LG shows off instant-on 10-inch netbook

Where netbooks were originally thought to be a low-cost entry point for consumers, LG is proving it's just as much an entry point for manufacturers with the debut of the HSPA-connected LG-X120 netbook.

South Korean consumer electronics maker LG is known primarily for its displays, mobile phones, and household appliances. It has never had a strong angle in the global PC market, and has yet to enter the top 10 competitors in PC market share.

However, In Barcelona this week, LG unveiled what looks to be a compelling new product in its X series of computers, a 10-inch 3G connected netbook called the X120.


The unit received a lot of press this week, with its eye-catching white and lime green or pink color schemes, 160GB hard drive, and 3.5 hour battery life. However, it is the combination of 3G HSPA connectivity with an instant-on Splashtop virtual machine that make this product worthy of a second look.

Netbooks have always had the advantage of portability over laptops, but lacked the "always on" quality of mobile phones that make instant acquisition of information possible, especially when the netbook connects via an external 3G modem.

With a quickstart shell like Splashtop, netbooks can zap themselves online in moments without actually dropping into the main OS, conserving resources and improving usability. The LG-X120 can do this in a purported five seconds, hopping onto Firefox 2, Skype, or Splashtop Chat instead of booting up the included Windows XP.

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