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You're replacing me with a robot? That's fine

robot office worker

While people prefer to see jobs go to other humans rather than robots, it seems the opposite is true when it comes to their own jobs.

This is a finding of new research from Stefano Puntoni, professor of marketing at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, released today in a co-authored article in Nature Human Behaviour.

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When did computers get smarter than us?

brain connections

There are few aspects of our everyday lives that don’t now rely on computers at some level. But does this reliance on technology mean that the machines are getting smarter than we are?

Server and network monitoring specialist CloudRadar has put together an infographic examining our reliance on technology.

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Lost in the world of endless scrolling

Can you help me? I seem to be lost. I was surfing the Internet for funny cat videos and I stumbled onto this "web page." Or, at least, I thought it was a page. Now, I’m not so sure. I’ve been scrolling for a while now, but I can’t seem to find a way out. Every time I think I’ve reached the end, I find myself in yet another "page." Yet I have no recollection of clicking a link or taking any direct action. It just sort of…happened.

I think I remember where I started from. There was this link to a story about kittens. Or maybe it was baby tiger cubs. I’m not too sure anymore. In fact, my memory of just where I’ve been or even how I got to this point is a little fuzzy.

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Now hiring: Digital voyeurs with flexible morals and a sense of adventure!

Psst! Hey you! Yeah, you! Lurking in the bushes with a camera! Sitting on the park bench with a cocked ear! Riding the subway with an eye on your fellow passengers' phone screens!

Are you tired of struggling to catch a glimpse of other people’s intimate moments? Need something to fill that gaping pit of loneliness and despair you call a "life?" Well, you’re in luck! Because we’ve got the perfect job for you!

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UK office workers waste 1.8 billion hours a year because of poor technology


Office workers across the UK are wasting 14 days per person each year -- or 1.8 billion hours a year in total -- because the technology they’re given isn't good enough.

A new study of 2,000 office workers from technology solutions company Insight shows 80 percent at some point have felt they don't have the technology they need to do their jobs properly. While 34 percent also say not being equipped with the right technology makes remote and flexible working difficult and stressful.

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It's 2029, you're paying more to read this page at peak time (and we're paying your ISP to stop you visiting other tech sites)

hacker laptop

What would a world be like where ISPs and businesses are in control of everything you see and do online? A world, in other words, without net neutrality.

VPN comparison site has been considering this and has created an interactive simulator looking at what the web without net neutrality could look like in 2029.

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Exploring the ethics of AI

AI ethics graphic header

Artificial intelligence is appearing in more and more of our everyday technology. But it raises a number of questions about how it will react in challenging situations.

Security education comparison site Cyber Security Degrees has produced an infographic looking at the ethics of AI and how we feel about its impact on our lives.

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Consumers less willing to share information following privacy scandals

Private public keys

In the wake of privacy scandals like that involving Cambridge Analytica consumers are changing their online behavior and sharing less information.

This is among the findings of new research from privacy app FigLeaf which shows 82 percent of online users in the US and 75 percent in the UK are choosing to change the way they behave online. Of these respondents, 74 percent say they are sharing less information.

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Is technology harming our ability to write?


The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it seems that because of technology our writing skills may be about to go the same way as our swashbuckling.

Stationery supplier has polled over 2,400 Brits to find out how people feel about their handwriting, how frequently they write and if technology is killing the hand written word.

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Staff break IT rules in order to do their jobs with management the worst offenders


A new survey of more than 3,000 people around the world finds 46 percent of employees access personal documents on their work device without the IT department's permission.

The study from Snow Software also shows 41 percent of global employees are going behind IT's back to get professional software and applications.

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The rapid rise of the social media influencer

digital shopping

One of the key trends of the last few years has been the growth of influencer marketing via sponsored content on social media.

New research from marketing platform Socialbakers into Instagram marketing shows that in North America, influencer-sponsored posts have grown by over 150 percent from 2018 to 2019.

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We're getting better at backing up our data -- but we're also losing more

Globe hard drive

A new study released by Acronis ahead of Sunday's World Backup Day shows 92.7 percent of consumers are backing up their computers -- an increase of more than 24.1 percent from last year and the largest ever year-on-year increase.

This could be because the report also shows that 65.1 percent of those surveyed say either they or a family member has lost data as a result of an accidental deletion, hardware failure or software problem -- a jump of 29.4 percentage points from last year.

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Branded calling solution seeks to rebuild trust in mobile calls

app frustration

A few months ago we reported on a study that found half of calls to mobiles would soon be scams without more effective protection measures being introduced.

First Orion the company behind that survey is addressing the problem with the launch of a new platform that gives consumers confidence in answering calls, but also helps businesses get their legitimate communications through.

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Have you plugged it in? The silliest IT support calls of 2018

laptop on fire

Just as the biggest problem with a car is often the nut holding the wheel, many IT support issues are down to the user rather than the equipment.

UK-based support company Probrand has compiled a list of some of the oddest support calls it has received over the past year.

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Video sensors, medical devices and security worries -- IoT predictions for 2019

Internet of things

More and more devices in our homes and workplaces are gaining smart capabilities as the Internet of Things starts to move from niche to mainstream.

But greater adoption also means an expanded threat surface. So what can we expect to see from the IoT in 2019? We’ve rounded up the opinions of some industry experts.

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