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Are cybersecurity teams underusing female talent? [Q&A]

women in cybersecurity

It's reckoned that women make up only around a quarter of the cybersecurity workforce. And yet the women who do work in the sector are generally better qualified than their male counterparts.

Despite this there is still a clear divide across the technology sector generally, in both treatment and pay. So, is the cybersecurity sector under-utilizing female talent? And what advantages can a more gender diverse workforce deliver?

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Smartphone use linked to decline in mental wellbeing for young adults

Smartphones have made a significant change to the way we live our lives, giving us access to information on the go and keeping us in touch wherever we are.

But the benefits they offer are only part of the story. An alarming new study from non-profit research organization Sapien Labs suggests that a decline in the mental health of younger generations has occurred alongside smartphone use and an increase in social isolation.

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Women in tech held to a higher standard than male colleagues

Women working in technology face tougher scrutiny and are more often asked to handle administrative duties than their male colleagues according to a new survey.

The study from Navisite polled over 100 women in the technology industry, with two-thirds of respondents holding engineering or technical roles within their organization, and finds 94 percent feel they are held to a higher standard than their male colleagues.

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90 percent of clients in professional services industries prefer digital interaction

A new study by one-stop hub platform Moxo (formerly Moxtra), looking at the finance, real estate and legal sectors, finds 90 percent of people's preferred method of communication when asking questions about their account and business transactions is digital (via a designated client portal), rather than scheduling an in-person appointment or phone call.

Moxo surveyed 1,500 clients and 1,500 internal- and external-facing employees and finds that 73 percent of employees believe digital solutions will be extremely important to improve business efficiency and 60 percent believe they will be extremely important in enhancing client service delivery and account management.

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Innovation and culture shift are needed to reach a 'new digital normal'

innovation lightbulb moment

Over the last two years the pandemic has accelerated a trend towards businesses looking for better digital habits and systems.

But a new survey of business leaders across the EMEA region, commissioned by Nutanix from IDC, suggests that a shift in culture as well as technical innovation is required in order to realize value from investments and create a new digital normal.

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Consumers value APIs for convenience but worry about risks


APIs power many of today's digital experiences, connecting consumers to businesses and businesses to one another while enabling cross-platform services.

But as APIs spread so do the risks, they have quickly become the attack vector of choice for threat actors who exploit insecure APIs for malicious purposes. A new report from ThreatX takes a detailed look at how API use impacts on consumers.

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Most people are willing to share their data if it leads to better experiences

Almost 60 percent of people believe it's worth allowing companies to access their personal data if it means a better user experience, according to a new survey from API management company Axway.

There's an interesting geographic split, 75 percent of Brazilians and 59 percent of US citizens say it is worth giving companies access to their personal data if it means a better user experience.

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Employees are working fewer hours and are more productive but still risk burnout

Employees now work fewer hours per day with greater efficiency, yielding a 40 percent jump in productivity, according to a new digital workplace report from ActivTrak Productivity Lab.

However, the findings also show that 34 percent of employees continue to be 'overutilized' at work, spending more than 75 percent of their time in this state. Only 62 percent of employees maintain a healthy balance of productivity to work hours, falling significantly short of the 80 percent goal the Productivity Lab recommends.

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Women still face challenges in pursuing tech careers

women in cybersecurity

While female employees have gained hard-fought ground in the workplace, in the tech sector a large gap still exists when it comes to opportunities for professional development and career advancement according to a new report.

The study from digital learning company Skillsoft identifies a misalignment between the workplace benefits women in tech are seeking and those currently being provided.

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Employees struggle to find information when working from home

Frustrated computer user

New research from enterprise search company Sinequa finds 46 percent of UK employees feel it should be much easier to find the information they need to do their jobs.

In addition 71 percent say it's harder to find information on work systems than it is to find information on search engines such as Google.

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Younger generations have worse cybersecurity habits

According to a new report 59 percent of all workers are using corporate email for personal use, but Gen Zs are the biggest offenders at 93 percent.

The study from SailPoint also finds that Gen Z (77 percent) and Millennials (55 percent) are using corporate emails for their social media logins, compared to just 15 percent of Gen X and seven percent of Boomers.

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More than half of employees have higher workloads when working remotely

A new survey of over 4,000 global IT workers, carried out by Kaspersky shows that 54 percent of employees have reported an increased workload since switching to remote working.

While 37 percent of respondents didn't notice a change in volume, a lucky nine percent note a decrease in work due to new working conditions.

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Who wants to be a cyborg? Quite a lot of people it seems

Would you be willing to have technology implanted in your body? A survey by marketing and communication tool Tidio reveals the extend to which people are open to 'biohacking'.

More than 75 percent of respondents say they are willing to implant a microchip for health monitoring, and 57 percent are eager to go further and transfer their consciousness to a machine or a different body and live forever as cyborgs.

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How software engineers can avoid burnout [Q&A]

Managing burnout isn't easy at the best of times, and with the extra stress created by the pandemic, it’s more difficult than ever. With the ubiquitous shift to remote working, people are more isolated and struggling to separate their home lives from work.

Grappling with this 'new normal' has been challenging across the board. For software engineers -- professionals who are historically prone to burnout -- it's been especially hard.

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A minute is a long time on the internet

clock timer

Former British prime minister Harold Wilson famously once said, "A week is a long time in politics." Of course in the age of the internet things move faster still.

Research from advertising company N.Rich shows that in the online world an awful lot happens in just one minute.

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