Windows 10 makes large share gains, while Windows 7 declines significantly

It took quite some time for Windows 10 to overtake Windows 7, but it finally did it in December 2018, at least according to NetMarketShare’s figures.

In February however, Windows 10 actually lost share, while Windows 7 gained some, narrowing the gap between the two operating systems once more. In March though, roles were reversed, as Windows 10 made some big gains, and Windows 7 lost a sizable chunk of its share.


In the month just gone, NetMarketShare shows Windows 10 going from 40.30 percent to 43.62 percent, a big gain of 3.32 percentage points.

In the same timeframe, Windows 7 fell 1.9 percent, to give it 36.51 percent, down from 38.41 percent in February. Overall the aging OS has lost 6.93 percentage points in a year, while Windows 10 has grown by 9.79 percentage points.

There is currently a gap of 7.11 percentage points between Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Elsewhere, Windows 8.1 declined 0.24 percentage points. It now has 4.13 percent share.

Photo Credit: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock

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