Beta This! Symantec tests new security software for Android

Norton Mobile Security

Security software is not something that is generally associated with mobile devices such as phones, but the open nature of the Android platform means that viruses are a real threat, just as for desktop computers. Security firm Symantec is only too aware of this and has released a beta version of Norton Mobile Security that includes not only virus protection, but also other security features such as location locating and remote wiping.

On the virus protection front, any files you download or updates you install are scanned for signs of infection before they can cause any harm, and SD cards can be automatically scanned when you insert them.  This in itself is comforting, but there are plenty of other mobile specific security features that will be of interest to anyone looking to safeguard their phone and the data it contains.

While the option of scanning for viruses is certainly useful, mobile users are more likely to be interested in some of the remote features that can be used to take control of a mobile should it be stolen. If you would like to try retrieving your stolen, or lost phone, the app includes the option to transmit its location so it can be viewed on a map. With the ability to remotely lock your phone and even wipe it's data if you are particularly concerned, this is one app that offers real peace of mind.

There are plenty of other interesting options such as the ability to block unwanted texts and phone calls, and the blocking of phishing websites. As well as remote wiping of your phone, the app can be configured to lock when your SIM card is removed so it can't be used by someone that steals it. Users may resent having security software installed, but it could prove invaluable if you manage to mislay your mobile.

You can find out more about the security tool and download a copy for your phone by paying a visit to the Norton Mobile Security review page.

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