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DDoS tactics shift towards a blended approach

DDoS attack start

The world of cyber security is a constant arms race with attackers and defenders constantly on the lookout for an edge.

Cyber security company NexusGuard has released its latest threat report for the final quarter of 2016, and notes a shift towards blended DDoS attacks combining multiple vulnerabilities with the intent of overloading targeted monitoring, detection and logging systems.

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Duo Security launches fast, simple alternative to VPN

Access management

Enterprise users increasingly want access to their data while they're out of the office. This generally requires a VPN or Network Access Control (NAC) solution but these can be time consuming and complex to set up and administer.

To make things faster and simpler, trusted access specialist Duo Security is launching a major commercial implementation of Google's BeyondCorp framework that drastically improves and simplifies management of how employees and devices access critical corporate applications.

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Threat hunting gains in popularity to combat cyber threats

Insider threat

The use of threat hunting techniques to combat cyber attacks is increasing according to a new report.

The study by Crowd Research Partners of cybersecurity professionals in the 350,000 member Information Security Community on LinkedIn reveals that threats are rising dramatically and that deployment of sophisticated threat hunting platforms can significantly accelerate the time needed to detect, investigate and fix threats.

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Druva launches improved ransomware protection for enterprises


Ransomware is a big problem for today's enterprises, the US Department of Justice reports an average of 4,000 ransomware attacks occur in the US every day.

This means detection and fast action is more important than ever. Cloud data protection company Druva is launching an enhanced version of its platform to manage the ransomware threat from detection right through to recovery.

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New product delivers 'self-healing' endpoint security

endpoint protection

Increasing numbers of companies are coming to accept that it's only a matter of time before they become the victim of some form of data security breach. This means they need to be able to detect and respond to threats more quickly.

Cloud-based security platform Absolute is launching a new Application Persistence product to provide embedded, self-healing capabilities to third-party endpoint controls such as VPN, anti-virus, encryption, systems management and other critical controls that are too easily compromised.

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New solution cuts risk from unstructured data


Businesses understand the need to look after sensitive data, but a problem often arises in knowing where that data is. Unstructured information held in folders and documents is just as valuable to hackers as database records and is harder to protect.

Identity management company SailPoint is launching its latest data governance solution, allowing enterprises to guard sensitive files wherever they reside.

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Unified security management comes to the cloud

Security Lock

Implementing effective security can be time consuming, complex and costly, more so given the adoption of cloud-based systems.

Unified security management (USM) specialist AlienVault is aiming to simplify things with the release of USM Anywhere, an all-in-one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security monitoring platform.

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'Streaming Prevention' technology takes a new approach to stopping cyber attacks

doorman bouncer

Traditional security techniques can be effective in fending off cyber threats, but a new generation of non-malware attacks try to gain control of computers without downloading malicious software. Instead, they use trusted, native operating system tools, such as PowerShell, and exploit running applications, like browsers.

Endpoint security specialist Carbon Black is launching a new tool which can combat both types of threat. Called Streaming Prevention it uses event stream processing to continuously update a risk profile based on a steady stream of activity.

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The US cities with the highest malware infection rates

virus lab

Computers located in Tampa, Orlando, and St. Louis are more likely than those in other US cities to be infected with malware.

This is according to a new report from ESG, the company behind the SpyHunter anti-spyware program. It compiled its results from SpyHunter detection data across the 100 largest cities in the United States in 2016.

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WhatsApp's security flaw has legal implications


Earlier this month there was widespread reporting in both the tech and mainstream media of the discovery of a potential security vulnerability in Facebook's WhatsApp messaging service. Coverage of the likely flaw, which was reportedly discovered by researchers at Berkeley University in California, was a blow to Facebook given that WhatsApp places privacy and security at the heart of its service by providing end-to-end encryption of user's messages and photos, preventing third parties including its own staff from accessing them.

In a nutshell the potential security flaw would theoretically allow WhatsApp to intercept some users' messages, which would appear to them to be encrypted. This has resulted in considerable speculation that government agencies could exploit this vulnerability as a means of covert surveillance, by targeting specific individuals' messages or on a bulk extraction basis.

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Threat hunting and why combating cyber attacks needs a human element [Q&A]

Hidden threat

The threat landscape facing businesses is more complex than ever and it's rapidly changing. No surprise then that traditional approaches to security are struggling to cope.

This has led some security companies to turn to a more dynamic approach of seeking out threats rather than simply responding to attacks.

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Most banks aren't confident they can detect a data breach

Data breach wall writing man

Consumers are quite confident banks and insurers can keep their data safe, but these organizations aren’t that sure. A new report by Capgemini has shown that financial institutions lack a significant amount of confidence when it comes to data protection.

Just one in five (21 percent) of financial service organizations admitted they’re "highly confident" they could detect a data breach. On the other hand, 83 percent of consumers trust banks and insurers with their data.

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Enterprises fear brand damage more than data breaches

Mobile fear

The biggest fear for organizations is long-term damage to brand and reputation, yet despite this three quarters lack a comprehensive risk management strategy.

This is one of the findings of a survey for risk intelligence company RiskVision carried out by the Ponemon Institute, it reveals that 63 percent of organizations are worried about reputation and brand damage. This is followed by security breaches (51 percent), business disruption (51 percent) and intellectual property loss (37 percent).

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Get Hacking For Dummies, 5th Edition ($20 Value) FREE for a limited time

hacking for dummies

Ethical hacking, also called penetration testing, entails thinking like the bad guys to find and plug any vulnerabilities in your system to keep it secure.

Hacking For Dummies explains how to protect your computers from malicious attacks. It usually retails for $20, but for a limited time you can download the fully updated 5th edition ebook version for free.

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Exploit acquisition program aims to patch mobile vulnerabilities faster

Phone gears

Even after new mobile threats have been identified the number of devices in use means it can take time for patches to be rolled out to all users.

Mobile threat defense company Zimperium is hoping to tackle this problem with the launch of a $1.5 million bounty program to purchase N-day exploits which have been identified but are still usable on unpatched devices.

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