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Get back deleted data with Microsoft's new Windows File Recovery tool

Hard drive

Microsoft has released a new data recovery app which can be used to retrieve files that have been deleted, or get back documents from drives that have been formatted or have become corrupt.

Windows File Recovery is a free app in the Microsoft store which can be used to recover data that has been lost for a variety of reasons. The command line tool can be used to retrieve data from local hard drives as well as removable media such as USB drives and memory cards.

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Microsoft has removed the option to defer feature updates in Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Microsoft building in California

If you've upgraded to Windows 10 May 2020 Update (or Windows 10 version 2004), you will have noticed various changes, and perhaps encountered a few issues along the way. One thing that some system administrators are noticing is that it is no longer possible to defer feature updates for up to a year.

Instead, the only option available is to pause all updates for a maximum of 7 days.

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June update for Windows 10 is causing c0000008 errors and restart issues

The June update released for Windows 10 this last Patch Tuesday is causing problems for some people who have installed it.

Users who are affected by the issue after installing KB4557957 or KB4560960 see an error message with the status code c0000008, and Windows then forces them to restart their computer. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, but in the meantime, you'll have to make do with a workaround.

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Windows 10's Mail app is deleting Gmail users' emails

Colorful Microsoft logo

An update from last month seems to have introduced a bug into the Mail app which is causing problems with Gmail accounts.

The bug causes sent emails to be deleted, meaning there is no way to check past correspondence. While numerous people have used Microsoft Answers to report the issue, Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the problem. There are, however, a couple of workarounds you can try if you are affected.

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Twitter warns users of 'data security incident' involving billing information

Twitter and white wood backrgound

Twitter has emailed an unknown number of users to warn them of a security incident that took place some time prior to May 20 this year.

The company says that personal and billing information of people who used the Ads or Analytics pages on the Twitter site may have been affected. Twitter says that the vulnerability has now been addressed, but has emailed users to explain the circumstances of the incident.

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Apple unveils macOS Big Sur with a new look, Control Center, privacy improvements, and more

macOS Big Sur

In addition to revealing iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7, at WWDC 2020 Apple also gave us a look at the future of macOS -- Big Sur.

This is a significant upgrade to the operating system, significant enough for Apple to move away from calling it macOS X, and jumping up to macOS 11. There has been a significant redesign to the interface, icons and apps, bringing macOS much more in line with iPadOS and owners of an upcoming ARM-based Mac will be able to run iOS apps natively). But Big Sur is about more than just aesthetics.

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Apple reveals iOS 14 -- here's what's new

Apple's WWDC 2020 event was held virtually, open to everyone around the world to view for free. Among the many announcements to come from the event was iOS 14 -- and there's a lot to look forward to for iPhone owners.

What can you expect? Major improvements and changes are being introduced to the home screen and the way app pages work, and widgets are getting a serious overhaul. Siri sees a number of improvements, as does messaging. There's also an entire new type of apps called App Clips. Let's take a closer look.

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Adobe Flash Player dies this year and you'll be told to uninstall it

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player has been a blight on the internet for more years than most people care to think about, but its days are finally numbered.

We've known for a number of years that the software is reaching end of life (EOL) at the end of this year, and Adobe will stop distributing it after this date. But Adobe is going further, and will soon start to prompt people to uninstall Flash Player from their computers.

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How to deregister your phone number from Google RCS chat

With absolutely zero fanfare, Google has rolled out a system that lets you turn off RCS chat features to help avoid problems such as missing messages.

The simple form that has appeared online is very similar to the one used by Apple. The online system can be used even if you do not have your previous phone with you, so you can deregister your phone number from your computer.

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How to watch Apple's virtual WWDC 2020 for free -- iOS 14 and new hardware expected

WWDC 2020

Later today, Apple will host its first virtual Worldwide Developers Conference. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, WWDC 2020 is an online-only event, and you can tune in to see all of the new announcements.

Things kick off at 10:00 AM PDT with a special event keynote speech from company CEO Tim Cook. As ever, we don't know for sure what will be revealed at the event, but we can expect to learn about iOS 14, WatchOS 7 and macOS 10.16, as well a new hardware including Arm-based Macs.

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Microsoft pushes new Edge browser to Windows 8 and the unsupported Windows 7

Microsoft Edge on laptop and smartphone

Having already started to push the Chromium-based version of Edge to Windows 10 users, Microsoft is now doing the same for older versions of Windows.

With the KB4567409 update, Microsoft is bringing the new version of Edge not only to people who are still using Windows 8.1, but also those who are still on Windows 7 -- which is interesting because Windows 7 is no longer supported.

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Microsoft releases Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 and it's packed with new features

Windows Terminal Preview 1.1

It's only a month since Microsoft released the first completed version of Windows Terminal and just a week since the company published its roadmap for Terminal 2.0. Starting the journey towards version 2, a preview version Windows Terminal 1.1 is now available.

While this is only a x.1 version increase, Microsoft has actually added quite a lot to the utility with this update. In keeping with Microsoft's release schedule, assuming no problems crop up, all of the features found in this preview release will migrate to the main release version next month. So what is there to look forward to? Highlights include the ability to rename tabs, and support for a new batch of command line arguments.

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Microsoft issues another (potentially problematic) fix for printer problems in Windows 10

Microsoft sign on glass building

Two recent updates for Windows 10 introduced printer problems for some users. After investigating the issues caused by KB4560960 and KB4557957, the company issued an out-of-band update for some versions of Windows 10.

Now the company has issued another update for the problem, this time for people who have Windows 10 version 2004 -- or Window 10 May 2020 Update. While this patch may fix printing problems, Microsoft warns that it may introduce problems of its own.

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Facebook removes Nazi Trump ads while Twitter flags up 'racist baby' tweet

Trump Twitter logo

The Trump administration has been dealt a double blow on social media after Twitter flagged a tweet from the president as "manipulated media" and Facebook remove election ads that featured a Nazi symbol and called for Antifa to be declared a terrorist organization.

On Twitter, Trump retweeted a video labelled as depicting a "racist baby" and made to look like a CNN news clip. In the case of Facebook, an ad that violated the company's policies against organized hate was taken down.

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Zoom relents and agrees to give free users end-to-end encryption

Zoom logo on a building

When video conferencing company Zoom acquired Keybase, there was a great deal of excitement about the impending arrival of the much-needed end-to-end encryption. But then there was disappointment when it was announced that only paying customers would be granted access to the extra security feature.

Zoom CEO Eric S Yuan said at the time that free customers were not getting end-to-end encryption "in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose" -- something many users found insulting. But now the company has backtracked, announcing that users of free accounts will in fact get end-to-end encryption... but there is a slight catch.

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