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Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.47.1, fixing bugs in FancyZones and more

Microsoft PowerToys

With the current PowerToys release cycle, Microsoft had vowed to work on stability and optimization, and the company is making good on this promise.

It is only a couple of weeks since the release of v0.47.0 of the utility collection, but now there is another update to install. This time around, there are fixes for PowerToys Run, FancyZones and Shortcut Guide.

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Now you can ditch your irritating Twitter followers without blocking them

Remove Twitter follower

A problem that has long troubled social media users is the etiquette surrounding blocking people. While there are certainly some people you would have no qualms about blocking in a heartbeat, there are times when this could be, well... awkward.

And so Twitter has come up with a solution. Known as a "soft block", the option makes it possible to get rid of a follower without either blocking them or notifying them that you have done anything.

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Download Windows Subsystem for Linux app from the Windows 11 Microsoft Store

WSL Microsoft Store

Microsoft's embracing of Linux has been slow but steady, and nowhere is this more evident than with Window Subsystem for Linux -- or WSL. Now, a new WSL app has just been released to the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 users.

With this latest release, the company is bringing Windows Subsystem for Linux to a much wider audience. Previously only available as an optional component of Windows itself, in launching a separate WSL app, Microsoft is massively increasing the visibility of the much-loved tool.

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Microsoft warns of new Windows 11 problems with apps using unusual registry keys

Windows 11 magnifying glass

Microsoft has shared details of a new known issue with Windows 11. The company has confirmed that a problem exists with apps that use certain characters in registry keys.

As a result of the discovery, Microsoft has put a compatibility hold in place that means people with problematic apps installed will not be offered Windows 11 via Windows Update. The issue is under investigation.

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This registry hack lets you restore the old right-click context menus in Windows 11

Windows 11 context menu

Microsoft has made many changes in the move from Windows 10 to Windows 11, and not all of them have proved popular. One of the more controversial changes -- at least aesthetically speaking -- is the new-look context menu.

The menu that appears when you right-click on files, folders and the desktop has been given a revamp in Windows 11 and not everyone is happy with it. If you prefer things the way they used to be, there’s a registry hack you can use to tame the context menu.

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Firefox's address bar has become an ad-stuffed privacy nightmare

Firefox logo

Mozilla has just released Firefox 93 and there is a big and controversial change to the address bar. Not content with making helpful suggestions from your browsing history as you type, Firefox Suggest now also includes "relevant suggestions" and "sponsored suggestions" from "trusted partners"; in other words, ads.

There are privacy concerns associated with making these suggestions. Mozilla may insist that it only deal with partners that meet its privacy standards for Firefox, but it still means that whatever is typed into the address bar is sent back to Mozilla and processed in order to deliver ads it hopes you will click on. The good news is that you can disable Firefox Suggest and hide ads in Firefox.

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Speed up Windows 11 by disabling Virtualization-Based Security (VBS)

Windows 11 dark Start menu

The roll-out of Windows 11 is now in full swing, and various problems are starting to emerge. There is a list of known issues that Microsoft acknowledges, but there have also been reports of problems with memory usage, performance issues with AMD processors, and reduced gaming performance.

Two of Windows 11's security features -- namely Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) and Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity (HVCI) security -- have been blamed for some of the performance issues. Here's how to disable VBS so you can see if you can earn yourself a speed boost..

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Gartner cautions against speedy enterprise adoption of Windows 11

Windows 11 magnifying glass

Research Vice President with analyst firm Gartner has said that Windows 11 could have been released as a feature update for Windows 10 rather than a whole new version of the operating system.

While Stephen Kleynhans praises the removal of Internet Explorer, the addition of Android support and welcomes what he describes as an "overdue facelift", he feels that releasing this as an upgrade rather than just an update is simple marketing by Microsoft. He also advises business and enterprise uses against rushing into adopting Windows 11 and predicts low usage numbers even by 2023.

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Some users are seeing the Windows 10 taskbar and a broken Start menu in Windows 11

Windows 11 taskbar

Reports are coming in about a strange bug in Windows 11 that results in the Windows 10 taskbar being displayed instead of the updated versions. The same issue was reported by Windows Insiders in the build up to the launch of Windows 11, and it seems that Microsoft has not been able to get things fixed.

In addition to problems with the old taskbar showing up, users are also reporting that the Start menu is not working. Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the problems, but workarounds have been uncovered.

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Windows 11 performance is up to 15 percent slower on some AMD processors

With Windows 11 now publicly available the time has come for problems to start surfacing. We have already had reports of reduced performance in games as well as File Explorer using large amounts of memory; now AMD has issued a warning that Windows 11 users with certain processors can expect reduced performance.

The chipmaker has provided information about "known performance impacts reported on Windows 11 when running compatible AMD processors on certain applications". Affected processors include Ryzen 3, 5, 7, 9 and Threadripper (plus Pro variants), and the impact means that performance is reduced by as much as 15 percent.

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Installing Windows 11 could damage your computer

Windows 1 installation warning

With performance problems, confusing system requirements, high memory usage, and other issues, the launch of Windows 11 has not been as smooth as many people would have hoped. In the build-up to the rollout of the operating system, Microsoft made much of the need for systems to have TPM 2.0 in order to qualify for an upgrade -- but then the company moved the goalposts.

Having previously said that installation on computers without TPM 2.0 would not be possible, Microsoft has since revealed an official workaround that makes it possible to install Windows 11 on incompatible hardware. This is a risk, however, and there is a stark warning that you could cause damage to your PC.

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Microsoft security features are hampering game performance in Windows 11

Windows 11

With Windows 11 now available for more people to download and install, more and more problems are starting to emerge. We've already seen a short list of known issues, and users have already complained of high memory usage by File Explorer.

Another issue that is causing some annoyance is an apparent reduction in gaming performance under Windows 11.  The slowdown is measurable in benchmarks and has been blamed on the Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) and Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity (HVCI) security features.

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File Explorer is using loads of RAM in Windows 11

Windows 11 laptop on a pedestal

The roll out of Windows 11 started yesterday, and while many people are eager to upgrade as soon as possible, there are plenty of others who want to hold off for a little while. The list of known issues acknowledged by Microsoft may be short, but users who have upgraded to Windows 11 are experiencing other problems.

One such issue sees File Explorer using huge amount of RAM. The problem is being blamed on a memory leak and was initially reported a couple of months ago -- but now more people have access to Windows 11, further reports are coming in confirming the issue.

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Here are all of the known issues with Windows 11

Windows 11 magnifying glass

After months of waiting, Windows 11 is finally here. Microsoft has started the roll-out of the latest version of its operating system to people whose computers make the grade, but if you were hoping for perfection you are going to be disappointed.

Despite all of the testing with beta and developer builds, Windows 11 is still shipping with a number of known issues. Microsoft has shared details of these so you can weigh up whether they will affect you and whether you would like to upgrade to Windows 11 now or wait until things improve.

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Donald Trump files lawsuit in attempt to force Twitter to reinstate his account

Trump sketch

Things have been a little quiet from Donald Trump since his presidency came to an end. The cessation of online rants was helped by Twitter slapping him with a permanent ban over concerns that his tweets were an incitement to violence.

Having attempted to launch his own social media platform as a replacement, Trump is now trying a new tactic. The former president has asked a federal judge in Florida to get Twitter to restore his @RealDonaldTrump account, claiming that he has been censored.

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