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IT decision makers limit cloud use due to difficulties with compliance

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A new study shows that 87 percent of IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) limit their use of the cloud because of the complexity of managing regulatory compliance.

According to the research by WinMagic, which spoke to ITDMs in Germany, India, the UK and US, 24 percent say this means they only work with a single cloud vendor in their infrastructure, rather than exploit the benefits of a multi-cloud environment.

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Operations management platform delivers improved visibility and control of hybrid IT

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As more systems move to the cloud, companies often struggle with factors like costs and incident response due to a lack of visibility.

Operations management platform OpsRamp is launching an update to its SaaS platform that delivers greater visibility for multi-cloud environments and features a new Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) inference engine for more powerful alerting and event correlation.

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People are the biggest barrier to cloud success

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Enterprises have a clear appetite to move to the cloud, but businesses are creating additional technical complexity and recruitment challenges in the process, according to a new report.

The study carried out by 451 Research for cloud provider Skytap finds 67 percent of respondents plan to migrate or modernize at least half their on-premises applications in the next 12-24 months. As a result of this process, nearly two-thirds of respondents expect better customer responsiveness and to be more competitive.

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Serverless applications open to new wave of cryptojacking


Serverless computing is increasingly popular as it allows developers to upload code for functions to the cloud rather than run it on local servers.

But specialist in serverless security PureSec has released a report detailing how hackers can turn a single vulnerable serverless function into a virtual cryptomining farm by taking advantage of the scaleable nature of the architecture.

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Companies are still struggling to secure the cloud

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A new survey from data analytics platform Sumo Logic finds a staggering 98 percent of European companies face organizational challenges implementing security in cloud environments.

The survey of over 300 IT security professionals responsible for environments with significant investment in both cloud and on-premise IT infrastructure covered the US and Canada, and Europe, The Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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Enterprise adoption of Office 365 surges as usage of G Suite levels out

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Using cloud apps is fast becoming standard practice for businesses and Microsoft Office 365 usage is accelerating ahead of Google's G Suite, according to a new report.

The 2018 Cloud Adoption Report from cloud security company Bitglass shows global cloud adoption has topped 81 percent -- a 37 percent increase since 2016 and a 238 percent increase since 2014.

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Organizations struggle with cloud costs

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While businesses often cite cost cutting as a motive for moving to the cloud, a new report reveals that 37 percent of organizations surveyed listed unpredictable costs as a top cloud pain point.

The study by cloud management company SoftwareONE also uncovers a lack of transparency into cloud resource usage -- something nearly one third of companies find to be a challenge.

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Cloud computing may finally end the productivity paradox

One of the darkest secrets of Information Technology (IT) is called the Productivity Paradox. Google it and you’ll learn that for at least 40 years and study after study it has been the case that spending money on IT -- any money -- doesn’t increase organizational productivity. We don’t talk about this much as an industry because it’s the negative side of IT. Instead we speak in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). But there is finally some good news: Cloud computing actually increases productivity and we can prove it.

The Productivity Paradox doesn’t claim that IT is useless, by the way, just that we tend to spend more money on it than we get back in benefits from those expenditures. IT still enabled everything from precision engineering to desktop publishing to doctoring movie star photos, but did so at a considerable cost. Follow the history of any organization more than 50-60 years old and you’ll see that they acquired along the way whole divisions devoted not to manufacturing or sales but just to schlepping bits and keeping them safe. Yes, IT reduced the need for secretaries, telephone operators, and travel agents, but it more than replaced those with geeks generally making higher wages.

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Google announces plans to acquire cloud migration company Velostrata


Google has announced that it is to acquire Israeli firm Velostrata. This startup specializes in enterprise cloud migration technology.

Velostrata was founded in 2014, and its patented technology will help to give Google valuable tools for its customers looking to migrate from in-premises to cloud solutions.

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Google Drive gets a major redesign to match the look of the new Gmail

New Google Drive

Following on from the redesign of Gmail, Google has start to roll out a new interface to Google Drive. The new user interface can be found on the web version of the cloud storage service, but it's likely that mobile apps will follow suit.

Google hasn't made much of a fuss about this redesign, but keeping things in line with other G Suite products makes a lot of sense. The redesign sees the arrival of an updated material look.

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Turbonomic delivers AI-powered workload automation for the cloud

process automation

Workload automation specialist Turbonomic has released a major update to its software, delivering application-aware infrastructure and making any type of workload -- virtual, cloud and container -- self-managing.

Turbonomic's AI-powered decision engine analyzes performance, cost and compliance data across the entire IT stack and generates trustworthy decisions at scale faster than before.

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Cohesity simplifies the creation of cloud development environments

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Secondary storage specialist Cohesity is launching new capabilities that allow organizations to leverage the public cloud for faster application testing and development, while still ensuring seamless backup and recovery.

A growing number of enterprises are moving application testing and development onto public cloud infrastructure, taking advantage of its agility and elasticity to speed time to market. Using Cohesity CloudSpin, users can instantly convert backup data stored on Cohesity DataPlatform into a new virtual machine for testing or development in the cloud.

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Companies are keen to move analytics to the cloud

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The cloud is the best place to run analytics according to 83 percent of the world’s biggest companies.

A new survey for Teradata conducted by Vanson Bourne shows that by 2023, most organizations want to run all of their analytics in the cloud. But an overwhelming 91 percent say that analytics should be moving to the public cloud at a faster rate.

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German government moves to open source private cloud

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The German federal government is moving to an open source, self-hosted cloud platform from Nextcloud for file sync and sharing and collaboration, in order to protect the data of its citizens.

The Federal Information Technology Center (ITZBund), which takes care of IT services for the entire federal government, has been running a pilot of 5000 users with Nextcloud since October 2016 and after a successful tender this will now be rolled out everywhere.

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MSPs and resellers see containers as the biggest opportunity since virtual machines

cloud containers

A new survey of channel partners by container platform specialist Diamanti reveals that resellers and service providers see the adoption of containers as a massive disruption and opportunity.

Enterprises are rapidly adapting their applications and systems for the cloud, and containers are viewed as a key enabling technology. According to Diamanti's survey, more than 75 percent of channel partners say containers represent a moderate or major money-making opportunity.

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