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The pros and cons of smart light bulbs


Home automation, "the internet of things" or IoT, has been a popular subject for the past couple of years. Unfortunately, that subject isn't always good -- some things have proven infinitely hackable, making it a bit on the worrisome side.

One of the first items to make the mainstream was light bulbs, and we've played around with a few and here is what we have found.

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Workplace stress driven by AI and pressure to master new skills

workplace stress

Stress at work is on the rise and it’s driven by factors both inside and outside the workplace according to a new study of 1,000 US office staff.

The report by online learning company Udemy reveals the number one stress factor outside of work is the current political climate (50 percent), while inside it's the fear of losing jobs to AI or new technology (43 percent).

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May the Moto Z Force Droid be with you [Review]

Moto Z Force Droid Logo

If you asked why the Moto Z Force Droid Edition appeals to me, I couldn't identify one thing, which arguably is odd considering this is a review. Benefits and features feel finely balanced, which is a hallmark of good product design. Oh, and that satisfaction is for the pure smartphone experience, which is premium by nearly every measure that matters; I didn't test Moto Mods that expand capabilities.

Lenovo/Motorola and Verizon released the smartphone in July 2016, so this exploration is belated—and then some. Apologies, the delay was necessary. In mid-December 2016, Verizon sent a holiday review package unexpectedly. At the time, my father-in-law's health rapidly declined—and he passed away about 30 days later. In the months following, as we settled his estate and finalized other matters, I occasionally recharged the battery and picked up the Droid but had no real time to test it. Still, something about how well the Moto Z Force feels and fits in the hand compelled me to handle it. Often. To caress the ridged bezel. To read blog posts and news stories on the beautiful display.

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New digital assistant answers data-related questions

data magnifier

In our private lives we're used to getting answers quickly from digital assistants. So far though this is something that hasn't really taken off in business environments.

That could be about to change as data search specialist Knoema launches Yodatai, a bot that's designed to answer data-related questions.

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Digital assistants set to outnumber people by 2021

digital assistant

The number of digital assistants installed is on track to exceed 7.5 billion by 2012, which is more than the world population.

According to technology research company Ovum, Google Assistant will dominate the voice AI–capable device market with 23.3 percent market share, followed by Samsung's Bixby (14.5 percent), Apple's Siri (13.1 percent), Amazon's Alexa (3.9 percent), and Microsoft's Cortana (2.3 percent).

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Are your devices listening to you?

microphone listening

Increasingly we're surrounded by devices that have microphones. Not just our computers and smartphones, but smart home devices like Alexa and Echo and even our TVs.

The problem is these mics are not just accepting commands, they're listening to what's going on in the background too.

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British voters concerned about the impact of fake news on elections


With the UK's general election campaign now in full swing, a new study of 2,000 adults finds that 68 percent are concerned that fake news could influence the outcome.

In addition, 26 percent are not confident in their ability to identify a fake story and a further 39 percent were unsure if they had ever seen one. This makes Facebook’s decision to publish tips on spotting fake news timely.

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New app aims to streamline hospitality industry payments


Traditional payment systems can be somewhat cumbersome in a hospitality environment, leading to increased risk of fraudulent transactions or customers failing to pay.

Payment platform Rooam is launching a new app that allows users to open and pay for restaurant and bar tabs from their smartphones.

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More than half of people believe using spyware to snoop on family members is legal

Mobile spy

A new study shows that almost 5o percent of people believe it's legal to install a program on a family member's phone to snoop on their activity.

The survey of more than 2,000 people in the US and UK by software comparison service also finds 57 percent would consider spying on their children's phone conversations and messages.

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Two-thirds of Americans think internet access is a privilege

happy laptop user

President Trump's signing of bill overturning the FCC's planned internet privacy protections, allowing ISPs to track and sell consumers' online information to third parties with greater ease has generated a storm among privacy advocates.

It also prompted AnchorFree, the company behind the Hotspot Shield VPN, to carry out a survey of over 2,000 US consumers to gauge sentiment toward the internet and privacy.

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77 percent of British consumers have worries about new payment methods

mobile payment

This week South Korea takes the first steps towards becoming a coinless society as shoppers will be handed pre-paid cards instead of change in a country-wide trial. If the trial is successful, bank officials will allow change to be transferred straight into the shoppers' bank accounts by next year.

But a new report from global law firm Paul Hastings shows that security fears are preventing many British consumers embracing new payment technologies. The study of over 2,000 consumers finds 77 percent are worried about using new payment methods.

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68 percent of consumers think brands put personal data at risk


Customers are coming to expect a more personalized service, but that means exposing more of their information to businesses.

But a new survey from identity management company Gigya reveals that many still don’t trust brands with their personal information.

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Solving digital problems takes too long

PC problem

Resolving incidents that impact consumers takes IT teams approximately double the amount of time customers are willing to wait for a service that isn't performing properly, according to a new study.

The research by digital operations management company PagerDuty surveyed over 300 IT personnel in development and operations as well as over 300 consumers in order to identify the challenges of meeting customer expectations.

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Daptly's smart display is a digital assistant for your home

Daptly smart mirror

More and more of us are using voice operated personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, but a voice only interface can prove frustrating as it offers no visual cues.

Technology startup Daptly is aiming to build a better assistant with a smart, gesture and voice controlled display that manages your life and seamlessly blends technology into your home or office.

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Consumers are ready for chatbots but companies aren't using them

Chat Bubble Smartphone

The majority of consumers are comfortable talking with a chatbot yet only a fraction have engaged with one, according to a new report.

The study by mobile engagement specialist Vibes shows that over 60 percent of consumers would feel comfortable talking with a chatbot, yet only 22 percent have actually done so.

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