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91 percent see hybrid cloud as the ideal model


Enterprise cloud use is increasing, with with 91 percent naming hybrid cloud as the ideal IT model, yet only 18 percent say they have that model today.

This is one of the findings of a new study by Nutanix to create the first of what is planned to be a global Enterprise Cloud Index, measuring enterprise plans for adopting private, hybrid and public clouds.

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The New York Times turns to Google Cloud to digitize its photo archive

New York Times and Google Cloud

The New York Times is to digitize more than a century's worth of photographs, and it is going to use Google Cloud to do so.

The NYT has a massive collection of photos dating back decades, and the plan is to digitize millions of images -- some dating back to the late nineteenth century -- to ensure they can be accessed by generations to come. The digitization process will also prove useful for journalists who will be able to delve into the archives far more easily in future.

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Organizations find cloud costs higher than anticipated

Cloud money

Cloud adoption is high, with 78 percent using or planning to use cloud in the future, but most organizations lack a formal strategy to realize the full benefits and 62 percent report higher than anticipated costs.

These are among the findings of a new survey by Syncsort that shows only 29 percent report having a centralized strategy and center of excellence in place to proactively plan and manage applications to the cloud, while 42 percent migrate applications on an ad-hoc basis.

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Dropbox Extensions let you edit your cloud-based files online

Dropbox Extensions

Dropbox has just announced a new feature that makes it possible to edit your files online without the need to download them first. Dropbox Extensions give you the ability to edit a number of file types without the need to ever navigate away from Dropbox.

The company has formed partnerships with a number of third parties including Adobe, Pixlr and Vimeo to give Dropbox users the option of editing images online, signing PDFs, annotating videos, and much more. Dropbox says the aim of the new integrations is to improve users' workflows.

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Misconfigurations put enterprise cloud data at risk

Cloud risk

While organizations are increasingly using the public cloud to create new digital experiences for their customers, the average enterprise experiences more than 2,200 misconfiguration incidents per month in their infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) instances.

This is among the findings of McAfee's latest Cloud Adoption and Risk Report which also finds that 21 percent of data in the cloud can now be classed as 'sensitive', putting the business at risk if it's stolen or leaked.

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Microsoft defends its JEDI cloud project bid

Soldier using laptop

Google may have pulled out of the Pentagon's $10 billion JEDI cloud project, but Microsoft has no intention of following suit. Company president Brad Smith has used a blog post to defend the decision to bid for military contracts, despite pressure from its employees.

Smith recognizes that there are ethical concerns about getting involved in military projects, particularly when artificial intelligence technology is involved. However, he says: "we believe in the strong defense of the United States and we want the people who defend it to have access to the nation's best technology, including from Microsoft".

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Identity and access management a major concern for cloud deployments

Access management

According to a new report, 71.5 percent of violations on AWS occur around identity and access management (IAM).

The study from cloud security company Netskope analyzed the Center for Internet Security's Benchmarks for AWS. Many of the IAM violations found involve instance rules, role-based access controls, and access to resources or password policy requirements -- things that enterprises can easily address even without an external security solution.

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Want to find the biggest cloud security threat? Look in the mirror [Q&A]

mirror image

It seems not a day goes by without a new cloud data breach making headlines. And though the victims change, the attack details remain the same. Why do organizations keep repeating the same cloud security mistakes? And how can we break free from this vicious cycle?

We spoke to Zach Malone, security engineer at security management specialist FireMon, who discusses these issues and tells us why, to identify the biggest threat to cloud security, we need to look in the mirror.

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Enterprise security teams struggle to balance budgets against demands

Lock and money

Businesses are increasingly moving more of their operations to the cloud and this leads to a greater focus on securing these workloads.

Cloud infrastructure security company Threat Stack has released a new report created by Vanson Bourne which shows 54 percent of businesses are worried that they will soon outgrow their security solutions.

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How to remove shows without a delete option in Sling Cloud DVR

If you weren’t already familiar with Sling TV then you’ve likely had an amusing introduction thanks to recent "Slingers" ads. If you’re still lost, Sling is a live TV service that provides many mainstream channels such as ESPN, CNN and an estimated 100 or so more. If there’s one you want and don’t currently get then there are addon packs you can choose from.

While Sling has been around since early 2015, it still has some growing pains. None, at least so far, have been game changers, more minor annoyances than glaring mistakes.

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Carbon Black launches advanced threat hunting from the cloud

web threats

Most endpoint detection tools collect only a limited set of data, which can make it hard for teams to track down and combat threats.

To address this issue, endpoint security specialist Carbon Black is launching a new threat hunting tool as part of its Predictive Security Cloud (PSC).

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Dropbox makes PDFs and images searchable with automatic OCR feature

Dropbox OCR

Dropbox is in the process of launching a new feature that will make life easier for people using the cloud storage service to house PDFs and image files: automatic OCR.

The optical character recognition is rolling out to paying subscribers, and is an acknowledgement of the fact that a large proportion of files uploaded to Dropbox are photographs of documents. By adding machine learning-powered OCR, Dropbox is making these files searchable.

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Symantec delivers integrated approach to cloud security

cloud security

Companies increasingly rely on cloud applications and infrastructure for their critical systems. Protecting these is vital and to help businesses do so, Symantec  is launching an expansion to its cloud security portfolio.

Symantec’s Cyber Defense Platform offers a broad range of protection, providing visibility and control for virtually any cloud app and integrations with CloudSOC CASB, Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) and Data Loss Protection (DLP).

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Arcserve launches cloud solution for business continuity

cloud data cable

The more enterprises rely on technology the more they suffer when systems fail. Data protection provider Arcserve is aiming to reduce the impact of unplanned downtime with a new cloud solution.

Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud eliminates the need for other data protection tools and management consoles with fully-integrated capabilities to protect and restore applications and systems in any location, on-premises and in public and private clouds.

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Google pulls out of $10 billion Pentagon cloud contract over AI concerns

Google dark clouds

Google has announced that it will not be placing a bid for a cloud-computing contract with the Pentagon. The Department of Defense's JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) project could have worth up to $10 billion.

The bidding process is due to end this week, but Google will now not be taking part. The company says that this particular project is not in line with its AI policies, but it will continue to work with the US government in other ways.

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