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Microsoft Teams gains language interpretation for multi-lingual environments

Microsoft Teams

Recognizing the fact that many groups, organizations and work forces are made up of multi-lingual members from many countries, Microsoft has made language interpretation Generally Available for users of Microsoft Teams.

Rather than offering automatic translation of speech, language interpretation allows professional interpreters to convert what a speaker says into another language in real-time.

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Microsoft Teams for Windows, macOS and Linux insecurely stores authentication tokens in unprotected cleartext -- and a fix is NOT in the pipeline

Microsoft Teams

Researchers from cybersecurity firm Vectra have issued a warning that Microsoft Teams stores authentication tokens in an unprotected form that could easily be abused by hackers.

The desktop apps for Windows, macOS and Linux all store authentication tokens in cleartext, and this can be used by an attacker to steal an identity and log into accounts. This is clearly worrying, but what is more concerning is Microsoft's reaction; the company says that the issue does not require "immediate servicing".

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How to get verified on Twitter -- social network revamps its guide

Twitter header

Users of Twitter crave different things -- everything from an edit button (now available to some) to account verification.

For anyone seeking the much sought-after blue tick, Twitter has revamped its Help Center pages, providing detailed information about how to get verified. While not complicated, the updated guide provides clear information about exactly how to apply, and how to increase your chances of a successful application for verification.

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Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.62.1 to fix various bugs


The last update to Microsoft's PowerToys utility collection was a big one, adding no fewer than three new tools. Now there is a smaller, but still significant, update available in the form of PowerToys v0.62.1.

Although this particular release may not be quite as exciting as its predecessor, the fact that it addresses various issues with the software means that it is still well worth downloading.

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Uber suffers 'cybersecurity incident' with hackers gaining access to internal systems and vulnerability reports

Uber logo on phone

Uber is working with law enforcement after it became the latest company to fall victim to a cyber attack. Hackers were able to breach its internal systems and gain access to a range of data including emails, vulnerability reports, its HackerOne bug bounty program and more.

The attackers were also able to access Uber's Slack server, going as far as posting messaging to it. At the moment, it is not clear whether customer data has been exposed in the attack which seems to have come as the result of extracting passwords from an employee via social engineering.

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Microsoft issues patch for serious security vulnerability affecting everything from Windows 7 to Windows 11

Microsoft building logo

We have already written about some of the security patches issued by Microsoft this month, but the company has released a very large number of fixes in total. Included among the fixes is a patch for a security issue deemed so serious that Microsoft has even released a fix for Windows 7, despite security support for the operating system having ended at the beginning of last year.

The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2022-37969, and is a described as a "Windows Common Log File System Driver Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability".

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McAfee launches new all-encompassing privacy and identity security product line called McAfee+

McAfee logo on laptop

The McAfee name is one that has been somewhat tainted by the activities of John McAfee, but it is one that also remains firmly associated with security. The company has just announced a new product line called McAfee+, available in three tiers, that includes an unlimited VPN at all levels.

Currently only available to users in the US, McAfee+ has Premium, Advanced and Ultimate options, each of which have Individual and Family variants, with prices ranging from $49.99 to $219.99 per year.

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Microsoft introduces 'update under lock' so Microsoft 365 apps can be updated without users interruption

Microsoft 365 Office 365

Keeping software updated is not only an important part of keeping on top of security, but also making sure that you have access to all of the latest features and options. But installing updates can also be annoying and disruptive, with notifications interrupting workflow -- so Microsoft has come up with a solution.

The company has developed a new technique called "update under lock" that makes it possible to apply updates to Microsoft 365 apps while a machine is in idle or locked mode. Updates can be installed even if apps are running, and there are no notifications or disruptions to irritate users.

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Interoperable open source digital wallets are on the way thanks to the OpenWallet Foundation

Digital wallet

Digital wallet technology is something of a minefield at the moment, but the Linux Foundation may have a solution.

The organization has announced plans to form the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF) which will help to develop open source software to increase interoperability between digital wallets. There is no intention to create new standards, and the OWF will not publish a wallet of its own. Rather, the aim is to bring together a collaborative community to build an open source software engine that can be used by just about anyone to create digital wallets.

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WhatsApp introduces privacy-protecting option to hide online status

WhatsApp on smartphone

Like all messaging apps and services, WhatsApp has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. For many people, the end-to-end encryption the app offers is a major draw, although being owned by Meta requires some users to hold their noses while they use it.

But among the great things about WhatsApp are the speed at which its developers work, and their willingness to listen to -- and act upon -- user feedback. And it is user demand for greater privacy options that has driven the addition of online status control for beta users.

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Microsoft releases KB5017328 update for Windows 11 to address security issues and fix login problems

Man using Windows 11 laptop

It is that time of the month again -- the time when Microsoft releases patches for Windows. This time around we have the KB5017328 update for Windows 11 which, among other things, fixes a problem introduced by another update for Windows.

Some people who installed the recent KB5016691 update experienced login issues, and this is addressed by this Patch Tuesday’s KB5017328 update release. Importantly, this particular release is also a security update. Microsoft has also provided Windows 11 tips to accompany this update.

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Zoom reveals new logo and product name as part of its evolution into a communications platform

Zoom logo 2022

Zoom is far from being a new company, but it really became a household name during the coronavirus pandemic as more and more people were forced to work and communicate online. As part of what it described as an evolution from a video app to a communications platform, Zoom has unveiled a new logo as well as a new name for one of its biggest products

In an apparent bid to more clearly compete with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Chat has been rebranded as Zoom Team Chat. Aping Google and the Goooooogle visual that appears in search results, Zoom has also revealed new Zoooooom imagery to highlight its wide-ranging product line.

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Download Winamp 5.9 -- the stalwart music player has finally been updated for some serious llama ass-whippin' in Windows 11


For a time, Winamp was perhaps the most famous and widely used media player in the world. But despite its immense popularity, the app was sold, development trailed off, and things went rather quiet. Things have been so quiet, in fact, that there has not been a stable update to the software for several years.

But now, with the release of Winamp 5.9 (or Winamp 5.9 Final Build 9999 to give it its full title), this changes. This update represents four years of work and brings Windows 11 support, adds support for additional codecs, and including new streaming options.

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Twitter is gaining a WhatsApp Share icon

Twitter logo on wooden background

Twitter is looking to make sharing content easier and wider-reaching by cross-pollinating with other social platforms. The micro-blogging site -- which may or may not end up being bought by Elon Musk -- is adding an option for sharing tweets via WhatsApp.

For now, the new sharing option is limited to certain markets, but it is hard to imagine that it will not spread globally in the near future. The question is, will it be welcomed by users or not?

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Microsoft releases emergency fix for Windows 11 login issue caused by problematic update

Windows 11

Microsoft has acknowledged that the recently released KB5016691 update for Windows 11 led to serious issues for some users. The optional update preview introduced new admin features as well as fixing printing and Bluetooth problems, but it also prevented some users from being able to log into Windows 11.

The problem affects Windows 11 version 21H2, and it is serious enough to force Microsoft's hand into releasing an emergency fix. But just as problematic Windows updates have become increasingly common for Windows 11, so the approach taken to fix the issue is one that Microsoft is using more and more often -- and it is one that is seen by some as a proper substitute for a proper fix.

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