run by the Chinese government. Having remained silent for more than a week after the revelations, Apple finally issued a statement responding to the findings, prompting criticism that the company was trying to downplay the issues.

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Wikipedia taken offline by massive DDoS attack

Wikipedia page

A DDoS attack rocked Wikipedia on Friday, taking the site offline in a number of countries.

The online encyclopedia was forced offline for several hours across Europe and the Middle East, and the site battled the attack to restore service. The Wikimedia Foundation -- the organization behind the site -- condemned the attack saying it wanted to protect the "fundamental right" for people to be able to "freely access and share information".

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Watch Apple's iPhone 11 launch on YouTube

Rainbow Apple logo

Apple is due to launch the iPhone 11 on Tuesday -- along with, it is rumoured, "one more thing" -- and the company has gradually started to expand the availability of the live stream of the event.

Originally only available to view on iOS and macOS, Apple opened up live streams of its launches to Edge, Chrome and Firefox users over the years. This time around, you can tune in live on YouTube -- regardless of what device you're using -- and find out everything there is to know about the new devices.

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Samsung angers customers by canceling US Galaxy Fold pre-orders

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Just when it seems that the Galaxy Fold launch could not be any more chaotic or infuriating, Samsung just managed to annoy would-be buyers even further.

For reasons that have not really been explained, the company has chosen -- at the very last minute -- to cancel pre-orders placed in the US. To soften the blow, Samsung is offering $250 of credit to those affected by the cancelations, but the news may well lead customers to question whether the Fold is really worth all the hassle.

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Microsoft is working to address high CPU usage and search problems with KB4512941 update

Windows 10 boxes

A week after its release, Microsoft says it is working to fix a problem with the KB4512941 update for Windows 10. Users have complained of a spike in CPU usage by SearchUI.exe and said that search results are blank.

The company had been slow to recognize that there was a problem, but it did eventually acknowledge the issue on Twitter. Now Microsoft has provided more details about its work on a fix which is due for release later this month.

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Microsoft releases the first PowerToys utilities for Windows 10 -- FancyZones and Shortcut Guide

PowerToys reboot

It has been a little while since news broke that Microsoft was bringing back PowerToys for Windows 10 but four months down the line the company has kept its word.

Microsoft has just released the first preview of PowerToys, and you can download two new utilities right now. Kicking things off are FancyZones, a window manager which greatly enhances window snapping for improved productivity, and Shortcut Guide, which uses a screen overlay to reveal the keyboard shortcuts you can use at any given time. Sadly, however, there is no TweakUI for Windows 10.

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Check out the Samsung Galaxy Fold in this hands-on video

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Depending on where you are in the world, you could get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Fold as soon as tomorrow -- and it should only be a matter of weeks before it launches in all the markets it will hit.

But what is the newly redesigned Galaxy Fold like? Samsung says it took note of the problems and criticism that cropped up after the first batch of review units were sent out, and now you can see what these changes have amounted to in a new hands-on video.

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Brave browser accuses Google of using hidden web pages to track users

Google logo on white wood

Google stands accused of using hidden web pages to circumvent EU privacy regulations, secretly sending users' personal data to advertisers.

The accusation comes from the privacy-focused Brave web browser which says it has, "uncovered what appears to be a GDPR workaround that circumvents Google's own publicly stated GDPR data safeguards". Evidence has been handed to the Irish Data Protection Commission that allegedly shows Google using hidden web pages to share data on its Authorized Buyers exhange, formally known as DoubleClick.

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Massive Facebook leak exposes 419 million users' phone numbers

Facebook logo and padlock

In its latest privacy lapse, Facebook has exposed the phone numbers of hundreds of millions of users on an unsecured server.

Databases on the server were not password-protected, and included details of 133 million US users, 50 million in Vietnam, and 18 million in the UK. In all 419 million records could be accessed by anyone looking in the right place.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold finally has a release date

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It has been one of the most problematic handset launches ever, but the beleaguered Samsung Galaxy Fold finally has a release date.

Just days after pre-registrations for the folding smartphone went live in the UK, Samsung has started to reveal detail of the release schedule. For some people -- those in Korea specifically -- the Fold launches tomorrow, September 6. The launch for other regions follows in the coming weeks.

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Facebook now lets you opt out of automatic facial recognition

Facebook facial recognition

Facebook has announced changes to its facial recognition feature as it rolls out globally. The feature is used to automatically identify and tag people in photographs uploaded to the social network.

Acknowledging concerns about privacy, the company is making it easier to opt out of the "Tag Suggestions" feature which was introduced to a subset of users back in 2017. Now known as Face Recognition, new users will be given the chance to opt out from the word go, while anyone who has (or had) Tag Suggestions enabled will be informed of the change and asked whether it should be on or off.

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Take two: Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-registrations go live in the US and UK

Samsung Galaxy Fold

After poor reviews, a postponed launch, and something of a redesign, Samsung is readying itself to launch the Galaxy Fold.

If you haven't lost interest -- or faith -- as a result of the problems and delays, Samsung has opened up "pre-registration" once again in the US and UK. While it is not possible to pre-order yet, the move suggests that a launch is imminent, and Samsung promises you can "be the first to see the future".

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